Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 14. Ibrahim - Abraham

  1. Alif Lâm Râ - I am Allâh, the All-Seeing. (This is) a great Book which We have revealed to you that you may bring mankind, by the leave of their Lord, out of different kinds of darkness into light, to the path of the All-Mighty, the Praiseworthy,

  2. (To the path of) Allâh, to Whom belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And woe to the disbelievers for a dreadful punishment (that will befall them)!

  3. Such as prefer the present life to the Hereafter, and forsake the path of Allâh and hinder (the people) from it, and try to paint it as crooked, seeking to undertake it by remaining crooked. It is these who have gone far off in error.

  4. And We sent no Messenger but (he spoke) in the language of his people so that he might make (all Our Messages) clear to them, yet Allâh leaves in error those who wish to remain in error and guides him who wishes to be guided (to the right path). And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

  5. And We sent Moses with Our signs saying, `Bring forth your people from different kinds of darkness into light and remind them of Allâh´s favours and punishments. Behold! there are signs in these (narratives) for every patiently persevering and grateful person.´

  6. And (call to mind) when Moses said to his people, `Remember Allâh´s blessings upon you, when He delivered you from the people of Pharaoh, who afflicted you with painful sufferings and slew your sons and spared your women to make them immodest and in that (deliverance) there was a great reward from your Lord.

  7. And (recall) when your Lord made it known (to you), `If you indeed be thankful, I will bestow more (favours) on you, but if you are ungrateful, (you will find that) My punishment is of course most severe.´

  8. Moses said, `If you turn ungrateful, you and everyone on this earth altogether (remember that) Allâh stands in need of no thanks. Verily, Allâh is Self-Sufficient, Praiseworthy (in His Own right).

  9. Has not the important news come to you of your predecessors, the people of Noah, (the tribes of) `Âd and Thamûd and those who came after them. None knows them (now) but Allâh. Their Messengers (of God) came to them with clear proofs, but they put their hands again and again on their mouths (showing great resentment and out of rage) saying, `We have already rejected that (revelation) you have been sent with and infact we are in disquieting doubt as to that (faith) you call us to.´

  10. Their Messengers (of God) said, `Is there any doubt about Allâh, the Originator of the heavens and the earth? He calls you (to Himself) that He may protect you against your sins and grant you respite till an appointed time (to the end of your lives).´ They said, `You are nothing but a human being like ourselves. You desire to stop us from (worshipping) that our fathers have been worshipping, well better bring us some manifest authority.´

  11. Their Messengers (of God) said to them, `It is true we are nothing but human beings like yourselves but Allâh shows (His) favours (by sending revelations and prophethood) to such of His servants as He will. It is not (possible) for us to bring you an authority except by the leave of Allâh. (We put our trust in Him) and in Allâh (alone) should the believers put their trust.

  12. `And why should we not put our trust in Allâh while He has guided us in our ways? We will surely endure patiently all persecutions you have subjected us to. So in Allâh alone let those put their trust who have learnt to put their trust in Him.´

  13. And those who disbelieved, then said to their Messengers (of God), `We will, assuredly, turn you out of our country or you will have to return to our creed.´ Then did their Lord send (His) revelation to them (- the Messengers) saying, `We will invariably destroy these wrong doers.

  14. `And We will surely make you occupy the country after them. That (promise) shall hold good for everyone of him who fears to stand before My tribunal and fears My threatful warning.´

  15. They sought a judgment, (but when it came) every haughty person (and) enemy (of truth) met with no success (and was utterly disappointed).

  16. Gehenna lies before him where he shall be made to drink boiling and repulsive water.

  17. He will try to sip it but shall not be able to swallow it easily, and death shall come to him from every quarter; yet he shall not die. Moreover he shall see before him further harsh doom.

  18. The works of those who disbelieve in (the Messages and blessings of) their Lord, are like ashes on which the wind blows violently on a tempestuous day. They shall have no power to reap the fruit of their deeds. That is indeed an extremely ruinous error.

  19. Have you (O reader!) not considered that Allâh created the heavens and the earth to suit the requirements of truth and wisdom. If He (so) will, He can do away with you and bring forth a new creation.

  20. And that is not at all difficult for Allâh.

  21. (Beware of the Day when) the people shall appear before Allâh in a body so that the weak shall say to those who considered themselves great, `We were your followers definitely. Can you not help (to save) us (today) in any manner against the punishment of Allâh?´ They will reply, `Had Allâh guided us (to a way of deliverance) we would have surely guided you. It makes no difference for us (now) whether we show impatience or remain patient. There is no way of escape for us (this day).´

  22. When the judgment (of God) has been passed (and matter decided), satan will say (to these people), `Verily, Allâh made you a true promise, and I (also) made you a promise but I failed you. I had no authority over you, however, I called you and you obeyed me. Therefore blame me not (now) but you should blame your ownselves. I can render you no help, nor can you render me any help. In as much as your associating me as partner (with God), I have already declared that I have nothing to do with it. As for the wrong doers, there awaits them a grievous punishment.´

  23. But those who believe and do righteous deeds shall be made to enter Gardens served with running streams (to keep them green and flourishing). There they shall abide in for ever by the leave of their Lord. Their greeting therein shall be, `Peace.´

  24. Have you (O reader!) not considered how Allâh compares a holy word to a good tree whose (each) root is firm and whose (every) branch (spreads out) to the very sky.

