Literal - Sura: 15. Al-Hijr - The Rock

  1. A L R , those are The Book`s evidences/verses , and (an) evident/clear Koran .

  2. Maybe those who disbelieved wish/love if they were Moslems/submitters/surrenderers.

  3. Leave them eat and they live long/enjoy, and the hope distracts/preoccupies them , so they will/shall know.

  4. And We did not destroy from a village/urban city , except and for it (is) a known Book .

  5. None from a nation precedes its term/time, and they do not delay (it).

  6. And they said: "You, you who the reminder/remembrance was descended on him, that you are mad/insane (E)."

  7. If you (could) come to us with the angels , if you were from truthful! (expression of wonderment).

  8. We do not descend the angels except with the truth , and they (the disbelievers) were not then delayed/waited .

  9. That We, We descended the reminder/remembrance, and that We (are) for it, protectors/guards (E) .

  10. And We had descended from before you in the first`s/beginner`s groups/parties .

  11. And none from a messenger comes to them , except they were with him mocking/making fun.

  12. As/like that We enter/insert it in the criminals`/sinners` hearts/minds .

  13. They do not believe with it, and (the) manner/nature (of) the firsts/beginners had past/expired .

  14. And if We opened on them a door/entrance from the sky/space, so they continued/remained in it ascending/zigzagging.

  15. They would have said: "But our eye/sights/understanding got closed and confused, but we are a bewitched/enchanted nation."

  16. And We had made/created in the sky/space constellations, and We decorated/beautified it to the lookers/seers .

  17. And We protected/guarded it from every cursed/expelled devil.

  18. Except who eavesdropped the hearing, so a clear/evident light from a fire source/a star followed him.

  19. And the earth/Planet Earth, We extended/spread it, and We threw in it anchors/mountains , and We sprouted/grew in it from every thing weighed/measured/balanced.

  20. And We made/created for you in it livelihoods/sustenances, and whom you are not to him with providing for.

  21. And that (there is not) from a thing, except at Us (is) its safes (treasures) , and We do not descent it except with (a) known measure/quantity .

  22. And We sent the winds/breezes (as) pollinators , so We descended from the sky water, so We gave it to you to drink, and you are not for it with storing.

  23. And that We, We are (E), We revive/make life and We make die, and We are the heirs/inheritants.

  24. And We had known the advanced from you, and We had known the delayed/lagging behind.

  25. And that your Lord, He gathers them, that He is wise/judicious, knowledgeable.

  26. And We had created the human/mankind from black (foul mud) dry mud/clay smoothened/rotted .

  27. And the Jinn , We created him from before from (the) fire`s burning wind .

  28. When/if your Lord said to the angels : "That I am creating (a) human/humans from black (foul mud) dry mud/clay smoothened/rotted ."

  29. So when/if I straightened him, and I blew in him from My Soul/Sprit , so fall/land/come to him prostrating.

  30. So the angels all/all together prostrated.

  31. Except Satan/Iblis , refused/hated that he be with the prostrating.

  32. He said: "You Satan , why (is it) for you (that) you not be with the prostrating?"

  33. He said: "I was not to prostrate to (a) human You created him from black (foul mud) from dry mud/clay smoothened/rotted ."

  34. He said: "So get out from it, so that you are cursed/expelled."

  35. And that on you (is) the curse/torture to the Judgment`s Day/Resurrection Day .

  36. He said: "My Lord, so delay me to a day they be sent/resurrected/revived."

  37. He said: "So that (then) you are from the delayed ."

  38. To (the) day of the time, the known.

  39. He said: "My Lord with what You misguided/enticed me , I will decorate/beautify for them in the earth/Planet Earth, and I will misguide/entice them (E) all/all together."

  40. Except Your worshippers/slaves from them, the faithful/loyal/devoted.

  41. He said: "That (is) a straight/direct road/way on Me."

  42. That My worshippers/slaves, power/control is not for you on them (you have no power/control over My worshippers/slaves) except who followed you from the misguided/failed .

  43. And that Hell (is) their appointment (E) all/all together.

  44. For it (are) seven doors/entrances, to each door/entrance from them (is an) apportioned/divided part/portion.

  45. That the fearing and obeying (are) in treed gardens/paradises and water springs/wells.

  46. Enter it with safety/security/peace, safe/secure.

  47. And We removed/pulled away what (is) in their chests (innermosts) from hatred/animosity , brothers on beds/sofas facing each other.

