Literal - Sura: 22. Al-Hajj - The Pilgrimage

  1. You, you the people, fear and obey your Lord, that the Hour`s/Resurrection`s shaking/rumbling/moving (is) a great thing.

  2. A day/time you see/understand it, every/each breast feeder forgets/neglects of what she breast fed, every/each (owner) of a load/pregnancy gives birth/drops her load/pregnancy, and you see/understand the people intoxicated/loosing judgment , and they are not with intoxicated/loosing judgment, and but God`s punishment (is) strong (severe).

  3. And from the people, who argues/disputes in (about) God without knowledge, and He follows every rebellious/mutinous devil.

  4. It was written/decreed on him that who followed him (the devil), that he (the devil) misguides him, and he (the devil) guides him to the torture, the blazing/inflamed.

  5. You, you the people, if you were in doubt/suspicion from the resurrection/revival, so We created you from dust/earth, then from a drop/males` or female`s secretion/little water, then from a blood clot/sperm/semen , then from a piece of something chew able of flesh or other evened/smoothed/kneadable, and other than (that) not evened/smoothed/kneadable, to clarify/explain to you, and We settle/establish in the wombs/uteruses what We will/want to a named/identified term/time, then We bring you out (as) a child/children, then to reach your maturity/strength, and from you who (is) made to die, and from you who is returned to the life time`s worst/meanest , so that he not know from after knowledge a thing, and you see/understand the earth/Planet Earth quiet/lifeless , so if We descended on it the water, it shook/moved, and it grew/increased, and it sprouted/grew from every pair delightful/cheering .

  6. That (is) with that God, He is the truth , and that He revives/makes alive the deads, and that He (is) on every thing capable/able .

  7. And that the Hour/Resurrection is coming no doubt/suspicion in it, and that God sends/resurrects who (is) in the graves/burial places.

  8. And from the people who argues/disputes in (about) God without knowledge, and nor guidance, and nor a luminous/enlightening Book .

  9. Turning his neck violently objecting to misguide from God`s way/path , for him in the present world (is) shame/scandal/disgrace, and We make him taste/experience (on) the Resurrection Day the burning`s torture.

  10. That (is) because (of) what your hands advanced/introduced , and that God is not with an unjust/oppressor to the worshippers/slaves.

  11. And from the people who worships God on edge, so if goodness struck/marked him he became assured/secured with it, and if test/betrayal/torture struck/marked him, he returned on his face/front , he lost the present world and the end (other life), that (is) the loss/misguidance and punishment, the clear/evident .

  12. He calls from other than God what does not harm him and what does not benefit him, that (is) the misguidance thefar/distant.

  13. He calls who (E) his harm (is) nearer/closer than his benefit, how bad (E) (is) the ally, and how bad (E) (is) the associate/companion ?

  14. That God enters those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/waterways run/flow from beneath/below it , that God makes/does what He wills/wants .

  15. Who was thinking/assuming that God will never/not give him victory/aid in the present world and the end (other life), so he should extend/spread with a motive/connection to the sky/space, then he should cut (it) off/sever , so he should look/see does his plot/conspiracy/deceit eliminate (E) what angers/enrages (him)?

  16. And like that We descended it evidences/signs/verses, evidences, and that God guides whom He wills/wants .

  17. That those who believed, and those who repented/Jews , and the Sabians/converts , and the Christians , and the magians/sun and fire worshippers , and those who shared/made partners (with God), that God separates/judges between them (on) the Resurrection Day, that God (is) on every thing witnessing .

  18. Do you not see that God prostrates to Him who (is) in the skies/space and who (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and the sun and the moon, and the stars/planets, and the mountains , and the trees, and the walkers/creepers/crawlers , and many of the people, and many became imminent/deserved on him the torture, and who God humiliates/disgraces/degrades so (there is) no honourer (supporter) for him, that God makes/does what He wills/wants .

  19. Those two, two disputers/adversaries disputed/controverted/argued in their Lord, so those who disbelieved, clothes/garments/dresses were cut for them from fire, the hot/cold water is being poured from above their heads.

  20. What is in their bellies/insides and the skins is being melted/anointed with it.

  21. And for them (are) sticks from iron .

  22. Whenever they wanted that they get out from it from (because of) sadness/depression, they were returned in it, and (told): "Taste/experience the burning`s torture."

  23. That God enters those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/waterways run/flow from beneath/below it, they be bejeweled/decorated in it from bracelets from gold, and pearls, and their cover/dress in it (is) silk.

  24. And they were guided to the good/pure from the words/opinion and belief, and they were guided to the praiseworthy`s/commendable`s road/way.

  25. That those who disbelieved and prevent/obstruct from God`s way/path , and the Mosque the Forbidden/Respected/Sacred which We made/put it to/for the people, equal the devoted/dedicated in it, and the apparent (visitor), and who wants/intends in it by deviation/apostasy with injustice/oppression, We make him taste/experience from a painful torture.

  26. And when We established/assigned to Abraham the House/Home`s place/position , that do not share/make partners with Me (in) a thing, and purify/clean My House/Home to the circlers/walkers around,232and the standing/keeping up , and the bowing , and the prostrating.

