Literal - Sura: 3. Al-'Imran - The Family of Amran

  1. A L M .

  2. God, no God except He, the alive , the of no beginning and self sufficient .

  3. He descended on you The Book with the truth , confirming to what (is) between His hands, and He descended the Torah and the New Testament/Bible .

  4. From before guidance to the people, and He descended the Separator of Right and Wrong/Koran , that those who disbelieved with God`s verses , for them (is) a strong (severe) torture, and God (is) glorious/mighty , (owner) of a revenge/punishment.

  5. That God, no(thing) hides on Him, in the earth/Planet Earth and nor in the sky/space.

  6. He is who pictures/forms you in the wombs/uteruses how (as) He wants/wills, no God except He, the glorious/mighty, the wise/judicious.

  7. He is who descended on you The Book , from it (are) perfected/tightened verses, they are (F) The Book`s origin/mother , and others resembling/ambiguous/obscure , so but those who in their hearts/minds (is) deviation from truth , so they follow what resembled from it, asking/desiring the treason and asking/desiring its interpretation/explanation , and none knows its interpretation/explanation except God. And the affirmed in the knowledge , they say: "We believed with it, all/each (is) from at our Lord, and none remember/mention except (those) of the pure minds/intelligence ."

  8. Our Lord, do not deviate from truth our hearts/minds after when You guided us, and grant/present for us from at You a mercy, that you are the grantor/presenter .

  9. Our Lord, that you are gathering/collecting the people to a day/time no doubt in it. That God does not break the appointment.

  10. That those who disbelieved, their properties/wealths and nor their children, will not enrich (help) them from God, a thing, and those are the fire`s fuel.

  11. As Pharaoh`s family and those from before them`s affairs/habits, they lied/denied with Our signs/verses/evidences, so God took/punished them because of their crimes. And God (is) strong (severe in) the torture.

  12. Say to those who disbelieved: "You will be defeated/conquered , and be gathered to Hell , and how/what (is) the bad/low ground .

  13. (It) had been a sign/evidence for you in two groups (who) met , a group fights/kills in God`s way/sake , and another disbelieving, they see them (as) two equals to them (B) (twice as much as them) (by) the eye`s sight/vision, and God supports with His victory whom He wills/wants, that in that (is) an example/a warning (E) to (those) of the eye sights/ knowledge.

  14. (It) was decorated/beautified to the people the lusts`/desires`/cravings` love/like from the women, and the sons and daughters , and the vaulted tons from the gold and the silver, and the identified/distinguished (from) the horses , and the camels/livestock , and the agricultural land/plants that (is) the present life`s/worldly life`s enjoyment and God, at Him good/beautiful (is) the return.

  15. Say: "Do I inform you with (a) better than that. To those who feared and obeyed, at their Lord (are) treed gardens/paradises, the rivers flow from below/beneath it, immortally/eternally in it, and purified spouses and acceptance from God, and God (is) seeing/knowing with the worshippers ."

  16. Those who say: "Our Lord, that we truly believed, so forgive for us our crimes and protect us/make us avoid the fire`s torture."

  17. The patient and the truthful, and the obeying humbly , and the spending , and the ones asking for forgiveness, at the times at end of night, before dawn .

  18. God witnessed that He, (there is) no God except He, and the angels and those of the knowledge (He is) keeping up/taking care of with the just/equitable, no God except He, the glorious , the wise/judicious . (God and the angels and those of the knowledge witnessed/testified that there is no God except God alone.)

  19. That truly the religion at God, (is) the Islam/submission/surrender, and those who were given The Book did not differ/disagree/dispute, except from after what (that) the knowledge came to them, oppression/corruption between them, and who disbelieves with God`s signs/verses , so that God (is) quick/speedy (in) the counting/calculating .

  20. So if they argued/quarreled with you so say: "I submitted/surrendered my face/front to God and who followed me." And say to those who were given The Book and the illiterates/belongers to a nation : "Did you submit/surrender?" So if they submitted/surrendered/became Moslem, so they had been guided, and if they turned, so but on you (is) the information/communication, and God (is) with the worshippers seeing/knowing .

  21. That those who disbelieve with God`s signs/verses , and kill the prophets, without right , and they kill those who order/command with the just/equitable from the people, so announce good news to them with a painful torture.

  22. Those are whose deeds (were) wasted in the present world , and the end/other life, and (there is) none for them from (a) savior/victoriors .

  23. Did you not see/understand to those who were given a share/fortune from The Book , they are being called to God`s Book to judge/rule between them, then a group from them turns away, and they are objecting/opposing.

  24. That (is) because they said: "The fire will not/never touch us, except a counted/numbered days/times, and deceived/tempted them in their religion what they were fabricating .34

  25. So how (is it) if We gathered/collected them to a day/time (there is) no doubt/suspicion in it, and every self was fulfilled what it earned/acquired , and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed.

