Literal - Sura: 19. Maryam - Mary

  1. K H Y EN S/C .

  2. Your Lord`s mercy mention (on) His worshipper/slave Zachary/Zacharias .

  3. When he called/cried (to) his Lord a hidden/secret call/cry.

  4. He said: "My Lord that I, the bones weakened/enfeebled from me, and the hair turned white or gray and my Lord I was not miserable/unhappy with calling you."

  5. And that I, I feared the followers/dependents from behind/beyond me, and my woman (wife) was infertile to grant/present for me from at you a follower/friend .

  6. (He) inherits me and (he) inherits from Jacob`s family, and my Lord make him accepted/approved/satisfied .

  7. You Zacharias/Zachary , that We, We announce good news to you with a boy , his name (is) John/Yahya , We did not make for him from before (an) equivalent/equivalent in height/position .

  8. He said: "My Lord that how (could there) be for me a boy and my woman (wife) was infertile and I had reached from the old age exceeding the limit?"

  9. He said: "Like that." Your Lord said: "It is on Me easy/light , and I had created you from before, and you were not a thing."

  10. He said: "My Lord, make/put for me a sign/evidence." He said: "Your sign/evidence (is) that you do not converse/talk (to) the people three nights straight ."

  11. So he emerged on (to) his nation, from the center of the assembly/the prayers` niche , so he inspired/transmitted/signaled to them that praise/glorify (at) daybreaks/early mornings and evenings/first darkness/dinnertime.

  12. You John/Yahya, take The Book with power/strength, and We gave/brought him the judgment/rule (as) a boy/child/infant.

  13. And compassion/kindness from at Us, and purification/correction and he was fearing and obeying.

  14. And righteous/obedient with his parents, and he was not a disobedient tyrant/rebel .

  15. And security/peace on him (on the) day he was born and (the) day he dies, and (the) day he be sent/resurrected/revived alive.

  16. And remember/mention in The Book Mary when she distantly isolated herself from her family/relation (to) an easterly/eastern place/position.

  17. So she took from other than them a divider/protection , so We sent to her Our Soul/Spirit , so he simulated/represented to her (as an) upright/average human.

  18. She said: "That I, I seek protection by the merciful from you, if you were fearing and obeying."

  19. He said: "Truly I am your Lord`s messenger to grant/present for you a pure/righteous boy ."

  20. She said: "How/from where (there) be for me a boy and (a) human has not touched me, and I was not afornicatress/adulteress/prostitute ?

  21. He said: "`Like that,` said your Lord, it is on Me easy/light , and to make/put him (as) a sign/evidence to the people, and mercy from Us, and (it was) a matter/command accomplished/ executed .`"

  22. So she was pregnant (with) him so she distantly isolated herself with him (to) a far/remote place/position.

  23. So the labour/childbirth came to her to (at) the palm tree`s trunk/stem, she said: "Oh I wish I would have died before this and I was forgotten (and long) forgotten."

  24. So he (Jesus) called her from below/beneath her: "That do not be sad/grieving, your Lord had put below/beneath you a stream/clearance of a burden/generosity ."

  25. And shake/move to(wards) you with the palm tree`s trunk/stem, it causes freshly harvested/gathered ripe/moist (dates) to fall/drop repeatedly on you.

  26. So eat and drink and be delighted/satisfied eye(s) (delight your eyes), so when you see anyone from the human, so say: `That I made a duty/vow (on myself) to the merciful, a fast , so I will not converse/speak the day/today (to) a human .`

  27. So she came with him (to) her nation carrying him , they said: "You Mary, you had come (with) a strange and confusing thing."

  28. You Aaron`s sister, your father was not (a) human/man of bad/evil , and your mother was not an fornicatress/adulteress/prostitute.

  29. So she pointed/indicated to him, they said: "How (do) we converse/speak (to) whom was in the crib/cradle a boy/child/infant?"

  30. He said: "That I am God`s worshipper/slave, He gave/brought me The Book and He made me a prophet."

  31. And He made me blessed, wherever I was/am, and He directed/commanded me with the prayers and the charity/purification as long as I continued/lasted alive.