  48. Hardship/fatigue does not touch them in it, and they are not with being brought out from it.

  49. Inform My worshippers/slaves, that I, I am the forgiving , the merciful .

  50. And that My torture, it is the torture, the painful.

  51. And inform them about Abraham`s guests.

  52. When/if they entered on (to) him, so they said: "Greeting/peace ." He said: "That we are afraid/apprehensive from you."

  53. They said: "Do not be afraid/apprehensive, that we, we announce good news to you with (of) a knowledgeable boy (new son)."

  54. He said: "Did you announce good news to me on that the old age touched me so with what (do) you announce177good news to me?"

  55. They said: "We announced to you with the good news, so do not be from the despaired/despairing."

  56. He said: "And who despairs from his Lord`s mercy, except the misguided?"

  57. He said: "So what (is) your matter/affair/concern, you, the messengers?"

  58. They said: "We are sent to a nation (of) criminals/sinners ."

  59. Except Lot`s family, We are saving/rescuing them (E) all together .

  60. Except his woman (wife). We predestined/evaluated that she truly is from (E) the remaining behind.

  61. So when the messengers came (to) Lot`s family .

  62. He said: "That you are a disguised/unknown nation."

  63. They said: "But we came to you, with what they were in it doubting/arguing."

  64. And we came/brought (to) you with the truth , and that we are truthful (E).

  65. So move/travel/depart at night with your family/people with portions from the night and follow their backs/ends; and no one from you (should) turn around , and proceed/complete where/when you are being ordered/commanded.

  66. And We ordered/passed judgment to him (of) that the matter/affair/order/command, that those (people`s) root/remainder (is) cut off/severed by the morning/daybreak.

  67. And the city`s/town`s people came cheerful/rejoicing ."

  68. He said: "That those (are) my guests, so do not expose my faults (scandalize me)."

  69. And fear and obey God and do not shame/disgrace me .

  70. They said: "And did we not forbid/prevent you from the creations all together/(universes)?"

  71. He said: "Those (are) my daughters, if you were making/doing."

  72. To your life/age (an oath) that they truly are in (E) their intoxication/loss of judgment being confused/puzzled .

  73. So the loud strong cry/torture raid took/punished them at sunrise.

  74. So We made its highest/elevated , its lowest/bottom, and We rained on them stones of dry and hardened mud.

  75. That in that (are) evidences/signs (E) , to the observing/scrutinizing .

  76. And that it truly is with a continuing/keeping up path/means (E) .

  77. That in that (is) a sign/evidence (E) to the believers.

  78. And if owners/company (of) the thicket/dense tangled trees were unjust/oppressive (E).

  79. So We revenged from them that they (B) truly (the two nations) are with a clear/evident leader/example (E) .

  80. And the forbidden`s/mind`s owners/company denied the messengers.

  81. And We gave/brought them Our verses/evidences , so they were objecting/opposing/turning away from it.

  82. And they were carving out/cutting from the mountains houses/homes safely/securely.

  83. So the loud strong cry/torture raid took/punished them in the morning/daybreak. 178

  84. So what they were gaining/acquiring did not enrich/suffice them from them (was of no benefit to them).

  85. And We did not create the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and what (is) between them (B) except with the truth , and that truly the Hour/Resurrection is coming (E) so forgive/pardon the forgiveness/pardon, the beautiful/graceful .

  86. That truly your Lord (is) the creator (E), the knowledgeable.

  87. And We had given/brought you seven from the doubles/strength/capacity and the Koran , the great.

  88. Do not extend/spread your two eyes to what We made spouses/couples from them enjoy with it, and do not be sad/grievous on (for) them, and be lenient/comforting/lower your wing/side (kindness) to the believers.

  89. And say: "That I, I am the warner/giver of notice, the clear/evident ."

  90. As We descended on the apportioners/dividers/distributors.

  91. Those who made the Koran bits/divisions/enchantments .

  92. So by/with your Lord, We will ask/question them (E) all together .

  93. About what they were making/doing .

  94. So uncover/declare openly with what you are being ordered/commanded, and turn away from the sharers/takers of partners (with God).

  95. That We truly make you sufficient (protect you) against the mocking/making fun.

  96. Those who create/put with God another god, so they will/shall know.

  97. And We had know (known) that you, your chest (innermost) narrows/tightens becuase (of) what they say.

  98. So praise/glorify with your Lord`s praise/gratitude/thanks, and be from the prostrating.

  99. And worship your Lord, until the assurance/certainty (death) comes to you. 179


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