Literal - Sura: 28. Al-Qasas - The Narrative

  1. T S M .

  2. Those are the Book`s verses/evidences, the clear/evident.

  3. We read/recite on you from Moses` information/news, and Pharaoh, with the truth to a nation believing.

  4. That Pharaoh became high, mighty and dignified in the earth/Planet Earth, and he made its people (into) groups/parties , he weakens a group of people from them, he slaughters their sons, and he shames/keeps alive their women, that he truly was from the corrupting/disordering .

  5. And We want/intend that We bless on those who were weakened in the earth/Planet Earth, and We make them leaders/examples, and We make them the heirs/inheritants.

  6. And We highly position/empower for them in the earth/Planet Earth, and We show Pharaoh and Haman and their (B)`s soldiers from them what they were warning/cautioning .

  7. And We inspired/transmitted to Moses` mother: "That breast feed him, so if you feared on (for) him, so throw him in the body of water and do not fear, and do not be sad/grieving, that We are returning him to you, and making him from the messengers."

  8. So Pharaoh`s family unintentionally found and picked him up, to be for them an enemy and sadness/grief, that truly Pharaoh and Haman and their (B)`s soldiers were erroneous/sinners .

  9. And Pharaoh`s woman (wife) said: "An eye`s delight/pleasure for me and for you, do not kill him, maybe/perhaps that he benefits us, or we take/receive him (as) a child (son): "And they do not feel/know/sense .

  10. And Moses` mother`s heart became/became in the morning empty, that truly she was about to/almost to show/uncover with him, where it not for that We strengthened/braced on her heart/mind , to be from the believers.

  11. And she said to his sister, track/follow him, so she saw/watched with him, from (a) distance and (while) they do not feel/know/sense.

  12. And We forbade/prohibited on him the wet nurses/breast feeders from before, so she said: "Do I guide/lead you on a house`s/home`s people they sponsor/maintain him for you, and they are for him faithful/sincere?"

  13. So We returned him to his mother in order that her eye delights/satisfies and she not be saddened/grieved, and to know that God`s promise (is) truth , and but most of them do not know.

  14. And when he reached his maturity/strength and straightened/leveled (matured) , We gave/brought him judgment/rule and knowledge, and like that We reward/reimburse the good doers.

  15. And He entered the city/town at a time of negligence/disregard (unnoticed) from its people , so he found in it two men (B) fighting/killing each other, that from his group/party , and that from his enemy, so who (was) from his group/party seeked/asked him for help, on (against) who (was) from his enemy, so he struck himwith his fist so he killed on him, Moses, he said that (is) from the devils` work/deed , that he truly is an enemy, misguiding, clear/evident ."

  16. He said: "My Lord, that I caused injustice (to) myself, so forgive for me." So He forgave for Him, that He truly is, He is the forgiving, the merciful.

  17. He said: "My Lord, with what you blessed on me, so I will never/not be a supporter/helper to the criminals/sinners."

  18. So he became in the city/town afraid/frightened, observing/guarding , so then who seeked victory/aid from him at the yesterday/past, he cries out/screams for his help, Moses said to him: "That you are a misguider/lurer (E) clear/evident ."

  19. So when that he wanted/intended that he attacks violently with who he is an enemy to them (B) he said: "You Moses, do you intend/want that you kill me, as you killed a self at the yesterday/past, that you want/intend except that you be a tyrant/oppressor in the earth/Planet Earth, and you do not want that you be from the correcting/reconciliating ."

  20. And a man came form the farthest of the city/town walking quickly/hastening he said: "You Moses, that the nobles/assembly , they conspire/plot with each other with (about) you, to kill you, so get out , that I am for you from the advisors/counselors."

  21. So he got out from it afraid/frightened, observing/guarding , he said: "My Lord save/rescue me, from the nation, the unjust/oppressive ."

  22. And when he aimed/turned towards Madya , he said: "Maybe/perhaps my Lord that He guides me the road`s/path`s straightness ."

  23. And when he neared/approached Madya`s water he found at it a nation/generation from the people, they water/irrigate and he found from other than them two women, (B) pushing/defending , he said: "What (is) your matter/concern ." They (B) said: "We do not water/irrigate until the shepherds/protectors return from the water/proceed , and our father (is) an old aged old ."

