Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 11. Hud

  1. Alif. Lam. Ra . This is a Book from One who is All-wise and All-aware. Its verses are well composed and distinctly arranged (from one another)

  2. (It teaches), "People, do not worship anyone besides God. I, (Muhammad), am His Messenger sent to warn you and to give you the glad news.

  3. "Seek forgiveness from your Lord and turn to Him in repentance for your sins. He will provide you good sustenance for an appointed time and will reward everyone according to his merits. I am afraid that you will suffer torment on the great Day (of Judgment) if you turn away (from God).

  4. To God you will all return. God has power over all things."

  5. (The unbelievers) cover their breasts to try to hide their disbelief from God. But He knows very well whatever they conceal or reveal even when they cover themselves with their garments. God certainly knows the inner-most (secrets) of the hearts.

  6. There is no living creature on earth that does not receive sustenance from God. He knows its dwelling and resting place. Everything is recorded in the glorious Book.

  7. God created the heavens and the earth in six days. His Throne existed on water so that He could test you and find out those among you who do good deeds. (Muhammad), if you were to tell them that after death they would be brought back to life again, the unbelievers would say, "This is nothing but obvious magic."

  8. If We delay in afflicting them with Our punishment for an appointed time, they ask, "What is preventing it (the punishment) from taking place?" On the day when it (punishment) befalls them, no one will be able to escape from it and that which they have mocked will surround them from all sides.

  9. We grant a favor to the human being and then take it away from him. He becomes despairing and ungrateful.

  10. If after his hardship, We grant him a blessing, he grows proud and rejoicing and says, "All my hardships have gone".

  11. But those who exercise patience and do good works do not behave as such. They will receive forgiveness and a great reward (from the Lord).

  12. Perhaps you, (Muhammad), may by chance leave (untold) a part of that which is revealed to you and feel grieved because they say, "Why has some treasure not been sent to him or an angel sent down with him?" Say, "I have come only to warn you." God is the Guardian of all things.

  13. Do they, (the unbelievers), say that (Muhammad) has falsely ascribed (the Quran) to God? Ask them, "Compose ten chapters like (those of the Quran) and call on whomever you can for help besides God if you are true in your claim.

  14. If they will not respond to you, know that God has sent it with His knowledge and that He is the only God. Will you then become Muslims?"

  15. Those who choose the worldly life and its pleasures will be given proper recompense for their deeds in this life and will not suffer any loss.

  16. Such people will receive nothing in the next life except Hell fire. Their deeds will be made devoid of all virtue and their efforts will be in vain.

  17. Should they be compared with those whose Lord has given them a guidance which is testified by a witness from among their own people and by the Book of Moses, a guide and a mercy. Such people do believe in this guidance (in the Quran). Those who disbelieve (in the Quran) will have hell as their dwelling place. Thus, (Muhammad), have no doubt about it (the Quran). It is certainly the truth from your Lord, yet many people do not have faith.

  18. Who are more unjust than those who ascribe falsehood to God? When such people are brought into the presence of their Lord, the witness will say, "These are the ones who told lies about their Lord. Certainly God will condemn the unjust

  19. who prevent others from the way of God, seek to make it appear crooked, and who have no faith in the life hereafter.

  20. Such people will never weaken God´s (power) on earth nor will they find any guardian besides God. Their punishment will be doubled and they will not be able to hear or see.

  21. They have lost their souls and their false deities will turn away from them.

  22. In the life to come they will certainly lose a great deal.

  23. The righteously striving believers who are humble before their Lord, will be the dwellers of Paradise wherein they will live forever.

  24. Can the two groups, the blind and the deaf, be considered equal to those who have vision and hearing? Will you then not take heed?

  25. We sent Noah to his people to give them the clear warning

  26. that they should not worship anyone besides God. (Noah warned them), "I am afraid that you will suffer the most painful torment".

  27. The disbelievers among his people said, "We do not believe that you are any better than the rest of us; we see that only the worthless hasty ones, the lowliest among us follow you. Thus, we do not think that you are superior to us, rather you are all liars."

  28. Noah replied, "My people do you think - that if my Lord has sent me a miracle and granted me mercy but your ignorance has obscured them from your sight - we can force you to believe when you do not want to?

  29. My people I do not ask any payment for what I preach to you. No one except God has to give me any reward. I do not drive away those who have faith (in my teaching); they will all receive mercy from their Lord. I know that you are ignorant people.

