Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 22. Al-Hajj - The Pilgrimage

  1. O people! take your Lord as a shield (for) as a matter of fact the shock of the Hour is a tremendously dreadful thing;

  2. On the day you behold it, you will find every woman giving suck abandoning (even) her suckling (in the confusion), and every pregnant one miscarrying, and people will appear to you to be drunk while they are not actually drunk; the punishment of Allâh will be (so) severe (that it will leave people in a terrible state of horror and dread).

  3. And there are some people who argue about Allâh without any knowledge and follow every satan (who is) devoid of all good.

  4. About whom it is decreed that whoever makes friends with him, he will invariably lead him astray and conduct him to the sufferings of the flaming fire.

  5. O people! if you doubt the Resurrection (then consider Our scheme of unformed things); We have indeed created you from dust, then, from a sperm-drop, then from a blood clot, and then from a lump of flesh (partly) formed and (partly) unformed that We make (Our power and the real state of things) clear to you. And We cause to stay in the wombs (that drop of fluid) when We please (to make a perfectly formed being) for a given period of time, then We bring you forth (formed) as infants, then (We bring you up) with the result that you reach your prime. And there are some of you who are called to death (early) and there are others of you who are made to live to the worst part of life; a miserable very old age, with the result that they know nothing after (having had) knowledge. While the earth appears to you lifeless and barren, it throbs (with life) and swells (with growth) and puts forth every kind of beautiful herbage, when We send down water upon it.

  6. Such is (the epithet of life and nature) to prove that Allâh alone is the Truth and it is He Who brings the dead to life and He indeed is Possessor of power to do all that He will,

  7. And that the Hour is bound to come, there is no doubt about it, and that Allâh will raise up those who are in the graves.

  8. And among the people there is he who argues about Allâh though he has neither knowledge nor guidance and nor an illuminating Book;

  9. Turning his side (out of pride) with the result that he leads (some) astray from the path of Allâh. There is for him disgrace in this world and on the Day of Resurrection, We will make him suffer the punishment of burning.

  10. And (to such it will be said,) `This is the result of what your own hands have sent on before (- your deeds); and Allâh is not the least unjust to (His) servants.´

  11. And among people there is such a one who worships Allâh (as it were) on the very verge (in a wavering state of mind). If any good befalls him he is satisfied with it, but if there befalls a trial he returns to his (former) ways. He has lost both this world as well as the next. That indeed is the obvious loss.

  12. He calls, apart from Allâh, upon the things which can do him neither harm nor good. That, indeed, is straying far away.

  13. He calls upon him whose harm is much more likely than his good. How evil is this false god to be his patron and how evil is (he to be) his associate!

  14. Allâh will surely cause those who believe and do righteous deeds to enter Gardens served with running streams (to keep them green and flourishing). Surely, Allâh does what He has a mind to.

  15. Whoso thinks that Allâh will not help him (- the Prophet) in this present life nor in the next, let him help himself to go into the heaven by some means and cut (the divine help) off and then see if his device can take away that (God´s help to the Prophet) which enrages (him).

  16. That is how it is. We have revealed this (Qur´ân) comprising clear arguments. Yet the truth is that Allâh guides him (to the right way) who wishes (to be guided).

  17. (Let) those who believe and those who judaised and the Sabians and the Christians and the Magians and those who associate gods with God know that Allâh will decide between them on the Day of Resurrection. Surely, Allâh is Witness over all things.