  24. So he watered/gave drink for them (B), then he turned away to the shade/water shaded by trees , so he said: "My Lord, that I am to what you descended to me from goodness/wealth poor/deprived ."

  25. So one of them (B) came to him, she walks on (with) shame/shyness, she said: "That my father calls you to reimburse you a wage/fee (for) what you watered/gave drink for us." So when he came to him, and he narrated/related on (to) him the narration/information (true stories) he said: "Do not fear, you were saved/rescued from the nation, the unjust/oppressive."

  26. One of them (B) said: "You my father, hire him, that best (of) who you hired, (is) the powerful/strong, the faithful/loyal ."

  27. He said: "That I, I want , that I marry you to one (of) my two daughters, those two, on that you hire to me (yourself for) eight pilgrimages (years), so if you completed ten, so (it) is from at you, and I do not want that I make hardship/difficulty on you, you will find me, if God willed/wanted from the correct/righteous."275

  28. He said: "That (is) between me and between you, whichever (of) the two terms/times I accomplished/carried out, so no transgression/aggression (be) on me, and God (is) on what we say a guardian ."

  29. So when Moses accomplished the term/time, and he walked/moved/rode with his family , he perceived/ saw from the mountain`s side/direction a fire, he said to his family : "Wait/remain that I perceived/saw a fire, maybe/perhaps I come to you from it with news/information/knowledge, or a fire brand/burning ember from the fire, maybe/perhaps you warm (yourselves)."

  30. So when he came to it, (it) was called/cried, from the valley`s the right side/shore/bank, in the spot/place the blessed from the tree, that: "You Moses that I am God, Lord (of) the creations all together/(universes)."

  31. And that (E) throw/throw away your stick/cane. So when he saw it it shakes/moves as though it (is) a Jinn , he turned away giving his back, and he did not follow/track . "You Moses approach/come, and do not fear, that you are from the safe/secure."

  32. Enter/pass your hand in your collar/pocket , it emerges white from without evil/harm , and gather/join (fold) to you your wing/side from the terror/fright, so those two are two proofs/evidences from your Lord to Pharaoh, and his nobles/assembly , that they were a nation (of) debauchers .

  33. He said: "My Lord, that I, I killed a self from them so I fear that they kill me."

  34. And my brother Aaron, he is more pronouncing/eloquent (in) tongue/speech than me, so send him with me (as) support/help he confirms me , that I , I fear that they deny me .

  35. (He said): "We will strengthen/support your upper arm/assistance (give you confidence) with your brother, and We will make/put for you (B) power/control , so they do not reach to you (B), with Our verses/evidences/signs, you (B) and who followed you (B) (are) the defeators/conquerors."

  36. So when Moses came to them with Our evidences/signs evidences, they said: "What (is) that except magic/sorcery fabricated/cut and split, and We did not hear with that in our fathers/forefathers, the first/beginning."

  37. And Moses said: "My Lord (is) more knowledgeable with (about) who came with the guidance from at Him, and who the house`s/home`s end/turn (result) be for him; that He does not make the unjust/oppressive succeed/win."

  38. And Pharaoh said: "You, you the nobles/assembly, I did not know for you from a god other than me, so ignite/light/kindle for me you Haman on the mud/clay , so make/put for me a tall palace/tower maybe I look/see to Moses` God, and I, I think/suspect (E) him (he is) from the liars/falsifiers ."

  39. And he became arrogant, he and his soldiers/warriors in the earth/Planet Earth without the right/truth ,and they thought/assumed that they are to Us not being returned.

  40. So We punished/took him and his soldiers/warriors , so We discarded them/threw them away in the body of water , so look/see/wonder about how was the unjust`s/oppressive`s end/turn (result).

  41. And We made them leaders/examples calling to the fire , and (on) the Resurrection Day they not be given victory/aid .

  42. And We made them be followed in this the present world (by a) curse/torture, and (on) the Resurrection Day they are from the turned ugly/obscene .276

  43. And We had given/brought to Moses The Book from after what We destroyed the generations the first/beginning, evidences/clear sightedness/instincts for the people and guidance and mercy, maybe/perhaps they mention/remember .