  30. My people, who would protect me against God if I were to drive these people away? Will you then not take heed?

  31. I do not say that God´s treasures belong to me, that I know the unseen, or that I am an angel. Nor do I say about those whom you disdain that God will not give them any reward. God knows best what is in their hearts, for then I would be unjust."

  32. They said, "Noah, you have argued with us a great deal. Bring down on us whatever torment with which you have been threatening us if what you say is true".

  33. (Noah) replied, "God will bring torment down on you whenever He wants and you will not be able to make His (plans) fail.

  34. My advice will be of no benefit to you if God wants to let you go astray. He is your Lord and to Him you will all return."

  35. Do they say that Muhammad has falsely ascribed (the Quran) to God? (Muhammad), tell them "Had I falsely ascribed it to God, I shall be responsible for my own sins. I am certainly not responsible for whatever sins you commit!

  36. It was revealed to Noah that besides those who had already accepted his faith, no one from his people would ever believe him. He was told not to be disappointed about what his people had done,

  37. but to build the Ark under the supervision and guidance of his Lord. He was also told not to address any words to Him concerning the unjust for they were all to be drowned.

  38. (Noah) started to build the Ark but whenever some of his people passed by, they would mock him. He in return would reply, "Mock us, but just as you mock us, we, too, will mock you.

  39. You will soon learn who will face a humiliating punishment and will be encompassed by an everlasting torment."

  40. When at last Our decree was fulfilled, water gushed forth from the Oven (in Noah´s house). We told him to carry in the Ark a pair (male and female) from every species, his family - except those who were destined to perish - and the believers. No one believed in him, except a few.

  41. (Noah) said, "Embark in it. It will sail in the name of God, in His Name it will sail and in His Name it will cast anchor. My Lord is All-forgiving and All-merciful".

  42. When the Ark sailed on with them amid the mountainous waves, Noah called out to his son who kept away from them, "My son, embark with us. Do not stay with the unbelievers."

  43. His son replied, "I shall climb up a mountain and this will save me from the flood." Noah said, "No one can escape on this day from God´s command except those on whom He has mercy." The waves separated Noah from his son who was then drowned with the rest (of the unbelievers).

  44. Then the earth was told to swallow-up its water and the sky was ordered to stop raining. The water abated and God´s command had been fulfilled. The Ark came to rest on Mount Judi. A voice said, "The unjust people are far away from the mercy of God."

  45. Noah prayed to his Lord saying, "Lord, my son is a member of my family. Your promise is always true and you are the best Judge".

  46. His Lord replied, "He is not one of your family. He is a man of unrighteous deeds. Do not ask me about that which you have no knowledge. I advise you not to become an ignorant person."

  47. Noah said, "Lord, I ask You to prevent me from asking You ignorant questions and beg you for pardon and mercy or else I shall certainly be lost".

  48. Noah was told, "Get down from the Ark. Your Lord´s peace and blessings are upon you and your followers. Your Lord will grant favors to other nations and then afflict them with a painful torment."

  49. That which We have revealed to you (Muhammad) is news of the unseen. This was not known to you and to your people. Have patience. The pious will triumph in the end.

  50. To the tribe of Ad We sent their brother Hud who told them, "Worship God; He is your only Lord. The idols that you worship are plainly false.

  51. My people, I do not ask any reward for what I have preached to you. No one can give me my reward except my Creator. Will you then not take heed?

  52. "My people, seek forgiveness from your Lord and turn to Him in repentance. He will send you abundant rain from the sky and will increase your power. Do not sinfully turn away from Him."

  53. They said, "Hud, you have not shown us any miracles. We shall not give up our idols because of what you say and we shall not have any faith in you.

  54. We believe that some of our gods have afflicted you with evil." Hud said, "God is my witness and so are you that I have no association

  55. with the idols that you worship besides God. So plan against me without delay.

  56. I trust God who is my Lord as well as yours. It is God who controls the destiny of all living creatures. It is my Lord who knows the right path.

  57. If you turn away from Him (since I have already preached to you the message that I carry), He will replace you with another nation. You cannot harm Him the least. My Lord is the Protector of all things."

  58. When Our decree (of destroying them) was fulfilled, We mercifully saved Hud and his believing followers. We saved them from the intense torment.