  26. Say: "Oh/You God , owner/possessor (of) the ownership/kingdom , You give/bring the ownership/kingdom (to) whom You will/want, and You remove/pull away the ownership/kingdom from whom You will/want, and You empower/dignify whom You will/want, and humiliate/disgrace whom You will/want, with Your hand (is) the good/wealth , that You are on every thing capable/powerful ."

  27. You make the night enter/penetrate in the daytime, and You make the daytime enter/penetrate in the night , and You bring out the alive from the dead/lifeless, and You bring out the dead from the alive , and You provide for whom You want/will without counting/calculating .

  28. The believers do not take the disbelievers (as) guardians/friends from other than the believers, and who does that, so he is not from God in a thing, except that you fear from them fear/fright , and God cautions/warns you (of) Himself, and to God (is) the end/destination .

  29. Say: "If you hide what is in your chests (innermosts) or you show it, God knows it, and He knows what (is) in the skies/space, and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and God (is) on every thing capable/able ."

  30. A day/time every self finds what it made/did from good (is) present/brought, and what it made/did from a bad/evil/harm, (it) wishes/loves that if between it (the self), and between it (the bad/evil/harm) a distant/far time/duration and God warns/cautions you (of) Himself and God (is) merciful/compassionate with the worshippers .

  31. Say: "If you were/are loving/liking God, so follow me, God (then) loves/likes you, and forgives for you your crimes, and God (is) forgiving, most merciful ."

  32. Say: "Obey God, and the messenger." So if they turned away , so then God does not love/like the disbelievers.

  33. That God chose/purified Adam and Noah and Abraham`s family, and Amran`s family on the creations altogether/(universes).

  34. Descendants some of it from some, and God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable.

  35. When Amran`s woman (wife) said: "My Lord, that I made a duty/vow (on myself that) to You what is in my belly , freed/liberated , so accept from me, that You, You (are) the hearing/listening, the knowledgeable."

  36. So when she gave birth to her, she said: "My Lord, that I gave birth to her, a female." And God (is) more knowing with what she gave birth to. "And the male is not as/like the female and that I named her Mary ,and that I seek protection for her with (in) You, and her descendants, from the devil the cursed/expelled."

  37. So her Lord accepted her, with a good acceptance , and He grew her good growth, and Zachary sponsored/maintained her, whenever Zachary entered on her (in) the center of the home/prayer direction/the35prayer`s niche , he found at her a provision, he said: "You Mary, from where (is) that to you?" She said: "It is from at God, that God provides for whom He wills/wants without counting/calculating."

  38. At that place and time Zachary called his Lord, he said: "My Lord grant/present for me, from at you good descendants, that you are hearing/listening (to) the call/request/prayer."

  39. So the angels called him, and he is standing/keeping praying, in the prayer`s niche : "That God announces good new to you with John confirming with a word from God and a master and restricting himself (chaste) , and a prophet from the correct/righteous people."

  40. He said: "My Lord, how/from where (can it) be for me a boy , the old age reached me , and my woman (wife is) infertile?" He said: "As/like that God makes/does what He wills/wants."

  41. He said: "My Lord, make for me a sign/evidence." He said: "Your sign/evidence (is) that you not converse/speak (to) the people (for) three days, except (by) signaling/pointing. And mention/remember your Lord much, and praise/glorify with the evening and the daybreaks/early mornings ."

  42. And when the angels said: "You, Mary, that God chose/purified you , and purified you , and chose/purified you over the creations all together/(universes`) women."

  43. You Mary, obey humbly to your Lord, and prostrate, and bow with the bowing .

  44. That (is) from the unseen`s/absent`s information/news, We inspired/transmitted it to you, and you were not at/by them when they throw their pens/small arrows used for gambling draws, (to see) which of them sponsors/supports Mary, and you were not at/by them when they argue/controvert (amongst themselves).

  45. When the angels said: "You Mary, that God announces good news to you, with a word/expression from Him, his name (is) the Messiah Jesus Mary`s son, noble in the present world/near and the end (other life), and from the neared/closer."

  46. And he converses/speaks (to) the people in the crib/cradle and aged approximately between 30-50 years ,and (he is) from the correct/righteous.

  47. She said: "My Lord, how is (it) for me (a) child and not (a) human touched me?" He said: "Like that/that is it, God creates what He wills/wants if He ordered a matter, so but He says to it: `Be.` So it is/will be."

  48. And He teaches/instructs him The Book and the wisdom and the Torah and the Bible/Holy book descended on Jesus .

  49. And a messenger to Israel`s sons and daughters (said): "That I had come to you (with) a sign/evidence from your Lord, that I create for you from the mud/clay as a shape/form (of) the birds, so I blow in it, so it will be flying/birds with God`s permission, and I cure and heal the blind/the born blind, and the leper and I revive/make alive the deads with God`s permission, and I inform you with what you eat and what you hoard/stock in your houses/homes. That in that (is) a sign/evidence (E) for you if you were believers/believing."

