Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 16. An-Nahl - The Bee

  1. God´s help will certainly support (the believers), so pagans do not (seek) to hasten it. God is too Glorious and Exalted to be considered equal to idols.

  2. He sends the angels with the Spirit to carry His orders to whichever of His servants He wants so that they would warn people that He is the only God and that people must have fear of Him.

  3. He has created the heavens and the earth for a genuine purpose. He is too Exalted to be considered equal to anything else.

  4. He created the human being from a drop of fluid but the human being openly disputes His Word.

  5. He created cattle which provide you with clothes, food, and other benefits.

  6. How beautiful you find them when you bring them home and when you drive them out to graze.

  7. They carry your heavy loads to lands which you would not have been able to reach without great difficulty. Your Lord is certainly Compassionate and All-Merciful.

  8. He created horses, mules, and donkeys for you to ride and as a means of beauty. He has also created things that you do not know.

  9. Some paths lead away from God but one must follow the path that leads to God. Had God wanted, He could have guided (all to the right path).

  10. It is God who sends down water from the sky for you to drink and produces plants as pasture for your cattle.

  11. (With this water) He causes corn, olives, palm-trees, vines, and all kinds of fruits to grow. In this there is evidence (of the existence of God) for the people of understanding.

  12. God has made the day and the night, the sun and the moon, and all the stars subservient to you by His command. In this there is evidence of the truth for people of understanding.

  13. All that He has created for you on the earth are of different colors. In this there is evidence of the Truth for the people who take heed.

  14. It is God who put the oceans at your disposal so that you could find therein fresh fish for food and ornaments with which to deck yourselves with. You will find ships that sail for you so that you may travel in search of the bounties of God and give Him thanks.

  15. God has fixed the mountains on earth lest you should be hurled away when it quakes. Therein He has also made rivers and roads so that you will find your way.

  16. The stars and other signs also help people to find their way.

  17. Is the One who can create equal to the one who cannot create anything? Why, then, will you not consider?

  18. Even if you wanted to count up all of God´s blessings, you would not be able to. God is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  19. God knows all that you conceal or reveal.

  20. Whatever (idols) they worship besides God can create nothing for they are themselves created.

  21. They are not living but are dead. They can not know when they will be raised.

  22. Your Lord is only One. The hearts of those who do not believe in the life hereafter dislike (the truth). They are puffed up with pride.

  23. God certainly knows whatever you conceal or reveal. He does not love the proud ones.

  24. When they are asked, "What has your Lord revealed to you?" they say, "Only ancient legends".

  25. Besides their own burdens, on the Day of Judgment ,they will have to carry on the burdens of those whom they have misled without knowledge. How evil that burden will be!

  26. Those who went before them had also devised evil plans. God demolished their houses, destroying their very foundations. Their ceilings toppled on their heads and torment struck them from a direction which they had never expected.

  27. God will humiliate them on the Day of Judgment and ask them, "Where are the idols which you had considered equal to Me and which were the cause of hostility and animosity among you?" The people who were given knowledge will say, "It is the unbelievers who face disgrace and trouble on this day."

  28. The unjust, who will be seized by the angels, will submit themselves, obey, and say, "We were not evil-doers." But God certainly knows what they had been doing.

  29. They will be commanded to enter hell to live therein forever. How terrible will be the place of the proud ones!

  30. The pious ones will be asked, "What did your Lord reveal to you?" They will reply, "He revealed only good." The share of the righteous ones is virtue in this world and greater virtue in the life to come. How blessed will be the dwelling of the pious ones!

  31. They will be admitted into the gardens of Eden wherein steams flow and they will have therein whatever they want. This is how God will reward the pious ones.

  32. They will be received by the angels of mercy with the greeting, "Peace be with you. Enter Paradise as a reward for your good deeds."

  33. Are they (the disbelievers) waiting for the angels and the decree of your Lord to be fulfilled before they believe? The people who lived before them had also done the same thing. God did not do injustice to them, but they wronged themselves.