  18. Have you not considered that whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on the earth, and (also) the sun, the moon and the stars, the mountains, the trees, the moving creatures and many of mankind make obeisance to Allâh? Yet many of (mankind) are those who become deserving of punishment (because of their disobedience). None can honour the person whom Allâh disgraces. Verily,Allâh does what He pleases. [Prostration]

  19. These two (- the believers and the disbelievers) are two adversaries who dispute about their Lord. As for those who disbelieve, garments of fire have been tailored for them and boiling water shall be poured down over their heads,

  20. Whereby whatever is in their bellies will be melted, and (their) skins as well (will come off their bones).

  21. And (further more) there will be whips of iron for (punishing) them.

  22. Every time they seek to escape from there in (their) anguish (and from its sorrows) they will be hurled back into it (and it will be said to them), `Keep on suffering the torment of burning.´

  23. As for those who believe and do righteous deeds, Allâh will admit them to Gardens served with running streams (to keep them green and flourishing). Therein they shall be given for ornaments bracelets of gold and pearls and therein their raiments shall be of silk,

  24. Because they were inspired to speak noble words and do noble deeds and were guided to the path of the Highly Praiseworthy (God).

  25. (As to) those who disbelieve and hinder (people) from (following) the path of Allâh and (from going to) the Holy Mosque which We have made (a source of goodness and benefit) for all people, and where the inhabitants thereof (- of Makkah) and the visitors from outside are equal; and whoever seeks wrongfully to promote crookedness in it, We shall make him suffer woeful punishment.

  26. And (recall the time) when We assigned to Abraham the site of the (Holy) House (bidding him), `Associate none with Me and keep My House clean and pure for those who (go round it to) perform the circuits and for those who stay in it (for worshipping Me) devotedly, and for those who bow down, (and) fall prostrate (in Prayer before Me).´

  27. (Prophet!) call on people to make the Pilgrimage, they will come to you on foot and riding on all sorts of lean and fast (means of transport), coming from every distant deep highway (and mount track).

  28. So that they (- the Pilgrims) may witness benefits (that lay therein) for them, and that (at the time of making a sacrifice) on days prescribed they may mention the name of Allâh over the beasts of the family of cattle He has given them. (When you have sacrificed the animal) then eat from this, (flesh of the animal thus sacrificed), yourselves and (also) feed the poor distressed one and the needy (on that).

  29. Then let the people perform their needful rituals regarding the cleansing (of their bodies and shaving) and fulfill their voluntary promises made to Allâh and perform the (last) circuit of the Ancient, Free, Invulnerable House.

  30. That is (the purpose behind the construction of the House), so he who honours the things declared sacred by Allâh (will find that) it is good for him in the sight of his Lord. And (remember that) all the cattle are made lawful to you except those already mentioned to you (as unlawful in the Qur´ân). And abstain from unclean practice of idolatry and shun false speech.

  31. Remaining upright (devoting yourselves in worship and obedience entirely) to Allâh, not associating anything with Him. Indeed, he who associates anything with Allâh falls, as it were, from on high, and either the birds snatch him away or the wind blows him off to some deep place very far away.

  32. That is (the law which you should bear in mind). He who respects Symbols appointed by Allâh, will find that this (respect) proceeds from and leads to the piety of hearts.

  33. It is lawful for you to take benefits from these (cattle to be offered for sacrifice) for an appointed term (- they can be used for riding, carrying burdens, for milk etc.), then the lawful place of their sacrifice is by the Ancient, Free and Invulnerable House.

  34. And We have prescribed certain rites of sacrifice for every people that they may mention the name of Allâh over the beasts of the family of cattle He has provided for them. So (O people!) your God is One God, therefore you should all submit to Him alone. And give glad tidings (of success) to the humble and the submissive ones (to Him);

  35. Whose hearts are filled with awe when the name of Allâh is mentioned and who are patiently persevering in whatever (of the afflictions) befalls them, and who observe Prayer and spend from that which We have provided them.

  36. We have made the sacrificial animals among the Symbols appointed by Allâh for you. They are of immense good to you. So (whenever you offer them for sacrifice do it) in the name of Allâh (while they) stand (drawn up) in lines. When their flanks collapse, (on being slaughtered), eat from (the meat of) them and feed him who is (in need but) contented and him who begs. In this way We have made these (animals) subservient to you so that you may render thanks.