  32. And charitable/obedient with my mother, and He did not make me a miserable/unhappy tyrant/rebel .

  33. And the security/peace (was) on me (on the) day I was born, and (the) day I die, and (the) day I be sent/resurrected/revived alive.

  34. That (was) Jesus Mary`s son, the correct/real saying/opinion and belief which they (are) doubting/arguing in it.

  35. (It) was not to God that (He) take from a child/children (son), His praise/glory, if He ordered/executed amatter/command , so but He says to it: "Be, so it becomes."

  36. And that God (is) my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him, that (is) a straight/direct road/way.

  37. So the groups/parties differed/disagreed/disputed from between them, so grief/distress to those who disbelieved from an assembly of a great day.

  38. Make (to) hear/listen with them, and make to see/understand , a day they come to Us, but the unjust/oppressive today (are) in evident misguidance.211

  39. And warn/give them notice (of) the Grief`s Day/Resurrection Day, when the matter/affair was accomplished/carried out , and they are in negligence/disregard, and they are not believing.

  40. That We, We inhabit the earth/Planet Earth, and who (is) on it, and to Us they return.

  41. And remember/mention in The Book Abraham, that he truly was an always very truthful prophet.

  42. When he said to his father: "You my father, for what (do) you worship what does not hear/listen, and nor see/understand , and nor enrich/suffice from you a thing?"

  43. You my father, that I, (it) had come to me from the knowledge, what did not come to you, so follow me, I guide you a straight/level road/way.

  44. You my father, do not worship the devil, that the devil was/is to the merciful disobedient.

  45. You my father, that I fear that torture touches you from the merciful, so you be to the devil an ally/follower .

  46. He said: "Are you shunning/turning away from my gods, you Abraham? If (E) you do not end/terminate/stop, I will stone you, and leave/distance me a long/life time."

  47. He said: "Security/peace on you, I will ask for forgiveness for you (from) my Lord, that He truly (was) with me generous/blessing ."

  48. And I separate/isolate myself from you and what you call from other than God, and I call my Lord, maybe/perhaps that I not be with my Lord`s call/prayer miserable/unhappy.

  49. So when he separated/isolated himself from them, and what they call from other than God, We granted for him Issac , and Jacob and each/all, We made a prophet.

  50. And We granted for them from Our mercy, and We made for them (a) truthful high and mighty/dignified tongue/language/speech.

  51. And remember/mention in The Book Moses, that he truly was faithful/loyal/devoted and (he) was a messenger, a prophet.

  52. And We called him from the mountain`s side/direction, the right (side), and We neared/approached him secretly conversing.

  53. And We granted for him from Our mercy his brother Aaron, a prophet.

  54. And remember/mention in The Book Ishmael , that he truly was truthful (in) the promise, and was a messenger, a prophet.

  55. And (he) was ordering/commanding his family/people with the prayers and the charity/purification, and (he) was at his Lord accepted/approved.

  56. And remember/mention in The Book Idris, that he truly was always very truthful, and a prophet.

  57. And We raised him a high and mighty/dignified place/position.

  58. Those are those who God blessed/praised on them from the prophets from Adam`s descendants; and from who We carried with Noah, , and from Abraham`s and Ishmael`s descendants, and from who We guided and We chose/purified, if the merciful`s verses/evidences are read/recited on them they fell down prostrating and weeping .

  59. So succeeded/followed from after them a succession , they lost/wasted/destroyed the prayers, and they212followed the lusts/desires/cravings, so they will/shall meet/find misguidance/failure .

  60. Except who repented and believed and made/did correct/righteous deeds, so those, they enter the Paradise, and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed a thing.

  61. Treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residence which the merciful promises His worshippers/slaves with the unseen/hidden , that He truly, His promise was/is coming (E).

  62. They do not hear/listen in it nonsense/senseless talk , except (a) greeting/safety/peace and for them, (is) their provision in it (at) daybreaks/early mornings and (at) evening/first darkness/dinnertime.

