Daryabadi - Sura: 28. Al-Qasas - The Narrative

  1. Ta. Sin. Mim.

  2. These are verses of the Manifest Book.

  3. WE recite unto thee of the story of Musa and Fir´awn with truth fora people who believe.

  4. Verily Fir´awn exalted himself in the earth and made the people thereof into sects, weakening a party among them, slaying their sons and letting their women live. Verify he was of the corrupters.

  5. And We desired that We should be gracious unto those who were weakened in the land, and We should make them leaders and We should make them the inheritors.

  6. And We should establish them in the earth, and We should let Fir´awn and Haman and their hostee from them that which they dreaded.

  7. And We inspired the mother of Musa, saying: suckle him, then when thou fearest for him, cast him into the river and fear not, nor grieve. Verily We are going to restore him unto thee, and shall make him one of the sent ones.

  8. And the household of Fir´awn took him Up, that he should become unto them an enemy and a grief. Verily Fir´awn and Haman and their hosts were sinners.

  9. And the wife of Fir´awn said: a comfort unto me and thee slay him not; belike he shall be of benefit to us or we might like him for a son; and they perceived not.

  10. And the heart of the mother of Musa became void, and she had wellnigh disclosed him, had We not fortified her heart, that she might remain one of the believers.

  11. And she said unto his sister: follow him. So she watched him from afar; and they perceived not.

  12. And We had aforetime forbidden foster-mothers for him; so she said: shall direct you unto a household who will rear him for you and who will be unto him good counsellors.

  13. So We restored him unto his mother that she might be comforted and not grieve, and that she might know that the promise of Allah is true. Yet most of them know not.

  14. And when he attained his full strength and became firm, We vouchsafed unto him wisdom and knowledge; and Thus We reward the well- doers.

  15. And he entered the City at a time of unawareness of the inhabitants thereof, and he found therein two men fighting, one being of his own party, and the other of his enemies. And he who was of his party, called him for help against him who was of his enemies. So Musa truck him with his fist, and put an end of him. He said: this is of the work of the satan, verily he is an enemy, a misleader manifest.

  16. He said: my Lord! verily I have wronged my soul, so wherefore forgive me. So He forgave him. Verily He! He is the Forgiving, the Owner of Mercy.

  17. He said: my Lord! whereas Thou hast favoured me, I shall nevermore be a supporter of the culprits.

  18. And in the morning he was in the city fearing and looking about, when lo! he who had asked his succour yesterday was crying out unto him. Musa said: verily thou art a seducer manifest.

  19. And when he sought to seize him who was an enemy unto them both, he said: O Musa wouldst thou slay me as thou didst slay a person yesterday? Thou seekest only to be a tyrant in the land, and thou seekest not to be of the reconcilers.

  20. And there came a man from the farthest part of the city, running; he said: O Musa! the chiefs are taking counsel together concerning thee, that they might slay thee; wherefore go forth thou, verily I am unto thee of the admonishers.

  21. So he went forth from thence fearing, looking abcut. He said: my Lord! deliver me from the wrong-doing people.

  22. And when he betook himself toward Madyan, he said: belike my Lord will guide me even way.

  23. And when he arrived at the water of Madyan, he found there a community of the people watering. And he found, apart from them, two women keeping back their flocks. He said: what aileth you twain! The twain said: we water not until the shepherds have driven away their flocks; and our father is a very old man.

  24. Then he watered their flocks for the twain. Then he turned aside into the shade, and said: my Lord! I verily of the good which Thou mayest send down for me I am needy.

  25. Then there came unto him one of the twain walking bashfully, and said: verily my father calleth for thee, that he may recompense thee with a hire for that thou didst water the flock for us. Then, when he was come unto him and had recounted unto him the whole story, he said: fear not; thou hast escaped from the wrong-doing people.

  26. And said one of the twain: O my father! hire him, for the best that thou canst hire is the strong and trustworthy one.

  27. He said: verily I wish I would marry thee to one of these two daughters of mine provided that thou hirest thyself to me for eight years. then if thou completest ten it will de of thine own accord, and I would not make it hard for thee; thou Shalt find me, Allah willing, of the righteous.

  28. Musa said: be that between me and thee: whichsoever of the two terms I shall fulfil, it shall be no harshness to me; and of that which we say Allah is Trustee.

  29. Then when Musa had fulfilled the term, and was journeying with his household, he saw a fire on the side of Tur, and said unto his household: bide ye; verily I see a fire afar, haply I may bring unto you tidings thereon, or a brand out: of the fire, haply ye may warm yourselves.

