Literal - Sura: 100. Al-'Adiyat - The Assaulters

  1. And/by the panting/changing colour , attacking forces/horses.

  2. So the igniters (of fire)/swayers , fire striking/sparking/decaying .

  3. So the raiders/fast attacking horses (in) mornings/daybreaks.

  4. So they stirred and arose/agitated dust/splashing mud or water with it .

  5. So they were in the middle with it all together/(in) a group .

  6. That truly the human/mankind (is) ungrateful/disobedient (E) to his Lord.

  7. And he truly (is) on that witnessing/testifying (E).

  8. And that he truly to the good`s/wealth`s love/like (is) strong (intense) (E) (humans love excessive goodness).

  9. So does he not know when what (is) in the graves/burial places is scattered/over thrown/strewn ?

  10. And what (is) in the chests (innermosts) is recovered/collected?

  11. That truly their Lord (is) with them (on) that day expert/experienced (E).


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