Literal - Sura: 18. Al-Kahf - The Cave

  1. The praise/gratitude (is) to God who descended on His worshipper/slave The Book , and He did not make/create for it crookedness/indirectness .

  2. A straight/valuable (Book) to warn/give notice (of) a severe power/might from at Him, and (it) announces good news (to) the believers those who make/do the correct/righteous deeds , that (E) for them (is a) good/beautiful reward .

  3. (They) are remaining/residing in it forever/eternally (E).

  4. And He/it warns/gives notice (to) those who said: "God took/received a child (a son)."

  5. Nothing from knowledge (is) to them with it (they have no knowledge of it) and nor to their fathers, a word/speech/sermon became big (that) emerges from their mouths, that they say except lies/denials/falsifications (about God).

  6. So maybe/perhaps you (are) exhausting/destroying yourself from anger sorrowfully/angrily on their tracks , if they do not believe with this the information/speech.

  7. We have made/put what (is) on the earth/Planet Earth (as) decoration/beauty for it, to test them which of them (is) better (in) a deed .

  8. And We are making/putting (E) what (is) on it destroyed/infertile dust.

  9. Or (have) you thought/supposed that (E) the cave`s and The Book`s/inscription`s owners/company , were (in) astonishment/amazement from Our verses/signs/evidences? (Did you think that the cave`s and The Book`s people were strange or amazing?)

  10. When the youths/servants took shelter/refuge to (in) the cave , so they said: "Our Lord give/bring us from at You mercy and prepare/make possible for us from our matter/affair (a) correct/right guidance."

  11. So We stamped/resided/palpitated (refer to in dictionary) on their ears in the cave numerous years.

  12. Then We sent/resurrected/revived them to know which (of) the two groups/parties (is) more counting/controlling to what time they remained/waited .

  13. We narrate/inform on (to) you their information/news with the truth , that they truly are youths/servants , they believed with their Lord, and We increased them guidance.

  14. And We strengthened/braced , on their hearts/minds , when they stood/kept up , so they said: "Our Lord, Lord (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, we will never/not call from other than Him, a god, (what) we had then said (is) being unjust/excess of the limit ."

  15. Those (are) Our nation they took from other than Him gods, if only they come on them with a proof/authority , clear/shown/explained, so who (is) more unjust/oppressive than who fabricated/cut and split on (about) God lies/denials/falsifications?

  16. And when you separated/isolated/withdrew yourselves from them and what they worship, except God, so takeshelter/refuge to the cave , your Lord spreads/extends for you from His mercy, and He prepares/makes possible for you from your matter/affair convenience/benefit/help.

  17. And you see the sun when it rose/ascended/appeared, it bends and curves/visits on their cave that of the right, and when it departed/declined/set, it parallels/crosses/passes them that of the left, and they are in an opening from it; that (is) from God`s verses/signs/evidences; whom God guides so he is the guided, and whom He misguides/who misguides (others) so you will never/not find for him a guardian/ally a correct/right guide.

  18. And you think/suppose them (to be) awake/alert, and they are asleep/lying down, and We turn them/turn them around that of the right (side), and that of the left (side), and their dog (is) spreading/extending its two arms (paws) at the cave/doorstep/mountain , if you saw/looked on/over them you would have turned away from them escaping/fleeing/running away, and you would have been filled (by) terror/fright from them.

  19. And as/like that We sent/resurrected/revived them to ask/question each other between them, a speaker from them said: "How much (have) you stayed/remained ?" They said: "We stayed/remained a day or part of a day." They said: "Your Lord (is) more knowledgeable with what you stayed/remained , so send one of you with this your paper/money to the city/town so he looks/watches/waits (E) which/what (is a) more pure/correct food, so he comes to you with a provision/means of livelihood from it, and (he) should be courteous/polite , and do not make anyone feel/know/sense with (about) you."

  20. That they truly if they see and know of/overcome on you, they stone you, or they return you in (to) their religion/faith, and you will never/not win/succeed then ever (E).

