Literal - Sura: 27. An-Naml - The Naml

  1. T S , those are the Koran`s verses/evidences , and a clear/evident Book .

  2. Guidance and good news to the believers.

  3. Those who keep up the prayers and give/bring the charity/purification , and they are with the end (other life), they are sure/certain.

  4. That those who do not believe with the end (other life), We decorated/beautified for them their deeds , so they are being confused/puzzled.

  5. Those are for them the torture`s harm/evil , and they are in the end (other life), they are the most losers.

  6. And that you are made to receive/meet/find (E) the Koran from at (a) wise/judicious, knowledgeable.

  7. When/if Moses said to his family/relation : "That I, I perceived/saw a fire, I will come to you from it with a news/information , or I come to you with a flame flame/torch , maybe/perhaps you warm (yourselves)".

  8. So when he came to it, (it) was called: "That is/was blessed who is in the fire/mark and who (is) around/surrounding it, and God`s praise/glory (is) to the nations all together`s/(universe`s) Lord.

  9. You Moses, that it truly is I, God, the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious.

  10. And throw/throw away your stick/cane, so when he saw it , it shakes/moves as if it is a Jinn he turned away giving his back, and he did not follow/succeed/track: "You Moses, do not fear, that I, the messengers do not fear at/by/near Me."

  11. Except who caused injustice/oppression then exchanged/replaced good after bad/evil/harm, so I am forgiving, merciful.

  12. And enter your hand in your collar/opening it appears/emerges white from without bad/evil/harm, in nine evidences/signs to Pharaoh and his nation, that they truly were a nation (of) debauchers .

  13. So when Our signs/evidences came to them manifest/clearly visible to the eye and understanding, they said: "That (is) clear/evident magic/sorcery."

  14. And they disbelieved and denied with it, and their selves became sure/certain of it, unjustly/oppressively and height, might and dignity, so look/see how was the corruptings` end/turn (result).

  15. And We had (E) given David and Soliman knowledge, and they (B) said: "The praise/gratitude (is) to God who preferred/favoured us over many from His slaves/worshippers , the believers."

  16. And Soliman inherited David, and he said: "You, you the people we had been taught the birds` speech (language)/logic, and we were given from every thing, that truly that it is (E) the grace/favour/blessing , the clear/evident ."

  17. And was gathered for Soliman his soldiers/warriors from the Jinns and the human/mankind, and the birds, so they are being restrained/apportioned (mobilized).

  18. Until when they passed by the ants` valley, an ant said: "You, you the ants, enter your residences, (let) not Soliman and his warriors smash/destroy you (E) and they are not feeling/sensing

  19. So he smiled laughing/wondering from its saying/word, and he said: "My Lord, inspire/influence me that I thank/be grateful (for) your blessing which you blessed on me and on my parents, and that I make/do correct/righteous deeds You accept/approve it, and enter me with Your mercy in (between) Your worshippers/slaves the correct/righteous."

  20. And he seeked/searched the bird/birds , so he said: "Why (it is) not for me, I do not see the hoopoe bird/clucking bird , or he was from the absent? I will torture him strong (severe) torture."

  21. I will slaughter it (E) , or it comes/brings to me (E) with a proof/evidence clear/evident .

  22. So it waited/remained not far/distant, so it said: "I became aware/enveloped with what you did not become aware (of)/envelope with it, and I came to you from Sheba with sure/certain news/information."

  23. That I found a woman, she owns/rules them, and she was given from every thing, and for her (is) a great throne .

  24. I found her and her nation prostrating to the sun, from other than God, and the devil decorated/beautified for them their deeds , so he prevented/obstructed them from the way/path , so they do not be guided.

  25. Do they not prostrate to God who brings out the hidden/concealed in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and he knows what you hide, and what you declare/publicize ?

  26. God, no God except Him, Lord (of) the throne , the great.

  27. He said: "We will look/see , had you been truthful, or you were from the liars/falsifiers ."

  28. Go/take away , with my Book/letter/message, this, so throw it to them, then turn away from them, so look/see what they return .

  29. She said: "You, you the nobles/assembly , that I , was/is thrown to me (an) honoured/generous Book ."

  30. That it truly is from Soliman, and that it truly is by God`s name the merciful, the most merciful .

  31. That do not become high, mighty and dignified over me, and come to me (as) Moslems/submitters .

  32. She said: "You, you the nobles/assembly , give me your opinion in my matter/affair/order/command, I was not deciding a matter/affair/order/command until you witness/testify."

  33. They said: "We are (owners) of power/strength, and (owners) of strong (severe) courage/might/power, and the matter/affair/order/command (is) to you, so think about what you order/command."