  63. That (is) the paradise which We make inherit (to) who was fearing and obeying from Our worshippers/slaves.

  64. And We do not descend except with your Lord`s order/command, for Him what (is) between Our hands, and what (is) behind Us, and what (is) between that, and your Lord was not frequently forgetting.

  65. The skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s and what (is) between them (B)`s Lord, so worship Him, and endure patience to His worshipping, do you know (an) equivalent to Him?"

  66. And the human/mankind says: "Is (it that) if I died, I will/shall (E) be brought out alive! ."(expression of wonderment).

  67. Or does not the human remember that We created him from before and (he) was not a thing?

  68. So by your Lord We will gather them (E), and the devils, then We will present/bring them (E) around Hell kneeling/standing on (their) toes.

  69. Then We will remove (E) from every group/party which of them (is) stronger arrogant/disobedience on (to) the merciful.

  70. Then We are (E) more knowledgeable with (about) those who, they are more worthy/deserving roasting/suffering/burning with (in) it (Hell).

  71. And that from you (there is not) except (who is) nearing/approaching it , (that) was on (by) your Lord decidedly/positively ordered/executed .

  72. Then We save/rescue those who feared and obeyed, and We leave (disregard) the unjust/oppressors in it kneeling/standing on (their) toes.

  73. And when Our evidences/verses evidences are read/recited on (to) them, those who disbelieved said to those who believed: "Which (of) the two groups/parties/flocks is (in) better residence and best gathering/assembly/club?"

  74. And how many We destroyed from before them from people of one era/generation/century? They are better home effects/money and appearance/pleasant appearance.

  75. Say: "Who was in the misguidance, so the merciful will extend/spread (E) for him extension/spreading until when they saw/understood what they are being promised, either the torture, and either the Hour/Resurrection , so they will know who he is worst (in) a place/position, and weaker soldiers/warriors."

  76. And God increases those who were guided (in) guidance, and the remainders the correct/righteous deeds (are) better at your Lord a replacement/compensation and better (in) a return.

  77. So did you see/understand who disbelieved with Our evidences/verses, and said: "I will be given213property/possession/wealth and children ?"

  78. Has he seen/been informed (of) the unseen/absent , or he took/received at the merciful a promise/contract ?

  79. No but, We will write/dictate what he says, and We extend/spread to him from the torture extension/spreading.

  80. And We make him inherit what he says, and he comes to Us singly/alone.

  81. And they took/received from other than God gods, to be for them glory/might/honour .

  82. No but they will disbelieve with their worshipping, and they (are) on them adversaries/opponents .

  83. Do you not see/understand that We sent the devils on (to) the disbelievers, they penetrate their minds/influence them penetration of their minds/influence.

  84. So do not hurry/hasten/rush on them, but We count for them counting.

  85. A day We gather the fearing and obeying to the merciful (as) a delegation of dignitaries.

  86. And We drive (herd) the criminals/sinners to Hell successively in groups.

  87. They do not own/possess the mediation, except who took/received at the merciful a promise/contract .

  88. And they said: "The merciful took/received a child (son)."

  89. You had come (with) a blasphemous/disastrous thing.

  90. The skies/space are about to/almost split/crack/cleave from it, and the earth/Planet Earth splits/cracks open ,and the mountains fall down (in) demolition and breaking down into pieces violently with noise.

  91. That (E) they called to the merciful a child (son).

  92. And (it) would not (be) to the merciful that He takes a child (son).

  93. That every/each whom (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth except is coming (E) (to) the merciful (as) a worshipper/slave .

  94. He had counted/completed them and He counted them counting.

  95. And all of them are coming to Him (in) the Resurrection Day singly/alone/one.

  96. That those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, the merciful will make/create for them love/affection.

  97. So but We eased it with your tongue/language, to announce good news with it (to) the fearing and obeying, and warn/give notice with it (to) a nation (in) harsh/violent dispute

  98. And how many before them We destroyed from people of one era/generation/century, do you sense/feel from them from anyone, or hear for them (a) low voice/whisper/faint sound?214


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