Faridul Haque - Sura: 19. Maryam - Mary

  1. Kaf-Ha-Ya-A’in-Sad. (* Alphabets of the Arabic language - Allah and to whomever He reveals know their precise meanings.)

  2. This is the remembrance of the mercy of your Lord upon His bondman Zakaria.

  3. When he softly prayed to his Lord.

  4. He submitted, "O my Lord - my bones have become weak and old age shines forth from my head, and O my Lord, I have never been disappointed in my prayer to you."

  5. "And I fear my relatives after me and my wife is barren therefore bestow upon me from Yourself one who will take up my work."

  6. "He being my successor and the heir of the Descendants of Yaqub (Jacob); and my Lord, make him a cherished * one." (* Make him a Prophet among the Descendants of Israel.)

  7. "O Zakaria! We give you the glad tidings of a son whose name is Yahya (John) - before him, We have not created anyone of this name."

  8. He submitted, "My Lord - how can I have a son whereas my wife is barren and I have reached infirmity due to old age?"

  9. He (the angel) said, "So it is; your Lord says, ‘This is easy for Me - in fact I created you before this, at a time when you did not exist.’ "

  10. He said, "My Lord, give me a sign"; He said, "Your token is that you will not speak to people for three nights, although in proper health."

  11. He therefore emerged upon his people from the mosque, and told them through gestures, "Keep proclaiming the Purity (of your Lord) morning and evening."

  12. "O Yahya - hold the Book firmly"; and We gave him Prophethood in his infancy. (Prophet Yahya was only 2 years old at that time.)

  13. And compassion from Ourselves, and chastity; and he was extremely pious.

  14. And was good to his parents and not forceful, nor disobedient.

  15. And peace is upon him the day he was born, and the day he will taste death, and the day he will be raised alive.

  16. And remember Maryam in the Book; when she went away from her family to a place towards east.

  17. So there she screened herself from them; We therefore sent Our Spirit towards her - he appeared before her in the form of a healthy man. (Angel Jibreel – peace be upon him.)

  18. She said, "I seek the refuge of the Most Gracious from you - if you fear God."

  19. He said, "I am indeed one sent by your Lord; so that I may give you a chaste son."

  20. She said, "How can I bear a son? No man has ever touched me, nor am I of poor conduct!"

  21. He said, "So it is; your Lord has said, ‘This is easy for Me’; and in order that We make him a sign for mankind and a Mercy from Us; and this matter has been decreed."

  22. So she conceived him, and she went away with him to a far place.

  23. Then the pangs of childbirth brought her to the base of the palm-tree; she said, "Oh, if only had I died before this and had become forgotten, unremembered."

  24. (The angel) Therefore he called her from below her, “Do not grieve - your Lord has made a river flow below you.”

  25. "And shake the trunk of the palm-tree towards you - ripe fresh dates will fall upon you." (This was a miracle - the date palm was dry and it was winter season.)

  26. "Therefore eat and drink and appease your eyes; so if you meet any person then say, ‘I have pledged a fast (of silence) to the Most Gracious - I will therefore not speak to any person today.’ "

  27. So carrying him in her arms, she brought him to her people; they said, "O Maryam, you have indeed committed a great evil!"

  28. "O sister of Haroon, neither was your father an evil man nor was your mother of poor conduct!"

  29. Thereupon she pointed towards the child; they said, "How can we speak to an infant who is in the cradle?"

  30. The child proclaimed, "I am Allah’s bondman; He has given me the Book and made me a Herald of the Hidden (a Prophet)."

  31. "And He has made me blessed wherever I be; and ordained upon me prayer and charity, as long as I live."

  32. "And has made me good to my mother and not made me forceful, ill-fated."

  33. "And peace is upon me the day I was born, and on the day I shall taste death, and on the day I will be raised alive."

  34. This is Eisa (Jesus), the son of Maryam; a true statement, in which they doubt.

  35. It does not befit Allah to appoint someone as His son - Purity is to Him! When He ordains a matter, He just commands it, "Be" - and it thereupon happens.

  36. And said Eisa, "Indeed Allah is my Lord and your Lord - therefore worship Him; this is the Straight Path."

  37. Then groups among them differed; so ruin is for the disbelievers from the witnessing of a Great Day.

  38. Much will they listen and much will they see, on the Day when they come to Us, but today the unjust are in open error.

  39. And warn them of the Day of Regret when the matter will have been decided; and they are in neglect, and they do not accept faith.

  40. Indeed We shall inherit the earth and all that is on it, and only towards Us will they return.

  41. And remember Ibrahim in the Book; he was very truthful, a Herald of the Hidden (a Prophet).

  42. When he said to his father, * "O my father - why do you worship one which neither hears nor sees, and cannot benefit you in any way?" (* His uncle Azar.)

  43. "O my father, indeed a knowledge has come to me which did not come to you - therefore follow me, I will show you the Straight Path."

  44. "O my father, do not be a bondman of the devil; indeed the devil is disobedient towards the Most Gracious."

  45. "O my father, I fear that a punishment from the Most Gracious may reach you, so you would become a companion of the devil."

  46. He said, "What! You turn away from my Gods, O Ibrahim? If you do not desist, I will certainly stone you, and keep no relation with me for a long while."