  37. It is neither their flesh nor their blood (of these sacrifices) which matters to Allâh but it is guarding against evil and devotion to duty on your part that matters to Him. Thus He has made them subservient to you that you may proclaim the greatness of Allâh for His guiding you. And give glad tidings to the doers of good to others.

  38. Allâh will certainly defend those who believe because Allâh loves no perfidious, ungrateful person.

  39. Permission (to fight in self-defense) is (now) given to those (Muslims) against whom war is waged (for no reason), because they have been done injustice to, and Allâh has indeed might and power to help them;

  40. Those who have been driven out of their homes without any just cause. Their only fault was that they said, `Our Lord is Allâh.´ If Allâh had not repelled some peoples by means of others, cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques wherein the name of Allâh is mentioned very frequently, would have been razed to the ground in large numbers. And Allâh will surely help one who helps His cause. Allâh is, indeed, All-Powerful, All-Mighty.

  41. They are (the persecuted people) who, if We establish them in the land (giving them power) will observe Prayer and keep on presenting the Zakât, and enjoin (people) to do good and forbid evil. And Allâh will finally settle all issues.

  42. And (Prophet!) if they cry lies to you (there is nothing new in it) even so before them, the people of Noah and (the tribes of) `âd and Thamûd also cried lies (to their Apostles of God).

  43. (So did) the people of Abraham and the people of Lot;

  44. And the inhabitants of Midian. And Moses (also) was cried lies to. But I granted respite the disbelievers for long, then I took them to task. (Imagine) how (terrible) was (the result of their) denial of Me! and how (awful) the change I effected (in them).

  45. We have destroyed so many townships because (the people thereof) were given to wicked ways so that they have fallen down on their roofs, and how many a well is completely deserted: (similarly) many a strongly built lofty castles (met the same doom because We destroyed their occupants).

  46. Why do they not travel in the land so that they should have hearts that help them to understand and ears which can help them hear? As a matter of fact (when going astray) it is not the (physical) eyes that are blind but blind are the hearts which lie in the bosoms.

  47. And they (- the disbelievers) demand of you to expedite (their) punishment. Allâh will not fail His promise. (Remember however that) one day with your Lord is (sometimes) equal to one thousand years by your counting.

  48. And so many (people of) townships were given to wicked ways but I respited them long. Then I took them to task and to Me alone shall be the return (of all of them).

  49. Say, `O mankind! I am but a plain Warner to you all (against the evil consequences of refusal and misdeeds).´

  50. There awaits protection and a generous and honourable provision for those who believe and do deeds of righteousness.

  51. But those who strive hard against Our Messages seeking to frustrate (Us in Our aims and ends), it is they who will be the inmates of the flaming Fire.

  52. And We have sent no Messenger, nor a Prophet before you but when he longed (to attain what he sought), satan (interfered and) put hindrances in the way of what he sought after. But Allâh removes (the hindrances) that are placed by satan, then Allâh firmly establishes His Messages. And Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

  53. (Allâh permits the interference of satan) so that He may make (the hindrance which satan puts in the way of the Messengers) serve as a trial for those whose hearts carry disease (of hypocrisy) and for those whose hearts are hardened (because of disbelief). Infact the wrongdoers have gone far (in their antagonism).

  54. And (He permits this) so that those who have been given knowledge may know that this (Qur´ân) is the truth from your Lord and may believe in it and humble themselves before Him from their very hearts. And Allâh will indeed be the Guide of those who believe, to the straight and right path.

  55. And those who have disbelieved will continue to have doubt about this (Qur´ân) until the Hour overtakes them suddenly, or the scourge of a destructive day befalls them.

  56. On that day the kingdom shall belong to Allâh alone, He will judge between people so that those who believe and do deeds of righteousness will be (admitted) into blissful Gardens.

