Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 27. An-Naml - The Naml

  1. Ta. Sin. These are the verses of the Quran and of the illustrious Book

  2. They are glad news and guidance for the believers

  3. who are steadfast in prayer, who pay the religious tax, and who have strong faith in the life hereafter.

  4. We have made the deeds of those who do not believe in the life to come, attractive to them and they wander about blindly.

  5. They will suffer the worst kind of torment and will be lost in the life to come.

  6. (Muhammad), you have certainly received the Quran from the All-wise and All-knowing One.

  7. Moses said to his family, "I have seen some fire. I shall bring you some news about it or some fire so that you can warmyourselves".

  8. When he approached the fire, he was told, "Blessed is the one in the fire and those around it. All glory belongs to God, the Lord of the Universe.

  9. Moses, I am God, the Majestic and All-wise.

  10. Throw down your staff." When Moses saw his staff on the ground moving like a living creature, he stepped back and did not come forward again. The Lord said,"Moses, do not be afraid. Messengers do not become afraid in My presence".

  11. Only the unjust become afraid in My presence. Even to these people who replace their bad deeds by good ones, I am All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  12. Put your hand into your pocket. It will come out sheer white but unharmed. This is one of the nine miracles which shall be showing to the Pharaoh and his people; they are truly wicked men."

  13. When Our miracles were visibly shown to them, they said, "It is plain magic".

  14. They rejected the evidence because of their arrogance and injustice, although their souls knew it to be true. Think how terrible the end of the sinful ones was!

  15. We gave knowledge to David and Soloman. They said, "It is only God who deserves all praise. He has exalted us above many of His believing servants."

  16. Solomon became the heir to David. He said, "People, we have been taught the language of the birds and have been granted a share of everything. This indeed is a manifest favor (from God)".

  17. Soloman´s army, consisting of human beings, jinn, and birds were gathered together in his presence in ranks.

  18. When they arrived in the valley of the ants, one ant said to the others, "Enter your dwellings lest you be carelessly crushed by Soloman and his army."

  19. (Solomon) smiled at the ant´s remarks and said, "Lord, inspire me to thank you for Your favors to me and my parents and to act righteously so as to please you. Admit me, by your mercy into the company of Your righteous servants".

  20. (Solomon) inspected the birds and said, "How is it that I cannot see the hoopoe. Is he absent?

  21. I shall certainly punish him severely or slaughter him unless he has a good reason for his absence."

  22. Not long after the hoopoe came forward and said, "I have information which you do not have. I have come from the land of Sheba with a true report.

  23. I found a woman ruling the people there and she possessed something of (almost) everything and a great throne.

  24. I found her and her people prostrating before the sun instead of God. Satan has made their deeds attractive to them. He has kept them away from the right path and they have no guidance.

  25. (Satan has done this) so that they will not worship God who brings forth whatever is hidden in the heavens and the earth and knows whatever you conceal or reveal.

  26. God is the only Lord and master of the Great Throne."

  27. Solomon said, "We shall see whether you are truthful or a liar.

  28. Take this letter of mine and deliver it to them, then return and see what their reply will be."

  29. (The Queen of Sheba) said to her officials, "A gracious letter has been dropped before me.

  30. It reads, ´From Soloman. In the Name of God, the Beneficent and the Merciful.

  31. Do not consider yourselves superior to me but come to me as Muslims (in submission)".

  32. She said, "My officials, what are your views on this matter? I will not decide until I have your views.

  33. They replied, "We have great power and valor. You are the commander, so decide as you like".

  34. She said, "When Kings enter a town they destroy it and disrespect its honorable people. That is what they will do, too.

  35. I will send a gift and we shall see what response the Messengers will bring."

  36. When her Messengers came to Soloman, he said, "Have you brought me wealth? What God has given to me is far better than what He has given to you, but you are happy with your gifts.

  37. Go back to your people and we shall soon come there with an army which they will not be able to face. We shall drive them from their town, humble, and disgraced."

  38. Solomon asked his people, "Who among you can bring her throne before (she, the queen of Sheba) comes to me submissively?"

  39. A monstrous jinn said, "I can bring it before you even stand up. I am powerful and trustworthy".

  40. The one who had knowledge from the Book said, "I can bring it to you before you even blink your eye." When Solomon saw the throne placed before him, he said, "This is a favor from my Lord by which He wants to test whether I am grateful or ungrateful. Whoever thanks God does so for his own good. Whoever is ungrateful to God should know that my Lord is Self-Sufficient and Benevolent."

  41. Then he said, "Make a few changes to her throne and let us see whether she will recognize it or not."

  42. When she came she was asked, "Is your throne like this?" She replied, "It seems that this is it. We had received the knowledge before this and were submissive (to Solomon´s power)".

  43. Her idols prevented her from believing in God and she was an infidel.

  44. She was told to enter the palace. When she saw it, she thought that it was a pool and raised her clothe up to her legs. Solomon said, "This is a palace constructed with glass." She said, "My Lord, indeed I have wronged myself and I submit myself with Solomon to the will of God, the Lord of the Universe."

  45. We sent to the tribe of Thamud their brother Salih so that they would worship God, but they became two quarrelling groups.

