Ali Ünal - Sura: 31. Luqman

  1. Alif. Lam. Mim.

  2. These are the Revelations of the Book full of wisdom,

  3. A guidance and mercy for those devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them.

  4. They establish the Prayer in conformity with its conditions, and pay what is due to the needy out of their belongings, and in the Hereafter they have certainty of faith.

  5. Those stand on true guidance (originating in this Book) from their Lord; and they are those who are the prosperous.

  6. Among the people is one who pays for idle tales and diverting talk to lead people astray from (the Qur’an, which is) God’s way, without knowledge, and makes a mockery of it (the Qur’an). For such (a man) there is a shameful, humiliating punishment.

  7. When our Revelations are recited to such a one, he turns away in arrogance as if he had not heard them, as if there were heaviness in his ears. So give him the glad tidings of a painful punishment.

  8. As against this, those who believe and do good, righteous deeds, for them are Gardens of bounty and blessing,

  9. To abide therein. This is a promise of God in truth. He is the All-Glorious with irresistible might, the All-Wise.

  10. He has created the heavens without pillars you can see; and He has set up firm mountains on earth lest it should shake you with its movement, and dispersed thereon all kinds of living creatures. We also send down water from the sky, and cause every noble kind of vegetation rich (in color, scent, flavor, and fruit) to grow on earth in pairs.

  11. This is God’s creation; now show Me what is there that others besides Him have created. No indeed, but the wrongdoers (who deny God or associate partners with Him) are lost in obvious error.

  12. We surely granted wisdom to Luqman and said: "Give thanks to God." Whoever gives thanks to God, gives thanks but for (the good of) his own soul; and whoever is ungrateful, surely God is the All-Wealthy and Self-Sufficient (absolutely independent of the whole creation), All-Praiseworthy.

  13. (Remember) when Luqman said to his son by way of advice and instruction: "My dear son! Do not associate partners with God. Surely associating partners with God is indeed a tremendous wrong."

  14. We have enjoined on human in respect with his parents: his mother bore him in strain upon strain, and his weaning was in two years. (So, O human,) be thankful to Me and to your parents. To Me is the final homecoming.

  15. But if they strive with you to make you associate with Me something of which you certainly have no knowledge (and which is absolutely contrary to the Knowledge), do not obey them. Even then, treat them with kindness and due consideration in respect of (the life of) this world. Follow the way of him who has turned to Me with utmost sincerity and committed himself to seeking My approval. Then, (O all human beings,) to Me is your return, and then I will make you understand all that you were doing (and call you to account).

  16. "My dear son! Whether good or evil, if a deed should have the weight of only a mustard-seed, and though it be kept hidden in a rock, in the heavens or in the earth, God brings it to light (for judgment). Surely God is All-Subtle (penetrating to the most minute dimensions of all things), All-Aware.

  17. "My dear son! Establish the Prayer in conformity with its conditions, enjoin and promote what is right and good and forbid and try to prevent the evil, and bear patiently whatever may befall you. Surely (all of) that is among greatly meritorious things requiring great resolution to fulfill.

  18. "Do not turn your face from people in scornful pride, nor move on earth haughtily. Surely God does not love anyone proud and boastful.

  19. "Be modest in your bearing, and subdue your voice. For certain the most repugnant of voices is braying of donkeys."

  20. Do you not see that God has made all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth of service to you, and lavished on you His favors, outward and inward? And yet, among people are those who dispute about God without having any true knowledge or any true guidance or an enlightening Divine Book.

  21. When such people are told to follow what God has sent down, they say: "No, but we follow that (the traditions, customs, beliefs, and practices) which we found our forefathers in.." What! even if Satan is inviting them to the punishment of the Blaze (by suggesting to them the way of their forefathers)?

  22. (The truth is that) whoever submits his whole being to God and is devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing him, he has indeed taken hold of the firm, unbreakable handle. With God rests the outcome for all matters.

  23. Then whoever disbelieves, let his unbelief not grieve you. To us is their final return and We will make them understand all that they did (and call them to account for it). Surely God has full knowledge of what lies hidden in the bosoms.

  24. We will (continue to) provide for them to enjoy themselves for a short while (in this life), then We will compel them to a harsh punishment.

  25. If you should ask them who has created the heavens and the earth, they would certainly say, "God." Say: "All praise and gratitude are for God," (seeing that even those who associate partners with God feel compelled to acknowledge Him as the Creator; that recognition indeed destroys the foundations of polytheism). But most of them do not know (what that recognition of theirs implies).

  26. To God belongs whatever is in the heavens and on the earth (over which He has full and exclusive authority, and therefore He alone is to be worshipped and none other). God is He Who is the All-Wealthy and Self-Sufficient (absolutely independent of the whole creation), All-Praiseworthy (to Whom all praise and thanks belong and are due).

  27. If all the trees on the earth were pens, and all the sea (were ink), with seven more seas added thereto, the words of God (Hic decrees, the acts of all His Names and Attributes manifested as His commandments, and the events and creatures He creates) would not be exhausted in the writing. Surely God is the All-Glorious with irresistible might (Whom none can frustrate and Whom nothing can tire), the All-Wise.

  28. Your creation and your resurrection are but as (the creation and resurrection) of a single soul. Surely God is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

  29. Do you not consider that God makes the night pass into the day and makes the day pass into the night, (and so makes each grow longer or shorter), and that He has made the sun and the moon subservient to His command (at your service), each running its course for a term appointed (by Him)? And surely God is fully aware of all that you do.

  30. That (is so) because God is He Who is the Absolute Truth and Ever-Constant (Whose decrees and deeds are all true and in absolute accord with one another), and all that they invoke (as deities) apart from Him is sheer falsehood. And because God is He Who is the All-Exalted, the All-Great.

  31. Do you not consider that the ships run on the sea by God’s favor, that He may show you some of His signs? Surely in that are signs (to know Him for His Munificence, Knowledge, Power, Wisdom and way of acting) for all who are greatly patient (in adversity) and greatly grateful (for His favors).

  32. When the waves overwhelm them like a canopy (of dark clouds), they call upon God sincerely believing in Him alone (as the only Deity, Lord and Sovereign). But when He brings them safe to land, some of them are lukewarm, wavering between faith and unbelief. None opposes and rejects Our signs (knowingly) unless he is perfidious, ungrateful.

  33. O humankind! Keep from disobedience to your Lord in reverence for Him to deserve His protection, and fear a Day when no parent will be able to avail his child, nor a child avail his parent, in anything. God’s promise (of the Last Judgment) is certainly true. So do not let the present, worldly life delude you, nor let any deluder (including especially Satan) delude you (in your conceptions) about God.

  34. With God alone rests the knowledge of the Last Hour (when it will come). He sends down rain (just at the time and place He alone knows), and He alone knows what is in the wombs. No soul knows what it will reap tomorrow, and no soul knows in what place it will die. Surely God is All-Knowing, All-Aware.


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