Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 21. Al-Anbiya' - The Prophets

  1. There has drawn nigh for the people (the Day of) their reckoning, yet they turn away in heedlessness.

  2. No new Reminder comes to them from their Lord but they listen to it in a playful mood,

  3. While their minds are inattentive. Those of them who have transgressed the limits, keep their counsels (against the Prophet of their time) secret (and say), `He is only a human being like yourselves. Will you be seduced by his skillful eloquence while you see and know?´

  4. (On the contrary the Prophet´s way is different.) He replied, `My Lord knows what is conceived in the heaven and the earth. And He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.´

  5. Nay, they say, `This (Qur´ân) is (no revelation), but a jumble of confused dreams, rather he (- the Prophet) has forged it himself; he is a poet. (If it is not) so let him then bring us some sign (of destruction) just as the former (Prophets) were sent with.´

  6. (Whereas) before them no people of a township whom We destroyed had ever believed. Would they then believe (to escape destruction).

  7. (Prophet!) We sent none (as Messengers) before you but (they were) men to whom We made Our revelations. Therefore (O disbelievers!) ask the followers of the Reminder if you do not know (this).

  8. Nor did We give them such bodies as could go without food, neither were they people given unusually long lives (to enjoy).

  9. (We sent Our revelations to them) then We fulfilled the promise We made to them so that We delivered them, and those whom We pleased (beside them), and We destroyed the transgressors.

  10. (Mankind!) now We have revealed to you a (highly perfect) Book wherein there is a provision for your eminence. Why do you not then make use of your understanding?

  11. And We have utterly destroyed many a wrong-doing people of townships, and We raised up another people after them.

  12. No sooner did they perceive Our punishment than they began to flee from it.

  13. (Thereupon We called out to them,) `Flee not but return to that (state of luxury) in which you were provided comforts and to your dwellings so that you might be called to account for (your conduct).´

  14. They said, `Woe to us! we were indeed wrong-doers.´

  15. Then they continued repeating this cry of theirs, till We made them (like) mown down field (and extinguished their spark of life leaving them like) smouldering ashes.

  16. We did not create the heaven and the earth and all that is between the two in idle sport.

  17. If We had meant to make something vain and idle We would surely have made it so on Our part. (But) We were by no means to do (such a thing).

  18. Nay, We hurl the truth at falsehood so that it knocks out its brains (and defeats it); and behold, it (- the falsehood) vanishes. And you deserve to be punished (with Gehenna) for what you ascribe (to God).

  19. And whosoever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. And those who are close to Him do not disdain to worship Him, nor do they (ever) grow weary (to serve Him).

  20. They glorify (Him) night and day (and) they flag not.

  21. And yet some people have chosen (false) gods from the earth who (are supposed to) raise (the dead) to life.

  22. Had there been in them (- the heaven and the earth) other gods beside Allâh, then surely both would have gone to ruin (because of chaos, disorder and confusion). Glorified then be Allâh the Lord of the Throne of power, far above what they attribute (to Him).

  23. He cannot be questioned for what He does, (because the cause for an objection does not exist,) whereas all (others) will be questioned (for what they do).

  24. Or have they chosen (other) gods beside Him? Say, `Bring forth your clear proof (if there are other gods).´ This (Unity of God) is the message of those who are with Me and the message of those (who have gone) before Me. The only thing is that most of them have no knowledge of the truth and that is why they have turned away (from it).

  25. And We sent no Messenger before you but We revealed to him, (saying), `The truth is that there is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but I, therefore worship Me (alone).´

  26. And they say, `The Most Gracious (God) has taken to Himself a son.´ Holy is He. Rather they (whom they so designate) are (only His) honoured servants.

  27. They do not precede Him in speech and they only carry out His biddings.

  28. He knows all that is before them (- their future) and all that is behind them (- their past). And they do not intercede except for the person for whom He is pleased to accord permission. And they are full of awe and reverence out of His Majesty.

