Malik - Sura: 100. Al-'Adiyat - The Assaulters

  1. By the snorting steeds (horses that are used in wars),

  2. dashing off sparks by the strike of their hoofs,

  3. making raids in the morning,

  4. and leaving a trail of dust

  5. as they dash into the middle of the enemy troops!

  6. Surely man is ungrateful to his Rabb;

  7. and surely he himself bears witness to it,

  8. and surely he is violent in his love of this worldly wealth.

  9. Is he not aware that when those who lie in the graves will be raised to life,

  10. and that what is in their breasts will be made known,

  11. surely their Rabb on that Day shall have full knowledge about them.


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