Literal - Sura: 21. Al-Anbiya' - The Prophets

  1. Their account/calculation neared/approached to the people, and they are in negligence/disregard objecting/opposing .

  2. None from a remembrance/reminder initiated/originated from their Lord, comes to them except they heard/listened (to) it and (while) they are playing/amusing .

  3. Their hearts/minds are being distracted and they kept the confidential talk secret, those who caused injustice/oppression, is that except (a) human similar/equal to you? Do you do the magic/sorcery and you are seeing/understanding?

  4. He said: "My Lord knows the saying/opinion and belief in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and He is the hearing/listening, the knowledgeable."

  5. But they said: "A confused mixture of dreams with no basis, rather he fabricated/cut and split it, rather he is a poet, so he should come/bring us with a verse/evidence/sign, as/like the first/beginners were sent."

  6. None from a village/urban city before them believed, (that) We made it die/destroyed it , so are they believing?

  7. And We did not send before you except men, We inspire/transmit to them, so ask/question the reminder`s/remembrance`s people if you were not knowing.

  8. And We did not make/create them a body, they do not eat the food, and they were not immortal/eternal .

  9. Then We were truthful to them (in) the promise, so We saved/rescued them and whom We will/want, and We destroyed the wasters/extravagators .

  10. We had descended to you a Book in it (is) your memory/mention , so do you not reason/understand?

  11. And how many from a village/urban city We destroyed/broke , (it) was unjust/oppressive, and We created/formed after it a nation (of) others.

  12. So when they felt with one of their physical senses Our might/power , then they are from it running (fleeing).

  13. Do not run, and return to what you were luxuriated/ungrateful and arrogant in it and your residences, maybe/perhaps you be asked/questioned.

  14. They said: "Oh our calam ity that we, we were unjust/oppressive."

  15. So it was still/continuing that it (was) their call/prayer until We made them uprooted (and) silent/dead .

  16. And We did not create the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and what (is) between them (B) playing/amusing

  17. If We wanted that We take a plaything/an amusement , We would have taken it from at Us, if We were making/doing.

  18. Rather We throw/hurl with the truth on the falsehood, so it nullifies/eliminates it (the falsehood), so then it(the falsehood) is vanishing/being destroyed , and for you (is) the grief/misfortune from what you describe/categorize.

  19. And for Him whom (is) between the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and whom (are) at Him do not be arrogant from worshipping Him, and they do not grieve/sadden .

  20. They praise/glorify (during) the night and the daytime, they do not subside/abate .

  21. Or they took/received gods from the earth/Planet Earth, they are reviving/resurrecting.

  22. If (there) was in them (B) (the skies and the Earth) gods, except God, they (B) would have been corrupted ,so praise/glory (to) God, Lord (of) the throne about what they describe/categorize.

  23. (He is) not to be asked/questioned about what He makes/does, and they are being asked/questioned.

  24. Or they took/received from other than Him gods, say: "Bring/give your proof/evidence that (is a) reminder/mention what (is) with me, and (a) reminder/mention what (is) before me, but most of them do not know the truth , so they are objecting/opposing .

  25. And We did not send from before you from a messenger, except (that) We inspire/transmit to him: "That He is no God except Me, so worship Me."

  26. And they said: "The merciful took/received a child (son) His praise/glory but honoured worshippers/slaves."

  27. They do not precede/race Him with the saying/opinion and belief, and they are with His order/command doing/working.

  28. He knows what (is) between their hands and what (is) behind them, and they do not mediate except to who He accepted/approved, and they are from His fear are guarding/cautious .

  29. And who says from them: "That I am a god from other than Him." So that/this, We reimburse him Hell, that is how We reimburse the unjust/oppressive."

  30. Did those who disbelieved not see that the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, they (B) were joined , so We split/ruptured them (B) , and We made/created from the water every thing alive/living, so do they not believe?

  31. And We made/created in the earth/Planet Earth anchors/mountains , that (E) it sways and leans/moves and unsettles with them, and We made/created in it wide mountain paths (as) roads/paths ,maybe/perhaps they be guided.

  32. And We made/created the sky/space a protected/guarded roof/ceiling, and they are from its verses/evidences/signs objecting/opposing .

  33. And He is who created the night and the daytime, and the sun and the moon, every/all in (an) orbit/circuit floating.

  34. And We did not make/create to a human from before you the immortality , so if you died so they are the immortals ?

  35. Every self (is) tasting/experiencing the death/lifelessness, and We test you with the bad/harm and the good/generosity (as) a test , and to Us you are being returned.

  36. And if those who disbelieved saw you, that they take you except mockingly/making fun, is that who mentions/remembers your gods? And they are with mentioning/remembering the merciful they are225disbelieving.