  29. Should anyone of them say, `I am a deity apart from Him;´ him We will recompense with Gehenna for that is how We recompense the unjust.

  30. Do those who disbelieve not see that the heavens and the earth were (once) one mass all closed up, then We rent them apart. And it is from water that We created all life. Will they not believe (in the face of all this).

  31. And We have made firm mountains on the earth so that they may be a source of benefit and provision for the people and lest it should quake with them. And We made on it wide pathways that people may find right guidance to reach the goal.

  32. And We have made the heaven a roof, well protected, still they turn away paying no heed to its (heavenly) signs.

  33. And it is He Who created the night and the day, the sun and the moon. They are all gliding along smoothly in (their respective) orbits.

  34. And We have not assigned to any human being before you an unusually prolonged life. If you should die shall they live unusually long while (here).

  35. Every soul is bound to taste of death; and We prove (worth of) you now with evil, now with good, by way of trial. And you shall be made to return to Us.

  36. And when those who disbelieve see you, they hold you for a mere trifle (and say), `Is this the fellow who speaks (ill) of your gods?´ While it is they themselves who deny (disdainfully) the great Eminence of the Most Gracious (God).

  37. A human being is hasty by nature. I will certainly show you (O people!) My signs, but do not ask Me to hasten (them) before their (appointed) time.

  38. And they say, `When will this promise of punishment be fulfilled, (let us know) if you are truthful?´

  39. How good it would be if those who disbelieve could know the time when they will not be able to ward off (the flames of) the fire from their faces nor from their backs and they shall not be helped!

  40. Nay it (- the punishment) shall come upon them unawares, so that it will confound them completely, and they will not be able to avert it and no respite shall be given them.

  41. And certainly Messengers have (also) been treated as mere trifles even before you with the result that those who made light of them (- the Messengers) were caught by the very thing they held as vain and unimportant.

  42. Say, `Who can protect you by night and in the daytime from (the punishment of) the Most Gracious (God)?´ But rather (than thank Him) they are (truly) averse to proclaiming the greatness of their Lord.

  43. Or do they have gods that can defend them against Us? They are not able to help (even) themselves, nor shall they receive any help from Us.

  44. The thing is that We provided those and their fathers with the good things (of this world), until a long period (of enjoyment) passed over them (and now they are steeped in negligence). But do they not see that We are invading the land (of disbelief) and are gradually reducing it from its outlying borders? Can they even then be the victors?

  45. Say, `It is on the basis of (divine) revelation that I warn you.´ But the deaf do not hear the call when they are warned.

  46. And if the slightest punishment of your Lord befalls them they would surely cry out, `Ah, Woe to Us! We were indeed unjust.´

  47. And We shall set up scales of justice (to weigh their deeds) on the Day of Resurrection so that no soul shall be done the least injustice. And even if it (the deeds of a person) were (as little as) the weight of a grain of mustard seed, We would bring it forth (for accurate account). And sufficient are We as Reckoners.

  48. And We gave Moses and Aaron the arguments (telling the right from the wrong) and a light and a Reminder for those who guard against evil;

  49. Those who stand in awe of their Lord even in their heart of hearts and who dread the Hour (of Judgment).

  50. And (like those earlier Scriptures) We have revealed this (Qur´ân) as a Reminder, full of bliss. Will you then be the rejecters of this (Perfect Book)?

  51. And We gave Abraham his rectitude (befitting his station as a Prophet of God) before (this). We knew him fully well (for his personal qualities).

  52. (Recall the time) when he said to his sire and his people, `What (good) are these images to which you sit down to worship with so much devotion?´

  53. They said, `We found our fathers worshipping them.´

  54. He said, `Surely, you yourselves and your fathers have been plainly mistaken.´

  55. They said, `Is it (really) the truth that you have brought us or are you of those playing a joke (on us)?´

  56. (Abraham) said, `(I am playing no jokes on you.) Your (true) Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, Who originated them; and I am of those who bear witness to (the truth of) this before you.