  27. And inform/announce in the people with (about) the pilgrimage, they come to you walking and on every lean/thin , they come from every deep/far/long mountain path .

  28. To witness benefits/uses for them, and they mention/remember God`s name in known days/times, on (for) what He provided for them from quadrupeds of land and sea excluding felines the camels/livestock, so eat from it, and feed the miserable/fallen in hardship, the poor/needy .

  29. Then they should carry out/accomplish (remove/cleanse) their filth/dirt , and they should fulfill/complete their duties/vows (on themselves), and they should circle/walk around at the House/Home, the Honoured/Ancient .

  30. That and who magnifies/makes great God`s ordered prohibitions, so it is better for him at his Lord, and the camels/livestock is permitted/allowed for you, except what is being read/recited on (to) you, so avoid the obscenity/filth from the idols/idolized statues, and avoid the lie`s/falsehood`s word/opinion and belief .

  31. Submitters/Unifiers of God to God not sharing/taking partners with Him, and who shares/makes partners with God, so as if/though he fell down from the sky/space, so the birds snatch him, or the wind/breeze falls/drops with him in a far and remote place/position.

  32. That and who magnifies/makes great God`s methods/ways of worship, so that it truly is from the hearts`/minds` fearing/obedience of God.

  33. For you in it (are) benefits/uses to a named/identified term/time, then its place/destination (is) to the House/Home the Honoured/Ancient .

  34. And to each/every nation We made/created a ritual or method of worship/familiar place , to mention/remember God`s name on what He provided for them from quadrupeds of land and sea excluding felines the camels/livestock, so your God (is) one God, so to Him submit/surrender , and announce good news (to) the humble/tranquil.

  35. Those whom if God was mentioned their hearts/minds became afraid/apprehensive, and the patient on what struck them , and the keeping up the prayers, and from what We provided for them they spend.

  36. And the fattened camel/cow (for sacrifice), We made it for you from God`s methods/ways of worship, for you in it (is) goodness , so remember/mention God`s name on it (when it is) lined/arranged in a row, so if it fell down and died (was sacrificed and fell on) its sides, so eat from it and feed the humble asker that is content with little or much , and the poor/needy/poorest, as/like that We manipulated/subjugated it for you, maybe/perhaps you thank/be grateful.

  37. God will not take/receive its meat , and nor its blood, and but He takes/receives the fear and obedience from you, as/like that He manipulated/subjugated it for you to greaten/magnify God on what He guided you, and announce good news (to) the good doers.

  38. That God defends on/about those who believed, that truly God does not love/like every/each betraying/being unfaithful (insistent) disbeliever.233

  39. (It) was permitted/allowed/announced to those who fight/kill with that they are/were caused injustice to/oppressed, and that truly God (is) on giving them victory/aiding them capable/able (E).

  40. Those who were brought/driven out from their homes/countries/places without (a) right/justice except that they say: "Our Lord (is) God." And were it not for God`s pushing the people some of them with some elevated and secluded monasteries , and temples (for Jews and Christians), and prayers, and mosques/places of worshipping God, God`s name is mentioned/remembered in it much, would have been demolished/torn down, and God will give victory/aid (E) (to) who gives Him victory/aid, that truly God (is) strong, glorious/mighty .

  41. Those who if We highly positioned/strengthened them in the land/Earth , they stood/kept up the prayers, and gave/brought the charity/purification , and they ordered/commanded with the kindness/known , and they forbid/prevented from the defiance of God and His orders/obscenity , and to God (are) the matters`/affairs` end/turn (result).

  42. And if they deny you , so Noah`s nation had denied before them, and Aad`s and Thamud`s .

  43. And Abraham`s nation, and Lot`s nation.

  44. And Madya`s owners/company/friends, and Moses was denied , so I extended to the disbelievers in time/life , then I punished/took them, so how was My severity/change (anger)?

  45. So how many from a village/urban city We made it die/destroyed it, and it is unjust/oppressive, so it is empty/destroyed on its ceilings/structures , and a well abandoned/inactive , and an erected/plastered castle/palace ?

  46. Do they not walk/move/ride in the earth/Planet Earth, so it (can) be for them hearts/minds they reason/comprehend with it, or ears they hear/listen with it, so that it truly does not blind/confuse the eye sights/knowledge and but that the hearts/minds which (are) in the chests (innermosts) blind/confuse (although they have eyes, they refuse to accept it).

  47. And they hurry/hasten/urge you with the torture, and God will never/not break His promise, and that a day/time at your Lord (is) as a thousand years from what you count.

  48. And how many from a village/urban city I extended in time/life for it, and it is unjust/oppressive? Then I took/punished it, and to Me (is) the end/destination.

  49. Say: "You, you the people, truly I am for you a clear/evident warner/giver of notice."

  50. So those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, for them (is) a forgiveness and an honoured/generous provision .

  51. And those who hurried/hastened disabling/frustrating in Our verses/evidences , those are the Hells` owners/company/friends.