  44. And you were not at the western`s side/direction when We completed/informed to Moses the matter/affair/order/command, and you were not from the present.

  45. And but We created/originated generations/peoples of eras , so the lifetime lengthened on (to) them, and you were not residing/dwelling in Madya`s people, you read/recite on (to) them Our verses/evidences/signs, and but We, We were sending .

  46. And you were not at the mountain`s side/direction, when We called, and but mercy from your Lord, to warn/give notice (to) a nation, a warner/giver of notice did not come to them from before you, maybe/perhaps they mention/remember .

  47. Had it not been for that a disaster strikes them because (of) what their hands presented/undertook , so they said: "Our Lord, if only you sent on (to) us a messenger, so we follow your verses/evidences/signs, and we be from the believers."

  48. So when the truth came to them from at Us, they said: "If only (he) was given/brought to equal/similar (to) what was given/brought (to) Moses." Did they not disbelieve with what was given/brought (to) Moses from before? They said: "Two magicians/sorcerers, they (B) cooperated (with)/backed each other." And they said: "That we are with all/each disbelieving."

  49. Say: "So come with a Book from at God, He/it is more guided/guiding than them (B), I follow it if you were truthful."

  50. So if they did not answer/reply to you, so know that they follow their self attractions for desires , and who (is) more misguided than who followed his self attractions for desires without guidance from God? That (E) God does not guide the nation, the unjust/oppressive.

  51. And We had reached/connected for them the words/opinion and belief maybe/perhaps they remember/mention

  52. Those who We gave/brought them The Book from before it/Him, they are with it/Him believing.

  53. And if (it) is read/recited on (to) them, they said: "We believed with it, that it truly is the truth from our Lord, that we were from before it Moslems/submitters ."

  54. Those, they, they are given their reward twice because (of) what they were patient, and they drive away/repel the sins/crimes with the good/goodness, and from what We provided for them they spend.

  55. And if they heard/listened (to) the nonsense/senseless talk , they turned away from it, and they said: "For us (are) our deeds, and for you, your deeds, a greeting/peace on (to) you, we do not wish/desire the lowly/ignorant ."

  56. That you do not guide whom you loved/liked, and but God guides whom He wills/wants, and He is more knowledgeable with (about) the guided.277

  57. And they said: "If (E) we follow the guidance with you we be snatched from our land ." Did We not strengthen/secure for them forbidden/sacred safe/secure fruits (of) every thing is being gathered to it, provision from at Us, and but most of them do not know.

  58. And how many We perished/destroyed from a village/urban city its life/livelihood/sustenance became unappreciated/undeserved (they were ungrateful for their livelihood), so those are their residences, did not get inhabited from after them, except a few/little , and We were, We, the heirs/inheritants.

  59. And your Lord was not perishing/destroying the villages/urban cities, until He sends in its origin a messenger, he reads/recites on (to) them Our verses/evidences/signs, and We were not destroying the villages/urban cities, except and (while) its people (are) unjust/oppressive .

  60. And you were not given from a thing so enjoyment (of) the life the present/worldly life, and its decoration/beauty/ornament, and what (is) at God (is) best and more lasting/continuing (everlasting), so do you not reason/comprehend ?

  61. Is who We promised him a good/beautiful promise, so he is receiving/finding it (E) , as who We made him enjoy the life the present`s/worldly life`s enjoyment then he is (on) the Resurrection Day from present/attending?

  62. And a day/time He calls them, so He says: "Where (are) My partners those whom you were claiming/alleging ?"

  63. Those who the saying/opinion and belief became deserved on (to) them said: "Our Lord, those (are) those who we misguided , we misguided them as/like we were misguided we declared innocence to You, they were not (to) us worshipping."

  64. And (it) was said: "Call your partners." so they called them, so they did not answer/reply to them, and they saw/understood the torture. If only that they were being guided.

  65. And a day/time He calls them, so He says: "What (did) you reply/answer the messengers?"

  66. So the information/news was blinding/confusing on (to) them (on) that day, so they do not ask/question each other.

  67. So but who repented, and believed, and made/did correct/righteous deeds, so maybe/perhaps that (he) be from the successful/winners.