  47. He said, “Stop it - peace be upon you; I shall seek forgiveness for you from my Lord; indeed He is very kind to me.”

  48. "And I shall remain separated from you and all that you worship other than Allah and shall worship my Lord; possibly, by worshipping my Lord, I will not be amongst the unfortunate.”

  49. So when he had separated from them and what they worshipped other than Allah, We bestowed him Ishaq and Yaqub; and We made each of them a Herald of the Hidden.

  50. And We gave them Our mercy, and assigned for them a true and high repute.

  51. And remember Moosa in the Book; he was indeed a chosen one, and he was a Noble Messenger, a Herald of the Hidden.

  52. We called him from the right side of the mountain Tur, and brought him close to reveal Our secret.

  53. And with Our mercy We bestowed upon him his brother Haroon, a Prophet.

  54. And remember Ismail in the Book; he was indeed true to his promise and was a Noble Messenger, a Prophet.

  55. He used to command his people to offer prayer and give charity, and was liked by his Lord.

  56. And remember Idrees in the Book; he was indeed very truthful, a Prophet.

  57. And We lifted him to a high position. (Living with soul & body in heaven, after his death.)

  58. It is these upon whom Allah has bestowed favour among the Prophets, from the descendants of Adam; and from those whom We boarded along with Nooh; and from the descendants of Ibrahim and Israel; and from those whom We guided and chose; when the verses of the Most Gracious were recited to them, they fell down, prostrating and weeping. (* Command of Prostration # 5.)

  59. And after them came the unworthy successors who squandered prayer and pursued their own desires, so they will soon encounter the forest of Gai in hell.

  60. Except those who repented and accepted faith and did good deeds - so these will enter heaven, and they will not be deprived * in the least. (* Of their due reward.)

  61. Everlasting Gardens of Eden, which the Most Gracious has promised to His bondmen in the unseen; indeed His promise will come.

  62. They will not hear any lewd talk in it, but only Peace; and in it for them is sustenance, every morning and evening.

  63. It is the Paradise that We will bequeath to those among Our bondmen who remain pious.

  64. (Said Angel Jibreel to Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon them) "And we angels do not come down except by the command of your Lord; to Him only belongs all that is ahead of us and all that is behind us and all that is between them; and your Lord is not forgetful."

  65. Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them - therefore worship Him and be firm in His worship; do you know any other of the same name as His?

  66. And says man, "When I am dead, will I soon be brought forth alive?"

  67. Does not man remember that We created him before this, and he was non existent?

  68. So by your Lord, We shall assemble them and the devils - all of them - and bring them around hell, fallen on their knees.

  69. We shall then pick out from every group the one who was most arrogant towards the Most Gracious.

  70. Moreover, We well know those who most deserve to be burned in hell.

  71. And there is none among you who shall not pass over hell; this is an obligatory affair, binding upon your Lord. (Allah will make everyone pass over the back of hell - on a thin bridge.)

  72. We shall then rescue the pious - and leave the unjust in it, fallen on their knees.

  73. And when Our clear verses are recited to them, the disbelievers say to the Muslims, "Which group has a better home, and a better alliance?"

  74. And many a generation We did destroy before them, who exceeded them in wealth and pomp!

  75. Proclaim, "For one in error - so the Most Gracious may give him respite; to the extent that when they see the thing which they are promised - either the punishment or the Last Day; so then they will come to know for whom is the evil rank and whose army is weak."

  76. And Allah will increase the guidance for those who have received guidance; and good deeds that remain have the best reward before your Lord, and the best outcome.

  77. So have you seen him who denied Our signs and says, "I shall certainly be given wealth and children?"

  78. Has he seen the Hidden, or has he made a pact with the Most Gracious?

  79. Never; We shall now record what he says and give him a prolonged punishment.

  80. And it is We only Who shall inherit what he says (belongs to him), and he will come to Us, alone.

  81. And they have chosen Gods besides Allah, so that they may provide them strength!

  82. Never; soon they will deny ever worshipping them, and will turn into their opponents.

  83. Did you not see that We sent devils upon the disbelievers, so they excite them abundantly?

  84. So do not be impatient for them (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him); We are only completing their number. * (* The number of days left for them or their evil deeds.)

  85. On the day when We shall assemble the righteous towards the Most Gracious, as guests.

  86. And drive the guilty towards hell, thirsty.

  87. People do not own the right to intercede, except those * who have made a covenant with the Most Gracious. (* The Holy Prophets and virtuous people will be given the permission to intercede. Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him - will be the first to intercede.)

  88. And the disbelievers said, "The Most Gracious has chosen an offspring."

  89. You have indeed brought an extremely grave speech!

  90. The heavens are close to being torn apart by it, and the earth being split asunder, and the mountains succumbing and falling down.

  91. Due to their ascribing of an offspring to the Most Gracious.

  92. And it does not befit the Most Gracious to choose an offspring!

  93. All those who are in the heavens and the earth will come to the Most Gracious as His bondmen.

  94. He knows their number and has counted each one of them.

  95. And each one of them will come before Him on the Day of Resurrection, alone.

  96. Indeed those who believed and did good deeds - the Most Gracious will appoint love for them. (In the hearts of other believers.)

  97. We have therefore made this Qur’an easy upon your tongue, (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) for you to announce glad tidings with it to those who fear, and warn those who are quarrelsome.

  98. And many a generation We did destroy before them; do you see any one of them or hear their faintest sound?


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