Daryabadi - Sura: 10. Yunus - Jonah

  1. Alif-Lam-Ra. These are the verses of the Wise Book.

  2. It is a matter of wonderment to the mankind that we should reveal unto a man among them saying: warn thou the man kind, and bear those who have believed the glad tidings that theirs shall be a sure footing. with their Lord! The infidels say: verily this in a sorcerer manifest.

  3. Verily your Lord is Allah who hath created the heavens and the earth in six days, then established Himself on the Throne disposing the affair; no in tercessor is there, except after His leave. That is Allah, your Lord; so worship Him. Would ye then not be admonished!

  4. Unto Him is the return of you all--the promise of Allah is truth. Verily He beginneth the creation, then He shall repeat it, that he may recompense those who believed and did righteous works with equity. And those who disbelieved -- for them shall be draught of boiling water and a torment afflictive for they were wont to disbelieve.

  5. He it is who hath made the sun a glow and the moon a light, and hath determined mansions for her that ye may know the number of the years and the reckoning Allah hath not created all this except with a purpose; He detaileth these signs unto those who know.

  6. Verily in the alteration of he night and the day and in that which Allah hath created in the heavens and the earth are surely signs unto a people who fear.

  7. Verily those who hope not for meeting with us, and, well- pleased with the life of the world, and are satisfied therewith, and those who are neglectful of our signs.

  8. These! their abode shall be the Fire, for that which they have been earning.

  9. Verily those who believe and do righteous works, their Lord will guide them because of their faith. Beneath them will flow rivers in Gardens of Delight.

  10. Their cry therein will be: hallowed be Thou! O Allah! and their greeting therein: peace! And the end of their Cry Will be: all praise unto Allah, the Lord of the worlds

  11. And were Allah to hasten the ill unto mankind as their desire for hastening the good, their term would surely have been decreed unto them. So we let alone those who hope not for the meeting with Us, wandering in their exorbitance perplexed.

  12. And when harm toucheth man, he calleth us on his side, or sitting or standing; then when We have removed his harm from him, he passeth on as though he had never called Us to a harm that touched him. In this wise is made fairseeming unto the extravagant that which they have been working.

  13. And assuredly We have destroyed the generations before you when they did wrong, while their apostles came unto them with the evidences, and they were not such as to believe. In this wise We requite the sinning people.

  14. Then We appointed you as successors in the land after them, that We might see how ye would work.

  15. And whenever Our manifest revelations are rehearsed unto them, those who hope not for the meeting with Us, say: bring us a Qur´an other than this, or change it. Say thou: it lieth not with me to change it of my own accord; I only follow that which is Revealed unto me; verily I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the torment of the Mighty Day.

  16. Say thou: had Allah so willed. Would not have rehearsed it unto you, nor would He have acquainted you therewith. Of a surety I have tarried among you a lifetime before it. Would ye not then reflect?

  17. Who then is a greater wrong doer than he who fabricateth a lie against Allah or belieth His revelations? Verily He will not let the culprits fare well.

  18. And they worship, beside Allah, that which harmeth them not, nor profiteth them, and they say: these are our intercessors with God: Say thou: apprise ye Allah of that which He knoweth not in the heavens nor in the earth? Hallowed be He and Exalted far above that which ye associate!

  19. And mankind were not but a single ccmmunity then they differed. And had not a word from thy Lord gone forth, it would have been decreed between them in respect of that wherein they differ.

  20. And they say : wherefore is not a sign sent down unto him from his Lord! Say thou: the Hidden belongeth unto Allah alone; so wait, verily I am with you among those who wait.

  21. And when We let mankind taste of mercy after an adversity hath touched them, forthwith they have a plot with regard to his signs. Say thou: Allah is swifter in plotting. Verily Our mesengers write down that which ye plot.

  22. He it is who enableth you to travel by land and sea until when ye are in ships and they run away with them with a goodly wind and they rejoice thereat, there cometh upon them a tempestuous wind and there cometh unto them a billow from every side, and they imagine that they are encompassed therein, they cry unto Allah making there faith pure for Him: If Thou deliverest us from this. we would surely be of those who are thankful.