  46. Salih said, "My people, why do you commit sins so quickly before doing good? Would that you ask forgiveness from God so that perhaps He will have mercy upon you."

  47. They said, "We have an ill omen about you and your followers." Salih replied, God has made your ill fortune await you. You are a people on trial."

  48. There were nine tribes in the city spreading evil without any reform in the land.

  49. They said, "Let us swear by God to do away with him and his family during the night then tell his guardian that we did not see how he and his family had been destroyed, and we shall be telling the truth."

  50. They plotted and We planned without their knowledge. Consider the result of their plot.

  51. We destroyed them and their people altogether.

  52. Those are their empty houses which We ruined because of their injustice. In this there is evidence (of the truth) for the people of knowledge.

  53. We saved the faithful God-fearing believers.

  54. Lot asked his people, "Do you understandably commit indecency?

  55. Do you have carnal relations with men rather than women? You are ignorant people".

  56. His people had no answer but to say, "Expel Lot and his family from the town for they want to be pure."

  57. We saved (Lot) and his family except his wife who was destined to remain behind.

  58. We sent to them a terrible rainstorm. How horrible was the rain for the people who had already received warning.

  59. (Muhammad), say, "It is only God who deserves all praise. Peace be upon His chosen servants. Which is better God or the idols?

  60. "(Are the idols worthier or) the One who has created the heavens and the earth, who has sent water from the sky for you, who has established delightful gardens and you could not even plant one tree? Is there any Lord besides God? In fact, the unbelievers are the ones who deviate from the right path.

  61. "(Are the idols worthier or) the One who has made the earth a resting place, the rivers flow from its valleys, the mountains as anchors and a barrier between the two seas? Is there any lord besides God? In fact, most people do not know.

  62. "(Are the idols worthier or) the One who answers the prayers of the distressed ones, removes their hardship, and makes you the successors in the land? Is there any lord besides God? In fact, you take very little heed.

  63. "(Are the idols worthier or) the One who guides you in the darkness of the land and sea and sends the winds bearing the glad news of His mercy? Is there any lord besides God? God is too exalted to be considered equal to anything else.

  64. "(Are the idols worthier or) the One who began the creation and who will turn it back, who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the earth? Is there any lord besides God? Say, "Bring your proof if what you say is true."

  65. (Muhammad) say, "No one in the heavens or the earth knows the unseen except God, and no one knows when they will be resurrected.

  66. Their knowledge of the next life is no more than doubts. In fact, they are blind about it.

  67. The unbelievers have said, "Shall we and our fathers be brought out of the graves after we become dust?

  68. It was promised to us and to our fathers before us. It is only ancient legends."

  69. Say, "Travel through the land and see how terrible was the end of the criminal ones".

  70. (Muhammad), do not be grieved (about their disbelief) nor distressed about their evil plans against you.

  71. They ask, "When the Day of Judgment will come, if it is true at all?"

  72. Say, "Perhaps some of the things which you wish to experience immediately are very close to you."

  73. Your Lord has many favors for mankind but most of them are ungrateful.

  74. Your Lord certainly knows whatever their hearts conceal or reveal.

  75. All the secrets in heavens and earth are recorded in the illustrious Book.

  76. This Quran tells the Israelites most of the matters about which they had disputes among themselves.

  77. It is a guide and mercy for the believers.

  78. Your Lord will judge among them according to His own decree. He is Majestic and All-Knowing.

  79. Trust in God for you follow the manifest truth.

  80. You cannot make the dead listen and the deaf are unable to hear calls. Thus, they turn back on their heels.

  81. You cannot guide the straying blind ones. You can only make hear those who believe in Our revelations submissively.

  82. When the word about them comes true We shall make a creature appear to them on earth who will tell them that people had no faith in Our revelations.

  83. On the day when We resurrect from every nation a group from among those who had rejected Our revelations, they will be kept confined in ranks.

  84. When they will be brought into the presence of God, He will ask them, "Did you reject My revelations without fully understanding them. What did you know about them if you had any knowledge at all?

  85. They will become subject to punishment because of their injustice. Thus, they will not speak.

  86. Have they not seen that We have created the night for them to rest and the day for them to see. In this there is evidence for the believing people.

  87. Everyone in the heavens and earth will be terrified on the day when the trumpet will be sounded except those whom God will save. Everyone will humbly come into the presence of God.

  88. You think the mountains are solid. In fact, they move like clouds. It is God´s technique which has established everything perfectly. He is well Aware of what you do.

  89. Whoever does a good deed will receive a better reward than what he has done. He will be secure from the terror of the Day of Judgment.

  90. Those who commit evil will be thrown headlong into hell fire. (It will be said to them) can you expect any recompense other than what you deserve for your deeds?

  91. I am commanded to worship the Lord of this town which He has made sacred. To Him belong all things. I am commanded to be a Muslim

  92. and recite the Quran. Whoever seeks guidance will find it for his own soul. Say to whoever goes astray, "I am only a warner".

  93. Say, "It is only He who deserves all praise. He will soon show you His signs and you will recognize them. Your Lord is not unaware of what you do.


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