Literal - Sura: 25. Al-Furqan - The Discrimination

  1. Blessed (is) Who descended the Separator of Right and Wrong/Koran/Torah on (to) His worshipper/slave to be a warning/notice to the creations all together/(universes).

  2. Who, for Him (is) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s ownership and (He) did not take a child (son) , and a partner was not for Him in the ownership , and He created every thing so He predestined it predestination.

  3. And they took from other than Him gods, they do not create a thing, and they are being created, and they do not own/possess to themselves harm, and nor benefit/usefulness , and they do not own/possess death/lifelessness, and nor life , and nor revival/resurrection.

  4. And those who disbelieved say: "That that (is) except lies/falsehood he fabricated/cut and split it, and a nation (of) others helped/assisted him on it." So they had come unjustly/oppressively and falsely .

  5. And they said: "The first`s/beginner`s myths/baseless stories , he wrote it, so it is being dictated on (to) him early mornings and evening to sunset ."

  6. Say: "Who knows the secret in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth descended it, that He truly is/was forgiving, merciful."

  7. And they said: "What to that (what is the matter) the messenger, he eats the food and walks in the markets, if only an angel was descended to him, so he (the angel) becomes a warner with him."

  8. Or a treasure be thrown to him, or a treed garden/paradise be for him, he eats from it. And the unjust/oppressive said: "That you follow except a bewitched/enchanted man."

  9. See how they gave to you the examples/proverbs, so they were misguided, so they are not being able (of) a way/path .

  10. Blessed (is) who, if He willed/wanted He made/created for you better than that, treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/waterways run/flow from below/beneath it, and He makes/puts for you castles/palaces .

  11. But they denied with the Hour/Resurrection , and We prepared to who denied with the Hour/Resurrection blazing/inflaming (fire).

  12. If it saw them from a far/distant place/position , they heard/listened to it a rage/anger and (the) sound of roaring fire .

  13. And if they were thrown from it (to) a narrow/tight place/position tied to each other, at that time and place they called (for) destruction and grief .

  14. Do not call today (for) one destruction and grief , and call (for) many destruction(s) (and) grief(s).

  15. Say: "Is that better or the immortality`s/eternity`s treed garden/paradise which was promised (to) the fearing and obeying, (it) was for them a reward and an end/destination."

  16. For them in it what they will/want immortally/eternally, (it) was on your Lord a questioned promise.

  17. And a day/time He gathers them and what they worship from other than God, so He says: "Are you, you (who) misguided those My worshippers/slaves ? Or they misguided (from) the way/path ?"

  18. They said: "Your praise/glory (it) was, ought not (be) to us that we take from other than You from guardians/allies . And but you made them enjoy and their fathers, until they forgot the reminder, and they were a destroyed/failed nation."

  19. So they had denied you because (of) what you say, so you do not be able (of) diversion and nor a victory/aid , and who causes injustice/oppresses from you, We make him taste/experience a great torture.

  20. And We did not send from before you from the messengers except that they truly eat (E) the food and they walk in the markets, and We made/put some of you to some (as) a test/seduction , would you be patient? And your Lord was/is seeing/knowing .

  21. And those who do not hope/expect meeting Us said: "If only angels were descended on (to) us, or we see our Lord." They had become arrogant in themselves, and they became arrogant/disobedient, great arrogance/disobedience.

  22. A day/time they see the angels: "(There is) no good news that day to the criminals/sinners ." And they say: "Confinement/obstruction fortified/in custody ."

  23. And We came/tended to to what they made/did from (a) deed, so We made it scattered/spread dust.

  24. The Paradise`s owners/company (at) that day (are in a) best settlement , and better place of resting or sleeping at midday.

  25. And a day/time the sky/space splits/cracks open with the clouds, and the angels were descended descent.

  26. The ownership/kingdom, the truth (on) that day (is) to the merciful, and (it) was on the disbelievers a difficult/distressing day/time .

  27. And a day/time the unjust/oppressor bites on his hands, he says: "Oh I wish I would have taken/received with the messenger a way/road ."

  28. Oh my calamity, I wish I did not take so and so (as) a faithful, close friend .

  29. He had misguided me from the reminder after when (it) came to me. And the devil was to the human/mankind a disaster/letting down ."

  30. And the messenger said: "You my Lord, that my nation took this the Koran deserted/abandoned ."

  31. And as/like that We made/put to every/each prophet an enemy from the criminals/sinners , and enough/sufficient with your Lord guiding and a victorior/savior .

  32. And those who disbelieved said: "If only the Koran was descended on (to) him once in entirety ." Like that to strengthen with it your heart and We compiled (it) well/read or recited slowly, distinctly and clearly , good composition/slow, distinct and clear reading or recitation .

  33. And they do not come to you with an example except We came to you with the truth and (a) better explanation/interpretation .

  34. Those who are being gathered on their faces/fronts to Hell , those are (in a) worst place/position, more253misguided (in) a way/road .

  35. And We had (E) given/brought Moses The Book , and We made/put with it, his brother Aaron (as) a minister/supporter .

  36. So We said: "Go/go away (B) to the nation those who lied/denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences ."So We destroyed them destruction/destructively.