  57. `And, by Allâh, I will indeed plan a stern plan against your idols after you have left turning your backs.´

  58. So he smashed them all into pieces, except their chief (idol), that they might return to it (for inquiry as he planned).

  59. (When they saw their idols broken,) they said, `Who has done this to our gods? He (who has done this) must be of the wrong-doers indeed.´

  60. Some (of the people) said, `We heard a young man speaking (ill) of them, he is called Abraham.´

  61. They said,´ Then bring him before the eyes of the people so that they may bear witness (against him).´

  62. (When he was brought) they said, `O Abraham! is it you who did this to our gods?´

  63. (Abraham) said, `Well, of course, someone has done it. Here is their chief (idol which witnessed all this). So better ask (him and) them, if they can speak.´

  64. Then they turned to their leaders and to one another and said, `You, yourselves are surely in the wrong.´

  65. Then they were made to hang down their heads (in shame and said to Abraham), `Indeed, you know very well that these (idols) do not speak.´

  66. (Abraham) said, `Do you then worship, apart from Allâh, the things which can do no good to you, (who are their worshippers), nor can do harm to (those of) you (who are their destroyers).

  67. `Shame on you and on the things you worship apart from Allâh! Will you not then make use of (your) understanding?´

  68. They said, (among themselves,) `Burn him and help your gods if (at all) you would do (anything against Abraham).´

  69. We said, `O fire, be you a means of coolness and safety for Abraham.´

  70. They intended a mistreatment of him, but We made them the worst losers (and they could not carry out their evil design of burning him).

  71. And We delivered him and Lot (as well and brought them) towards the land (of Can`ân) which We had blessed for the peoples.

  72. And We gave him Isaac out of Our bounty and Jacob, (an additional bounty), as a grandson. We made all (of them) righteous.

  73. And We appointed them leaders, who guide (people) by Our command, and We revealed to them the doing of good deeds and the observing of prayer and the giving of alms. And they were all worshippers of Us (alone).

  74. And (We showed Our favours to) Lot, We gave him wisdom and knowledge and delivered him from the people of the town who indulged in abominable practices. They were indeed wicked and lawless people.

  75. And We admitted him (- Lot) to Our mercy, for he was surely of the righteous.

  76. And (We showed Our favours to) Noah. Behold! he called (to Us) in the days bygone. So We heard his prayer and delivered him and his companions from the great distressful calamity.

  77. And We helped him against the people who cried lies to Our Messages. They were surely people given to evil, so We drowned them all.

  78. And (We bestowed Our favours on) David and Solomon. Behold! they gave their (respective) judgment in the disputed matter about a certain crop when the sheep of a certain people strayed into it at night, and We were bearers of witness to the judgment they gave (them).

  79. So We gave Solomon the true appreciation of it (- the matter); to each one of them We gave wisdom and knowledge. And We had subjected the mountains and the birds which celebrated (Our) glory along with David. That is what We always do.

  80. And We taught him (the art of) making coats of mail for you (people), that they designed to fortify you against (one another´s) violence (in your wars). Will you then be grateful?

  81. And (We subjected) to Solomon the violent wind; it blew according to his commandments towards the land (of Can`ân) which We had blessed and We have knowledge of all things.

  82. And (We subjected to him) some of the expert deep divers who dived for him and did other (sundry) works besides that; and it was We who kept watch over them.

  83. And (We showed Our favours to) Job. Behold! he called out to his Lord, `I am afflicted with some distress, and You are the Most- Merciful of all who show mercy.´

  84. So We heard his prayer and removed the affliction which he had and We restored his family to him and as many more (followers) with them by way of mercy from Ourself. This (event) serves as a reminder for (Our) devotees.

  85. And (We showed Our favours to) Ismâîl, Idrîs (- Enoch), Dhul-Kifl (- Ezekiel, possessed of abundant portion), all of them were of the patiently persevering people.

