Ali Ünal - Sura: 37. As-Saffat - Those Ranging in Ranks

  1. By those (the angels) who align themselves in ranks;

  2. (Some) driving away with reproof,

  3. (And others) reciting the Reminder (revealed from God).

  4. Most surely your Lord is One;

  5. The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, and the Lord of all the easts.

  6. We have indeed adorned the lowest heaven (the heaven of the world) with an ornament – the stars;

  7. And for guard against every devil persistent in haughty rebellion.

  8. They cannot hear anything from the High Assembly (of the angels) – and (whenever they attempt to hear) become targets of missiles from all directions;

  9. Repelled, and for them is a perpetual punishment –

  10. Excepting one who snatches something by stealth, and is pursued (and destroyed) by a piercing shooting-star.

  11. So ask them (the polytheists): "Are they more formidable in structure or those that We have created (the heavens and the angels in them). Indeed, We have created them (human beings) from a sticky clay.

  12. You find all God’s acts wonderful, and their denial strange, but they continue to mock (God’s Message and His Messenger).

  13. And when they are reminded (of Divine truths and admonished by His Revelations), they pay no heed.

  14. When they see an extraordinary evidence (of the truth, a miracle), they take it in mockery (and call others to do the same).

  15. And they say, "This is clearly nothing but sorcery.

  16. "What! After we have died and become dust and bones, will we then be raised from the dead?

  17. "And also our forefathers of old?!"

  18. Say: "Yes, indeed, and most humiliated you will be."

  19. It will be only a single scaring cry, and then behold, they are staring (in dread),

  20. And saying: "Woe to us! This is the Day of Judgment!"

  21. (And it is said): "This is the Day of Judgment and Distinction (between truth and falsehood, between the righteous and the sinful – the Day) that you used to deny."

  22. (God commands the angels:) "Gather together all those who committed the greatest wrong (by obstinately associating partners with God), and their (devilish) comrades, and all that they used to worship (of idols, and the rebellious among humankind and jinn),

  23. "Apart from God, and lead them to the path of the Blazing Flame!

  24. "And arrest them there, for they must be questioned (concerning their deeds in the world).

  25. "But, what is the matter with you that you do not help one another (to escape punishment)?"

  26. Instead, on that Day they will be in utter submission (without the least sign of arrogance).

  27. And they turn to one another, exchanging words (of blame) with one another.

  28. They (the ones led) say (to the leaders): "It was you who used to come to us affecting (pretending to be our well-wishers and offering falsehood as truth)."

  29. They (the leaders) say: "No! Rather, you yourselves were not believers, (with no inclination and intention to believe).

  30. "And we had no power over you (to compel you to disbelieve). But you yourselves were a rebellious people.

  31. "So our Lord’s word (of punishment) has come true against us. (In justice) we are bound to taste it.

  32. "So then, (though without power to compel, if) we did mislead you (and cause you to rebel), for surely we ourselves had been lost in error."

  33. So, on that Day they will be associated together in (suffering) the punishment.

  34. That is how We will deal with the disbelieving criminals.

  35. For when they were told that there is no deity but God, they would grow arrogant and reject it.

  36. And they would say, "Are we to give up our deities for the sake of a mad poet?"

  37. No! Rather he has brought (you) the truth and confirms those (Messengers) sent (before him).

  38. You are surely bound to taste the painful punishment (on account of your attitude and actions),

  39. And you will not be recompensed but for what you were doing.

  40. But not so God’s servants endowed with sincerity in faith and practicing the Religion.

  41. For those there is (in Paradise) a provision specially prepared:

  42. Fruits (as the reward of their life in the world); and they will be highly honored,

  43. In Gardens of bounty and blessing;

  44. Sitting on thrones, face to face,

  45. A cup will be passed round among them with a drink from a pure, gushing spring;

  46. Clear, delightful for those who drink it;

  47. Free from any headiness or harm, and they will not suffer intoxication from it.

  48. And with them will be pure, chaste-eyed spouses (whose glances are fixed on them only), most beautiful of eye;

  49. (As free from any ugliness, and) untouched, as if they were hidden (ostrich) eggs.

  50. They will turn to one another, indulging in friendly talk.

  51. One of them speaks thus: "I had a close companion,

  52. "Who used to ask me, ‘Are you really one of those who confirm the truth (of what the Messenger teaches us about the Last Judgment)?

