Faridul Haque - Sura: 23. Al-Mu'minun - The Believers

  1. Successful indeed are the believers.

  2. Those who humbly cry in their prayers.

  3. And who do not incline towards indecent matters.

  4. And who pay the (obligatory) charity.

  5. And who guard their private organs.

  6. Except from their wives or the legal bondwomen that they possess, for then there is no blame upon them.

  7. So whoever desires more than these two - they are crossing the limits.

  8. And those who keep proper regard for their trusts and their pledges.

  9. And who guard their prayers.

  10. They are the inheritors.

  11. Those who will get the inheritance of Paradise; they will abide in it forever.

  12. Indeed We created man from a chosen soil.

  13. Then made him a drop of fluid in a secure shelter.

  14. We then turned the drop of fluid into a clot of blood, then the clot into a small lump of flesh, then the lump into bones, then covered the bones with flesh; then developed it in a different mould; therefore Most Auspicious is Allah, the Best Creator.

  15. Then after that, certainly all of you are to die.

  16. Then you will all be raised on the Day of Resurrection.

  17. And indeed We have created seven paths above you; and We are not unmindful of the creation.

  18. And We sent down water from the sky in proper measure, then stored it in the earth; and indeed We are Able to take it away!

  19. So with it We produced gardens of date-palms and grapes for you, in which is abundant fruit for you and you eat therefrom.

  20. And created the tree that comes forth from Mount Sinai - that grows containing oil and curry for the eaters.

  21. And indeed in the cattle is a lesson for you; We give you to drink what is in their bellies, and there are many benefits for you in them, and in them is your food.

  22. And you are carried on them and on the ship.

  23. And indeed We sent Nooh towards his people - he therefore said, "O my people! Worship Allah, you do not have any other God except Him; so do you not fear?"

  24. So the disbelieving chieftains of his people said, "He is just a human like you, he wishes to become your leader; and had Allah willed, He would have sent down angels; We did not hear this in the case of our forefathers."

  25. "He is not but a man insane, therefore wait for some time."

  26. Submitted Nooh, "My Lord! Help me as they deny me."

  27. So We sent him the divine revelation that, "Make the ship in front of Our sight, and by Our command – then when Our command comes and the oven overflows, embark in it two of every couple, and from your household except those upon whom the Word has been decreed; and do not speak to Me in respect of these unjust people; they will surely be drowned."

  28. "And when you and those with you have safely boarded the ship say, ‘All praise is to Allah Who has rescued us from the unjust.’ "

  29. And pray, "My Lord! Cause me to alight at a blessed place – and You are the Best of all who bring to settle."

  30. Indeed, surely in this are signs and indeed surely, We were examining.

  31. Then after them, We created another generation.

  32. So We sent among them a Noble Messenger from among them (saying), "Worship Allah, you do not have any other God except Him; so do you not fear?"

  33. And said the leaders of his people, who disbelieved and denied the confronting of the Hereafter - and We had given them comfort in the worldly life – that, "He is nothing but a human like you, he eats from what you eat and drinks from what you drink."

  34. "If you were to obey a human like yourselves, then surely you are losers!"

  35. "Does he promise you that when you die and turn into dust and bones, you will be raised again?"

  36. "How remote, (really) how remote is the promise you are given!"

  37. "There is nothing except our life of this world, we die and we live, and we are not to be raised."

  38. "He is just a man who has fabricated a lie against Allah, and we are not going to believe him."

  39. He said, "My Lord! Help me as they deny me."

  40. Said Allah, "They will soon wake up at morn, regretting."

  41. So the true Scream seized them - We therefore made them like rotten hay; so away with the unjust people!

  42. Then after them, We created other generations.

  43. No nation can go before its term ends nor stay back.

  44. We then sent our Noble Messengers, one after another; whenever a nation’s Noble Messenger came to it they denied him, We therefore united the succeeding with the old, and made them history; so far removed be the people who do not believe!

  45. We then sent Moosa and his brother Haroon, with Our signs and a clear proof.

  46. Towards Firaun and his court members – in response they were haughty, and they were in dominance.

  47. They therefore said, "Shall we believe in two humans like ourselves, whereas their nation is servile to us?"

  48. So they denied them – therefore became of those who were destroyed.

  49. And indeed We gave Moosa the Book, that they may attain guidance.

  50. And We made the son of Maryam (Prophet Eisa) and his mother a sign, and We gave them shelter on a height, a place to stay and visible springs.

  51. "O Noble Messengers, eat good clean things, and do good deeds; I know all that you do."

  52. "And indeed this religion of yours is one religion only and I am your Lord, therefore fear Me."

  53. But their nations broke their tasks into pieces; every group happy with what it has.

  54. So leave them in their intoxication till a time.

  55. Do they assume that the wealth and sons which We provide them -

  56. Are quickly giving them goodness? In fact, they do not know.

  57. Indeed those who are overwhelmed due to the fear of their Lord -

  58. And those who believe in the signs of their Lord -

  59. And those who do not ascribe any partner to their Lord -

  60. And those who give what they give and their hearts fear for they have to return to their Lord.

  61. These people hasten to perform goodness, and it is they who shall reach it first.

  62. And We do not burden any soul beyond its capacity, and with Us is a Book * that speaks the truth, and they will not be wronged. (* The preserved tablet or the record of one’s deeds.)

