Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 17. Bani Isra'il - The Israelites

  1. God is the Exalted One who took His servant one night for a visit from the Sacred Mosque (in Mecca) to the Aqsa Mosque (in Jerusalem). God has blessed the surroundings of the Aqsa Mosque. He took His servant on this visit to show him (miraculous) evidence of His (existence). It is He who is All-hearing and All-aware.

  2. To Moses We gave the Book and made it a guide for the children of Israel, so that they would not have any one as their guardian other than Me

  3. (We made it a guide for) the offspring of those whom We carried in the Ark with Noah, a thankful servant (of God).

  4. We made it known to the Israelites through the Torah that they would twice commit evil in the land with great transgression and rebellion.

  5. (We told them) during your first uprising of evil We shall send to you

  6. Our Mighty servants, who will chase you from house to house. This is a decree already ordained. We, then, gave you a chance to defeat your enemies with the help of increasing your wealth and offspring.

  7. (We told you), "If you do good, it will be for your own benefit, but if you do bad, it will be against your souls. When the prophecy of your second transgression will come to pass, sadness will cover your faces. They (your enemies) will enter the mosque as they did the first time to bring about utter destruction.

  8. Perhaps your Lord will have mercy on you. If you return to disobedience We will also punish you again. We have made hell a prison for the disbelievers."

  9. This Quran shows the way to that which is the most upright and gives to the righteous believers the glad news of a great reward.

  10. (It also declares) that for the disbelievers We have prepared a painful torment in the life to come.

  11. People pray as earnestly to gain evil as one should to gain virtue. But people are hasty.

  12. We have made the day and night each as evidence (of Our existence). The night is invisible and the day is visible so that you may seek favors from your Lord and determine the number of years and mark the passing of time. For everything We have given a detailed explanation.

  13. We have made every person´s actions cling to his neck. On the Day of Judgment, We will bring forth the record of his actions in the form of a wide open book.

  14. We will tell him, "Read it and judge for yourself."

  15. One who follows guidance does so for himself and one who goes astray does so against his soul. No one will suffer for the sins of others. We have never punished anyone without sending them Our Messenger first.

  16. When We decide to destroy a town We warn the rich ones therein who commit evil. Thus it becomes deserving to destruction and We destroy its very foundations.

  17. We have destroyed many generations after the time of Noah. Your Lord is All knowing and Well Aware of the sins of His servants.

  18. Whoever desires (only) the enjoyment of this life will receive it if We want it to be so. Then We will make Hell his reward wherein he will suffer, despised and driven away from Our mercy.

  19. The effort of one who faithfully strives hard for the (happiness) of the life to come will be appreciated (by God).

  20. Each group will receive its share of your Lord´s generosity. Your Lord´s generosity is not limited.

  21. Consider how We have given preference to some people above others, yet the life to come has more honor and respect.

  22. Do not consider anything equal to God lest you will become despised and neglected.

  23. Your Lord has ordained that you must not worship anything other than Him and that you must be kind to your parents. If either or both of your parents should become advanced in age, do not express to them words which show your slightest disappointment. Never yell at them but always speak to them with kindness.

  24. Be humble and merciful towards them and say, "Lord, have mercy upon them as they cherished me in my childhood."

  25. Your Lord knows what is in your souls. If you would be righteous, know that He is All-forgiving to those who turn to Him in repentance.

  26. Give the relatives, the destitute and those who when on a journey have become needy, their dues.

  27. Do not be a wasteful spender. Squanderers are the brothers of satan. Satan was faithless to his Lord.

  28. If you are not able to assist them, at least speak to them in a kind manner.

  29. Do not be stingy nor over generous lest you become empty handed and bankrupt.

  30. Your Lord increases and determines the sustenance of whomever He wants. He is Well Aware and watches over His servants.

  31. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We will give sustenance to all of you. To kill them is certainly a great sin.

  32. Do not even approach adultery. It is indecent and an evil act.

  33. Do not kill a respectable soul without a just cause. If anyone is wrongfully killed, we have given the heirs of that person the right (to demand satisfaction or to forgive). He must not exceed the law in having vengeance; his victim shall also be assisted (by law).

  34. Do not get close to the property of the orphans (unless it is for a good reason) until they are mature and strong. Keep your promise; you will be questioned about it.

  35. While weighing, use proper measurements in the exchange of your property. This is fair and will be better in the end.

  36. Do not follow what you do not know; the ears, eyes, and hearts will all be held responsible for their deeds.

  37. Do not walk proudly on the earth; your feet cannot tear apart the earth nor are you as tall as the mountains.

  38. All such things are sins and detestable in the sight of your Lord.

  39. (Muhammad), these are words of wisdom which your Lord has revealed to you. Do not consider anything equal to God lest you be thrown into hell, despised, and driven away from God´s mercy.