  23. Then when He delivereth them. they forthwith rebel in the earth without justice. O ye ! your rebellion is only against yourselves: a brief enjoyment of the life of the world; thereafter unto Us is Your return; then We will declare unto you that which ye have been working.

  24. The similitude of the life of the world is only as the rain which We send down from heaven, wherewith maingleth the growth of the earth, of which men and cattle eat, until, when the earth putteth on her oranament and is adorned, and the inhabitants thereof imgine that they are potent over it, there cometh unto it Our command by night or by day, then We make it stubble as though it had not flourished yesterday. Thus We detail the signs unto a people who ponder.

  25. And Allah calleth unto the abode of peace and guideth whomso ever He will to the right path.

  26. Unto those who have done good is the good (reward) and an increase: neither darkness nor abjection will cover their faces. These are the fellows of the Garden: therein they will be abiders.

  27. And those who have earned misdeeds -the requital of a misdeed is the like thereof and abjection will cover them; no protector they shall have from Allah, though their faces were over cast with pieces of night pitch-dark. These are the fellows of the Fire: therein they will be abiders.

  28. Remember the Day whereon We shall gather them together, then We shall say un to those who associated: keep your place, ye and your associate gods. Then We shall cause split between them: and their associate-gods will say: it was not us that ye were worshipping.

  29. And God sufficieth as witness between you and us, of your worship, we have been ever unaware.

  30. Therein every soul shall prove that which it sent before, and they shall be brcught back to Allah, their rightful Owner, and there shall stray from them that which they were wont to fabriCate.

  31. Say thou: who provideth for you from the heaven and the earth, or who owneth the hearing and the sight, and who bringeth forth the living from the lifeless and bringeth forth the lifeless from the living, and who disposeth the affair! They will then surely say: Allah. Say thou: will ye not then fear Him?

  32. Such is Allah, your rightful Lord. What then is there after the truth but error? Whither away then are ye drifting!

  33. In this wise is the word of thy Lord justified on those who transgress: that they shall not come to believe.

  34. Say thou: is there any of your associate-gods who originateth the creation and then repeateth it? Say thou: Allah originateth the creation and then shall repeat it. Whither away then are ye deviating?

  35. Say thou: is there any of your associate-gods who guideth you to the truth! Say thou: Allah guideth unto the truth. Is He, then, who guideth to the truth more worthy to be followed, or one who findeth not the guidance unless he is guided. What aileth ye then? How ill ye judge!

  36. And most of them follow naught but an opinion; verily opinion availeth not against the truth; verily Allah is the Knower of that which they do.

  37. And this Qur´an is not such as could be fabricated as against Allah. But it is a confirmation of that a which is before it, and and a d etailing of the Decree, whereof there is no doubt, from the Lord of the worlds.

  38. Say they: he hath fabricated it! Say thou: then bring ye a Surah like thereunto, and call whomsoever ye can beside Allah, if ye say sooth.

  39. Aye! they have belied that of which the knowledge they comprehended not and of which the fulfilment hath not come to them. Likewise belied those who were before them; behold then in what wise hath been the end of the wrongdoers.

  40. And of them are some who will believe therein, and of them are some who will not believe therein; and thy Lord is the Best Knower of the corrupters.

  41. And if they belie thee, say thou: unto me my work, and unto you your work: ye are quit of that which I work and am quit of that which ye work.

  42. And of them are some who hearken unto thee, so canst thou make the deaf hear, even though they apprehend not?

  43. And of them are some who look at thee, so canst thou guide the blind, even though they see not?

  44. Verily Allah wrongeth not mankind in aught but mankind wrong themselves.

  45. And of the Day whereon He shall gather them, as though they had tarried not save an hour of he day they shall mutually recognize. Lost surely are those who belie the meeting with Allah and they were not such as to be guided.

  46. And whether We shew thee soome of that which We have promised them, or We cause thee to die, Unto us is their return, and Allah is witness of that which they do.

  47. And for each community there hath been sent an apostle; and when their apostle hath arrived, the matter between them is decreed in equity, and they are not wronged.

  48. And they say: when cometh this promise, if ye say sooth?

  49. Say thou: I own not any power of hurt or benefit unto myself, save that which Allah may will. For each community is a term; when their term hath arrived, not an hour can they stay behind nor can they advance.

