Literal - Sura: 35. Al-Fatir - The Originator

  1. The praise/gratitude (is) to God creator/originator (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, making/creating/manipulating the angels (as) messengers (owners) of wings/sides two two/twos, and three/threes, and fours, He increases in the creation what He wills/wants, that truly God (is) on every thing capable/able.

  2. What God opens/discloses to the people from mercy so (there is) no withholder/refrainer to it, and what He holds/grasps , so (there is) no sender to it from after Him, and He is the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious .

  3. You, you the people, remember/mention God`s blessing on you, is (there) from (a) creator other than God, (who) provides for you from the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth? (There is) no God except Him, so where/how (do) you lie/turn away?

  4. And if they deny/falsify you , so messengers from before you had been denied/falsified , to God return the matters/affairs.

  5. You, you the people, that truly God`s promise (is) true/truth , so let not the life the present/worldly life deceive/tempt you, and nor the deceit/temptation deceive/tempt you with God.

  6. That truly the devil (is) for you an enemy, so take him (as) an enemy, truly/indeed he calls his group/party to be from the blazing`s/inflamed`s/(inferno`s) owners/company .

  7. Those who disbelieved, for them (is) a strong (severe) torture, and those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, for them (is) a forgiveness and great reward .

  8. Is who his bad/evil deed was decorated/beautified to (for) him, so he saw it (as) good/beautiful, so then God misguides whom He wills/wants, and He guides whom He wills/wants, so do not (let) your self go/wipe out on (for) them (in) grief/sorrow, that truly God (is) knowledgeable with what they make/do .

  9. And God is who sent the winds/breezes, so it erupts and spreads clouds, so We drove it to a dead country/land , so We revived with it the land/Earth after its death/lifelessness, as/like that (is) the revival/resurrection.

  10. Who was wanting the glory/might , so to God (is) the glory/might all/all together, to Him ascends/climbs the words/expressions, the good/beautiful , and the deed the correct/righteous He raises it; and those who scheme the sins/crimes, for them (is) a strong (severe) torture, and (the) schemes (of) those it perishes/fails .

  11. And God created you from dust/earth then from a drop/male`s or female`s secretion , then He made you pairs/couples , and no female conceives/(is) pregnant with and nor gives birth/drops except with His knowledge, and no long lived/aged be granted long life, and nor be reduced (shortened) from his lifetime except in a Book/fate/term , that truly that (is) on God easy/little .

  12. And the two seas/oceans do not become equal/alike, that (is) fresh/sweet very sweet/fresh pleasant tasting its drink, and that (is) salty, salty and bitter, and from each/all you eat a soft/tender meat , and you bring out a jewel/ornament you wear/dress it, and you see the ship/ships in it audibly cutting through to ask/desire from His grace/favour , and maybe/perhaps you thank/be grateful.

  13. He makes the night to enter/penetrate in the daytime, and He makes the daytime to enter/penetrate in the night, and He manipulated/subjugated the sun and the moon, each passes/orbits to a named/identified term/time, that one (is) God your Lord, for Him (is) the ownership/kingdom , and those whom you call from other than Him, they do not own/possess from (a) thin layer between the date and its pit/anything.

  14. If you call them they do not hear your call/request/prayer, and if they heard/listened, they would not have answered/replied to you, and (on) the Resurrection Day they disbelieve with your sharing (them)/making (them) partners (with God), and non informs you equal/alike (to) an expert/experienced.

  15. You, you the people, you are the poor/needy/deprived to God, and He is the rich, the praiseworthy/commendable.

  16. If He wills/wants He makes you go away/eliminates you and He comes with a new creation.

  17. And that (is) not with a dear/mighty on God.

  18. And no sinner/loader/burdener (F) (self) carries/bears/sins (F) another`s sin/load/burden , and if she/it calls (a) burdened/loaded (F) (self) to (remove) her/its weight/load , nothing from it (will) be carried/lifted a thing, and even if it was/is (to) of relations , truly/indeed you warn/give notice (to) those who fear their Lord with the unseen/hidden and they kept up the prayers, and who purifies , so but he purifies to/for him self, and to God (is) the end/destination.

  19. And the blind and the seeing/understanding , do not become equal/alike.

  20. And nor the darknesses, and nor the light.

  21. And nor the shade , and nor the hot wind/sun`s heat .

  22. And (they) do not become equal/alike, the alive and nor the deads, that truly God makes whom He wills/wants hear/listen , and you are not with making whom (are) in the graves/burial places hear/listen.

  23. That you are except a warner/giver of notice.

  24. That We sent you with the truth (as) an announcer of good news and a warner/giver of notice, and (there is) not from a nation/generation/century except past/expired in it a warner/giver of notice.

  25. And if they deny/falsify you so those from before them had denied/falsified, their messengers (who) came to them with the evidences, and The Books, and The Book the luminous/enlightening .

