Daryabadi - Sura: 35. Al-Fatir - The Originator

  1. All praise Unto Allah, the Creator Of the heavens and the earth, the Appointer of the angels as His messengers, with wings of twos and threes and fours. He addeth in creation what soever He listeth Verily Allah is over everything Potent.

  2. Whatsoever of mercy Allah may grant Unto mankind none there is to withhold it; and whatsoever He may with hold none there is to release it thereafter. And He is the Mighty, the Wise.

  3. O mankind! remember the favour of Allah toward you. Is there any Creator other than Allah who provideth for you from the heaven and the earth? There is no god but He. Wither then are ye deviating?

  4. And if they belie thee, then surely apostles have been belied before thee. And Unto Allah shall be brought back all affairs.

  5. O mankind! verily the promise of Allah is true. So let not the life of the world beguile you, and with respect to Allah let not beguile you the great be guiler.

  6. Verily the Satan is an enemy Unto you, wherefore hold him for an enemy; he only calleth his confederates that they become of the fellows of the Blaze.

  7. Those who disbelieve - theirs shall be a torment severe; and those who believe and work righteous works, - theirs shall be forgiveness and a great hire.

  8. Is he, then, whose evil work hath been made fair-seeming unto him, so that he deemeth it good, be as he who rightly perceiveth the truth? Verily Allah sendeth astray whomsoever He listeth, and guideth whomsoever He listeth; so let not thine soul expire after them in sighings; verily Allah is the Knower of that which they perform.

  9. And it is Allah Who sendeth the winds, and they raise a cloud; then We drive it unto a dead land and We quicken thereby the earth after the death thereof. Even so shall be the Resurrection.

  10. Whosoever desireth glory, then all glory is Allah´s; unto Him mount up the goodly words; and the righteous works exalteth it. And those who plot evils,--theirs shall be a torment severe; and the plotting of those!--it shall perish.

  11. And Allah created you of dust, then of a seed; then He made you pairs. No female beareth or bringeth forth but with His knowledge. And no aged man growth old, nor is aught diminished of his life, but it is in a Book; verily for Allah that is easy.

  12. And the two seas are not alike: this, sweet, thirst- quenching, pleasant to drink;and that, saltish and bitter. And yet from each ye eat flesh fresh and bring forth the ornaments that ye wear. And thou seest therein ships cleaving the water, that ye may seek of His graCe, and that haply ye may give thanks.

  13. He plungeth the night into the day and He plungeth the day into the night, and He hath subjected the sun and moon, each running till an appointed term. Such is Allah, your Lord; His is the dominion; and those whom ye call on besides Him own not even the husk of a date-stone.

  14. If ye call Unto them, they hear not your calling, and even if they heard, they could not answer you. On the Day of Judgment they will deny your associating. And none can declare Unto thee the truth like Him who is Aware.

  15. O mankind! ye are needers Unto Allah, and Allah! He is the Selfsufficient, the Praiseworthy

  16. If He will, He can take you away and bring about a new creation."

  17. And with Allah that shall not be hard.

  18. And a bearer of burthen will not bear another´s burthen, and if one heavy-laden calleth for his load, naught thereof will be borne although he be of kin. Thou canst warn only those who fear their Lord, unseen, and establish prayer. And whosoever becometh clean becometh clean only for himself; and Unto Allah is the return.

  19. Not alike are the blind and the seeing.

  20. Neither darknesses and light,

  21. - Nor the shade and the sun´s heat.

  22. Nor alike are the living and the dead. Verily Allah maketh whomsoever He listeth to hear and thou canst not make them hear who are in the graves.

  23. Thou art naught but a warner.

  24. Verily We! We have sent thee with the truth, as a bearer of glad tidings and as a warner; and there is not a community but there hath passed among them a warner.

  25. And if they belie thee, then surely those before them have also belied. Their apostles came Unto them with evidences and scriptures and a Book luminous.

  26. Then I took hold of those who disbelieved. So how terrible was My disapproval!

  27. Beholdest thou not that Allah sendeth down water from the heaven, and then We thereby bring fruit of diverse colours? And in the mountains are steaks white and red, of diverse colours, and also intensely black.

  28. And of men and beasts and cattle, likewise of diverse colours. Those only of His bondmen who have knowledge fear Allah Verily Allahis the Mighty, the Forgiving.

  29. Verily those Who read the book of Allah and establish prayer and expend of that wherewith We have provided them, secretly and in open, hope for a merchandise that shall not perish.

  30. That He may pay them their hires in full and increase Unto them of His grace; verily, He is Forgiving, Appreciative.

  31. And that which We have revealed Unto thee of the Book - it is the very truth confirming that which hath been before it; verily, Allah is Unto His servants Aware, Beholding.

  32. Thereafter We made inheritors of the book those whom We chose of Our bondmen. Then of them are some who wrong themselves, and of them are some who keep the middle way, and of them are some who, by Allah´s leave, go ahead in virtues. That! that is a great grace.

  33. Gardens Everlasting! these they Shall enter, wearing therein bracelets of gold and pearls, and their raiment therein shall be of silk.

  34. And they will Say: all praise Unto Allah who hath taken away grief from us. verily, our Lord is Forgiving, Appreciative.

  35. Who hath, through His grace, lodged us in the abode of permanence, wherein there will not touch us tall, and wherein there will not touch us weariness.

  36. And those who disbelieve-for them shall be Hell-Fire. It shall not be decreed to them that they should die, nor shall the torment thereof be lightened for them. Thus We requite Every ingrate.

  37. And they will be shouting therein: our Lord! take us out; we shall work righteously, not that which we have been working. Gave We not you lives long enough so that whosoever would receive admonition could receive admonition therein? and there came Unto you a warner; taste therefore and for the wrong-doers there will be no helper.

  38. Verily Allah is the Knower of the unseen of the heavens and the earth. Verily, He is the Knower of that which is in the breasts.

  39. He it is who hath made you successors in the earth. So whosoever disbelieveth, on him will befall his infidelity. And for the infidels their infidelity increaseth with their Lord naught save abhorence. And for the infidels their infidelity increastth naught save loss.

  40. Say thou: what bethink ye of your associate-gods upon which ye call besides Allah? Show me whatsoever they have created of the earth. Or, have they7 any partnership in the heavens? Or have We vouchsafed to them a Book so that they stand on an evidence therefrom? Nay! the wrong-doers promise each other only delusions.

  41. Verily Allah withholdeth the heavens and the earth lest they cease; and should they cease, not any one could withhold them after Him. Verily He is ever Forbearing, Forgiving.

  42. And`they swear by God with a most solemn oath, that if there came a warnet Unto them, they would surely be better guided than any of the other communities. Then when there did come Unto them a warner, it increased in them naught save aversion,-

  43. Through their stiff-neckedness in the land, And the plotting of evil only infoldeth the authors thereof. Wait they, then, but the dispensation of the ancients? And thou wilt not find in dispensation of Allah a change, nor wilt thou find in dispensation of Allah a turning off

  44. Have they not travelled on the earth, so that they might see what wise hath been the end of those before them. although they were stronger than these in Power? And Allah is not such that aught in the heavens and the earth can frustrate him. Verily, He is ever the Knowing, the potent.

  45. Were Allah to take mankind to task for that which they earn, He would not leave a moving creature on the back thereof; but He putteth them off until a term appointed; then when their term cometh, - then, verily Allah is ever of His bondmen a Beholder.


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