  37. The human/mankind was created from hurry/haste/speed, I will show you My verses/evidences , so do not hurry/hasten .

  38. And they say: "When (is) that the promise if you were truthful?"

  39. If those who disbelieved know when they do not prevent/stop the fire from their faces/fronts, and nor from their backs, and nor they, they be given victory/aid.

  40. But it comes to them suddenly/unexpectedly, so it amazes/surprises them, so they are not able (of) its return/returning it, and nor they be given time .

  41. And had been mocked/made fun of with messengers from before you, so surrounded with those who mocked from them, what they were with it mocking (so those who mocked were surrounded by their deeds).

  42. Say: "Who guards/protects you by the night and the daytime from the merciful? But they are from mentioning/remembering their Lord objecting/opposing .

  43. Or (are) for them gods preventing/protecting them from other than/besides Us, (or are there Gods that protect them from Us), they are not able (of) victory/aid (to) themselves, and nor they are from Us being accompanied/befriended.

  44. But We gave long life/made those enjoy, and their fathers, until the lifetime became long/lasted long on them, so do they not see/understand that We come/bring (to) the earth/Planet Earth, We reduce/decrease/lessen it from its ends/edges, so are they the defeaters/conquerors?

  45. Say: "Truly I warn/give you notice with the inspiration/transmission , and the deaf does not hear the call/prayer if they are being warned/given notice! ."

  46. And if a blow/breath from your Lord`s torture touched them, they will say (E): "Oh our calamity , we (E) were unjust/oppressive."

  47. And We put the scales/measures the just/equitable to the Resurrection Day, so a self does not be caused injustice to/oppressed a thing, and (even) if (it) was a seed`s/grain`s weight of mustard/an herb, We brought it and enough/sufficient with Us counting/calculating.

  48. And We had given/brought (to) Moses and Aaron the Separator of Right and Wrong/Proof , and light/illumination , and a reminder/remembrance to the fearing and obeying.

  49. Those who fear their Lord with the unseen and they are from the Hour/Resurrection they are afraid/guarding .

  50. And that (is) a blessed reminder, We descended it, so are you to it denying/objecting ?

  51. And We had given Abraham his correct/right guidance from before, and We were with (about) him knowing.

  52. When he said to his father and to his nation: "What (are) these the statues which you are to it devoting/dedicating ?"

  53. They said: "We found our fathers to it worshipping."

  54. He said: "You had been, you and your fathers in clear/evident misguidance."

  55. They said: "Did you come to us with the truth , or you are from the playing amusing ?"226

  56. He said: "But your Lord (is) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s Lord, who created them (B) ,and I am on that from the witnessing/testifying."

  57. And by God, I will manipulate/fight/(destroy) (E) your idols/statues , after that you turn giving (your) backs.

  58. So he made them broken/pieces except a big/large (one) for them, maybe/perhaps to it they return.

  59. They said: "Who made/did that with our Gods? That he is from (E) the unjust/oppressive."

  60. They said: "We heard a youth/adolescent mentioning them, is said to him, Abraham."

  61. They said: "So come/bring with him on the people`s eyes/sights, maybe/perhaps they witness/testify."

  62. They said: "Did you make/do this with our Gods, you Abraham?"

  63. He said: "But/rather their oldest/biggest , that, made/did it, so ask/question them, if they were speaking."

  64. So they returned to themselves, so they said: "That you are, you are the unjust/oppressive."

  65. Then they were turned upside down on their heads/tops, "You had known those do not speak."

  66. He said: "Do you worship from other than God what does not benefit you a thing, and nor harm you?"

  67. Ugh to you, and to what you worship from other than God, so do you not reason/comprehend ?

  68. They said: "Burn him, and give victory/aid (to) your gods, if you were making/doing (that)."

  69. We said: "You fire, be/become cool/cold and peaceful/safe on Abraham."

  70. And they intended with him a plot/conspiracy/deceit , so We made them the most losers.

  71. And We saved/rescued him and Lot to the Earth/land which We blessed in it to the creations all together/(universes).

  72. And We granted to him Isaac and Jacob gifts , each/all, We made correct/righteous.

  73. And We made them leaders/examples guiding with Our order/command, and We inspired/transmitted to them making/doing the goodnesses , and keeping up the prayers, and giving/bringing the charity/purification , and they were to Us worshipping.

  74. And Lot, We gave/brought him judgment/rule and knowledge, and We saved/rescued him from the village/urban city which was making/doing the bad/forbidden , that they truly were a bad/evil nation (of) debauchers .

  75. And We entered him in Our mercy, that he truly (is) from the correct/righteous.

  76. And Noah when he called/cried from before, so We saved/rescued him and his family/people from the grief, hardship and suffering, the great.

  77. And We saved/aided him from the nation, those who lied/denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences , that they truly were a bad/evil nation, so We drowned/sunk them, all/altogether.