  37. And Noah`s nation when they lied/denied/falsified the messengers, We drowned/sunk them, and We made them to the people (as) an evidence/sign , and We prepared to the unjust/oppressors, a painful torture.

  38. And Aad , and Thamud , and the Riss`s/old well`s friends/company , and many generations/centuries between that.

  39. And each/all We gave to it the examples/proverbs, and each/all We destroyed/ruined destruction/ruin .

  40. And they had come/passed by on (to) the village/urban city which was rained the fire`s/harm`s rain, where they not being seeing it? But they were not hoping/expecting revival/resurrection.

  41. And if they saw you, that they take you except mockingly/making fun: "Is that who God sent (as) a messenger?"

  42. That he was about to/almost to misguide us from our gods, except for that we were patient on it. And they will know when they see/understand the torture who (is) more misguided a way/path .

  43. Did you see who took/received his god (as) his self attraction for desire , so do you be on him a guardian/ally?

  44. Or you think/suppose that most of them hear/listen or reason/comprehend , that they are except as the camels/livestock, but they are more misguided (in) a way/path .

  45. Do you not see to your Lord how He extended/spread the shade ? And if He willed/wanted, He would have made it still/motionless, then We made/put the sun on it (as) a proof/evidence.

  46. Then We grasped it to Us easy grasping .

  47. And He is who made/put for you the night (as) a cover/dress, and the sleep (for) rest/sleep , and He made/put the daytime (for) revival .

  48. And He is who sent the winds/breezes (as) a good news between His mercy`s hand, and We descended from the sky pure/clean water.

  49. To revive with it a dead/lifeless country/land , and We give it drink from what We created (from) camels/livestock and many humans/people.

  50. And We had purified it/detailed it linguistically between them (so) they mention/remember , so most of the people refused/hated except (insistent) disbelief.

  51. And if We willed/wanted, We would have sent in every village/urban city a warner/giver of notice .

  52. So do not obey the disbelievers and struggle against them with it great struggling/defending for the faith.

  53. And He is who mixed/set loose the two large bodies of water that (is) fresh/delightful very sweet/fresh, and that is salty salty and bitter, and He made/put between them (B) a barrier and (an) obstruction obstructed .254

  54. And He is who created from the water a human so He made/put him a relationship/kinship and relations through marriage, and your Lord was/is capable/able/overpowering .

  55. And they worship from other that God what does not benefit them, and nor harms them, and the disbeliever was/is on (against) his Lord a supporter/helper.

  56. And We did not send you except (as) an announcer of good news and a warner .

  57. Say: "I do not ask/demand of you on it from a wage/fee except who willed/wanted that he takes to His Lord a way/path ."

  58. And rely/depend on the alive/live who does not die, and praise/glorify with His praise/gratitude , and enough/sufficient with Him, with His worshippers`/slaves` crimes (as) an expert/experienced.

  59. Who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and what is between them both in six days, then He aimed/tended to on the throne , the merciful, so ask/question with Him (about) an expert/experienced.

  60. And if (it) was said to them: "Prostrate to the merciful." They said: "And what (is) the merciful? Do we prostrate to what you order/command us?" And (it) increased them hastening away with aversion.

  61. Blessed (is) who made/put in the sky/space constellations and He made/put in it a lamp (light) and a luminous moon .

  62. And He is who made/put the night and the daytime different/succeeding (one another) to who wanted that he remembers or wanted gratefulness .

  63. And the merciful`s worshippers/slaves (are) those who walk on the land/earth quietly/tranquilly , and if the lowly/ignorant conversed with them , they said: "Greeting/peace ."

  64. And those who spend the night to their Lord prostrating and keeping up .

  65. And those who say: "Our Lord divert from us Hell`s torture, that truly its torture was/is destruction ."

  66. That it truly was bad/harmful a settlement/establishment and residence.

  67. And those who if they spent, they did not waste/extravagate and they did not tighten/restrict and economize, and was (were) between that just .

  68. And those who do not call with God another god, and they do not kill the self that God forbade except with the right/just , and they do not commit adultery/fornication , and who makes/does that, he meets/finds (a) sins` punishment/compensation .

  69. The torture be doubled/multiplied for him (on) the Resurrection Day, and he be immortal/eternal in it, humiliated/disgraced .

  70. Except who repented and believed and made/did correct/righteous deeds, so those God exchanges/substitutes their sins/crimes (by) goodnesses, and God was/is forgiving, merciful.

  71. And who repented and made/did correct/righteous deeds, so that he truly repents to God repentance .

  72. And those who do not witness/testify the falsehood/false testimony , and if they passed by the nonsense/senseless talk they passed generously/kindly .

  73. And those who if they were reminded with their Lord`s verses/evidences , they do not fall down on it deafly and blindly/confusedly .255

  74. And those who say: "Our Lord grant/present us from our spouses and our descendants eyes`/sight`s delight/satisfaction , and make/put us to the believers (as) an example ."

  75. Those, they are being rewarded/reimbursed the chamber/elevated stage because (of) what they were patient, and they will receive in it a greeting and a greeting/peace .

  76. Immortally/eternally in it, (it) became a good/beautiful position/settlement and residence .

  77. Say: "My Lord does not care/bother with you, where it not for your call/prayer so you had lied/denied/falsified, so (your punishment) will be (a) necessity/obligation ."256


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