Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 36. Ya Sin

  1. I swear by Ya Sin

  2. and the Quran, the Book of wisdom,

  3. that you (Muhammad) are a Messenger

  4. and that you follow the right path.

  5. This is a revelation sent down from the Majestic and All-merciful

  6. so that you may warn a people who are unaware because their fathers were not warned.

  7. (I swear) that most of them are doomed to be punished. They have no faith.

  8. We have enchained their necks up to their chins. Thus, they cannot bend their heads (to find their way).

  9. We have set-up a barrier in front of and behind them and have made them blind. Thus, they cannot see.

  10. Whether you warn them or not, they will not believe.

  11. You should only warn those who follow the Quran and have fear of the Beneficent God without seeing Him. Give them the glad news of their receiving forgiveness and an honorable reward (from God).

  12. It is We who bring the dead to life and records the deeds of human beings and their consequences (of continual effects). We keep everything recorded in an illustrious Book.

  13. Tell them the story of the people of the town to whom Messengers came.

  14. We sent them two Messengers whom they rejected. We supported them by sending a third one who told the people, "We are the Messengers (of God) who have been sent to you".

  15. The people said, "You are mere mortals like us and the Beneficent God has sent nothing. You are only liars."

  16. They said, "Our Lord knows that We are Messengers

  17. who have been sent to you. Our only duty is to preach clearly to you".

  18. The people said, "We have ill omens about you. If you will not desist, we shall stone you and make you suffer a painful torment".

  19. The Messengers said, "This ill omen lies within yourselves. Will you then take heed? In fact, you are a transgressing people."

  20. A man came running from the farthest part of the city saying, "My people, follow the Messengers.

  21. Follow those who do not ask you for any reward and who are rightly guided.

  22. "Why should I not worship God who has created me? To him you will all return.

  23. Should I worship other gods besides Him? If the Beneficent God was to afflict me with hardship, the intercession of the idols can be of no benefit to me nor could it rescue me from hardship.

  24. (Had I worshipped things besides God, I would have been in manifest error).

  25. Messengers, listen to me. I believe in your Lord."

  26. (Having been murdered by the disbelievers) he was told to enter paradise

  27. (wherein he said), "Would that people knew how my Lord has granted me forgiveness and honor".

  28. We did not send an army against his people from the heaven after his death nor did We need to send one.

  29. It was only a single blast which made them extinct.

  30. Woe to human beings! Whenever a Messenger came to them, they mocked him.

  31. Have they not seen how many generations, living before them, had We destroyed and they cannot ever come back to them?

  32. They will all be brought into Our presence together.

  33. Evidence (of the truth) for them is how We revived the dead earth

  34. and produced therein grains from which they eat and established therein gardens of palms trees and vineyards and have made streams flow therein

  35. so that they may consume the fruits and whatever their hands prepare. Will they not then be grateful?

  36. All glory belongs to the One Who has created pairs out of what grow from the earth, out of their soul and out of that which they do not know.

  37. Of the signs for them is how We separated the day from the night and thus they remained in darkness;

  38. how the sun moves in its orbit and this is the decree of the Majestic and All-knowing God;

  39. how We ordained the moon to pass through certain phases until it seems eventually to be like a bent twig;

  40. how the sun is not supposed to catch-up with the moon, nor is the night to precede the day. All of them are to float in a certain orbit;

  41. how We carried them and their offspring inside the laden Ark

  42. and created for them similar things to ride.

  43. Had We wanted, We could have drowned them and nothing would have been able to help or rescue them

  44. except Our mercy which could enable them to enjoy themselves for an appointed time.

  45. Whenever they are told to guard themselves against sin and the forth coming torment so that perhaps they could receive mercy

  46. and whenever a revelation out of their Lord´s revelations comes to them, they ignore it.

  47. When they are told to spend for the cause of God out of what He has provided for them for their sustenance, the disbelievers say to the believers, "Should we feed those whom God has decided to feed? You are in plain error."

  48. The unbelievers say, "When will the Day of Judgment come if what you say is at all true?"

  49. They will not have to wait long. When the Day of Judgment comes, it will only take a single blast of sound to strike them while they are quarrelling with one another.

  50. Then they will not be able to make a will or return to their families.

  51. When the trumpet is sounded, they will be driven out of their grave into the presence of their Lord.

  52. They will say, "Woe to us! Who has raised us up from our graves? This is what the Beneficent God has promised. The Messengers have also spoke the truth".

  53. Only after a single blast of sound, they will all be brought into Our presence.

  54. No soul will be in the least bit wronged on that Day and no one will receive any recompense other than what he deserves for his deeds.

  55. The dwellers of Paradise on that day will enjoy themselves.

  56. They and their spouses will recline on couches in the shade therein.

  57. They will have fruits and whatever they desire.

  58. "Peace be with you," will be a greeting for them from the Merciful Lord.

  59. (The Lord will command), "Criminals, stand away from the others on this day."

  60. Children of Adam, did We not command you not to worship satan. He was your sworn enemy.

  61. Did We not command you to worship Me and tell you that this is the straight path?"

  62. Satan misled a great multitude of you. Did you not have any understanding?

  63. This is hell with which you were threatened.

  64. Suffer therein on this day for your disbelief.

  65. We shall seal your mouths on that Day, let your hands speak to us and your feet testify to what you had achieved.

  66. We could have blinded them had We wanted. Then they would have raced along to cross the Bridge but how could they have seen (their way)?

  67. We could have turned them into other creatures on the spot had We wanted and they would not have been able to precede or turn back.

  68. The physical growth of those whom We grant a long life will be reversed. Will you then not understand?

  69. We did not teach him (Muhammad) poetry, nor was he supposed to be a poet. It is only the word (of God) and the illustrious Quran

  70. by which he may warn those who are living and may let the words of God come true against the unbelievers.

  71. Have they not seen what We have created from the labor of Our own hands? We have given them cattle.

  72. We have made the cattle subservient to them so they ride and consume them.

  73. From cattle they get milk and other benefits. Will they not then give thanks?

  74. They chose idols besides God in the hope of receiving help from them, but they will not be able to help them.

  75. Instead, the disbelievers will be brought into the presence of God as the soldiers of the idols.

  76. Muhammad, let not their words annoy you. We certainly know whatever they conceal or reveal.

  77. Has the human being not considered that We have created him from a drop of fluid. He is openly quarrelsome.

  78. He questions Our Resurrection of him, but has forgotten his own creation. He has said, "Who will give life to the bones which have become ashes?"

  79. (Muhammad), tell him, "He who gave them life in the first place will bring them back to life again. He has the best knowledge of all creatures.

  80. He has created fire for you out of the green tree from which you can kindle other fires.

  81. Is the One who has created the heavens and the earth not able to create another creature like the human being? He certainly has the power to do so. He is the Supreme Creator and is All-knowing.

  82. Whenever He decides to create something He has only to say, "Exist," and it comes into existence.

  83. All glory belongs to the One in whose hands is the control of all things. To Him you will all return.


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