  34. She said: "That truly the kings if they entered a village/urban city they corrupted it and they made/put its more dignified/honoured people , humiliated/disgraced , and as/like that they make/do ."

  35. And that I am sending to them with a present, so (then I am) looking/considering with what the messengers return.

  36. So when (he) came (to) Soliman, he said: "Do you extend/spread me with property/wealth ? So what God gave me, (is) better than what He gave you, but you with your present, you be happy ."268

  37. Return to them, so we will come to them (E) with soldiers (there is) no power/ability for them with it, and we will drive them out (E) from it humiliated/disgraced , and (while) they are subservient .

  38. He (Soliman) said: "You, you the nobles/assembly, which of you brings/comes to me with her throne ,before that they come to me Moslems/submitters ?"

  39. A wicked/manipulator from the Jinns said: "I come/bring to you with it before that you stand/get up from your place/position, and that I am on it powerful/strong (E), faithful/loyal ."

  40. Who (is) at him knowledge from The Book said: "I come/bring to you with it before that your eye lid returns to you (you blink)." So when he saw it established/affixed at him, he said: "This (is) from my Lord`s grace/favour/blessing, to test me do I thank/be grateful, or I disbelieve, and who thanked/became grateful, so but he thanks/becomes grateful for his self, and who disbelieved, so then my Lord (is) rich, honoured/generous ."

  41. He said: "Change/disguise for her, her throne , we see is she to be guided or she becomes from those who do not be guided."

  42. So when she came, (it) was said: "Is your throne like this?" She said: "As if it, it is." And we were given the knowledge from before her, and we were Moslems/submitters. .

  43. And what she was worshipping from other than God obstructed/prevented her , that she truly was from a disbelieving nation.

  44. (It) was said to her: "Enter the palace/tower ." So when she saw it, she thought/supposed it (was) a wide body of water , and she removed/uncovered from her two shins/legs, he said: "That it truly is a palace/tower smoothened and spread from clear glass/mirrors ." She said: "My Lord , that I caused injustice/oppression (to) myself, and I submitted/surrendered with Soliman, to God, the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord."

  45. And We had sent to Thamud their brother Saleh : "That worship God, so then they are two groups/parties disputing/controverting .

  46. He said: "You my nation, why (do) you hasten/urge with the sin/crime before the good/goodness? If only you ask God for forgiveness, maybe/perhaps you attain mercy."

  47. They said: "We had a bad omen with you (you are a bad omen to us), and with whom (is) with you." He said: "Your omen (fate/future is) at God, but you are a nation being tested/misguided ."

  48. And in the city/town were nine groups/tribes corrupting/disordering in the earth/Planet Earth, and they do not correct/repair .

  49. They said: "Swear/make oath (to each other) by God: `We will attack him suddenly at night (E) and his people/family , then we will say (E) to his guardian/ally , we did not witness his people`s/family`s death/destruction , and we are (E) truthful (E).` "

  50. And they schemed , a scheme and We schemed a scheme , and (while) they are not feeling/knowing/sensing.

  51. So look/see/wonder about how was their scheme`s end/turn (result), that We (E), We destroyed them, and their nation all/all together.269

  52. So those are their houses/homes destroyed/unoccupied because (of) what they caused injustice/oppression, that in that (is) an evidence/sign (E) to a nation knowing.

  53. And We saved/rescued those who believed and were fearing and obeying.

  54. And Lot when he said to his nation: "Do you commit the enormous/atrocious deed/homosexuality ,and you are seeing/ understanding ?"

  55. Are you that you are coming/doing/committing (E) the men (with) a lust/desire/craving from other than the women, but you are a nation being lowly/ignorant .

  56. So his nation`s answer/reply was not except that they said: "Bring/drive out Lot`s family from your village/urban city, that they are people purifying ."

  57. So We saved/rescued him and his family/people, except his woman (wife), We predestined her from the remaining behind.

  58. And We rained on them rain, so the warned`s/given notice`s rain was bad/evil/harmful.

  59. Say: "The praise/gratitude/thanks (is) to God, and peace/security on (to) His worshippers/slaves those whom He chose/purified; is God better/best or what they share/make partners (with Him)?"

  60. Or Who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and He descended for you from the sky water, so We sprouted/grew with it fenced gardens of beauty/splendor , (it) was not for you, that you sprout/grow its trees, is (there) a god with God? But they are a nation making equals (to Him).

  61. Or Who made/created the earth/Planet Earth (as) a settlement/establishment , and made/created in between and around it rivers/waterways, and made/created for it anchors/mountains , and made/created between the two large bodies of water/seas a barrier/hindrance , is a god with God? But most of them do not know.