  86. And We admitted them to Our mercy. They were of the righteous indeed.

  87. And (We showed Our favours to) Dhul-Nûn (Jonah). Behold! he left in anger (his people for the sake of God). He was sure in his mind that We would not cause him any distress. (But when We did,) he cried out in the midst of afflictions, `There is no other God but you. Holy are You. I have indeed been of those hard pressed with difficulties and distress.´

  88. So We heard his prayer and We delivered him from grief, and in this way do We deliver the (true) believers.

  89. And (We showed Our favours to) Zachariah. Behold! he called out to his Lord and prayed to Him, `My Lord, do not leave me solitary, alone (and heirless), You are Best of those who remain after (-You alone are the Everlasting God).´

  90. So We heard his prayer and granted him (a son) John, and cured his wife (of sterility) making her fit (for bearing children) for him. They used to vie one with another in (doing) good deeds and call upon Us with (mixed feelings of) hope and fear, and they were humble before Us.

  91. And (We showed Our favours to) the woman (- Mary) who preserved her chastity, so We revealed to her some of Our words and We made her and her son (- Jesus) a sign (of eminence) for the nations.

  92. (Mankind!) surely, this your religion is the one single religion (of all the Prophets), and I am your Lord, so worship Me.

  93. But they (- the latter generations) split up their affair (of religion) among themselves (and became divided into factions), and all will return to Us.

  94. So whoever does deeds of righteousness and is a believer (will find) there is no disapproval of his endeavours (and his strivings are not lost); and surely We are recorders (of his virtues) for him.

  95. And it is not permissible to (the people of) a township whom We have destroyed to come back (to life of this world).

  96. (This inviolable law will remain in force) even when (the great powers like) Gog and Magog are let loose and come crashing down from every height and from the crest of every wave, and when they occupy every point of vantage (dominating the whole world and when they excel all other nations).

  97. And when the time (of the fulfillment) of the true promise (about the destruction of the forces of falsehood and materialism as represented by Gog and Magog) draws near, behold! the eyes of those who do not believe (in the triumph of truth), will be transfixed (and they will exclaim), `Ah, woe to us! we were really forgetful of this (day), nay, we were of course unjust.´

  98. (It will be said to them,) `Surely, you and the things which you worship apart from Allâh are, of course, fuel of Gehenna, where you shall enter.´

  99. Had these things been true gods (as you claim to be) they would not have come to it. But (as it is) they shall all enter it and abide in it for long.

  100. Groaning shall be their lot therein and they will not hear in it (anything else).

  101. But those to whom We have already promised a most fair treatment from Us, shall be kept far removed from it (-the Hell).

  102. (Not to speak of entering it;) they will not hear the faintest sound of it and they shall be abiding in (the midst of all the blessings) which their souls desire.

  103. The great terror (of the Judgment Day) will cause them no grief and the angels will receive them (with the greetings), `This is your day which you were promised.´

  104. This is the day when We shall roll up the heavens like the rolling up of the written scrolls by a scribe. Just as We started the process of the first creation so shall We reproduce it. This is a promise binding on Us; We shall certainly bring it about.

  105. We have already stated in the Zabûr (Psalms - the Book of David) after (stating it in) the Reminder (-Torah) that My servants with right capacity (to rule) shall inherit the land.

  106. Verily, in this (Qur´ân) is an important Message for a people who worship (Us).

  107. And We did not send you (O Muhammad!) but as a blessing and mercy, for all beings.

  108. Say, `Indeed it has been revealed to me that your God is but One God. Will you then, be the ones who submit (to Him)?´

  109. But if they still turn back say, `I have given you clear warning in all fairness. I do not know, however, whether that threat held out to you will be (fulfilled in the) near or distant (future).

  110. `Verily, He knows the words you speak openly and He knows (the thoughts) which you hide.

  111. `And I do not know whether it (- the respite referred to above) is meant to put you on trial or it may be affording you a (worldly) provision for a short while.´

  112. (The Prophet praying to his Lord) said, `My Lord! judge with truth,´ Our Lord is the Most Gracious whose help is ever to be sought against what you (O disbelievers!) ascribe (to Him).´


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