  34. The evil consequences of their deeds afflicted them and they were surrounded by what they had mocked.

  35. The pagans had said, "Had God wanted we would not have worshipped anything other than Him, nor would our fathers. We would not have forbidden anything without (a command from) Him." The same thing was said by the people who lived before them. Are the Messengers expected to do more than just preach?

  36. To every nation We sent a Messenger who told its people, "Worship God and stay away from satan." Some of them were guided by God and others were doomed to go astray. Travel through the land and see how terrible was the end for those who rejected the truth!

  37. (Muhammad), even though you have a strong desire to guide them, be sure that God will not guide those who have gone astray and no one will be able to help them.

  38. They strongly swear by God that God will not bring the dead to life. God´s promise (of the Resurrection) will certainly come true but many people do not know.

  39. (Through the resurrection) God wants to make a clear distinction between right and wrong and make the unbelievers know that they were liars.

  40. When We want to bring something into existence, Our command is, "Exist," and it comes into existence.

  41. God settles those who leave their homes for His cause after having suffered injustice, in a prosperous dwelling in this life and greater rewards will be theirs in the life to come. Would that they knew this.

  42. (It is they) who have exercised patience and trust in their Lord.

  43. The Messengers whom We sent before you were mere mortals to whom We had sent with miracles and revelations. Ask those who know about the heavenly Books if you do not know about this.

  44. We have revealed the Quran to you so that you could tell the people what has been revealed to them and so that perhaps they will think.

  45. Can they who have devised evil plans expect to be safe from the command of God to the earth to swallow them up, or from a torment which might strike them from an unexpected direction?

  46. Are they confident that God will not seize them while they are on a journey? They will not be able to escape from God.

  47. Are they confident that God will not slowly destroy them? Your Lord is Compassionate and All-merciful.

  48. Can they not see that the shadows of whatever God has created turn to the right and to the left in prostration and submission to Him?

  49. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth, the cattle and the angels prostrate themselves before God without pride.

  50. They (angels) have fear of their Lord above them and fulfill His commands.

  51. God says, "Do not worship two gods. There is only One God. Have fear of Me".

  52. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. God´s retribution is severe. Should you then have fear of anyone other than God?

  53. Whatever bounties you have are from God. When hardship befalls you, you begin to cry out to Him.

  54. When He saves you from the hardship, some of you start to believe in idols.

  55. In the end you will reject Our bounties. Enjoy yourselves; you will soon know (the consequences of your deeds).

  56. They give to unknown images a share out of the sustenance that We gave them. By God, you will be questioned about that which you have falsely invented.

  57. They ascribe daughters to God, God is too Exalted to have daughters, but they can have whatever they want.

  58. When the glad news of the birth of their daughter is brought to them, their faces turn gloomy and black with anger.

  59. They try to hide themselves from the people because of the disgrace of such news. Will they keep their new born despite the disgrace or bury it alive? How sinful is their Judgment!

  60. Those who do not believe in the life to come are evil examples. To God belongs all the exalted attributes; He is the Majestic and the All-wise.

  61. Was God to seize people immediately for their injustice, no living creature would be left on earth. He gives them respite for an appointed time. When their term is over, they will not be able to change the inevitable.

  62. They ascribe to God that which even they themselves do not like and their lying tongues say that their end will be virtuous. Their share will certainly be hell fire to which they are earnestly heading.

  63. By God, We sent (Messengers) to nations who lived before you. Satan made their deeds seem attractive to them and, on the Day of Judgment, satan will be their guardian. For them there will be a painful punishment.

  64. We have sent you the Book for no other reason than to settle their differences and to be a guide and mercy for those who believe.

  65. God has sent down water from the sky and has brought the dead earth to life. In this there is evidence (of the truth) for those who listen (carefully).

  66. There is a lesson for you to learn concerning cattle. We provide pleasant milk for you to drink within the delicate system of their veins and arteries.

