Daryabadi - Sura: 20. Ta Ha

  1. Ta. Ha. *Chapter:20

  2. We have not Sent down on thee the Qur´an that thou shouldst be distressed. *Chapter:20

  3. But only as an admonition unto him who feareth. *Chapter:20

  4. A down-sent from Him who Created the earth and the heavens high.

  5. The Compassionate on the Throne is established.

  6. His is whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever on the earth and - whatsoever is in-between. and whatsoever is underneath the earth.

  7. And if thou speakest the word aloud, then verily He knoweth the secret and the most hidden.

  8. Allah! no God there is but he! His are the names excellent.

  9. Hath there come unto thee the story of Musa?

  10. Recall what time he saw a fire and said to his household, bide ye! verily I have perceived a fire! haply I may bring you from it a brand or may find at the fire a guidance.

  11. Then when he was come thereto, he was cried unto. O Musa!

  12. Verily I! I am thy Lord: so take off thy shoes; verily thou art into the holy valley, Tuwa.

  13. And I! I have chosen thee hearken thou then to that which shall be revealed.

  14. Verily I! I am Allah! no God there is butI; so Worship Me, and establish prayer for My remembrance.

  15. Verily the Hour is coming--I wish to conceal it - in Order that every one may be requited according to that which he hath endeavoured.

  16. So let not him who believeth not therein and followeth his own desire keep thee away therefrom lest thou perish.

  17. And what is that in thy right hand, O Musa!

  18. He said: it is my staff; I lean there on; and therewith beat down fodder for my sheep; and for me therein are other purposes.

  19. Allah said: cast it down, O Musa!

  20. So he cast it down, and lo! it was a serpent running along.

  21. Allah said: take hold of it, and fear not; We shall restore it to its former state.

  22. And press thy hand to thy side, it will come forth white, without hurt, as anot her sign.

  23. That We may shew thee of Our Signs the greatest.

  24. Go thou unto Fir´awn; verily he hath waxen exorbitant.

  25. He said: my Lord! expand for me my breast.

  26. And ease for me by affair.

  27. And loose a knot from my tongue.

  28. That they may understand my Speech.

  29. And appoint for me a minister from my household.

  30. Harun, my brother.

  31. Strengthen by him my back.

  32. And associate him in my affair.

  33. That We may hallow Thee oft.

  34. And may make mention of Thee oft.

  35. Verily Thou! Thou art of us ever a Beholder.

  36. He said: surely thou art granted thy petition, O Musa!

  37. And assuredly We conferred a benefit on thee anot her time.

  38. When We inspired unto thy mother that which We inspired,

  39. Saying! cast him in the ark, and cast him into the river, and the river will throw him on the bank, and then an enemy of Mine and an enemy of his will take him up. And I cast on thee love from Me in order that thou mayest be formed under Mine eye.

  40. What time thy sister was walking along and saying: shall I direct you unto one who will take care of him! Thus We returned thee to thy mother that she might cool her eyes and she might not grieve. And thou slewest a person, but We delivered thee from sorrow, and We tried thee with several trials. Then thou tarriedst for years among the people of Madyan then thou camest according to fate, O Musa!

  41. And formed thee for Myself.

  42. Go thou and thy brother with My signs, and slacken not in remembrance of Mine.

  43. Go ye twain unto Fir´awn, verily he hath waxen exorbitant,

  44. Then say to him a gentle saying; haply he may be admonished or he may fear.

  45. The twain said: O our Lord! verily we fear that he may hasten against us or wax exorbitant.

  46. He said; fear not; verily I shall be With you twain: I shall hear and see.

  47. So go to him, and say: verily we are two apostles of thy Lord, so let go with us the Children of Isra´il, and torment them not; surely we have come unto thee with a sign from thy Lord: and peace be upon him who followeth the guidance.

  48. Verily We! it hath been revealed unto us that the torment will be for him who belieth and turneth away.

  49. He said: who is the Lord of you twain, O Musa!

  50. Musa said: our Lord is He who vouchsafed unto everything its creation, then guided it.

  51. He said: then what happened to the former generations?

  52. Musa said: the knowledge there of is with my Lord in the Book; my Lord erreth not, nor He forgetteth.

  53. Who hath appointed for you the earth as a bed, and hath opened for you therein pathways, and hath sent down from the heaven water, and thereby We have brought forth kinds of plants, various.

  54. Eat and pasture your cattle: verily therein are signs for men of sagacity.

  55. Thereof We created you, and thereunto We return you, and therefrom We shall bring You forth once again.

  56. And assuredly We shewed him Our signs, all of them, but he belied and refused.

  57. He said: art thou come unto us that thou mayest drive us out of our land by thy magic, O Musa!

  58. So We shall surely bring unto thee a magic the like thereof; so Make between us and thee an appointment which neither we nor thou shall fail in some open space.

