Ahmed Ali - Sura: 14. Ibrahim - Abraham

  1. ALIF LAM RA. A Book We have sent down to you that you may lead men out of darkness into light, by their Lord´s command, to the path of the mighty, the worthy of praise.

  2. God, to whom belongs all there is in the heavens and the earth. Woe to the unbelievers for the terrible punishment (that awaits).

  3. Those who hold the life of this world dearer than that of the next, who obstruct the path of God and seek obliquity in it, have wandered far into error.

  4. We never sent a messenger who did not speak the tongue of his people, that he may explain to them distinctly. God leads whosoever He wills astray, and shows whoever He wills the way: He is all-mighty and all-wise.

  5. Remember when We sent Moses with Our signs (We said): "Bring your people out of darkness into light, and remind them of the visitations of God. Indeed there are signs in this for every steadfast, thankful soul"

  6. So Moses said to his people: "Remember the favours of God when He saved you from the people of Pharaoh who afflicted you with oppression, slaying your sons but keeping alive your women, which was a great trial from your Lord."

  7. Remember, your Lord proclaimed: "I shall give you more if you are grateful; but if you are thankless then surely My punishment is very great."

  8. And Moses said: "What if you and all the people of the world deny, God is unconcerned and worthy of praise."

  9. Has not the news of those before you, the people of Noah and ´Ad and Thamud, and those who came after them, come to you? None knows (about) them except God. Their apostles came to them with clear proofs, but they tried to silence them and said: "We do not believe in what you have been sent with, and we are in doubt of what you call us to, about which we are in disquiet.´

  10. Said their apostles: "Can there be doubt about God, the originator of the heavens and the earth? He calls you to forgive some of your sins, and give you respite for a time ordained." They said: "You are only men like us, and yet you wish to turn us away from what our fathers worshipped. Bring to us then a clear proof."

  11. Their apostles said to them: "Indeed we are men like you, but God bestows His favours on whomsoever He wills among His creatures. It is not in our power to bring a miracle for you without the leave of God. The believers should only place their trust in God.

  12. And why should we not repose our trust in God when He has shown us our paths of duty to Him? We shall bear with fortitude the hardships you inflict upon us. The trusting place their trust in God."

  13. The unbelievers said to their apostles: "We shall drive you out of our land, or else you come back to our fold." Their Lord then communicated to them: "We shall annihilate these wicked people,

  14. And establish you in their place. This is for him who fears My station, and dreads My commination."

  15. Then (the apostles) asked of God´s assistance, and every arrogant tyrant was frustrated:

  16. Before him is Hell, and he will get putrid liquid to drink.

  17. He will sip it, yet will not be able to gulp it down. Death will crowd in upon him from every side, but die he will not. A terrible torment trails him.

  18. Like ashes are the deeds of those who deny their Lord, which the wind blows away on a windy day. They shall have no power over what they earned. This is the farthest limit of going astray.

  19. Do you not see that God has created the heavens and the earth with ultimate reason? If He so wills He could take you away from the earth and raise a new creation (in your place).

  20. This is well within the power of God.

  21. When they will all appear before God together, the weak will say to those who were arrogant: "We were your followers, so can you now save us a little from God´s punishment?" They will say: "If we had been guided by God we would surely have shown you the way. To lament or endure is all the same to us now. No getting away is there for us."

  22. When the reckoning is over Satan will say: "The promise that was made to you by God was indeed a true promise; but I went back on the promise I had made, for I had no power over you except to call you; and you responded to my call. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. Neither can I help you nor can you give me help. I disavow your having associated me earlier (with God). The punishment for those who are wicked is painful indeed."

  23. Those who believed and did the right, will be admitted to gardens with rivers flowing by, where they will abide by the leave of their Lord, with ´Peace´ as their salutation.

  24. Do you not see how God compares a noble act to a healthy tree whose roots are firm and branches in the sky, which yields

  25. By the leave of its Lord its fruit in all seasons, God presents words of wisdom to men that they might reflect.

  26. An evil act is like a rotten tree torn out of the earth with no (base or) firmness.

  27. With immutuble words God makes the faithful dauntless in the life of the world and the life to come, but leads the unjust into error, for God does as He pleases.

  28. Have you not looked at those who repaid God´s favours with ingratitude; who pulled their people down to ruin,

  29. Hell, where they will roast in the fire? And what an evil repository!

  30. They have appointed equals of God to mislead people from His path. Tell them: "Enjoy yourselves (so long as you may). In the end you have to go to Hell."

  31. Tell those of My creatures who believe: "Observe your devotional obligations and give of what We have given you in charity, secretly or openly, before the Day arrives when there will be no buying or selling or befriending."

  32. It is God who created the heavens and the earth, and sent down rain from the sky producing fruits for your food thereby, and made you master of the ships that ply in the oceans by His command, subjected the rivers to your control,

  33. And subjugated the sun and moon for you so that they perform their tasks diligently; and subdued the night and day for your service.

  34. He gave you whatsoever you asked. If you try to count the favours of God you will not be able to calculate. Man is most unjust indeed, full of ingratitude.

  35. Remember when Abraham prayed: "O Lord, make this a city of peace, and preserve me and my progeny from worshipping idols:

  36. Many a man have they led astray, O Lord. So he who follows me is truly of me; but as for him who disobeys me, surely You are forgiving and kind.

  37. I have settled some of my children, O Lord, in a barren valley near Your sacred House, so that, O our Lord, they may be constant in devotion. So put in the hearts of men some kindness for them, and provide fruits for them: They may haply be grateful.

  38. O Lord, You have knowledge of what we hide and what we reveal, for nothing on the earth or in the skies is hidden from God.

  39. All praise be to God who bestowed on me Ishmael and Isaac in old age. Verily my Lord listens to prayer.

  40. Grant, O Lord, that I and my offspring may remain constant in devotion. Grant, O Lord, my supplication.

  41. O Lord, forgive me, my parents and the faithful on the Day the reckoning is done."

  42. Think not God is oblivious of the deeds of the wicked. He has only allowed them respite till the Day on which all eyes would stare aghast,

  43. (And) they would hasten forward, heads lifted upwards, gazes fixed, and emptied out their hearts.

  44. Warn the people of that Day when the punishment would be inflicted upon them. Then will the wicked say: "O our Lord, give us respite a while more. We shall heed Your call and follow the apostles." (But they will be told,): "Are you not those who used to swear: ´There is no reverse for us?´

  45. Yet you dwelt in the dwellings of those who had exceeded themselves, and it was evident to you how We had dealt with them; and We held out examples before you."

  46. Still they are plotting their plots, but evident are their plots to God, even though they are so adroit as to make the mountains move.

  47. Think not that God would go back on His promise (made) to the apostles. Indeed God is mighty, the Lord of retribution.

  48. The day when the earth will he replaced by some other than the earth, as will be the skies, and every one will appear before God the one and omnipotent,

  49. You will see the wicked on that day bound together in chains.

  50. Of molten pitch shall be their garments, their faces covered with flames,

  51. That God may reward each soul for its deeds. Indeed God is swift at reckoning!

  52. This is a message for mankind that they may take a warning from it, and may know that He is the one and only God, and that men of wisdom may reflect.


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