  67. The fruit of palm trees and vines which provide you with sugar and delicious food also provide a lesson and evidence (of the Truth) for the people of understanding.

  68. Your Lord inspired the bees, "Make hives in the mountains, in the trees and in the trellises,

  69. then eat of every fruit and follow the path of your Lord submissively." From out of their bellies comes a drink of different color in which there is a cure for the human being. In this there is evidence (of the truth) for the people of understanding.

  70. God has created you and He causes you to die. Some of you will grow to an extremely old age and lose your memory. God is All-knowing and Almighty.

  71. God has made some of you richer than others. The rich ones do not have to give away their property to their slaves to make them equally rich. Do they reject the bounties of God?

  72. God has created spouses for you from your own selves. He has created your sons and grandsons from your spouses and has given you pure things for your sustenance. Do they then believe in falsehood and reject the bounties of God?

  73. Do they worship things other than God which neither provide them with any sustenance from the heavens and the earth nor have the ability to do so?

  74. Do not consider anything equal to God. God knows that which you do not know.

  75. God tells a parable about a helpless servant and one to whom He has given honorable provisions and who has spent for the cause of God privately and in public. Can these two people be considered equal? It is only God who deserves all praise, but most people do not know.

  76. God tells a parable about two men. One of them is dumb and useless and a burden on his friend. Wherever he goes, he returns with nothing. Can he be considered equal to the one who maintains justice and follows the right path?

  77. To God belongs all the secrets of the heavens and the earth. It only takes God a twinkling of an eye or even less to make it the Day of Judgment. God has power over all things.

  78. When God brought you out of your mothers wombs, you knew nothing. He gave you ears, eyes, and hearts so that perhaps you would give Him thanks.

  79. Have you not considered the free movements of the birds high in the sky above? What keeps them aloft except God? In this there is evidence (of the truth) for the believing people.

  80. God has made your house the place for you to rest. He has also made homes for you out of the skins of cattle which are easy to carry along on a journey or at a camp. He has made wool, fur and the hair of cattle a temporary means of enjoyment for you.

  81. God has provided shade for you out of what He has created and places of retreat out of mountains. He has given you garments to protect you from the heat and cover your private parts. This is how He perfects His bounties to you so that perhaps you would submit to His will.

  82. (Muhammad), if they turn away, your only duty is to clearly preach to them.

  83. They recognize the bounties of God but they refuse them and most of them are unbelievers.

  84. On the day when We will call a witness from every nation, the disbelievers will not be given permission for anything, nor will they be allowed to seek solicitation.

  85. There will be no relief for them when the torment approaches the unjust nor will they be given any respite.

  86. When the idolators see their idols, they will say, "Lord, these are the idols whom we worshipped instead of you." But the idols will say, "They are liars."

  87. (On the Day of Judgment) the disbelievers will submit themselves to God and whatever they had falsely invented will disappear.

  88. The disbelievers who had created obstacles in the way leading to God will face manifold torments as a result of their evil deeds.

  89. On the day when We call a witness against every nation from their own people, We will call you, (Muhammad), as a witness against them all. We have sent you the Book which clarifies all matters. It is a guide, a mercy, and glad news to the Muslims.

  90. God commands (people) to maintain justice, kindness, and proper relations with their relatives. He forbids them to commit indecency, sin, and rebellion. God gives you advice so that perhaps you will take heed.

  91. (He commands people) to keep their established covenants with God, not to disregard their firm oaths; they have already appointed God as their Guarantor. God certainly knows what you do.

  92. Do not be like the lady behind the spinning wheel who has broken the yarn by pulling it with unnecessary force. You must not consider your oaths as means of deceit to benefit one party and incur loss upon the other. God tests your faith by your oaths. He will make clear to you who was right and who was wrong on the Day of Judgment.

  93. Had God wanted, He would have made you one single nation but He guides or causes to go astray whomever He wants. You will certainly be questioned about what you have done.