  59. It was the tribe of `Ad who denied the miracles of their Lord, disobeyed His Messenger and followed the orders of every transgressing tyrant.

  60. They were condemned in this life and will be condemned in the life hereafter. The tribe of Ad had certainly rejected their Lord. God kept the tribe of Ad, the people of Hud, away from His mercy.

  61. To Thamud We sent their brother Salih who told them, "My people, worship God; He is your only Lord. It is He who has created you from the earth and has settled you therein. Seek forgiveness from Him and turn to Him in repentance. My Lord is certainly close to everyone and He hears all prayers."

  62. They said, "Salih, we had great hope in you before this. Do you forbid us to worship that which our fathers had worshipped? We are doubtful and uncertain about what you have told us to worship."

  63. He said, "My people, think. I have received authoritative evidence and mercy from my Lord, so who will protect me from God if I disobey Him? You certainly want to destroy me.

  64. My people, this is the she-camel of God, a miracle (to support the truth which has been brought) to you. Leave her to graze in the land of God. Do not harm her with your evil deeds lest torment will suddenly strike you."

  65. When they slew the she-camel, Salih told them, "You have only three days to enjoy living in your homes (before you will be struck by the torment). This is an inevitable prophecy."

  66. When Our decree came to pass. We mercifully saved Salih and his faithful followers from that day´s ignominy. Your Lord is certainly Mighty and Majestic.

  67. A blast struck the unjust and they were found lying motionless on their faces

  68. as though they had never existed. The people of Thamud denied the existence of their Lord. How distant from the mercy of God had the people of Thamud gone!

  69. Our Messengers came to Abraham with glad news. They said, "Peace be with you." He replied similarly. After a short time he presented them with a roasted calf

  70. but when he saw that their hands did not reach out for it, he could not know who they were and became afraid of them. They said, "Do not be afraid; we are God´s angelic Messengers sent to the people of Lot."

  71. His wife who was standing nearby, smiled and so We gave her the glad news that she would give birth to Isaac who would have a son, Jacob.

  72. She said, "Woe is me! How can I have a baby when I am barren and my husband is very old? This is certainly strange".

  73. They replied, "Would you be surprised at God´s decree? People of the house, may God´s mercy and blessings be with you. God is Appreciative and Glorious."

  74. When Abraham had controlled his fear and received the glad news, he started to plead with Us for the people of Lot;

  75. Abraham was certainly a forbearing, compassionate, and tender-hearted person.

  76. We said, "Abraham, avoid asking Us such questions. Your Lord´s decree has already been issued and an inevitable torment will strike these people."

  77. When Our Messengers came to Lot ,he became sorrowful and felt totally helpless. He said, "This is indeed a distressful day".

  78. His people, who had constantly indulged in evil deeds, came running to him. He said, "My people, here are my pure daughters. Have fear of God and do not humiliate me before my guests. Is there no person of understanding among you?"

  79. They said, "You certainly know that we have no right to your daughters and you know what we want".

  80. He said, "Would that I had the power (to overcome you) or could seek strong protection."

  81. Our Messengers said, "Lot, we are the Messengers of your Lord. They will never harm you. Leave the town with your family in the darkness of night and do not let any of you turn back. As for your wife, she will suffer what they (unbelievers) will suffer. Their appointed time will come at dawn. Surely dawn is not far away!

  82. When Our decree came to pass, We turned the town upside-down and showered unto it lumps of baked clay,

  83. marked by your Lord. Such a punishment is not far away from the unjust people.

  84. To the people of Midian We sent their brother Shu´ayb who told them, "My people, worship God; He is your only Lord. Do not be dishonest in your weighing and measuring. I can see you are safe and prosperous, but I am afraid for you of the overwhelming torment of the (appointed) day.

  85. My people, be just in your weighing and measuring. Do not defraud people or spread evil in the land.

  86. If you are true believers then know that the profit which God has left for you is better for you (than what you may gain through deceitful ways). I am not responsible for your deeds."

  87. They asked him, "Shu´ayb, do your prayers tell you that we must give up the worship of what our fathers had worshipped and that we must not deal with our properties as we like? We still believe that you are a person of forbearance and understanding."

  88. He said, "My people, do you not realize that I have received authoritative evidence from my Lord and have been granted a noble gift from Him? I do not want to oppose or ignore what I have prohibited you not to do. I only intend to reform you as much as I can. My success is in the hands of God. I trust Him and turn to Him in repentance.