  21. And as/like that We made be stumbled upon on them (We made them be stumbled upon) to know that God`s promise (is) truth , and that (E) the Hour/Resurrection (there is) no doubt/suspicion in it, when they dispute/argue their matter/affair between them, so they said: "Build/construct on them a building/structure, their Lord (is) more knowledgeable with (of) them." Those who defeated/overcame on their matter/affair said: "We will take (E) on them a mosque/place of worshipping God."

  22. They will say: "Three, their fourth (is) their dog." And they say: "Five, their sixth (is) their dog." An unsubstantiated guess with the unseen/absent , and they say: "Seven and their eighth (is) their dog." Say: "My Lord (is) more knowledgeable with (of) their number, none knows them except few/little , so do not argue/discuss in (about) them, except apparent/visible argument/discussion, and do not take (an) opinion/a clarification (of)anyone from them in (about) them."

  23. And do not say (E) to a thing: "That I am making/doing that tomorrow/(in the) future."

  24. Except that (E) God wills/wants, and mention/remember your Lord if you forgot, and say: "Maybe/perhaps that (E) my Lord guides me to nearer/closer than that (a) correct/right guidance."

  25. And they stayed/remained in their cave three hundred years and they were increased (by) nine (years).

  26. Say: "God (is) more knowledgeable with what they stayed/remained , for Him (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s unseen/invisible , see/look/understand with Him, and make (to) hear/listen, (there is) none for them from other than Him (as a) guardian/ally , and He does not share/make partners in His judgment/rule anyone.201

  27. And read/recite what was inspired/transmitted to you from your Lord`s Book , (there is) no exchanger/replacer/substitutor to His words/expressions, and you will never/not find from other than Him a shelter/refuge.

  28. And be patient your self with those who call their Lord at early mornings/between dawn and sunrise and (during) the evening/first darkness/dinnertime, they want His face/direction , and do not pass your two eyes from them, you want the life the present`s/worldly life`s decoration/beauty , and do not obey whom We ig nored/neglected/disregarded his heart/mind from mentioning/remembering Us , and he followed his self attraction for desire , and his matter/affair was wasteful/excessive of the limit.

  29. And say: "The truth (is) from your Lord, so who willed/wanted, so he should believe, and who willed/wanted, so he should disbelieve, that We have prepared/made ready to the unjust/oppressive a fire, its elevated surrounding ash/smoke encircled/enveloped with them, and if they seek/ask for help (rain) they be helped/aided/rained upon with water as the dead`s pus/refined oil , (it) roasts/grills the faces/fronts, how bad (is) the drink? And it was a bad/evil/harmful convenience/benefit ."

  30. That those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, we (E)do not loose/waste (the) reward (of) whom did good deed(s).

  31. Those are for them treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residence, the rivers/waterways flow from beneath/below them, they be bejeweled/decorated in it from bracelets from gold, and they dress/wear green clothes/garments from sarcenet (a certain type of silk or brocade), and brocade (silk and gold fabric), leaning/reclining/resting on the luxurious beds/couches in it, blessed/praised (is) the reward/compensation , and (it) became a good/beautiful companion/convenience .

  32. And give for them an example/proverb (of) two men, We made/created to one of them two treed gardens from grapes, and We surrounded/encircled them (B) with palm trees, and We made/put between them (B) plants/crops.

  33. Each of them (B) the two treed gardens gave/brought its food/fruits and (it) did not cause injustice from it a thing, and We caused to flow/burst in between and around it a river/waterway.

  34. And for him was fruit, so he said to his companion/friend and he, he is discussing/debating with him: "I am more than you (in) property/possession/wealth and more powerful (in) a group/family/tribe."

  35. And he entered his treed garden and he is unjust/oppressive to himself, he said: "I do not think/suppose that this be destroyed/perished ever (E)."

  36. And I do not think/suppose (that) the Hour/Resurrection (is) starting , and if (E) I returned to my Lord I will find (E) better than it a place of return .

  37. His companion/friend said to him and he is discussing/debating with him: "Did you disbelieve with Who created you from dust/earth then from a drop/male`s or females` secretion , then He straightened you (into) a man?"

  38. But/however I, (to me) He is God my Lord, and I do not share/make partners with my Lord anyone.

  39. And if only when you entered your treed garden, you said: `What God willed/wanted! No strength/power except by God,` if you see me, I am less/fewer than you (in) property/possession/wealth and children .202

  40. So maybe/perhaps my Lord that He gives/brings me better than your treed garden, and He sends on it thunder storms/small arrows from the sky/space, so it becomes/becomes in the morning slippery/slithery dust.