  30. Then when he was come thereto, he was called from the right side of the valley in the ground blest from the tree: Musa! verily I! I am Allah, the Lord of the worlds;

  31. And cast thou down thy staff. And when he saw it stirring, as though it were a serpent, he turned in flight and looked not back. O Musa! draw nigh, and fear not; thou art of the secure ones.

  32. Slip thy hand in thy bosom, it shall come forth white without hurt; and draw back thy arm unto thee for fear. These shall be two proofs from thy Lord unto Fir´awn and his chiefs; verily they have been a people given to transgression.

  33. He said: My Lord! verily I have slain a man among them and I fear they shall slay me.

  34. And My brother Harun! He is more eloquent than I in speech; wherefore send him with me as a support, to corroborate me; verily I fear that they shall belie me.

  35. He said: We shall indeed strengthen thine arm with thy brother, and We shall vouchsafe unto you authority, so that they shall not be able to come up to you. Go forth with Our signs! Ye twain and those who follow you, shall be the victors.

  36. Then when Musa came unto them with Our manifest signs, they said: this is naught but magic fabricated; and we heard not of this among our fathers of old.

  37. And Musa said: My Lord best knoweth him who bringeth guidance from before Him and him whose will be the happy end of the Abode. Verily the wrong-doers shall not thrive.

  38. And Fir´awn said: O chiefs! know not of a god for you except me. Wherefore light thou for me, O Haman! clay, and make me a lofty tower that I may ascend unto the God of Musa; and verily I imagine him to be of the liars.

  39. And he and his hosts were stiff-necked in the land without right, and imagined that before Us they would not be brought back.

  40. Wherefore We laid hold of him and his hosts and cast them into the sea. So behold thou what like hath been the end of the wrong- doers!

  41. And We made them leaders calling to the Fire, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall not be succoured.

  42. And We caused a curse to follow them in this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be of the castaway.

  43. And assuredly We vouchsafed the the Scripture unto Musa after We had destroyed the generations of old: enlightenment unto mankind and a guidance and a mercy, that haply they might be admonished.

  44. And thou wast not on the western side when We decreed the affair unto Musa, and thou wast not of the witnesses.

  45. But We brought forth generations, and prolonged unto them was life; nor wast thou a dweller among the people of Madyan, reciting unto them Our revelations; but it is We who were to send.

  46. Nor wast thou beside the Tur when We called; but thou art sent as a mercy from thy Lord, that thou mayest warn a people unto whom no warner came before thee, that haply they might be admonished.

  47. And lest, if an affliction had afflicted them for that which their hands had sent before, they should have said: our Lord! wherefore sent not Thou an apostle unto us that we might have followed Thy revelations and been of the believers!

  48. Yet when the truth is come unto them from before Us, they say: wherefore hast he not been vouchsafed the like of that which was given unto Musa? Disbelieved they not in that which was given unto Musa aforetime? They say; two magics supporting each other. And they say: verily in all such things we are disbelievers.

  49. Say thou: then bring a Book from before Allah, that is better in guidance than these two shall follow it--if ye are truth- tellers.

  50. Then if they answer thee not, know thou that they only follow their own desires; and who is farther astray than he who followeth his desire without guidance from Allah? Verily Allah guideth not a wrong- doing people.

  51. And assuredly We have caused the Word to reach them in succession, that haply they may be admonished.

  52. Those unto whom We vouchsafed the Book before it, --they believe therein.

  53. And when it is rehearsed unto them they say: we believe therein: verily it is truth from our Lord: verily we have been even before it of those who submit themselves.

  54. These shall be vouchsafed their hire twice over, because they have persevered,and they repel evil with good, and expend of that wherewith We have provided them.

  55. And when they hear vain discourse they withdraw therefrom and say: unto US our works, and unto you your works; peace be unto you; we seek not the ignorant.

  56. Verily thou shalt not guide whomsoever thou lovest, but Allah shall guide whomsoever He will. And He knoweth best who are the guided.

  57. And they say: were we to follow the guidance with thee, We Shall be snatched away from our land. Have We not established for them an inviolable sanctuary whereunto fruits of every sort are brought: a provision from Our presence? But most of them know not.

  58. And how many a city have We destroyed that exulted in their living! And yonder are their dwellings which have not been inhabited after them unless for a little while; and verily We! We have been the inheritors.

  59. Nor was thy Lord to destroy the Cities, until He had raised up in their mother-city an apostle reciting unto them our revealations. Nor were We to destroy the cities unless the inhabitants thereof were wrong-doers.