  89. My people, do not let your opposition to me lead you to commit sins or make you suffer what the people of Noah, Hud, and Salih suffered. Remember that the people of Lot were destroyed not very long ago.

  90. Seek forgiveness from your Lord and turn to Him in repentance. My Lord is certainly All-merciful and Loving."

  91. They said, "Shu´ayb, we do not understand much of what you say, but we know that you are weak among us. Had it not been for our respect of your tribe, we would have stoned you to death; you are not very dear to us".

  92. He asked them, "My people, is my tribe more respectable to you than God whom you have completely ignored? My Lord certainly has full control over your deeds.

  93. My people, do as you wish and I will do (as I believe). You will soon know who will suffer a humiliating torment and who was the one telling lies. Wait and I too will be waiting with you."

  94. When Our decree came to pass, We mercifully saved Shu´ayb and his faithful followers. A blast struck the unjust and left them in their homes, lying motionless on their faces,

  95. as though they had never existed. How far from (the mercy of God) had the people of Midian gone, just as those of Thamud?

  96. We sent Moses to the Pharaoh and his nobles with Our miracles and a clear authority.

  97. They followed the order of the Pharaoh but Pharaoh´s orders were evil.

  98. On the Day of Judgment he will lead his people down into the hell fire. His leadership is evil and terrible is the place to which he leads!

  99. They are condemned in this world and in the life to come. Evil is the gift and the recipient!

  100. Such were the stories of the nations of the past which We tell to you, (Muhammad). Some of them were destroyed and some of them have survived.

  101. We were not unjust to them but they were unjust to themselves. The idols which they worshipped instead of God were of no help to them when Our decree came to pass. The idols only brought about their destruction.

  102. Thus was the punishment of your Lord when He punished the unjust people of the towns. The punishment of your Lord is certainly severe.

  103. In this there is, certainly, a lesson for those who fear the torment of the next life in which all people will be gathered together

  104. during a single day. We have deferred this day for an appointed time.

  105. On the Day of Judgment no one will speak without the permission of God. Some will be condemned and others blessed.

  106. The condemned ones will live in hell fire, sighing and groaning

  107. for as long as the heavens and the earth exist, unless your Lord decides otherwise. Your Lord will certainly accomplish whatever He wants.

  108. The blessed ones will live in Paradise as long as the heavens and the earth exist, unless your Lord decides to grant endless rewards to whomever He wants.

  109. Have no doubt that these people worship (idols). They worship what their fathers had worshipped before them. We will give them the exact recompense that they deserve.

  110. We gave the Book to Moses but people had different views about it. Had the Word of your Lord not been already ordained, He would have settled their differences (there and then). They are still in doubt about this.

  111. God will certainly recompense everyone according to their deeds; He knows well all that you do.

  112. (Muhammad), be steadfast (in your faith) just as you have been commanded. Those who have turned to God in repentance with you, should also be steadfast in their faith. Do not indulge in rebellion. God is certainly aware of what you do.

  113. Do not be inclined towards the unjust ones lest you will be afflicted by the hell fire. Besides God, no one can be your protector nor will anyone be able to help you.

  114. Say your prayers in the morning, the last portion of the day, and at the beginning of the night. Good deeds do away with the bad deeds. This is a reminder for those who take heed.

  115. Exercise patience; God does not ignore the reward of those who do good.

  116. Why were there no people of understanding among those people of the destroyed towns of the past except for a few, whom we saved from destruction, to prevent people from committing evil in the land? The unjust among them indulged in worldly pleasures and so became guilty.

  117. Your Lord would not have destroyed those people (of the towns) for their injustice if they had tried to reform themselves.

  118. Had your Lord wanted, He would have made all people one united nation. They still have different beliefs

  119. except those upon whom God has granted His mercy. God has created them to receive mercy. The decree of your Lord that He will fill hell with both jinn and human beings has already been ordained.

  120. (Muhammad), We tell you all the stories of the Messengers which will strengthen your heart. In the Quran We have revealed the Truth to you with good advice and reminders for the faithful ones.

  121. Tell the unbelievers, "Do as you wish and I will do as I believe.

  122. Wait, and I, too, will be waiting with you."

  123. To God belongs the knowledge of the unseen in the heavens and the earth and to Him do all affairs return. Worship Him and trust Him. Your Lord is not unaware of what you do.


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