  52. And We did not send from before you from a messenger, and nor a prophet, except if/when he wished/desired, the devil threw in his wish/desire, so God erases/ nullifies what the devil throws , then God perfects/tightens His verses/evidences/signs, and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious.

  53. To make what the devil throws (as) a test/seduction to those whom in their hearts/minds (is) sickness/disease, and their hearts/minds (are) the cruel/merciless , and that the unjust/oppressive (are)234in (E) far/distant defiance/animosity .

  54. And (for) those who were given/brought the knowledge to know that it (is) the truth from your Lord, so they believe with (in) it, so their hearts/minds became humble/tranquil to Him, and that truly God is guiding (E) those who believed to a straight/direct road/way .

  55. And those who disbelieved remain/continue in doubt from it until the Hour/Resurrection comes to them suddenly/unexpectedly, or a day/time of no good strong/infertile torture comes to them.

  56. The ownership/kingdom (on) that day (is) to God, He judges/rules between them, so those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds (are) in gardens/paradises (of) the blessing/comfort and eases .

  57. And those who disbelieved and denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences , so those for them (is) a humiliating/disgracing torture.

  58. And those who emigrated in God`s way/path/sake , then they were killed or they died, God will provide for them (E) a good/beautiful provision , and that God, He is (E) best (of) the providers.

  59. He will enter them (E) an entrance they accept/approve it, and that truly God (is) knowledgeable (E), clement/patient, powerful and capable.

  60. That and who punished with equal/alike (to) what he was punished with it, then he was oppressed/transgressed on him, God will give him victory/aid (E) , that truly God (is) often forgiving/pardoning (E), forgiving.

  61. That (is) with that God makes the night to enter/penetrate in the daytime, and He makes the daytime to enter/penetrate in the night, and that God (is) hearing/listening, seeing/understanding.

  62. That (is) with that God, He is the truth , and that what they call from other than Him, it is the falsehood, and that God, He is the high/elevated, the great .

  63. Do you not see/understand that God descended from the sky water, so the land/Earth becomes green, that God (is) kind/courteous , expert/experienced?

  64. For Him what (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and that God, He is (E) the rich, the praiseworthy/commendable.

  65. Do you not see/understand that God manipulated/subjugated for you what is in the earth/Planet Earth, and the ships flow/run in the sea/ocean with His will/command, and He holds/seizes the sky/space that it falls/lands on the earth/planet Earth except with His permission? That truly God (is) with the people merciful/compassionate (E), merciful.

  66. And He is who gave you life/revived you, then He makes you die, then He revives you/makes you alive, that the human (is an insistent) disbeliever (E).

  67. To every/each nation We made/created a ritual or method of worship they are practicing the rituals or methods of worship , so they do not dispute/quarrel with you (E) in the matter/affair, and call to your Lord, that you are on (E) straight/direct guidance.

  68. And if they argued/disputed with you, so say: "God (is) more knowledgeable with what you make/do ."

  69. God judges/rules between you (on) the Resurrection Day, in what you were in it differing/disagreeing .235

  70. Do you not know that God knows what (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth? That truly that (is) in a Book , that truly that (is) on God easy/little .

  71. And they worship from other than God what He did not descend with it a proof/evidence, and what (there) is not for them with it knowledge, and (there is) no victorior/savior to the unjust/oppressive.

  72. And if Our verses/evidences are read/recited on them, you know (recognize) in those who disbelieveds` faces/fronts the defiance of God and His orders/obscenity , they are about to/almost violently attack and assault with those who read/recite on (to) them Our verses/evidences , say: "Shall I inform you with worse/more harmful than that one, the fire , God promised it (to) those who disbelieved, and how bad (is) the end/destination?"

  73. You, you the people, (an) example/proverb was given , so listen to it, that those whom you call from other than God they will never/not create a fly/insanity and even if they gathered/unified/combined for it, and if the fly/insanity ravishes/robs them forcefully (of) a thing, they will not rescue/save it from it, the seeker/wanter and the sought after/wanted were weakened.

  74. They did not evaluate/estimate God His deserved/true value/estimation/capability , that truly God (is) powerful/strong (E), glorious/mighty .

  75. God chooses/purifies from the angels messengers, and from the people, that truly God (is) hearing/listening, seeing/understanding .

  76. He knows what (is) between their hands, and what (is) behind them, and to God the matters/affairs are returned

  77. You, you those who believed, bow , and prostrate, and worship your Lord, and make/do the good ,maybe/perhaps you succeed/win.

  78. And struggle/do (your) utmost His deserved/true struggle , He chose/purified you, and He did not make/put on you in the religion from strain/hardship , your father Abraham`s religion/faith, He named/identified you the Moslems/submitters/surrenderers from before, and in this the Messenger to be a witness/present on you, and you be witnessing/testifying/witnesses/testifiers on the people, so stand/keep up the prayers, and give/bring the charity/ purification , and hold fast/take shelter with/by God, He is your master/ally , so blessed/praised (is) the master/ally , and blessed/praised (is) the victorior/savior . 236


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