  50. And confirming to what (is) between my hands from the Torah and to permit/allow for you some (of) what was forbidden on you, and I came to you with a sign/evidence from your Lord, so fear and obey God and obey me.36

  51. That God (is) my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him, this (is a) straight/direct road/way.

  52. So when Jesus felt (with one of his five physical senses) from them the disbelief, he said: "Who (are) my victoriors/saviors/supporters to God?" The Disciples/victoriors said: "We (are) God`s victoriors/supporters, we believed with God, and (you) be a witness with that we are submitters/surrenderers."

  53. Our Lord, we believed with what You descended, and we followed the messenger, so write (include) us with the witnessing/testifying.

  54. And they cheated/deceived and God cheated/deceived, and God (is) the best (of) the cheaters/deceivers.

  55. When God said: "You Jesus I am, I am making you die and raising you to Me and purifying you from those who disbelieved, and making those who followed you above those who disbelieved to the Resurrection Day, then to Me (is) your return, so I judge/rule between you in what, you were in it differing .

  56. So but those who disbelieved, so I torture them, a strong (severe) torture in the present world/near and the end (other life), and (there are) nothing for them from victoriors/saviors.

  57. And but those who believed and did the correct/righteous deeds, so He fulfills/completes (to) them their rewards , and God does not love/like the unjust/oppressive.

  58. That We read/recited it on you from the signs/verses/evidences and the reminder, the wise/judicious .

  59. That Jesus` example at God (is) as Adam`s example, (He) created him from dust/earth then He said to him: "Be." So he became.

  60. The truth (is) from your Lord, so do not be from the doubting/arguing.

  61. So who argued/quarreled with you in it from after what came to you from the knowledge, so say: "Come, we (will) call our sons, and your sons, and our women, and your women, and ourselves and yourselves, then we curse each other/pray humbly , so we make God`s curse/torture on the liars ."

  62. That this (is) it (E), the narratives/information (true stories) the truth, and (there is) none from a god except God, and that God, he (E) (is) the glorious/mighty, the wise/judicious.

  63. So if they turned away, so that God (is) knowledgeable with the corrupting .

  64. Say: "You people (of) The Book, come to a word equal/straight, between us and you, that we do not worship except God, and we do not share/make partners with Him a thing, and (we) do not take some of us, some (as) lords from other than God." So if they turned away, so say: "Witness/testify with that (we are) submitters/surrenderers/Moslems."

  65. You The Book`s people, why (do) you argue/quarrel in Abraham, and the Torah and the New Testament/Bible were not descended except from after him, so do you not reason/understand?

  66. Here you are, those (who) argued/quarreled in what for you knowledge with it (you are knowledgeable in), so why do you argue/quarrel in what is not for you with it knowledge (you are not knowledgeable in)? And God knows and you do not know.

  67. Abraham was not a Jew and nor a Christian and but (he) was (a) true submitter/Moslem/Unifier of God a Moslem/submitter, and (he) was not from the sharers/takers of partners (with God).37

  68. That the people most worthy with Abraham are those who followed him and this the prophet and those who believed, and God (is) the believer`s guardian/patron .

  69. A group from The Book`s people, wished/loved if they misguide you, and they do not misguide except themselves and they do not feel/know/sense.

  70. You The Book`s people, why do you disbelieve with God`s signs/verses/evidences, and you are witnessing/testifying?

  71. You The Book`s people, why do you confuse/mix/cover/dress the correct/truth with the falsehood and you hide/conceal the correct/truth and you are knowing?

  72. And a group from The Book`s people, said: "Believe with (what) was/is descended on those who believed (during the) face/front (beginning of) the daytime and disbelieve (during) its end, maybe they return."

  73. And do not believe except to whom followed your religion, say: "That the guidance (is) God`s guidance." That one be given equal/alike (to) what you were given or they argue/quarrel with you at your Lord. Say: "That the grace/favour (is) with God`s hand, He gives it (to) whom He wills/wants, and God (is) spacious ,knowledgeable."

  74. He singles out/specializes with His mercy whom He wills/wants, and God (is owner) of the great grace/favour.

  75. And from The Book`s people, whom if you entrust him with a (ton) , he discharges/fulfills (pays) it (back) to you, and from them whom, if you entrust him with a dinar , (he) does not discharge/fulfill (pay) it (back) to you, except as long as you continued keeping up (demanding) on him. That is with that they said: "It is not on us in the illiterates/belongers to a nation (a) means (we do not have to be honest when dealing with other nations)." And they say on God the lie/falsehood and they know.

  76. Yes/certainly, who fulfilled with his promise and feared and obeyed, so that God loves/likes the fearing and obeying.