  60. And whatsoever ye are vouchsafed is an enjoyment of the life of the world and an adornment thereof; and that which is with Allah is better and more lasting. Will ye not therefore reflect?

  61. Is he, then, whom We have promised an excellent promise which he is going to meet, like unto him whom We have suffered to enjoy awhile the enjoyment of the life of the world, then on the Day of Resurrection he shall be of those brought up!

  62. And on the Day whereon He shall call unto them and say: where are My associates whom ye were wont to assert?

  63. Those upon whom the sentence will be pronounced will say: our Lord these are they whom we seduced, we seduced them even as we our selves were seduced. We declare ourselves quit of them before Thee; not our selves they were wont to worship.

  64. And it shall be said: Call upon your associate-gods. And they shall call upon them, and they shall not answer them, and they shall behold the torment. Would that they had received the guidance!

  65. And on the Day whereon He shall call unto them and say: what answer gave ye to the sent ones?

  66. Bedimmed unto them shall be all excuses on that Day, wherefore they shall not be able to ask one of another.

  67. Howbeit, whosoever shall repent and believe, and work righteous works - belike he shall be of the thrivers.

  68. And thy lord createth whatsoever He listeth and chooseth; no Choice is to be far them. Hallowed be Allah and exalted above that which they associate!

  69. And thy Lord knoweth that which their breasts conceal and that which they make known.

  70. And He is Allah there is no god but he! His is all praise in the first and in the last, and His is the command, and unto Him ye shall be returned.

  71. Say thou: bethink ye, if Allah made night continuous for you till the Day of Resurrection, what god is there beside Allah, who would bring you light? Hearken ye not?

  72. Say thou: bethink ye, if Allah made day continuous for you till the Day of Resurrection, what god is there beside Allah, who would bring you night wherein ye have repose? Behold ye not?

  73. It is of His mercy He hath appointed for you night and day, that therein ye may have repose, and that ye may seek of His grace, and that haply ye may give thanks.

  74. And on the Day whereon He shall call unto them and say: where are My associates whom ye were wont to assert?

  75. We shall take out from every community a witness and We shall say: come forth with your proof; then they shall know that the truth was Allah´s, and astray will go from them that which they were wont to fabricate.

  76. Verily Qarun was of the people of Musa; then he behaved arrogantly toward them. And We had vouchsafed him of the treasures whereof the keys would have weighed down a band of strong men. Recall what time his people said unto him: exult not; verily God loveth not the exultant.

  77. And seek the abode of the Hereafter with that which God hath vouchsafed thee, and forget not thy portion in the World, and be thou bounteous even as God hath been bounteous unto thee, and seek not corruption in the earth; verily Allah loveth not corrupters.

  78. He said: I have been vouchsafed this only because of the knowledge that is with me. Knew he not that Allah had destroyed before him, of the generations, those who were stronger than he in might and larger in respect of following? And the culprits shall not be questioned of their sins.

  79. Then he went forth unto his people in his pomp. Those who sought the life of the world said: would that we had the like of that which hath been vouchsafed unto Qarun! Verily he is the owner of a very great fortune.

  80. And those who had been vouchsafed the knowledge said: woe unto you! the reward of Allah is best for him who believeth and worketh righteously and none shall attain it except the patient.

  81. Then We sank the earth with him and his dwelling-place. And he had no host to defend him against Allah,nor was he of those who could defend themselves.

  82. And those who had wished for his place but yesterday began to say: Ah! Allah expandeth the provision for whomsoever He will of His bondmen and stinteth, had not Allah been gracious unto us, He would have sunk the earth with us also. Ah! the infidels thrive not.

  83. This is the abode of the Hereafter! We appoint it unto those who Seek not exaltation in the earth nor corruption; and the happy end is for the God-fearing.

  84. Whosoever bringeth good shall have better than it, and whosoever bringeth evil, then those who do ill works shall be rewarded only for that which they have been working.

  85. Verily He who hath imposed the Qur´an on thee Is surely about to bring thee back home. Say thou: my Lord knoweth best who bringeth guidance and who is in an error manifest.

  86. And thou wast not hoping that the Book would be Inspired in thee; but it is a mercy from thy Lord, so be thou not a supporter of the infidels.

  87. And let them not turn thee aside from the signs of Allah after they have been sent down unto thee. And call thou men unto thy Lord, and be thou not of the associaters.

  88. And invoke thou not any other god along with Allah. There is no god but he. Everything is perishable save His countenance His is the judgment, and unto Him ye shall be returned.


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