  57. But those who disbelieve and cried lies to Our Messages, shall suffer a humiliating punishment.

  58. And Allâh will certainly provide for ever a goodly provision to those who leave their homes for the cause of Allâh and are then slain or die a natural death. Surely, Allâh, He is indeed the Best of constant Providers.

  59. He will make them enter a place which they will like. Verily, Allâh is All-Knowing, Forbearing (in the matter of punishment).

  60. That is (how it will be); and whoso retaliates in proportion to that (injury) which is inflicted on him, and again is transgressed against, Allâh will certainly help him. Verily, Allâh is All-Pardoning (absolving people of their sins), All-Protecting.

  61. That (system of requital) is to prove that it is Allâh Who makes the night gain on the day and makes the day gain on the night and that Allâh is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

  62. That is also (to show) that it is Allâh Who is the Ultimate Truth (- Self-Subsisting, All- Sustaining) and that which they call upon apart from Him is falsehood and perishable, and because Allâh is the High, the Great.

  63. Do you not see that Allâh sends down water from the clouds and the (dry) earth becomes green? Verily, Allâh is the Knower of subtleties, the All-Aware.

  64. All that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth belongs to Him and Allâh is Self- Sufficient (having no needs) and Worthy of all praise (in His Own right).

  65. Do you not consider that Allâh has made subservient to you all that is on the earth? (Do you not see that) the ships sail through the sea by His command? And He holds the rain back from falling upon the earth save by His permission. Verily, Allâh is Most Compassionate to mankind (and) Ever Merciful (to them).

  66. And it is He Who gave you life, then He will call you to death, then will He bring you back to life (again). The thing is, a human being is most ungrateful.

  67. We have prescribed for every people modes of worship which they should observe. Let them not, therefore, dispute with you in the matter (of Islamic mode of worship). And call (the people) to your Lord for you are indeed on the exact and right guidance.

  68. And if they still contend with you, say, `Allâh knows best all that you do.

  69. `Allâh will judge between you (and us) on the Day of Resurrection concerning all that in which you differ (from us).

  70. `Do you not know that Allâh knows whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth? Surely, this is (all recorded) in a Book (of laws) and, indeed, it is easy for Allâh (to bind them to a law).´

  71. And they worship apart from Allâh the things for which He has revealed no authority and about which they themselves have no knowledge. And the wrong doers will find no helper.

  72. And when Our clear Messages are recited to them you will notice an expression of disapproval on the faces of those who disbelieve. They would almost assault those who recite Our Messages to them. Say, `Shall I then inform you of something even worse than this (which hurts you). (It is) the Fire! Allâh has promised it to those who disbelieve. And what a vile resort it is!´

  73. O people! here is a parable, so listen to it. Those whom you call upon apart from Allâh cannot create even a fly, though they may all join hands for it. And if the fly should snatch away something from them, they cannot recover it from it. Feeble indeed is the seeker (- the worshippers) and (feeble) the sought after (- the worshipped one).

  74. They do not appreciate Allâh as He should be appreciated (and no true concept of His attribute they have formed to pay Him the respect He deserves). Surely, Allâh is All-Powerful, All-Mighty.

  75. Allâh chooses His messengers from among angels and from among men. Verily, Allâh is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

  76. He knows the future of the people and their past; and to Allâh do all matters stand referred (for judgment).

  77. O you who believe! bow down and prostrate yourself, and worship your Lord and do good deeds so that you may attain your goal. [Prostration]

  78. And strive your hardest to win the pleasure of Allâh, so hard a striving as is possible and as it behoves you. He has chosen you and has imposed no hardship upon you in the matter of your faith, (so follow) the creed of your father Abraham. He named you Muslims (both) before this and (again) in this (Book the Qur´ân), so that the Messenger may be a guardian over you and that you may be guardians over people. Therefore, observe Prayer, keep on presenting the Zakât and hold fast to Allâh. He is your Patron, what a gracious Patron, and what a gracious Helper.


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