  77. That those (who) buy/volunteer with God`s promise/contract and their oaths a small price, those/these (have) no share of blessing/fortune for them in the end (other life), and God does not speak/talk to them, and nor look to them (on) the Resurrection Day and nor purifies/corrects them, and for them (is a) painful torture.

  78. And that from them (is) a group (E) (who) twist/turn/distort (misconstruct with) their tongues with The Book, so that you think/suppose it (is) from The Book, and it is not from The Book, and they say: "It (is) from at God". And it is not from at God, and they say on God the lie/falsehood and they are knowing.

  79. It was not to a human that God gives him The Book and the judgment/rule and the prophethood then he says to the people: "Be/become worshippers/slaves to me, from other than God". And but: "Be knowledgeable Lord worshippers with what you were teaching The Book and with what you were studying ".

  80. And (he) does not order you that to take the angels and the prophets (as) Lords (Gods). Does he order/command you with the disbelief, after when you are submitters/surrenderers/Moslems?38

  81. And when/if God took the prophets` promise/covenant what/that what (E) I gave/brought you from a Book and wisdom , then a messenger came to you confirming to/for what (is) with you, to believe with him/it (E) and you will give him/it victory/aid (E). He said: "Did you confess/acknowledge and you took/received on that My promise ?" They said: "We confessed/acknowledged ." He said: "So witness/testify and I am with you from the witnessing/testifying/present."

  82. So who turned away after that, so those are the debauchers .

  83. Is (it) other than God`s religion they desire, and to Him submitted/surrendered whom (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth voluntarily and compellingly/forcefully, and to Him you are being returned?

  84. Say: "We believed with God, and what descended on us, and what descended on Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the grandchildren , and what Moses and Jesus and the prophets were given/brought from their Lord, we do not separate/distinguish/differentiate between any from them, and we are for Him submitters/surrenderers/Moslems."

  85. And who desires/wishes other than the Islam/submission/surrender (as) a religion, so (it) will never/not be accepted from him, and he (is) in the end from the losers.

  86. How God guides a nation (who) disbelieved after their belief, and they witnessed/testified that the messenger (is) correct/true/real/right and the evidences came to them? And God does not guide the nation, the unjust/oppressive.

  87. Those, their reward (is) that on them (is) God`s curse/torture and the angel`s, and the people all (E).

  88. Immortally/eternally in it, the torture is not reduced/lightened on/from them, and nor they be given time/delayed .

  89. Except those who repented, from after that, and corrected/repaired , so then God (is) forgiving, merciful.

  90. That those who disbelieved after their faith/belief, then they increased disbelief, their repentance will never/not (be) accepted, and those are the misguided.

  91. That those who disbelieved, and died and they are disbelievers, so will never/not be accepted from anyone of them the Earth`s fill (of) gold and (even) if he ransomed/compensated with it. Those, for them (is) a painful torture, and (there are) none for them from victoriors/saviors.

  92. You will never/not obtain the righteousness/charitability until you spend from what you love/like, and what you spend from a thing, so then God (is) with it knowledgeable.

  93. All the food was/is/became permitted/allowed to Israel`s sons and daughters, except what Israel forbade on himself from before that the Torah (was) made to descend. Say: "So come/bring with the Torah, so read/recite it if you were truthful."

  94. So who fabricated on God the lie/falsehood from after that, so those are the unjust.

  95. Say: "God is truthful, so follow Abraham`s faith/religion , a submitter/Moslem , and he was not from the takers (of) partners (with God) ."

  96. That (the) first House/Home was raised to the people, (is) which (E) (is) with (in) Bekka , blessed and guidance, to the creations altogether/(universes).39

  97. In it (are) signs/verses/evidences evidences (in) Abraham`s place/position , and who entered it, was/is/became safe/secure, and to God on the people performing pilgrimage (to) the House/Home who was/is able (to find) a way/method to it, and who disbelieved, so that God (is) rich from (not in need to) the creations altogether/(universes).

  98. Say: "You The Book`s people, why do you disbelieve with God`s signs/verses/evidences, and God (is an) honest witness on what you make/do/work?"

  99. Say: "You The Book`s people , why do you prevent/obstruct from God`s way/path who believed, you desire it (be) bent/crookedness, and you are witnessing/testifying, and God is not with ignoring/neglecting what you are making/doing/working."

  100. You (those) who believed, if you obey a group from those who were given The Book , they return you after your believing (to) disbelieving.

  101. And how do you disbelieve and on you are (being) read/recited God`s verses/evidences and in (among) you (is) His messenger, and who holds fast/takes protection with God, so he had been guided to a straight/direct road/way.

  102. You, you those who believed fear and obey God, His real/deserved fear and obedience, and do not die (E) except and you are submitters/surrenderers/Moslems.