  41. Or its water becomes/becomes in the morning deep/deeply sunk/bottomed, so you will never/not be able for it seeking/wanting (be unable to retrieve water).

  42. And (he) was surrounded/encircled with his fruit, so he became/became in the morning, he turns/turns around/turns over his two palms, on (about) what he spent in it, and it is fallen/destroyed/empty on its branches/grape vines and he says: "Oh I wish I would have not shared/made partners with my Lord anyone."

  43. And (there) was not for him a group they give him victory from other than God, and he was not a victorious.

  44. At that place and time the ownership/might (is) to God, the truth , He is (the) best (in) reward/replacement/compensation and best (in) an end.

  45. And give to them the life the present`s/worldly life`s example/proverb as water, We descended it from the sky , so the land`s/Earth`s plant mixed/mingled with it, so it became/became in the morning dried and broken plants/trees, the winds/breezes scatter/spread/winnow it (the water) and God was/is on every thing capable/able/powerful .

  46. The property/possession/wealth and the sons/sons and daughters (are) the life the present`s/worldly life`s decoration/beauty , and the remainders the correct/righteous deeds (are) better at your Lord (in) a reward/replacement , and better hope.

  47. And a day We move/manipulate the mountains and you see the earth/Planet Earth emerging/appearing, and We gathered them, so We did not leave out from them anyone.

  48. And they were displayed/exhibited on (to) your Lord (in) a row/line/arranged (and told): "You had come to Us as We created you (on the) first/beginning time , but you claimed/alleged that We not make for you an appointment."

  49. And The Book was put/laid/raised , so you see the criminals/sinners afraid/cautious from what (is) in it, and they say: "Oh our calamity/scandal , what to that The Book , (it) does not leave out small/little and nor big/great except it counted/computed it ?" And they found what they made/did present, and your Lord does not cause injustice/oppression (to) anyone.

  50. And when We said to the angels: "Prostrate to Adam, so they prostrated except Satan/Iblis (he) was from the Jinns/an intelligent free willing creature created before man , so he debauched from his Lord`s order/command , do you take him and his descendants (as) guardians/allies from other than Me? And they are for you an enemy, and how bad to the unjust/oppressive an exchange/replacement/substitution?

  51. I did not make them witness/testify the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s creation, and nor creation (of) themselves, and I was not taking the misguiders (as) support/help/assistance.

  52. And a day , He says: "Call my partners those whom you claimed/alleged ." So they called them, so they did not answer/reply to them, and We made/put between them a barrier/shut off .

  53. And the criminals/sinners saw/understood the fire, so they thought/assumed that they (are)203falling/landing/expecting in it, and they did not find from it a diversion/return.

  54. And We had laid out/detailed linguistically in this the Koran to the people from every example/proverb, and the human/mankind was (the) most arguing/disputing thing.

  55. And what prevented/forbid the people that (E) they believe when the guidance came to them? And they ask for forgiveness (from) their Lord? Except that the first`s/beginner`s law/manner comes to them or the punishment comes to them in front/facing front.

  56. And We do not send the messengers except (as) announcers of good news and warners/givers of notice, and those who disbelieved argue/dispute with/by the falsehood to nullify with it the truth , and they took My verses/evidences and what they were warned/given notice (with it) mockingly/making fun.

  57. And who (is) more unjust/oppressive than who was reminded with his Lord`s evidences/signs/verses, so he objected/turned away from it, and he forgot what his two hands advanced/introduced/ undertook , We (E) had made/put covers/protections on their hearts/minds that they understand/know it , and in their ears deafness/weight , and if you call them to the guidance, so they will never/not be guided then ever (E).

  58. And your Lord (is) the forgiving, (owner) of the mercy, if He punishes/takes them because (of)what they gained/gathered/acquired , He would have hurried/hastened for them the torture, but for them (is) an appointment, they will never/not find from other than it a shelter/refuge .

  59. And those are the villages/urban cities, We destroyed them when they caused injustice/oppression, and We made/put for their death/destruction an appointment.