  40. (Pagans) has your Lord given you preference over Himself by granting you sons and taking the angels as His own daughters? What you say is a monstrous utterance.

  41. We have given you various facts (about the Truth in this Quran) so that they (unbelievers) would take heed, but this has only increased their aversion (to the truth).

  42. (Muhammad), ask them, "Had there been many other gods besides Him, as they say, they should have found a way to the Lord of the Throne

  43. (to challenge Him). God is too Glorious and Exalted to be considered as they believe Him to be. He is the most High and Great.

  44. The seven heavens, the earth, and whatever is between them all glorify Him. There is nothing that does not glorify Him and always praise him, but you do not understand their praise and glorification. He is All-forbearing and All-forgiving.

  45. When you recite the Quran We place a curtain as a barrier between you and those who do not believe in the life to come.

  46. We put a veil over their hearts so that they cannot understand it. We deafen their ears. When you mention your Lord in this Quran as One (Supreme Being), they run away.

  47. We know what they want to hear when they listen to you. They whisper to each other and say, "You are only following a bewitched person".

  48. Consider what they have called you. They have certainly gone astray and cannot find the right path.

  49. The pagans say, "When we become mere bones and dust, shall we then be brought back to life again?"

  50. (Muhammad), say "Yes, even if you become rocks, iron,

  51. or anything that you think is harder to be brought to life." They will soon ask, "Who will bring us back to life?" Say,"The One who created you in the first place." They will shake their heads and say, "When will He bring us back to life?" Say, "Perhaps very soon.

  52. On the day when He will call you, you will answer Him with praise and think that you have tarried for only a little while."

  53. (Muhammad), tell My servants to say what is best. Satan sows dissension among them; he is the sworn enemy of human beings.

  54. Your Lord knows better than you (people). He will have mercy on you or will punish you as He wills. We have not sent you to watch over them. Your Lord knows best about those in the heavens and the earth.

  55. We have given preference to some Prophets over others and We gave the psalms to David.

  56. (Muhammad), tell them, "Seek help from those whom you consider equal to God. They are not able to remove or change your hardships".

  57. Those whom they worship seek to find intercessors for themselves with God. (They try to find out which of the intercessors) are closer to God. They have hope for His mercy and fear of His punishment; the punishment of your Lord is awesome.

  58. The decree that all the towns were to be destroyed or afflicted with severe punishment was already written in the Book before the Day of Judgment.

  59. We did not abstain from sending miracles to any of Our Messengers. These miracles were called lies by the people who lived in ancient times. To the people of Thamud, We sent the she-camel as a visible miracle and they did injustice to it. We only send miracles as warnings.

  60. (Muhammad), We told you that your Lord has encompassed all mankind. We made the vision which We showed you and the condemned tree, mentioned in the Quran, as a trial for the human being. Even though We warn them, it only increases their rebellion.

  61. When We told the angels to prostrate before Adam, they all obeyed, except Iblis who said, "Should I prostrate before one whom You have created out of clay?"

  62. He continued, "Remember, this one whom you have honored more than me I shall bring him and most of his offspring under my sway if you will give me respite until the Day of Judgment."

  63. God said, "Go away. All those who follow you will have hell as ample recompense for their deeds.

  64. Draw anyone of them you can into sin by your voice and by your cavalry and infantry, share their property and children with them and make promises to them. Your promises are all lies.

  65. You have no authority over My servants. Your Lord is a Sufficient Protector."

  66. Your Lord who causes the ships to sail on the sea so that you may seek His bounty is certainly All-merciful to you.

  67. If you are afflicted by hardships in the middle of the sea, it would be an error to call anyone other than Him for help. When God saves you from such difficulties, you turn away from Him. The human being has always been ungrateful.

  68. Do you feel secure that We will not cause a part of the land to sink or engulf you with sand storms when you would find no one to protect you?

  69. Do you feel secure that We will not drive you back to the sea, send a fierce gale to you, and cause you to drown because of your disbelief when you would not be able to find anyone who would intercede for you with Us?

  70. We have honored the children of Adam, carried them on the land and the sea, given them pure sustenance and exalted them above most of My creatures.

  71. On the day when We call every nation with their leaders, those whose record of deeds are given to their right hands will read the book and the least wrong will not be done to them.

  72. Those who are blind in this life will also be blind in the life to come and in terrible error.

  73. (Such blind ones) try to confuse what We have revealed to you so that they may falsely ascribe to Us something other than the true revelation and thus establish friendship with you.

  74. Had We not strengthened your faith you might have relied on them some how.

  75. Had you done so, We would certainly have made you face double punishment in this life and after your death and you would have found none to help you.