  26. Then I took/received/punished those who disbelieved, so how was My severity (anger) .

  27. Do you not see/understand that God descended from the sky water, so We brought out with it fruits its colours (are) different, and from mountains white sides/river banks and red, its colours (are) different, and blacks, very blacks?

  28. And from the people, and the walkers/creepers/crawlers , and the camels/livestock its colours (are) different, as/like that, but/truly God fears from His worshippers/slaves the learned ones/knowledgeable (from God`s313slaves/worshippers, only the learned ones/knowledgeable fear Him), that truly God (is) glorious/mighty ,forgiving.

  29. That truly those who read/recite God`s Book and kept up the prayers, and they spent from what We provided for them secretly and openly/publicly , they hope/expect (a) commercial trade it will never/not be destroyed/fail .

  30. To fulfill/complete their rewards , and He increases them from His grace/favour, that He truly is forgiving, thankful/grateful.

  31. And what We inspired/transmitted to you from The Book , it is the truth confirming to what (is) between his hands, that truly God (is) with His worshippers/slaves expert/experienced (E), seeing/knowing .

  32. Then We made The Book be inherited (by) those whom We cho se/purified from Our worshippers/slaves , so from them who (is) unjust/oppressive to him self, and from them economizing/moderate , and from them racing/surpassing/preceding with the goodnesses/generosity with God`s permission/pardon, that it is the grace/favour , the great .

  33. Treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residence, they enter it, (and) they will be bejeweled/decorated in it from bracelets from gold and pearls, and their cover/dress in it (is from) silk.

  34. And they said: "The praise/gratitude (is) to God who took away/eliminated from us the sadness/grief, that truly our Lord (is) forgiving (E) thanked."

  35. Who placed us/made us occupy (the) house/home (of) the residence/position, from His grace/favour ;Hardship/fatigue does not touch us in it, and nor exhaustion touches us in it.

  36. And those who disbelieved, for them (is) Hell`s fire , (they) do not be destroyed on them, so they die (they do not die), and nor (they) be reduced/lightened from its torture on them, as/like that We reimburse every/each (insistent) disbeliever.

  37. And they, they cry out/scream for help in it: "Our Lord bring us out , we make/do correct/righteous deeds, other than (what) we were making/doing ." Did We not grant you long life in it? Who remembers does not remember in it, (We gave you a long life to remember but you chose not to), and the warner/giver of notice came to you, so taste/experience, so (there is) none from a savior/victorior to the unjust/oppressive.

  38. That truly God (is) knower (of) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s unseen/covered , that He truly is knowledgeable with of the chests (innermosts).

  39. He is who made/put you (as) caliphs/successors and replacers in the earth/Planet Earth, so who disbelieved so on him (is) his disbelief, and the disbeliever`s disbelief does not increase (them) at their Lord except abhorrence/hatred , the disbeliever`s disbelief does not increase (them) except loss/misguidance and perishment.

  40. Say: "Did you see/understand your partners (with God) those whom you call from other than God? Show me/make me understand what they created from the earth/Planet Earth, or for them (is) a share/partnership in the skies/space, or We gave/brought them a Book so they are on an evidence from it? But that truly the unjust/oppressive promise some of them (to) some (each other) except deceit/temptation."314

  41. That truly God holds/grasps/seizes the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth that (E) they (B) vanish/cease to exist , and if (E) they (B) vanished/ceased to exist , that truly/if (some one) grasped/seized them (B) from anyone from after Him, that He truly was/is clement , forgiving (God is the only one that holds the skies and earth in place, and when they do vanish at the resurrection, no one will hold them in place).

  42. And they swore/made oath by God their rights`/oath`s utmost if (E) a warner/giver of notice came to them they will be/become more guided than any (of) the nations , so when a warner/giver of notice came to them, did not (nothing) increased them except hastening away with aversion .

  43. Arrogance in the earth/Planet Earth, and the bad`s/evil`s/harm`s deceit/scheme , does not surround/ afflict except with its people , so do they wait (for) the first`s/beginner`s manner/law ? So you will never/not find for God`s law/manner (an) exchange/replacement , and you will never/not find for God`s law/manner a change/movement .

  44. Do they not walk/move/ride in the earth/Planet Earth so they see/think about how was (the) end/turn (result of) those from before them? And they were stronger than them (in) strength/power , and nothing from a thing was to disable/frustrate Him, God, in the skies/space and nor in the earth/Planet Earth, that He truly was/is knowledgeable, capable/able .

  45. And if God punishes/takes the people because (of) what they earned/acquired/won , He would not have left on its back/surface/top from a walker/creeper/crawler , and but He delays them to a named/identified term/time, so if their term/time came, so then God was/is with His worshippers/slaves seeing/knowing/understanding.315


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