  50. Say thou: bethink ye, if His torment come on you by night or by day which Portion thereof would the culprlts hasten on?

  51. Is It, then, when it hath befallen, that ye will believe therein Now?- whereas ye have surely been hastening it On.

  52. Thereafter, it will be said unto those who wronged themselves: taste the torment everlasting: ye are requited not save for that which ye have been earning.

  53. And they ask thee to tell them if it be-true. Say thou: yeal by my Lord, It, Is the veary truth, and ye shall not be able to escape.

  54. And if every one that hath wronged had all that is in the earth, surely he would ransom himself therewith. And they shall conceal remorse when they behold the torment, and the matter will be decreed between them in equity, and they shall not be wronged.

  55. Lo! verily Allah´s is whatsoever is In the heavens and the earth, Lo! verily Allah´s promise is true; but most of them know not.

  56. He giveth life and causeth to die, and unto Him ye shall be returned.

  57. O Mankind! now there hath come unto you an exhortation from your Lord and a healing for that which is in Your breasts, and a guidance and a mercy for the believers.

  58. Say thou: in the grace of Allah and in His mercy--therein let them therefore rejoice: far better it is than that which they amass.

  59. Say thou: bethink ye of that which Allah hath sent down unto you of provision, and ye have then made thereof allowable and forbidden? Say thou: is it that Allah hath given you leave, or fabricate ye a lie against Allah?

  60. And what imagine those who fabricate a lie against Allah of the Day of Resurrection? Verily Allah is the owner of grace unto mankind, but most of them return not thanks.

  61. Thou art not engaged in any business, nor dost thou recite any part of the Qur´an, nor ye work any work, but We are witnesses over you when ye are engaged therein. And there escapeth not thy Lord the weight of an ant in the earth or the heavens, nor less than that nor greater, but it is in a Book luminous.

  62. Lo! verily the friends of Allah! no fear shall come upon them nor shall they grieve.

  63. They who believed and have been fearing God;

  64. Unto them is glad tidings in the life of the world and in the Hereafter. No changing is there in the words of Allah. That! it is the mighty achievement.

  65. And let not their saying grieve thee. Verily honour is Allah´s wholly. He is the Hearer, the Knower.

  66. Lo! verily Allah´s is whosoever is in the heavens and whosoever is on the earth. And what is it that they who call unto associate-gods beside Allah follow They follow but an opinion, and they are but conjecturing.

  67. He it is who hath appointed for you the night that ye may repose therein and the day enlightening. Verily in that are signs for a people who listen.

  68. They say: God hath taken a son.Hallowed be He-He, the selfesufficient! His is whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. No warranty is there with you for this. Ascribe ye falsely unto Allah that which ye know not?

  69. Say thou: verily those who fabricate a lie against Allah shall not fare well.

  70. A brief enjoyment in the world; then unto Us is their return; then We will make them taste a severe torment, in that they have been disbelieving.

  71. And rehearse thou unto them the story of Nuh, when he said unto his people: O my people! if my standing forth and my admonishment with the commandments of Allah be hard upon you, then on Allah I rely; so devise your affair, ye and your associate-gods and let not your affair be dubious unto you, then have it decreed against me, and respite me not.

  72. If then ye turn away, I have asked of you no hire, my hire is only with Allah, and I am commanded to be of those who submit.

  73. So they belied him; then We delivered him and those with him in the ark, and We made them successors, while We drowned those who belied Our signs. Behold then what like hath been the end of those who were warned.

  74. Then, We raised after him other apostles to their people, and they brought them evidences, but they were not such as to believe that which they had belied afore. Thus We seal the hearts of the transgressors.

  75. Then, after them, We raised Musa and Harun unto Fir´awn and his chiefs with Our signs, but they grew stiff-necked and they were a people guilty.

  76. Then when there came unto them the truth from Us, they said: verily this is magic manifest.

  77. Musa said: say ye this of the truth after it hath come unto you? Is this magic? and the magicians fare not well.

  78. They said: art thou come unto us to turn us aside from that faith whereon We found our fathers, and that the greatness in the land shall be unto you twain! And for the sake of you twain we are not going to be believers.