  94. Do not consider your oaths as a means of deceit lest you damage the firmness of your faith, suffer from evil by creating obstacles in the way that leads to God, and incur a great torment upon yourselves.

  95. Do not sell your covenant with God for a small price. The reward which you will receive from God is better for you, if only you knew it.

  96. Whatever you possess is transient and whatever is with God is everlasting. We will recompense those who exercise patience with their due reward and even more.

  97. All righteously believing male or female will be granted a blessed happy life and will receive their due reward and more.

  98. (Muhammad), when you recite the Quran, seek refuge in God from the mischief of satan.

  99. Satan has certainly no authority over the believers who have trust in their Lord.

  100. The only authority which he has is over his friends and those who consider things equal to God.

  101. When God replaces one revelation with another, He knows best what to reveal. But they say, "(Muhammad), you have falsely invented it." Most people are ignorant.

  102. (Muhammad), say, "The Holy Spirit has brought the Quran from your Lord to you in all truth to strengthen the faith of the believers and to be a guide and glad news for the Muslims".

  103. We know that they say a mere mortal has taught it (the Quran) to him (Muhammad). The language of the person whom they think has taught it to him is not Arabic. This (the Quran) is in illustrious Arabic.

  104. God will not guide those who do not believe in His miracles. They will suffer a painful punishment.

  105. Those who do not believe in the miracles of God invent lies and they are liars.

  106. No one verbally denounces his faith in God - unless he is forced - but his heart is confident about his faith. But those whose breasts have become open to disbelief will be subject to the wrath of God and will suffer a great torment.

  107. This is because they have given preference to this life over the life to come and God does not guide disbelieving people.

  108. God has sealed their hearts, ears and eyes and they are not aware of it.

  109. On the Day of Judgment they will certainly be lost.

  110. Those who left their homes for the cause of God after they had been persecuted, strove hard for His cause and exercised patience should know (even though they had verbally renounced their faith) that your Lord is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  111. On the Day of Judgment every soul shall try to defend itself and every soul will be justly recompensed.

  112. God tells a parable about a secure and peaceful town surrounded by abundant sustenance. Its inhabitants rejected the bounties of God and He caused them to suffer hunger and fear as a result of their deeds.

  113. A Messenger from their own people came to them and they called him a liar. Torment struck them because of their injustice.

  114. (People), consume the pure and lawful sustenance which God has given to you and thank God for his bounty if you are His true worshippers.

  115. The only things which are made unlawful for you are the flesh of dead animals, blood, pork and that which is not consecrated with the Name of God. But in an emergency, without the intention of transgression and rebellion, (it is not an offense for one to consume such things). God is certainly All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  116. (Unbelievers), do not follow whatever your lying tongues may tell you is lawful or unlawful to invent lies against God. Those who invent lies against God will have no happiness.

  117. (Such an invention) will bring only a little enjoyment but will be followed by painful torment.

  118. We had made unlawful for the Jews all that we told you before. We did not do any wrong to them but they wronged themselves.

  119. To those who commit sins in their ignorance then repent and reform, your Lord is certainly All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  120. Abraham was, certainly, an obedient and upright person. He was not a pagan.

  121. He was thankful to God for His bounties. God chose him and guided him to the right path.

  122. We granted him virtue in this life and he shall be among the righteous ones in the life to come.

  123. We sent you, (Muhammad), a revelation that you should follow the tradition of Abraham, the upright one, who was not a pagan.

  124. (The observance) of the Sabbath was only sanctioned for those who disputed it. Your Lord will certainly issue His decree about their dispute on the Day of Judgment.

  125. Call (the pagans) to the path of your Lord through wisdom and good advice and argue with them in the best manner. God knows well about those who stray from His path and those who seek guidance.

  126. If you want retaliation, let it be equal to that which you faced. But if you exercise patience it will be better for you.

  127. Exercise patience and let it be only for the cause of God. Do not be grieved about them nor disappointed at their evil plans.

  128. God is certainly with the pious and the righteous ones.


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