  68. And your Lord creates what He wills/wants, and He chooses; the best choice/best is/was not for them, God`s praise/glory and high, mighty, exalted and dignified from/about what they share/make partners (with Him).

  69. And your Lord knows what their chests (innermosts) conceal/cover , and what they declare/publicize .

  70. And He is God, (there is) no God except Him, for Him (is) the praise/gratitude in the first/beginning and the end (other life), and for Him (is) the judgment/rule, and to Him, you are being returned.

  71. Say: "Did you see/understand if God made/put on you the night continuous to the Resurrection Day? Which god other than God, brings you with a light/illumination , so do you not hear/listen?"278

  72. Say: "Did you see/understand if God made/put on you the daytime continuous to the Resurrection Day? Which god other than God, brings you with night to be tranquil/settling in it, so do you not see/look/understand?

  73. And from His mercy, He made/put for you the night and the daytime, to be tranquil/settled in it, and to wish/desire from His grace/favour/blessing, and maybe/perhaps you thank/be grateful.

  74. And a day/time He calls them, so he says: "Where (are) my partners (with Me) those whom you were claiming/alleging ?"

  75. And We removed/pulled away from every nation/generation/century, a witness/testifier , so We said: "Bring/give your proof/evidence." So they knew that the truth (is) to God, and what they were making/fabricating , (was) wasted/lost from them.

  76. That (E) Qaroon/Korah was from Moses` nation, so he oppressed/transgressed on them, and We gave/brought him from the treasures what that (E) its keys (is a) burdensome weight (E) with (for) the group/band/company of strength/power , when his nation said to him: "Do not rejoice/delight , that (E) God does not love/like the rejoiced/delighted ."

  77. And wish/desire in what God gave you, the home/house (of) the end (other life), and do not forget your share/fortune in the present world, and do good deeds (give charity) as/like God did good to you, and do not wish/desire the corruption in the land/Planet Earth, that (E) God does not love/like the corrupting/disordering .

  78. He said: "But/truly I got it on knowledge at me." Did he not know that God had perished/destroyed from before him from the generations/peoples of eras who he is stronger than him power/strength and more gathering/assembling? And the criminals/sinners do not be asked/questioned about their crimes.

  79. So he got out/emerged on (to) his nation in his decoration/beauty/ornament, those who want the life the present/worldly life said: "Oh, if only for us similar/equal (to) what Qaroon/Korah was given/brought to, that he truly is of great luck/fortune."

  80. And those who were given the knowledge said: "Your calamity , God`s reward/compensation (is) best to who believed, and made/did correct/righteous deeds, and none receives/meets/finds it except the patient."

  81. So We sunk down the Earth/land with him and with his home/house. So (there) was not for him from a group (to) give him victory/aid from other than God, and (he) was not from the victorious.

  82. And those who wished/desired his place/position at the yesterday/past became/became in the morning saying: "Woe as if/as though God spreads/extends the provision to whom He wills/wants from His worshippers/slaves , and He is capable/able , if only that God blessed on us He would have sunk down (the land) with us, woe, as if he/as though He does not make the disbelievers succeed/win ."

  83. That is the house/home of the end (other life), We make/create it to those who do not want height, might and dignity in the earth/Planet Earth, and nor a corruption , and the end (result) is to the fearing and obeying.279

  84. Who came with the good/goodness, so to him better than it, and who came with the sin/crime, so those who made/did the sins/crimes will not be reimbursed except (for) what they were making/doing .

  85. That (E) who specified/imposed/stipulated on you the Koran, (is) returning you (E) to a return/paradise/final place , say: "My Lord (is) more knowledgeable (of) who came with the guidance, and who he is in (a) clear/evident misguidance."

  86. And you were not hoping/expecting that (E) The Book be thrown to you, except mercy from your Lord, so do not be (E) supporting/helping to the disbelievers.

  87. And let (them) not obstruct/prevent you from God`s verses/evidences after when (it) was descended to you, and call to your Lord, and do not be from the sharers/takers of partners (with God) .

  88. And do not call with God another god, (there is) no god except Him, every thing (is) perishing/destroying ,except His face/front , for Him (is) the judgment/rule, and to Him you are being returned.280


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