  59. Musa said: your appointment is the gala day, and that the people be gathered in the forenoon.

  60. Then Firawn turned away, devised his stratagem; thereafter he came.

  61. Musa said unto them: woe unto you! fabricate not against Allah a lie, lest he extirpate you with a torment, and surely He who fabricateth, loseth.

  62. Then they wrangled about their affair among themselves, and kept secret their private counsel.

  63. They said: verily these two are magicians, intending to drive you forth from your land by their magic and to do away with your superior way.

  64. Wherefore devise your stratagem, and then come in a row; and prospered to-day is he who overcometh.

  65. They said: either thou cast down, or we shall be the first to cast down.

  66. He said: nay, cast ye down. And lo! their cords and their staves were made to appear to him by their magic as though they were running.

  67. Then a kind of fear in his soul Musa felt.

  68. We said: fear not! verily thou! thou shalt be the superior.

  69. And cast thou down that which is in thy right hand: it shall swallow up that which they have wrought; They have wrought only a magician´s stratagem; and the magician prospereth not wheresoever he cometh.

  70. Then the magicians were cast down prostrate; they said: we believe in the Lord of Musa and Harun.

  71. Fir´awn said; believed ye in him ere I gave you leave! verily he is your chief who hath taught you magic. So I will surely cut off your hands and feet on the opposite sides, and will surely crucify you on the trunks of palm-trees, and ye shall surely know whichever of us is severer in torment and more lasting.

  72. They said: we shall by no means prefer thee to that which hath come to us of the evidences, and to Him Who hath created us; so decree thou whatsoever thou shalt decree; thou canst only decree in respect of the life of this world.

  73. Verily we! we have believed in our Lord, that he may forgive us our faults, and that to which thou hast constrained us in the way of magic; and Allah is Best and Most Lasting.

  74. Verily whosoever cometh unto his lord as a Culprit, for him is Hell wherein he will neither die nor live.

  75. And whosoever cometh unto Him as a believer, and he hath done righteous works---then these! for them are ranks high.

  76. Gardens Everlasting whereunder rivers flow: abiders therein; that is the meed of him who hath purified himself.

  77. And assuredly We revealed unto Musa, saying: depart in night with my bondmen, and make for them in the sea a parth dry: thou Shalt fear neither overtaking, nor shalt thou be afraid.

  78. Then Fir´awn followed them with his hosts; and there came upon them of the sea that which came upon them.

  79. And Fir´awn led his nation astray, and guided them not.

  80. O Children of Israel; We delivered you from your enemy, and treated with you on the right side of the mount and sent down upon you the manna and the quails.

  81. Saying: eat of the clean things wherewith We have provided you, and wax not exorbitant in respect thereof, lest My wrath alight on you; and upon whomsoever My wrath alighteth, he surely perisheth.

  82. And verily I am the Most Forgiving unto whomsoever repenteth and believeth and worketh righteously, and thereafter letteth himself remain guided.

  83. And what hath made thee hasten from thy people, O Musa?

  84. He said: those! they are close on my footstep, and hastened to Thee, O my Lord; that Thou mightest be wellpleased.

  85. He said: verily We have tempted thy people after thee, and the Samiri hath led them astray.

  86. So Musa returned unto his people, indignant and sorrowful. He said: O my people! promised there not your Lord unto you an excellent promise! Lasted then the covenant too long for you, or desired ye that the wrath from your Lord should alight on you, so that ye failed to keep my appointment?

  87. They said: we failed not to keep thy appointment of our own authority, but we were laden with burthens of the people´s ornaments; then we threw them, and Thus Samiri cast down.

  88. And he produced for them a calf: a body with a low. Then they Said: this is your god and the god of Musa, and that he forgat.

  89. Observed they not that it returned not unto them a word, and owned not for them hurt or profit?

  90. And assuredly Harun had said unto them afore: O my people! ye are only being tempted thereby; and verily your Lord is the Compassionate; so follow me and obey my command.

  91. They said: we shall by no means cease to be assiduous to it until there returneth to us Musa.

  92. Musa said: O Harun! what prevented thee, when thou sawest them going astray.

  93. That thou followedst me not! Hast thou disobeyed my command?

  94. Harun said: O my mother´s son! hold me not by my beard nor by my head verily feared that thou wouldst say, thou hast caused a division among the Children of Israel and hast not guarded my Word.

  95. Musa said: what was thy object, O Samiri?

  96. He said: l saw that which they saw not; so I seized a handful from the footstep of the messenger, and then cast it; Thus my soul embellished the affair to me.