  79. And Firawn said: bring unto me every magician knowing.

  80. Then when the magicians were come, Musa said unto them: cast down that which ye are going to cast down.

  81. Then when they had cast down, Musa said: that which ye have brought is magic, verily Allah will soon make it vain; verily Allah setteth not right the work of the corrupters.

  82. And Allah justifieth the truth according to His words, even though the culprits may detest.

  83. Then none believed in Musa save a posterity of his people, through fear of Fir´awn and their chiefs, lest he should persecute them; and verily Fir´awn was lofty in the land,and verily he was of the extravagant.

  84. And Musa said: my people! if ye have been believing in Allah, then on Him rely, if ye are muslims.

  85. So they said: on Allah We rely, our Lord! make us not a trial for the wrong-doing people.

  86. And deliver us in Thine mercy from the disbelieving people.

  87. And We Revealed unto Musa and his brother: inhabit houses for your people in Misr, and make your houses a place of Worship, and establish prayer, and give glad tidings to the believers.

  88. And Musa said: our Lord! verily Thou! Thou hast vouchsafed unto Fir´awn and his chiefs adornment and riches in the life of the world, Our Lord, that they may lead men astray from Thine way. Our Lord! wipe out their riches, and harden their hearts, so that they may not believe until they behold the torment afflictive.

  89. Allah said: surely the petition of you twain is accepted, so keep straight on, and follow not the path of those who know not.

  90. And We led the Children of Isra´il across the sea; then Fir´awn and his hosts pursued them in rebellion and enmity, until, when the drowning over-took him, he said: I believe that verily He! there is no god but he, in whom the Children of Isra´il believe, and am of the Muslims.

  91. Now indeed! whereas thou hast rebelled afore, and wast of the corrupters.

  92. So this day We deliver thee in thy body that thou mayest be a sign unto those after thee, and verily many of mankind are of our signs neglectful.

  93. And assuredly We settled the Children of Isra´il into a secure settlement, and We provided them with good things; nor they differed until there had come unto them the knowledge. Verily thine Lord shall judge between them on the Day of Resurrection as to that wherein they have been differing.

  94. And if thou be in doubt concerning that which We have sent down unto thee, then ask those who have read the Books before thee. Assuredly hath the truth come unto thee from thy Lord, so be not then of the doubters.

  95. And be not thou of those who belie Allah´s signs, lest thou be of the losers.

  96. Verily those on whom the word of thy Lord hath been justified shall not believe.

  97. Even though every sign should come unto them, until they hehold an afflictive torment.

  98. Why then was there not a township which believed, so that its faith might have profited it, except the people of Yunus! When they believed, We removed from them the torment of humiliation in the life of the world, and We let them enjoy for a season.

  99. And had thy Lord willed, those who are on the earth would have believed, all of them, together; canst thou then compel mankind until they become believers?

  100. It is not for any soul that it should believe save with Allah´s will, and He layeth the abomination upon those who reflect not.

  101. Say thou: behold that which is in the heavens and the earth; and signs and warnings avail not those who will not believe.

  102. Wait they then aught but the days of those who have passed away before them. Say thou: wait then, verily I am with you among those who wait.

  103. Thereafter We delivered Our apostles and those who believed. Even so, as incumbent upon us, We deliver the believers.

  104. Say thou: ye men! if ye are in doubt concerning my religion-- then worship not those ye worship beside Allah, but I worship Allah who causeth you to die; and I am commanded that I should be of the believers.

  105. And that: keep thy countenance straight toward the religion, Upright; and by no means be of the associators.

  106. And invoke not beside Allah that which can neither profit thee nor hurt thee; then if thou dost so, thou art forthwith of the wrong- doers.

  107. And if Allah toucheth thee with hurt there is no remover thereof but he, and if He intendeth any good there is no averter of His grace. He letteth it befall on whomsoever of His bondmen He will; and He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.

  108. Say thou: O mankind! the truth hath surely come unto you from your Lord: whosoever then is guided, is guided only for himself, and whosoever strayeth, strayeth only against himself; and am not over you a trustee.

  109. And follow thou whatsoever is revealed unto thee, and endure until Allah judgeth, and He is the Best of judges.


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