  103. And hold fast/take protection with God`s rope/covenant , all together, and do not separate, and mention/remember God`s blessing on you when you were enemies, so He united between your hearts , so you became with His blessings brothers, and you were on (the) edge/brink (of) a pit/hole from the fire, so He rescued/saved you from it, like that God clarifies for you His signs/verses/evidences, maybe/perhaps you be guided.

  104. And to be (E) (should be) from you a nation , (who) call to the good , and they order/command with the kindness/known , and they forbid/prevent from the awfulness/obscenity , and those, they are the successful/winners .

  105. And do not be like those who separated and differed , from after what the evidences came to them, and those, for them (is a) great torture.

  106. A day (when) faces whiten and faces blacken, so but whose faces blackened, (will be told): "Did you disbelieve after your faith/belief? So taste/experience the torture because (of) what you were disbelieving."

  107. And but those whose faces whitened, so in God`s mercy, they are in it immortally/eternally .

  108. Those are God`s signs/verses/evidences, We read/recite it on you with the truth , and God does not want injustice/oppression to the creations altogether/(universes).

  109. And for God, what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and to God return the matters/affairs.

  110. You were (the) best nation , brought out to the people, you order/command with the kindness/known , and you forbid/prevent from the awfulness/obscenity , and you believe with God, and if The40Book`s people believed, (it) would have been/would be best for them, from them (are) the believing/believers, and most of them (are) the debauchers .

  111. They never harm you , except mild harm, and if they fight you, they turn away (from) you, (giving you) the backs/ends, then they do not be given victory.

  112. The humiliation/disgrace (is) forced on them, wherever they were defeated/overtaken , except with a covenant/agreement from God, and a covenant/agreement from the people, and they returned/resided with anger from God, and the poverty/oppression (was) forced on them, that (is) with what they were disbelieving with God`s signs/verses/evidences, and they kill the prophets without right, that (is) because (of) what they disobeyed, and they were transgressing .

  113. They are not equal/alike , from The Book`s people, (are) a nation standing/keeping up , they read/recite God`s signs/verses/evidences (during) the night`s hours, and they prostrate.

  114. They believe with God and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, and they order/command with the kindness/known , and they forbid/prevent from the awfulness/obscenity , and they rush in the goodness (good deeds), and those are from the correct/righteous.

  115. And what they make/do from a good, they will never/not (be) denied (loose) it, and God (is) knowledgeable with the fearing/obeying.

  116. That those who disbelieved, their properties/possessions/wealths and nor their children enrich (them) from God a thing, and those are the fire`s company , they are in it immortally/eternally.

  117. (An) example of what they spend in this the life the present/worldly life (is) as (the) example (of) a wind, in it (is) severe cold/frost, it struck a nation`s cultivation/plantation, they caused injustice (to) themselves, so it destroyed/wasted it , and God did not cause injustice to them, and but (it is) themselves they cause injustice to.

  118. You, you those who believed, do not take a confidant from other than you, they do not slacken/relax in (causing) degeneration/corruption (to) you, they loved/wished what you suffered (from) exertion/burden . The intense, hatred/animosity appeared from their mouths, and what their chests (innermosts) hide (is) greater/bigger. We have clarified to you the signs/verses/evidences if you were/are understanding .

  119. Here you are, those (who) love/like them, and they do not love/like you, and you believe with The Book, all of it, and (when) they met you, they said: "We believed." And if they were alone/together they bit on you the fingertips from the anger/rage . Say: "Die with your anger/rage, that God (is) knowledgeable with (what is) in the chests (innermosts)."

  120. If a good/goodness touches you, it harms them, and if a sin/crime strikes you, they become happy/rejoiced with it, and if you be patient and you fear and obey, their plotting/conspiring does not harm you a thing. That God (is) with what they make/do/work surrounding .

  121. And when you went early from your family/people, you assign the believers sitting places (positions) to the fighting/killing, and God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable.41

  122. When two groups from you started/began that they weaken and become cowardly (B) , and God (is) their (B)`s guardian and on God so should rely/depend the believers.

  123. And God had (E) given you victory/aid with (at) Badr , and you are humiliated/disgraced , so fear and obey God, maybe/perhaps you thank/be grateful.

  124. If/when you say to the believers: "Is it not enough/sufficient for you that your Lord extends (supplies) you with three thousand from the angels sent descending?"

  125. Yes/certainly if you be patient and you fear and obey, and they come to you from this their promptness (at once) , your Lord extends (supplies) you with five thousand from the angels marked/identified .

  126. And God did not make/manipulate it except (as) a good news to you and to assure/tranquillise your hearts with it, and the victory/aid is not except from at God, the glorious/mighty , the wise judicious.

  127. To cut off/separate an end/edge from those who disbelieved, or He humiliates/destroys/returns them with rage, so they turn/return failures .