  60. And when Moses said to his youth/servant , I will not leave/depart until I reach the two seas`/oceans`/rivers` place of meeting (point of joint), or I pass/complete a period of time.

  61. So when they (B) reached (a) place of meeting (point of joint) between them (B) (the two seas/oceans/rivers), they (B) forgot their (B)`s fish/large fish/whale, so it took/received its path in the sea/ocean/river sneaking away (it escaped into the body of water).

  62. So when they (B) crossed/passed through he said to his youth/servant : "Give/bring us our breakfast/lunch, we had met/found hardship/fatigue from this our journey/voyage ."

  63. He said: "Did you see/understand when we took refuge to the rock, so that I, I forgot the fish/large fish/whale and nothing made me forget it that I remember it except the devil, and it took/received its way path in the sea/ocean/river (in) astonishment/surprise/amazement."

  64. He said: "That (is) not (what) we were wishing/desiring ." So they (B) returned on their (B)`s tracks/marks following/tracking.

  65. So they (B) found a worshipper/slave from Our worshippers/slaves, We gave/brought him from at Us mercy, and We taught/instructed him from at Us knowledge.

  66. Moses said to him: "Do I follow you, on that you teach/instruct me from what you were taught/instructed correct/right guidance?"

  67. He said: "That you will never/not be able (to have) patience with me."

  68. And how (do) you be patient on what you did not comprehend/encircle with it a knowledge/information ?204

  69. He Said: "You will find me if God wanted/willed patient, and I (will) not disobey for you an order/command."

  70. He Said: "So if you followed me, so do not ask/question me on (about) a thing, until I initiate/tell to you from it a reminder/remembrance."

  71. So they (B) left/set out until when they (B) rode/boarded in the ship/boat, he made a hole/opening (in) it, he (Moses) said: "Did you make a hole/opening (in) it to drown/sink its people ? You had come (with) a strange/denied thing."

  72. He said: "Did I not say that you will never/not be able (to have) patience with me?"

  73. He said: "Do not take/punish me with what I forgot, and do not burden/oppress me from my matter/affair (with) difficult(ty)/strained circumstances ."

  74. So they (B) left/set out until when they (B) met/found a servant/boy , so he killed him. He (Moses) said: "Did you kill a pure self without a self? You had come (with) an awful/obscene thing."

  75. He Said: "Did I not say to you, that you will never/not be able (to have) patience with me?"

  76. He said: "If I asked/questioned you , about a thing after it, so do not accompany/befriend me, you had reached an excuse from at me."

  77. So they (B) left/set out until when they (B) came (to) a village/urban city, they asked its people to be fed, so they refused/hated that they have them (B) as guests/help them , so they (B) found in it a wall wanting that to fall down/be wrecked, so he raised it, he (Moses) said: "If you wanted/willed you would have taken/received on (for) it a wage/fee ."

  78. He said: "This (is) separation between me and between you, I will inform you with (an) explanation/interpretation on (of) what you were not able (to have) patience on it."

  79. As for the ship/boat, so it was to (owned by) poorest of poor/poor oppressed working in the sea/ocean/river , so I wanted that I defect it , and behind them was a king he takes/receives every ship/boat forcefully/unjustly/violently.

  80. And as for the boy/servant , so his parents were believing, so We feared that he burdens/oppresses them (with) tyranny/arrogance and disbelief.

  81. So We wanted/intended that their (B)`s Lord exchanges/substitutes (for) them (B) better than him and purification/correction and nearer/closer (in) mercy/relation.

  82. And as for the wall, so it was (belonging) to two boys , two orphans in the city/town, and under it was a treasure/buried treasure for them (B), and their (B)`s father was correct/righteous, so your Lord wanted/willed that they (B) reach their (B)`s maturity/strength, and they (B) bring out their (B)`s treasure/buried treasure, mercy from your Lord, and I did not make/do it from my matter/affair, that (is) explanation/interpretation (of) what you were not able (to have) patience on it.

  83. And they ask/question you about (owner) of the two horns/powers/glories , Say: "I will read/recite on (to) you from him a reminder/remembrance."