  97. Musa said: begone thou! verily it shall be thine in life to say no contact; and verily thine is an appointment which thou shalt by no means fail. And look at thy god to which thou hast been assidauous; we shall surely burn it, and we shall scatter it into the sea a wide scattering.

  98. Your God is only Allah, the One other than whom there is no god. He comprehendeth everything in knowledge.

  99. Thus We recount unto thee some tidings of that which hath preceded; and surely We have vouchsafed unto thee from before Us an admonition.

  100. Whosoever turnoth away therefrom--verily they shall bear on the Day of Judgment a burthen,

  101. As abiders therein. And vile will load! them on the Day of Judgment as a load!

  102. The Day whereon the trumpet will be blown into, and We shall gather the culprits on that Day blear-eyed,

  103. Mutterin among themselves: ye tarried not save ten days.

  104. We are the Best Knower of that which they will say, when the best of them in judgment Will say: ye tarried not save for a day.

  105. And they ask thee regarding the mountains; so say thou: my Lord will scatter them with a total scattering.

  106. Then He shall leave it a plain, level.

  107. Wherein thou shalt not see any crookedness or ruggedness.

  108. That Day they shall follow the caller for Whom there shall be no crookedness; and voices Shall be humbled for the Compassionate; so that thou shalt not hear ought except pattering

  109. That Day intercession will Profit not except him for whom the Compassionate giveth leave, and of whom He approveth the Word.

  110. He knoweth that which is before them and that which is behind them, and they, encompass it not with their knowledge.

  111. And downcast will be faces before the Living, the Self- subsisting, and disappointed will be he who beareth a wrong.

  112. And whosoever worketh of the righteous works, and is a believer, he will not fear Wrong or begrudging

  113. And Thus We have sent it down, an Arabic Recitation, and have propounded variously therein of the threats, that haply they may fear, or that it may generate in them some admonition.

  114. Exalted is Allah, the True King! And hasten thee not with the Qur´an before there is finished to thee the revelation thereof, and say thou: O my Lord! increase me in knowledge!

  115. And assuredly We covenanted with Adam aforetime, then he forgat, and We found not in him steadiness.

  116. And recall what time We said to the angels: prostrate yourselves before Adam. They fell prostrate, but Iblis did not; he refused.

  117. Then We said: Adam! verily this is an enemy unto thee and thine spouse; so let him not drive forth you twain from the Garden, lest thou be destressed.

  118. Verily it is thine that thou shalt not hunger therein nor go naked.

  119. Nor that thou shalt thirst therein nor shall suffer from the sun.

  120. Then the Satan whispered unto him; he said: Adam! shall direct thee to the tree of eternity and a dominion that ageth not!

  121. Then the twain ate thereof; so there became disclosed to them their shame, and they began sewing upon them selves some of the leaves of the Garden, so Adam disobeyed his Lord, and erred,

  122. Thereafter his Lord accepted him, and relented toward him, and guided him.

  123. He said: get ye twain down therefrom together: some of you an enemy unto some others; then if there cometh unto you from Me guidance, whosoever followeth My guidance shall neither go astray nor be distressed.

  124. And whosoever turneth away from My admonition, for him verily will be a livelihood shrunken, and We shall raise him up on the Day of Judgment sightless.

  125. He will say: O my Lord! why hast Thou gathered me sightless whereas surely I have been a seer.

  126. Allah will say: Thus came Our signs Unto thee and thou ignoredst them; so that wise today thou shalt be ignored.

  127. Thus We requite him who trespasseth and believeth not in the signs of his Lord, and surely the torment of the Hereafter is most severe and most lasting.

  128. Hath it not served as guidance to them how many a generation We have destroyed before them, amidst whose dwellings they Walk! Verily therein are signs for men of sagacity.

  129. And had not a word from thy Lord gone forth, and a term determined, it must necessarily have come.

  130. So bear thou patiently that which they say, and hallow the praise of thy Lord before the rising of the sun and before the setting thereof. And hallow Him in part of the night and the ends of the day, haply thou wilt be pleased.

  131. And strain not thine eyes after that which We have given classes of them to enjoy: the splendour of the life of the World, that We might try them therein; and the provision of thy Lord is the best and most lasting.

  132. And command thy household for prayer, and persevere thou therein; We ask not of thee any provision; we Who provide thee; and the happy end is for piety.

  133. And they Say: wherefore bringeth he not unto us a sign from his Lord? Hath not there came unto them the evidence of that which is in the former Scriptures?

  134. And had We destroyed them With a torment before it, surely they would have said: O our Lord why sent not Thou Unto us an apostle that we might have followed Thy signs before we were disgraced and humiliated.

  135. Say thou: everyone Is on the watch; so watch, and anon ye shall know who are the fellows of thee even path and who hath let himself be guided.


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