  63. On the contrary, their hearts are in neglect of this and their works are different than those of the believers, the works that they are doing.

  64. To the extent that when We seized the wealthy among them with punishment, they immediately began imploring.

  65. "Do not implore this day; you will not be helped by Us."

  66. "My verses were recited to you, so you used to turn back on your heels."

  67. "Priding yourself in serving the Sacred Mosque; at night you utter indecent stories in it, while discarding the truth."

  68. Have they not pondered the matter, or did that come to them, which did not come to their forefathers?

  69. Or is it that they did not recognise their Noble Messenger, therefore they consider him alien?

  70. Or they say, "He is afflicted by a demon"; in fact he brought the Truth to them, and most of them dislike the Truth.

  71. And had the Truth followed their desires, then indeed the heavens and the earth and all those who are in them would be destroyed; in fact We brought to them a thing in which lay their repute, so they are turned away from their own repute.

  72. Do you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) ask any fee from them? So the reward of your Lord is the best; and He is the Best Provider of Sustenance.

  73. And indeed you call them to the Straight Path.

  74. And indeed those who do not believe in the Hereafter are deviated from the Straight Path.

  75. And if We have mercy upon them and remove the calamity which has befallen them, they would still stubbornly persist, wandering in their rebellion.

  76. And indeed We grasped them with punishment, so neither did they submit themselves to their Lord, nor do they cry humbly.

  77. To the extent that when We opened the gate of a severe punishment for them, they thereupon lie despairingly in it.

  78. And it is He Who has created ears and eyes and hearts for you; very little is the right you acknowledge.

  79. And it is He Who has spread you in the earth, and towards Him you are to be raised.

  80. And it is He Who gives life and causes death, and for Him are the alternations of night and day; so do you not have sense?

  81. On the contrary, they said the same as what the former people used to say.

  82. They say, "Will we, when we die and turn into dust and bones, be raised again?"

  83. "Indeed this promise was given to us and before us to our forefathers – this is nothing but stories of earlier people."

  84. Say O dear Prophet (Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), "To Whom does the earth and all that is in it belong to, if you know?"

  85. Thereupon they will say, "To Allah"; proclaim, "Therefore why do you not ponder?"

  86. Say, "Who is the Lord of the seven heavens, and the Lord of the Tremendous Throne?"

  87. Thereupon they will say, "Such greatness is only that of Allah"; say, "So why do you not fear?"

  88. Say, "In Whose hand is the control over all things, and He provides refuge, and none can provide refuge against Him, if you know?"

  89. Thereupon they will say, "Such greatness is only that of Allah"; say, "Then by what magic are you deceived?"

  90. In fact We brought the Truth to them, and indeed they are liars.

  91. Allah has not chosen any child, nor any other God along with Him – were it so, each God would have taken away its creation, and each one would certainly wish superiority over the other; Purity is to Allah above all the matters they fabricate.

  92. The All Knowing, of every hidden and the visible – so Supremacy is to Him over their ascribing of partners (to Him).

  93. Pray, "My Lord! If You show me the promise they are given,"

  94. "Therefore my Lord, do not group me with the unjust."

  95. And indeed We are Able to show you the promise they are given.

  96. Repel evil with the best deeds; We well know the matters that they fabricate.

  97. And submit, "My Lord! I seek Your refuge from the instigation of the devils."

  98. "And my Lord, (I seek) Your refuge from their coming to me."

  99. Until, when death comes to one* of them, he says, "O my Lord, send me back!" (The disbelievers)

  100. "Perhaps I may do some good deeds in what I have left behind"; this is just a word that he utters from his mouth; and confronting them is a barrier until the day in which they will be raised.

  101. So when the Trumpet is blown - so there will neither be any relationship among them * that day, nor will they ask about one another. (The disbelievers)

  102. Therefore the ones whose scales prove heavy - they are the successful.

  103. And the ones whose scales prove light – it is they who put their lives into ruin, remaining in hell forever.

  104. The fire shall scorch their faces, and they will remain dejected in it.

  105. "Were not My verses recited to you, so you used to deny them?"

  106. They will say, "Our Lord! Our ill-fate overcame us, and we were the astray people."

  107. "Our Lord, remove us from hell – then if we do the same, we are the unjust."

  108. Allah will say, "Remain rebuked in it, and do not speak to Me."

  109. "Indeed there was a group among My bondmen who said, ´Our Lord! We have accepted faith, therefore forgive us and have mercy on us, and You are the Best Among The Merciful.´ "

  110. "So you took them for a mockery until your mocking at them made you forget My remembrance, and you used to laugh at them!"

  111. "Indeed this day I have rewarded them for their endurance, so that it is they who are the successful."

  112. He will say, "How long did you stay on earth, counting by the number of years?

  113. They will say, "We stayed a day or part of a day, so ask those who keep count."

  114. He will say, "You stayed but only a little, if you knew."

  115. So do you think that We have created you needlessly, and that you do not have to return to Us?

  116. So Most Supreme is Allah, the True King; there is no God except Him; Lord of the Throne of Honour.

  117. And the one who worships any other God along with Allah – of which he does not have any proof – his account is with his Lord; indeed there is no salvation for the disbelievers.

  118. And (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) say, "My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, and You are the Best of all the Merciful.


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