Ali Ünal - Sura: 102. At-Takathur - The Abundance of Wealth

  1. Competing in increase of worldly goods (seeking and then boasting of the acquisition of things, wealth, pedigree, and posterity) distracts you (from the proper purpose of life),

  2. Until you come to the graves.

  3. No indeed! You will surely come to understand (when death comes to you).

  4. Again, no indeed! You will surely come to understand it (when you are raised from the dead).

  5. No indeed! If only you knew with certainty of knowledge (then you would not disorder priorities).

  6. You will most surely see the Blazing Flame!

  7. Then (when you go to the other world), you will most surely see it with the eye of certainty.

  8. And on that Day you will most surely be questioned as to all the favors (bestowed on you).


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