Daryabadi - Sura: 31. Luqman

  1. Alif; Lam. Mim.

  2. These are verses of the Wise Book.

  3. A guidance and a mercy for the well-doers:

  4. Those who establish the prayer and give the poor-rate and of the Hereafter are convinced.

  5. These are on guidance from their Lord, and these! they are the blissful ones.

  6. And of mankind is one who purchaseth an idle discourse, that he may mislead from Allah´s way without knowledge, and taketh it by way of mockery. These! for them shall be a torment ignominious.

  7. And when Our revelations are recited unto him he turneth away in his stiff-neckedness as though he heard them not: as though there was a deafness in his ears. So announce thou unto him a torment afflictive.

  8. Verily those who believe and work righteous works, theirs shall be Gardens of Delight.

  9. Therein they will be abiders: a true promise of Allah. And He is the Mighty, the Wise.

  10. He hath created the heavens that ye behold without pillars and hath cast Into the earth firm mountains lest it move away with you; and He hath scattered thereon every kind of animal. And We send down water from the heaven and We make grow every kind of goodly growth therein.

  11. This is the creation of Allah; shew that which those beside Him me have created. Aye! the wrong-doers are in error manifest.

  12. And assuredly We vouchsafed unto Luqman Wisdom, saying: give thanks unto Allah; and whosoever giveth thanks giveth thanks for his soul; and whosoever is unthankful--then verily Allah is self-sufficient, praiseworthy

  13. And recall what time Luqman said unto his son, while he was exhorting him: O my son! associate not aught with Allah; verily this associating is surely a tremendous wrong.

  14. And We have enjoined upon man concerning his parents--his mother beareth him in hardship upon hardship and his weaning is in two years: give thanks unto Me and unto thy parents; Unto Me is the goal.

  15. And if the twain strive with thee to make thee associate with Me that for which thou hast no knowledge, then obey them not. And bear them thou company in the world reputably, and follow thou the path of him who turneth penitently unto Me. Then unto Me is your return, and I shall declare unto you that which ye have been working.

  16. O my son! though it be but the weight of a grain of mustard-seed, and though it be in a rock or in the heavens, or in the earth, Allah shall bring it forth. Verily Allah is subtile, Aware.

  17. O My son! establish prayer and command that which is reputable and forbid iniquity, and bear patiently whatsoever may befall thee; verily that is of the firmness of affairs.

  18. And turn not away thy cheek from men nor walk on the earth stultingly, verily Allah loveth not any vainglorious boaster.

  19. And be modest in thy gait and lower thy voice; verily the most abominable of voices is the voice of the ass.

  20. Observe ye not that Allah hath subjected for you whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, and hath completed His favours on you outwardly and inwardly? And yet of mankind is one who disputeth concerning Allah without knowledge and with neither guidance nor a Book luminous.

  21. And when it is said unto them: follow that which Allah hath sent down, they say: nay! we shall follow that which we found our fathers upon. What! even though the Satan had been calling on them unto the torment of the Blaze.

  22. And whosoever submitteth his countenance unto Allah and he is a well doer, he hath of a surety lain hold of the firm cable. Unto Allah is the end of all affairs.

  23. And whosoever disbelieveth, let not his unbelief grieve thee. Unto Us is their return, and We shall declare unto them that which they have worked. Verily Allah is the Knower of that which is in the breasts.

  24. We let them enjoy for a while, and then We shall drive them to a torment rough.

  25. And wert thou to ask them: who hath created the heavens and the earth they will surely say: Allah. Say thou: All praise unto Allah! But most of them know not,

  26. Allah´s is whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth.Verily Allah! He is the Self-sufficient, the Praiseworthy.

  27. And if whatever trees there are on the earth were pens, and the sea were ink with seven more seas to help it, the words of Allah could not be exhausted; verily Allah is Mighty, Wise.

  28. And your creation and your upraising are only as though of one soul; verily Allah is Hearing, Beholding.

  29. Observest thou not that Allah plungeth the night into the day and plungeth the day into the night and hath subjected the sun and the moon, each running unto an appointed term, and that Allah is of that which ye work Aware.

  30. That is because Allah! He is the Truth, because whatsoever they call upon beside Him is falsehood, and because He is the Exalted, the Grand.

  31. Observest thou not that the ship saileth in the sea by the favour of Allah that he may shew you of His signs? Verily therein are signs for every persevering, grateful heart.

  32. And when a wave covereth them like awnings, they call upon Allah, making their religion pure for Him. Then when He delivereth them on the land, only some of them keep to the middle course. And none gainsaith Our signssave each perfidious,ingrate one.

  33. Mankind! fear your Lord and dread a Day whereon no father shall atone for his son, and no son shall atone for his father at all. Verily the promise of Allahs is true. Let not the life of the world beguile you, and let not the great beguiler beguile you in regard to Allah.

  34. Verily Allah! with Him alone is the knowledge of the Hour, and He it is who sendeth down the rain and knoweth that which is in the wombs: and no person knoweth whatsoever it shall earn on the morrow, and a person knoweth not in whatsoever land he shall die. Verily Allah is Knowing, Aware.


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