  25. This (tree) goes on bringing forth its fruit at all times by the leave of its Lord. And Allâh gives excellent descriptions (of things) for the people so that they may take heed.

  26. And the likeness of an evil word is as an evil tree which can be uprooted from above the earth; it has no stability.

  27. Allâh strengthens those who have believed with the (true) word firmly established, (both) in the present life and in the Hereafter. Allâh perishes the wrongdoers and Allâh does whatever He will.

  28. Have you not seen those who have done away with Allâh´s favour for (their) ingratitude. They have landed their people into the abode of ruin -

  29. In Gehenna; they shall enter it. What a wretched place to settle in!

  30. And they set up compeers to Allâh to lead (people) astray from His path, say, `(Well) enjoy yourselves a while; you are heading towards the Fire.´

  31. Say to My servants who have believed, to observe Prayer and to spend secretly and openly out of that We have provided for them, before there comes the day (of reckoning) when neither bargaining, nor fast-friendship shall help them (to get salvation).

  32. Allâh is He Who created the heavens and the earth and He causes water to come down from the clouds and He brings forth fruits therewith to be your sustenance. He has made subservient to you the ships that they may sail through the sea by His leave and He has made subservient to you the rivers (also).

  33. And He has made subservient to you the sun and the moon, both moving constantly (according to some fixed laws), and He has made subservient to you the night and the day.

  34. He has given you of all that you wanted of Him (by your natural demand). And if you try to count Allâh´s bounties, you will not be able to number them. Surely, a human being is very unjust, very ungrateful.

  35. (Recall the time) when Abraham said, `My Lord, make this (would be) city (of Makkah) secure and a haven of peace, and keep me and my children away from worshipping idols.

  36. `My Lord! a large number of people has gone astray because of these (idols) to be sure. Then whoso follows me he is certainly of me. As for the person who disobeys me, (I can say only,) You are indeed Great Protector (against faults), Ever Merciful.

  37. `Our Lord! I have settled some of my children in an uncultivable valley (of Makkah), in the vicinity of your Holy House. Our Lord! (I have done) so that they may observe prayer. Then make the hearts of the people incline towards them and provide them with fruits so that they may always give thanks.

  38. `Our Lord! You know all that we keep secret and all that we make known. There is nothing either on the earth or in the heaven that may be hidden from Allâh.

  39. `All true and perfect praise belongs to Allâh Who has given me despite my old age (two sons) - Ismâîl and Isaac. My Lord is of course, the Hearer of prayers.

  40. `My Lord! make me a constant and steadfast observer of prayer and my children (as well). Our Lord! (bestow Your Grace on us) and accept my prayer.

  41. `Our Lord! protect me, my parents and the believers, against faults on the day when the reckoning takes place.´

  42. And (O reader!) do not think that Allâh is unaware of all that these wrongdoers do. He only defers their punishment to the day when the eyes (of the people) will fixedly stare (in horror).

  43. They will be running in panic with their necks outstretched and heads erect, they will not be able to wink their eyes, and their hearts (utterly) void (of courage and hope).

  44. Warn these people of the day when the (threatened) punishment overtakes them, and those who are unjust will say, `Our Lord! grant us respite for a short term, we will respond to Your call and follow the Messengers.´ (It will be said to them), `Did you not swear before now (that) you would never have a fall?

  45. `(You said this though) you occupied the dwelling places of those who had wronged themselves and it had been clear to you how We had dealt with them (- the unjust). We have set forth all these descriptions for you clearly.´

  46. They have (already) hatched their plots. But even though they have plots that can move mountains, Allâh has power over (rendering) their plots (ineffective).

  47. So (O reader!) do not think that Allâh is going to break His Promise He made to His Messengers. Allâh is All-Mighty, Lord of retribution.

  48. Beware of the day when this earth will be changed into another earth and the heavens (as well shall be superseded by other heavens) and they (- all people) shall appear before Allâh, the One, the Most Supreme.

  49. And on that day you shall see these guilty bound together in chains.

  50. Pitch will form their raiments and the fire shall envelop their faces;

  51. (This will be) so that Allâh may reward every soul according to his deeds. Verily, Allâh is Swift at reckoning.

  52. This (Qur´ân) is a Message to, (and sufficient to meet all the requirements of) all mankind. (It has other aims to serve,) and that they may be warned thereby, and that they may know that He is the only One God, and that those possessed of pure knowledge may take heed.


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