  62. Or Who answers/replies (to) the compelled/forced if he called him, and He removes/uncovers (relieves) the bad/evil/harm, and He makes/puts you (as) the earth`s/Planet Earth`s successors and replacers/top leaders, is a god with God? Little (is) what you mention/remember .

  63. Or Who guides you in the shore`s/land`s and the sea`s/ocean`s darknesses, and Who sends the winds/breezes (as) a good news, between His mercy`s hand. Is a god with God? God (is) high, mighty, exalted and dignified from/on what they share/make partners (with Him) .

  64. Or Who creates/initiates the creation then He repeats it , and Who provides for you from the sky/space, and the earth/Planet Earth, is a god with God? Say: "Bring your proof/evidence , if you were truthful."

  65. Say: "Who (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth does not know the hidden/unseen except God, and they do not feel/sense/know when they are being resurrected/revived .

  66. But their knowledge caught up (with them) in the end (other life) but they are in doubt/suspicion from it, but they are from it blinded/confused.

  67. And those who disbelieved said: "Is (it that) if we and our fathers were dust/earth are we brought out (E)?"

  68. We had been (E) promised this, we and our fathers from before, that this (is) except the first`s/beginners/ myths/baseless stories .270

  69. Say: "Walk/move/ride in the earth/Planet Earth, so look/see/wonder about how was the criminals`/sinners` end (result) ."

  70. And do not be sad/grievous on (for) them, and do not be in tightness/distress from what they cheat/deceive .

  71. And they say: "When (is) this the promise if you were truthful?"

  72. Say: "Maybe/perhaps that some (of) what you hurry/hasten be followed closely behind , for you."

  73. And that your Lord (is owner) of grace/favour on the people, and but most of them do not thank/be grateful.

  74. And that your Lord knows (E) what their chests (innermosts) conceal/hide and what they declare/publicize .

  75. And (there) is not from a hidden/invisible in the sky/space and the earth/Planet Earth except (it is) in a clear/evident Book .

  76. That this, the Koran , narrates/informs on (to) Israel`s sons and daughters most of (what) they are in it differing/disagreeing .

  77. And that it truly is guidance and mercy to the believers.

  78. That your Lord passes judgment/orders between them with His judgment/rule, and He is the glorious/mighty , the knowledgeable.

  79. So rely/depend on God, that you are on the truth , the clear/evident .

  80. That you do not make the deads hear/listen, and you do not make the deaf hear/listen (to) the call/prayer if they turned away giving their backs.

  81. And you are not (capable) with guiding the blind/confused from their misguidance, that truly you make (to) hear/listen except who believes with Our verses/evidence/signs, so they are Moslems/submitters .

  82. And if the saying/words fell/landed on (to) them, We brought out for them a walker/creeper from the earth/Planet Earth she/it converses/talks to them , "That the people were with Our verses/evidences not being sure/certain."

  83. And a day/time We gather from every nation a group/crowd from who denies/falsifies with Our verses/evidences , so they are being restrained/apportioned .

  84. Until when they came, and He said: "Did you lie/deny/falsify with My verses/evidences/signs, and you did not comprehend/encircle with it knowledge, (or) what that you were making/doing ."

  85. And the saying/word fell/landed on (to) them with/because (of) what they caused injustice/oppression, so they do not speak.

  86. Do they not see/understand that We created/put the night to be tranquil/settled in it, and the daytime to see (clearly lit), that truly in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to a nation believing.

  87. And a day/time the horn/bugle be blown in, who is in the skies/space and who (is) in the earth/Planet Earth (is) frightened/panic stricken, except who God willed/wanted, and all came to Him degraded/humiliated/manipulated .271

  88. And you see the mountains (that) you think/suppose it (is) hard/solid (motionless), and it passes the clouds` passage , God`s making/performing , who perfected every thing, that He truly is expert/experienced with (about) what you make/do.

  89. Who came/did with the good/goodness, so for him better than it, and they from fright/terror (on) that day, (are) safe/secure.

  90. And who came/did with the sin/crime, so their faces/fronts were overturned/forced in the fire (and told): "Do/are you being rewarded/reimbursed except (for) what you were making/doing ?"

  91. Truly I was ordered/commanded that I worship this the country`s/land`s/town`s Lord, which He declared it respected/sacred, and for Him (is) every thing, and I was ordered/commanded that I be from the Moslems/submitters .

  92. And that I read/recite/follow the Koran, so who guided, so but , he guides for his self, and who misguided, so say: "Truly I am from the warners/givers of notice."

  93. And say: "The praise/gratitude/thanks (is) to God, He will show you/make you understand His verses/evidences , so you know it, and your Lord is not with ignoring/neglecting about/from what you make/do 272


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