  128. (It) is not to you from the matter/affair a thing, or He forgives on them or He tortures them, so then they are unjust/oppressors.

  129. And to God what is in the skies/space and what is in the earth/Planet Earth, He forgives, for whom He wills/wants and He tortures whom He wills/wants, and God (is) forgiving , merciful .

  130. You, you those who believed, do not eat, the growth/increase/interest doubles doubled , and fear and obey God, maybe/perhaps you succeed/win.

  131. And fear (and avoid) the fire which was/is prepared to the disbelievers.

  132. And obey God and the messenger, maybe/perhaps you attain mercy.

  133. And quicken/speed to a forgiveness from your Lord and a treed garden/paradise, its width (is) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, (it) was/is prepared to the fearing and obeying.

  134. Those who spend in the prosperity, and (in) the calamity, and the suppressing the anger/rage , and the forgiving/pardoning on the people, and God loves/likes the good doers .

  135. And those who if they made/did an enormous/atrocious deed , they caused injustice (to) themselves, they mentioned/remembered God, so they asked for forgiveness for their crimes, and who forgives the crimes except God? And they did not insist/persist on what they made/did, and they know .

  136. Those, their reward (is) forgiveness from their Lord, and treed gardens, the rivers flow from underneath it, immortally in it, and blessed/praised (is) the makers`/doers` reward.

  137. Laws/ways had past/left from before you, so move/walk in the earth/Planet Earth, so look/consider how was the liars`/denier`s end (result) .

  138. This (is) evidence/logic to the people and guidance, and a sermon/advice/warning to the fearing and obeying.

  139. And do not weaken/enfeeble , and do not be saddened/grieved, and you are the overcoming and becoming dignified/defeating, if you were believing.42

  140. If a wound/ulcer (pain) touches you, so a wound/ulcer (pain) equal/alike to it had touched the nation, and those are the days/times, We rotate/alternate it between the people, and (for) God to know those who believed, and (to) take from you witnesses (martyrs), and God does not love/like the unjust/oppressors.

  141. And (for) God to purify/clarify/cleanse those who believed, and to annihilate/wipe off the disbelievers.

  142. Or (have) you thought/supposed that you enter the Paradise, and God did not (E) know, those who struggled/did utmost from you, and He knows the patient.

  143. And you had been wishing/desiring the death, from before that you meet/find it, so you had seen it and you (are) looking .

  144. And Mohammad is not except a messenger, had passed/expired from before him the messengers, so if he died, or (he was) killed, you turned/returned on your heels , and whom turns/returns, on his two heels, so he will never/not harm God, a thing, and God will reward the thankful/grateful.

  145. And it was not to a self that to die except with God`s permission, a decree/destiny/fate delayed , and who wants/wills the present world`s reward, We give him from it, and who wants/wills the end`s (other life`s) reward, We give him from it, and We will reward the thankful/grateful.

  146. And how many from a prophet fought/killed with him many knowledgeable Lord worshippers? So they did not weaken/enfeeble for (what) struck them in God`s sake , and they did not weaken, and they did not become humiliated/disgraced, and God loves/likes the patient.

  147. And their saying was not, except that they said: "Our Lord, forgive for us our crimes and our spoilage/wastefulness in our matter/affair, and affix/make our feet firm, and give us victory/aid over the nation, the disbelieving."

  148. So God gave them the present world`s reward, and the end`s (other life`s) beautiful/good reward, and God loves/likes the good doers.

  149. You, you those who believed, if you obey those who disbelieved, they return you on your heels, so you turn/return losers .

  150. No/but , God (is) your master/ally , and He is best (of) the victoriors/saviors/supporters.

  151. We will throw in those who disbelieved`s hearts the terror because (of) what they shared with God what (He) did not descend with it a proof/evidence/authority, and their shelter/refuge (is) the fire , and how bad (is) the unjust`s home/residence/dwelling .

  152. And God had been (E) truthful to you (in) His promise to you when you killed/uprooted them with His permission, until you weakened and became cowardly/failed and you disputed in the matter/affair, and you disobeyed from after what He showed you what you love/like, from you who want the present world and from you who want the end (other life), then He diverted you from them, to test you and He had (E) forgiven on you, and God (is owner) of grace on the believers.

  153. When you ascend/have hardship and do not wait/stop on anyone, and the messenger calls you in your end/back , so you were flooded/rewarded grief/depression with a grief/depression, so that you not43be saddened on what passed/missed you permanently, and nor what struck you, and God (is) expert/experienced with what you make/do.