  84. We have highly positioned/strengthened for him in the earth/Planet Earth, and We gave/brought him from every thing a reason/motive/connection .205

  85. So he followed a reason/motive/connection .

  86. Until when he reached the sun`s sunset/west , he found it departing/declining (setting) in (at a) water well/spring mixed with black (foul) mud, and he found at it a nation, We said: "You (owner) of the two horns/powers/glories, either that you torture, and either you take in them a goodness/beauty."

  87. He said: "As for who caused injustice/oppression, so we will/shall torture him, then he be returned to his Lord, so He tortures him an awful/obscene/severe torture."

  88. And as for who believed and made/did correct/righteous deeds, so to him the best`s/goodnesses` reward/reimbursement , and we will say to him from our order/matter ease/flexibility.

  89. Then he followed a reason/motive/connection .

  90. Until when he reached the sun`s place and time of appearance/ascent , he found it appears/ascends/rises on a nation We did not make/put from other than it a cover/protection/shelter .

  91. Like that, and We had comprehended/enveloped with what (is) at/near him (with) knowledge .

  92. Then he followed a reason/motive/connection.

  93. Until when he reached between the two barriers/obstacles/mountains , he found from other than them (B) a nation they are not about to/almost understand a saying/opinion and belief .

  94. They said: "You (owner) of the two horns/powers/glories, that Yagog and Magog (are) corrupting in the earth/Planet Earth, so do we make/put for you (a) royalty/retainer/expense/tribute on that you put/create between us and between them a barrier/obstacle ?"

  95. He said: "What my Lord highly positioned/strengthened/empowered me in it (is) best , so help/support me with power/strength , I make/create/put between you and between them a blockage/barrier ."

  96. Give/bring me the huge pieces of iron. Until when he straightened/leveled/equalized between the two sides/directions/mountain sides , he said: "Blow." Until when he made it a fire, he said: "Give/bring me, I pour on it molten copper/brass/iron ."

  97. So they did not rise/diffuse/spread over (it, nor) that they mount/ascend it , and they were not able (of) piercing/penetration for it.

  98. He said: "That (is) mercy from my Lord, so if my Lord`s promise came, he made it flattened/leveled off and my Lord`s promise was truthfully (truthful) ."

  99. And We left some/part of them (on) that day (to) trouble/agitate (interlock) in some/part, and the horn/bugle/instrument was blown in, so We gathered/collected them all together .

  100. And We displayed/presented Hell (on) that day to the disbelievers a display/exhibition .

  101. Those who their eyes/sights were in a cover/concealment from My remembrance/reminder, and they were not being able (of) hearing/listening .

  102. Did those who disbelieved think/suppose that they take My worshippers/slaves (as) guardians/allies from other than Me? We have prepared/made ready for the disbelievers Hell (as) a place of descent .

  103. Say: "Do We inform you with the most losers (in their) deeds ?"

  104. Those whom their endeavors/striving (was) wasted/lost in the life the present/worldly life and they, they206think/suppose that they, they do good work/performance .

  105. Those are those who disbelieved with their Lord`s verses/evidences and meeting Him, so their deeds failed/wasted, so We do not take care of (evaluate) for them a weight/measure (on) the Resurrection Day.

  106. That (is) their reward/reimbursement , Hell because (of) what they disbelieved, and they took My verses/evidences and My messengers mockingly/making fun.

  107. That (E) those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, (the) treed garden/Paradise (of) the treed garden/Paradise/Elferdowse (one of the Paradises) was for them (as) a place of descent .

  108. Immortally/eternally in it, they do not wish/desire (away) from it (a) change/removal/movement.

  109. Say: "If the sea/ocean was ink/writing liquid for my Lord`s words/expressions, the sea/ocean would have been depleted/exhausted (E) before that my Lord`s words/expressions deplete/exhaust , and even if We came with equal/alike to it (to the sea/ocean) (for) ink/writing liquid (as) an extension/spread."

  110. Say: "Truly I am (a) human equal/alike to you, (it) is being inspired/transmitted to me that your God (is) one God, so who was hoping/expecting his Lord`s meeting, so he makes/does (E) correct/righteous deeds deed , and he does not share/make partners with worshipping his Lord anyone." 207


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