  78. And David and Soliman when they (B) judge/rule in the agricultural land/plants, when the nation`s sheep/goats grazed at night/spread in it, and We were to their judgment/rule witnessing/present .

  79. So We made Soliman understand/realize it , and each/all We gave/brought judgment/rule and knowledge, and We manipulated/subjugated with David the mountains , they praise/glorify, and the birds, and We were making/doing.227

  80. And We taught/instructed him a trade/skill/craft (of) clothes/shields for you, to fortify/protect you from your hardship in war, so are you thankful/grateful?

  81. And to Soliman the wind/breeze stormy/violent it flows/passes with His order/ command to the land/Earth that We blessed in (E), and We were with every thing knowledgeable.

  82. And from the devils who dive for him, and they make/do a work/deed other than that, and We were for them protecting/observing .

  83. And Job, when he called/cried (to) his Lord: "That I, the harm touched me, and you are most merciful (of) the merciful."

  84. So We answered/replied to him, so We removed/uncovered (relieved) what is with him from harm, and We gave/brought him his family/people and equal/alike to them with them, mercy from at Us, and a remembrance/reminder to the worshipping.

  85. And Ishmael, and Idris, and (owner) of the cloth saddle/harness/protection , each/all (are) from the patient.

  86. And We entered them in Our mercy, that they truly (are) from the correct/righteous.

  87. And (owner of) the whale/fish when he went away angrily, so he thought/assumed that We will never/not become capable on him, so he called/cried in the darknesses: "That (there is) no God except You, Your praise/glory, that I was from the unjust/oppressive."

  88. So We answered/replied to him, and We saved/rescued him from the grief/sadness/depression, as/like that We save/rescue the believers.

  89. And Zachary/Zacharias/Zachariah when he called/cried (to) his Lord: "My Lord do not leave me alone , and you are the heirs`/inheritants` best."

  90. So We answered/replied to him, and We granted to him John/Yahya and We corrected/reconciliated for him his wife , that they truly were speeding/rushing in the goodnesses , and they call Us desiring/wishing and with awe/monastically , and they were for Us humble/submissive .

  91. And who remained chaste/(protected) her genital parts , so We blew into her from Our Soul/Spirit , and We made/created her and her son (as) an evidence/sign to the creations all together/(universes).

  92. That this (is) your nation, one nation, and I am your Lord, so worship Me.

  93. And they separated/divided their matter/affair between them, all/each to Us are returning.

  94. So who makes/does from the correct/righteous deeds, and he is believing, so (there is) no cover/substitution (denial) for his striving/endeavor , We are for it/him writing/dictating .

  95. And forbidden on a village/urban city We made it die/destroyed it , that they do not return.

  96. Until when Yagog and Magog was opened , and they are for every/each hard/elevated ground, they rush down/separate .

  97. And the promise, the truth , neared/approached, so then those who disbelieved`s eye sights it is (are) staring at . "Oh our calamity , we had been in negligence/disregard from this, rather we were unjust/oppressors."

  98. That you, and what you worship from other than God, (are) Hell`s stones/fire fuel , you are to it228nearing/approaching .

  99. If those were gods, they would not (have) neared/approached it , and each/all (is) in it immortal/eternal .

  100. For them in it (is the) sound of blazing or roaring fire , and they (are) in it not hearing/listening.

  101. That those whom the best/goodness from Us preceded for them, those are from it they are being kept far away.

  102. They do not hear its sound or noise, and they are in what their selves desired/craved immortal/eternal .

  103. The fright/terror the greatest/biggest does not sadden/make them grievous, and the angels receive/meet them (and they are told): "This (is) your day/time which you are being promised."

  104. A day/time We fold/coil the sky/space as/like the record/register book`s folding/coiling to the books/scriptures (print); as/like We began/initiated (the) first/beginning creation, We repeat/return it, a promise on Us, We (E) were making/doing (it).

  105. And We had written/decreed in The Book/Prophet David`s Scripture from after the reminder/remembrance (could also be a sacred scripture or the Koran) that the earth/Planet Earth My worshippers/slaves the correct/righteous inherit it.

  106. That in this (is) an information/communication to a nation worshipping.

  107. And We did not send you except (as) mercy to the creations all together/(universes).

  108. Say: "Indeed/but (it) is being transmitted/inspired to me, that your God, (is) one God, so are you submitters/surrenders/Moslems?"

  109. So if they turned away , so say: "I informed you on equality/straightness , and I do not know is what you are being promised, near/close, or distant/far?"

  110. That He truly knows the publicized/declared from the saying/opinion and belief , and He knows what you hide/conceal .

  111. And I do not know, maybe/perhaps it (is) a test/seduction for you and enjoyment to a time/period of time .

  112. Say: "My Lord, judge/rule with the correct/truth , and our Lord (is) the merciful, the seeked help/assistance from , on (about) what you describe/categorize."229


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