  154. Then (He) descended on you from after the grief/depression safety/security, slumbering/dozing (to) cover/make unconscious a group from you, and a group, their selves had interested/concerned them, they suspect with God other than the truth , the pre-Islamic Paganism`s/ignorance`s suspicion . They say: "Is there for us from a thing from the matter/affair?" Say: "That the matter/affair, all of it (is) to God." They hide in themselves what they do not show to you. They say: "If (there) was for us from the matter/affair a thing, we would not (have) killed/fought here here." Say: "If you were in your houses/homes, those who (it) was written/decreed on them the fighting would have emerged/appeared to their places of lying down (beds), and (for) God to test what is in their hearts (innermosts), and to purify/clarify/cleanse what is in your hearts/minds and God (is) knowledgeable with of the chests (innermosts).

  155. That those who turned away from you, a day/time the two groups/gatherings met, but the devil made them slip/fall/sin , with some/part (of) what they earned/gathered , and God had forgiven/pardoned on them, that God (is) forgiving, clement.

  156. You, you those who believed, do not be like those who disbelieved and said to their brothers if they moved in the earth/Planet Earth or they were invading/raiding: "If they were at us, they would not (have) died, and they would not (have) been killed." (For) God to make/put that grief/sorrow/eagerness in their hearts/minds , and God revives/makes alive and makes die, and God (is) with what you make/do/work seeing/knowing.

  157. And if (E) you were killed in God`s way/sake or you died, a forgiveness (E) from God, and a mercy (is) better from what they gather/collect/accumulate.

  158. And if you died or you were killed, to (E) God you are being gathered.

  159. So with what mercy from God you became lenient/softened to them, and if you were rough/rude/crude, hard/strong the heart/mind, they would have scattered/separated from around you, so forgive/pardon on them, and ask for forgiveness for them, and discuss/consult with them in the matter/affair, so if you decided/determined, so rely/depend on God, that God loves/likes the reliant/dependent .

  160. If God gives you victory/aid, so (there is) no defeater for you, and if He abandons/deserts you, so who (is) of that to give you victory/aid from after Him? And on God so should rely/depend the believers.

  161. And (it) was not to a prophet to cheat/defraud , and who cheats/defrauds comes with what he cheated/defrauded (in) the Resurrection Day, then each self is fulfilled what it gathered/acquired ,and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed.

  162. Is that who followed God`s acceptance/approval/satisfaction, as who returned with hatred/anger/dissatisfaction from God, and his shelter/refuge (is) Hell , and how bad (is) the end/destination?

  163. They are degrees/stages at God, and God (is) seeing/knowing with what they make/do/work.44

  164. God had blessed on the believers, when He sent in them a messenger from themselves, he reads/recites on them His verses/evidences and he purifies/corrects them, and he teaches/instructs them The Book ,and the wisdom , and if they were from before in (E) a clear/evident misguidance.

  165. Or when a disaster struck/hit you , you had struck/hit equal to it twice , you said: "From where (is) that (the disaster)?" Say: "It is from at yourselves, that God (is) on every thing capable/able ."

  166. And what struck/hit you (on the) day the two groups/gatherings met , so (it is) with God`s permission, and to know the believers.

  167. And to know those who exercised hypocrisy, and was said to them: "Come, fight in God`s sake or pay/push/repel." They said: "If we know a fight we would have followed you." They are to the disbelief that day nearer/closer, from them to the belief. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts/minds ,and God (is) more knowing with what they hide/conceal .

  168. Those who said to their brothers and they sat/remained behind : "If they obeyed us, they would not (have) been killed." Say: "So push/drive away (prevent) from yourselves the death if you were truthful."

  169. And do not think/suppose those who (were) killed in God`s sake (are) deads, but (they are) alive at their Lord, being provided for.

  170. And happy/rejoiced with what God gave them from His grace/favour , and they (will) be announced good news to/be cheerful with those who did not catch-up/join/reach with them from behind them, is (it) not (that) fear on them (no fear for them), and nor they be sad/grieving?

  171. They be announced good new to with a blessing/goodness from God, and grace/favour, and that God does not waste the believers` reward .

  172. Those who answered/replied to God and the messenger from after what the wound/ulcer (harm) struck them, for those who did good from them, and feared and obeyed, a great reward.

  173. Those who the people said to them: "That the people had gathered for you, so fear them ." So (it) increased them faith/belief and they said: "Enough for us God, and blessed/praised (is) the fulfiller/guardian."

  174. So they turned/returned with a blessing/goodness from God and a grace/favour, (and) bad/evil did not touch them, and they followed God`s acceptance/approval , and God (is owner) of great grace/favour.

  175. But that (is) the devil , he frightens his patrons/supporters , so do not fear them, and fear Me, if you were believers.

  176. And do not be saddened/grievous (by) those who quicken/speed in the disbelief, that they will never/not harm God a thing, God wants that (He) not make/create for them luck/fortune (a share) in the end (other life), and for them (is) a great torture.

