Asad - Sura: 100. Al-'Adiyat - The Assaulters

  1. Oh, 1  the chargers that run panting,

  2. sparks of fire striking,

  3. rushing to assault at morn,

  4. thereby raising clouds of dust,

  5. thereby storming [blindly] into any host! 2 

  6. VERILY, towards his Sustainer man is most ungrateful 3 

  7. and to this, behold, he [himself] bears witness indeed:

  8. for, verily, to the love of wealth is he most ardently devoted.

  9. But does he not know that [on the Last Day,] when all that is in the graves is raised and brought out,

  10. and all that is [hidden] in men's hearts is bared -

  11. that on that Day their Sustainer [will show that He] has always been fully aware of them?


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