Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 102. At-Takathur - The Abundance of Wealth

  1. (Mankind! your) vying with one another to excel in multiplying worldly possessions diverts you (from God and true values of life),

  2. Until (on your death) you embrace the graves.

  3. Nay, (you should never hanker after worldly gains, power and position,) you shall come to know in time (that you have been chasing at a shadow).

  4. Nay, again (We repeat, never should you misuse your life of probation,) you shall come to know (the consequences of it) in time.

  5. No, never! if you only knew the consequences thereof with sure and certain knowledge

  6. You will certainly see the very hell-fire (in this present life by seeing the sad fate of the wicked).

  7. Again, you shall most certainly see it (in the Hereafter) with the eye of certainty.

  8. And then on that day (of Reckoning) you shall be called to account for the favours (bestowed upon you).


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