  177. That those who bought the disbelief with the faith/belief, they will never/not harm God a thing, and for them (is) a painful torture.45

  178. And (let not) those who disbelieved think/suppose (E) that We extend in time/life/enjoyment/delay goodness for themselves, but We extend in time/life/enjoyment/delay for them to increase (them in) sin/crime, and for them (is) a despised torture.

  179. God was not to leave the believers on what you are on it until He distinguishes/separates the bad/malicious from the good , and God was not to show/inform you on the unseen , and but God chooses/purifies from His messengers, whom He wants/wills, so believe with God and His messengers, and if you believe and fear and obey, so for you (is) a great reward.

  180. And let not those who are stingy/miserly with what God gave them from His grace/blessing think/suppose it is good/better for them, but it is bad/evil for them, they will be encircled/surrounded (with) what they were stingy/miser with it (on) the Resurrection Day, and to God (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s inheritance , and God (is) with what you make/do, expert/experienced.

  181. God had heard (the) saying (of) those who said: "That God (is) poor, and we (are) rich." We will write what they said, and their killing (of) the prophets without right , and We say: "Taste/experience the burning`s torture."

  182. That (is) because (of) what your hands advanced/presented and that God is not with an unjust/oppressor to the worshippers .

  183. Those who said: "That God promised/recommended to us that We not believe to a messenger until he comes/brings to us with an approachment to God (offering that) the fire eats it." Say: "Messengers had come to you from before me with the evidences , and with what you said, so why (have) you killed them, if you were truthful?"

  184. So if they denied you , so messengers from before you had been denied (rejected), they came with the evidences, and The Books, and The Book , the luminous.

  185. Every self (is) tasting/experiencing the death, and but you are being fulfilled/completed your rewards (on) the Resurrection Day, so who was removed from the fire, and made to enter the Paradise, so he had won/succeeded/triumphed, and the present world/worldly life is not except the deceit`s/temptation`s enjoyment.

  186. You shall be tested (E) in your properties and yourselves, and you will hear (E) from those who were given The Book from before you, and from those who shared/made partners (with God) much mild harm, and if you be patient, and you fear and obey, so then that (is) from the matters`/affairs` decisiveness/determination.

  187. And when God took/received those who were given The Book`s promise/covenant, to clarify/show/explain it (E) to the people, and do not hide/conceal it, so they discarded/rejected it behind/beyond their backs and bought/volunteered with it a small price, so how bad (is) what they buy/volunteer?

  188. Do not think/suppose those who become happy/rejoiced with what they got/were given, and they love/like that they be thanked/praised with what they did not make/do, so do not think/suppose them with a winning/success/triumph from the torture, and for them (is) a painful torture.46

  189. And to God (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s ownership/kingdom , and God (is) on every thing capable/able .

  190. That in the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s creation, and the night`s and the daytime`s (are) difference, signs/evidences (E) to (those) of the pure minds/hearts .

  191. Those who mention/remember God standing , and sitting, and on their sides, and they think in the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s creation, "Our Lord, you have not created that wastefully ,your praise/glory, so protect us (from)/make us avoid the fire`s torture."

  192. Our Lord, that you whom you make to enter the fire, so you had shamed/scandalized/disgraced him, and (there are) none to the unjust/oppressors from victoriors/saviors/supporters.

  193. Our Lord, that we heard a caller, calls to the belief, `That believe with your Lord`, so we believed, Our Lord, so forgive for us our crimes, and cover/substitute from us our sins/crimes, and make us die with the righteous.

  194. Our Lord, and give us what you promised us on your messengers, and do not shame/scandalize/disgrace us (on) the Resurrection Day, that you do not break the appointment (promise).

  195. So their Lord answered/replied to them: "That I do not loose/waste the maker`s/doer`s deed from you, from a male or a female, some/part of you (are) from some/part (you are from each other), so those who emigrated, and were brought out from their homes/houses , and were harmed mildly in My way/sake , and they fought , and they were killed, I cover/substitute (E) from them their sins/crimes, and I will enter them (E) treed gardens, the rivers flow from below/beneath it, a reward from at God, and God at Him (is) the good/beautiful the reward".

  196. (Let) not those who disbelieved`s turning (traveling) in the countries deceive you.

  197. (A) little enjoyment, then their shelter/refuge (is) Hell , and how bad (are) the beds ?

  198. However/but those who feared and obeyed their Lord, for them (are) treed gardens, the rivers flow from below/beneath it, immortally/eternally in it a prepared guest house/place of descent from at God, and what (is) at God (is) better to the righteous .

  199. And that from The Book`s People whom (E) believes with God and what was descended to you, and what was descended to them, humble and fearing to God, they do not buy with God`s signs/verses/evidences a small price, those for them (is) their reward at their Lord, that God (is) quick (in) the counting/calculating .

  200. You, you those who believed, be patient, and compete in patience, and stand firmly on guard/steadfast, and fear and obey God, maybe/perhaps you succeed/win.47


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