  76. They try to annoy you so that they can expel you from the land. Had they been successful, no one would have been left behind except a few.

  77. This was Our tradition with Our Messengers who lived before you, and you will find no change in Our tradition.

  78. Say your prayer when the sun declines until the darkness of night and also at dawn. Dawn is certainly witnessed (by the angels of the night and day).

  79. Say your special (tahajjud) prayer during some part of the night as an additional (obligatory) prayer for you alone so that perhaps your Lord will raise you to a highly praiseworthy position.

  80. (Muhammad), say, "Lord, make me enter through a path that will lead to the Truth and come out of an exit that will take me to the Truth. Give me helpful authority.

  81. Say, ´Truth has come and falsehood has been banished; it is doomed to banishment.´"

  82. We reveal the Quran which is a cure and mercy for the believers but does nothing for the unjust except to lead them to perdition.

  83. When We do favors to the human being, he disregards it and turns away from it. When evil afflicts him, he becomes despairing.

  84. Say, "Everyone does as he wants. Your Lord knows best who has the right guidance."

  85. They ask you about the Spirit. Say, "The Spirit comes by the command of my Lord. You have been given very little knowledge.

  86. Had We wanted, We could have removed the Spirit through whom We sent you revelation. Then you would not have found anyone to intercede with Us for you

  87. except by the mercy of your Lord. He has certainly bestowed great favors on you.

  88. Say, "If all human beings and jinn were to come together to bring the equivalent of this Quran, they could not do so, even if they all were to help each other.

  89. We have mentioned in this Quran all kinds of examples for the human being, but most human beings turn away in disbelief.

  90. They have said, "We shall never believe you until you cause a spring to gush forth from the earth,

  91. or you (show) us that you have your own garden of palm trees and vines with flowing streams therein,

  92. or cause the sky to fall into pieces on us - as you believe you can - or bring God and the angels face to face with us,

  93. or (show us) that you have a well adorned house of your own, or climb into the sky. We shall never believe that you have climbed into the sky until you bring us a book that we can read." Say, "All glory belongs to my Lord. Am I more than a mortal Messenger?"

  94. What keeps people from belief that guidance has come to them, but they question, "Why has God sent a mortal Messenger?"

  95. (Muhammad), say, "Had the earth been inhabited by angels who would walk serenely therein, only then would We have sent to them angelic Messengers".

  96. Say, "God is a sufficient Witness between me and you. He certainly sees and knows all about His servants.

  97. Whomever God has guided has the proper guidance. You will never find any guardian besides God for the one whom He has caused to go astray. On the Day of Judgment, We will gather them lying on their faces, blind, dumb and deaf. Hell will be their dwelling. As hell fire abates, We will increase its blazing force.

  98. This will be the recompense for their disbelief of Our revelations and for their saying, "Shall we be brought to life again after becoming bones and dust?"

  99. Do they not realize that God, who has created the heavens and the earth, has the power to create their like? He has given them life for an appointed time of which there is no doubt. The unjust turn away in disbelief (from Our revelation).

  100. Say, "Had you owned the treasures of the Mercy of my Lord, you would have locked them up for fear of spending them. The human being has always been stingy.

  101. To Moses We gave nine illustrious miracles. Ask the Israelites; Moses came to them. The Pharaoh said to him,"Moses, I believe that you are bewitched".

  102. He replied, "Certainly you have come to know that these have been sent by the Lord of the heavens and the earth as lessons to people. Pharaoh, I believe that you are doomed to perdition.

  103. The Pharaoh wanted to expel the Israelites from the land so We drowned him and all who were with him.

  104. We told the Israelites after this to settle in the land until Our second promise will come true. We would then gather them all together (on the Day of Judgment).

  105. We sent it (the Quran) in all Truth and in all Truth it came. (Muhammad), We have sent you for no other reason than to be a bearer of glad news and a warner.

  106. We have divided the Quran into many segments so that you would read them to the people in gradual steps as We reveal them to you from time to time.

  107. Say, "It does not matter whether you believe in it or not, for when it is read to those who had received the knowledge (heavenly Books) that were sent before, they bow down and prostrate themselves before the Lord.

  108. They say, "Our Lord is too Glorious to disregard His promise".

  109. They bow down in prostration and weep and it makes them more humble (before the Lord).

  110. (Muhammad), tell them, "It is all the same whether you call Him God or the Beneficent. All the good names belong to Him." (Muhammad), do not be too loud or slow in your prayer. Choose a moderate way of praying.

  111. Say, "It is only God who deserves all praise. He has not begotten a son and has no partner in His Kingdom. He does not need any guardian to help Him in His need. Proclaim His greatness.


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