  53. ‘Will we, when we die and have become dust and bones – will we then really be (raised and) put under judgment?’ "

  54. He (the speaker) will say: "Would you like to look (into Hell to see him)?"

  55. He will look down and see him in the midst of the Blazing Flame.

  56. He will say: "By God, you would nearly have caused me to perish:

  57. "Had it not been for the grace of my Lord, I would certainly have been among those arraigned (in the Flame for punishment)."

  58. (Then, turning to his companions, he will say:) "We are not to experience death any more, are we?

  59. "Except the former death (that we experienced in leaving the world), and we are not to be punished.

  60. "(Then) this is most certainly the supreme triumph."

  61. For the like of this, then, let those who will labor (to a goal) labor.

  62. Is this what is good as a welcome or the tree of Zaqqum?

  63. We have made it (that tree) a means of trial and punishment for the wrongdoers (who associate partners with God).

  64. It is a tree growing in the heart of the Blazing Flame.

  65. Its fruits are like the heads of satans.

  66. So, most surely, they will eat of it and fill up their bellies with it.

  67. Then, for them will be boiling water (to mix with the zaqqum in their bodies).

  68. And afterwards, they are bound to return to the Blazing Flame again.

  69. Assuredly they found their forefathers on the wrong path.

  70. And yet, they rush (after them) in their footsteps.

  71. Indeed, most of those (communities) that lived before them went astray,

  72. Though We had sent among them warners (with Our guidance).

  73. So see how was the outcome for those who were warned (but paid no heed),

  74. Except God’s servants, endowed with sincerity in faith and practicing the Religion.

  75. And Noah (just such a servant and warner) had called upon Us (for help), and how excellent We are in answering (prayer)!

  76. We saved him and (his true followers among) his family and people from the mighty distress.

  77. And We caused his offspring to endure (on the earth).

  78. And We left for him among later-comers (until the end of time this greeting and remembrance of him and his Message):

  79. "Peace be upon Noah among all beings."

  80. Thus do We reward those devoted to doing good as if seeing God.

  81. Surely he was one of Our truly believing servants.

  82. As for the others (who opposed him), We caused them to drown.

  83. Abraham was surely one who followed the same way as his.

  84. He had turned to his Lord with a heart sound and pure (from any trace of insincerity of faith).

  85. (Remember) when he said to his father and his people, "What is that you worship?

  86. "Is it a fabrication that you pursue, worshipping deities apart from God?

  87. "So, what do you think about the Lord of the worlds (that you dare to do so)?"

  88. Then (when invited to participate in the religious ceremonies of the people on a festival day) he cast a glance at the stars;

  89. And he said: "Indeed I am sick."

  90. So they (the others) turned away from him and departed.

  91. Thereupon he approached their deities, and said, "Will you not eat (of the offerings put before you)?

  92. "What is the matter with you that you do not speak?"

  93. Then he fell upon them, striking them with his right hand (with all his strength).

  94. Then, the other people headed towards him hurriedly.

  95. He said: "Do you worship things that you yourselves have carved,

  96. "While it is God Who has created you and all that you do?"

  97. They (consulted among themselves and) said: "Build him a pyre and throw him into the blazing flames!"

  98. So they intended a scheme against him (to destroy him), but We made them the ones brought low.

  99. And he said: "Now I am going to my Lord (to quit my homeland purely for His sake, in the full conviction that) He will guide me (to a land where I will be able to worship Him freely).

  100. (And he prayed): "My Lord, Grant me (the gift of a child who will be) one of the righteous."

  101. So We gave him the glad tidings of a boy (who was to grow as one) mild and forbearing.

  102. Then, when (his son) grew alongside him to the age of striving (for the necessities of life), he said: "O my dear son! I have seen in my dream that I should offer you in sacrifice. So think about this and tell me your view!" He said (unhesitatingly): "O my dear father! Do as you are commanded. You will find me, by God’s will, one of those who show steadfast patience (in obeying God’s commands)."

  103. Then when both had submitted to God’s will, and Abraham had laid him down on the side of his forehead,

  104. (At just that moment,) We called out to him: "O Abraham!

  105. "You have already fulfilled the dream (which tested your loyal obedience to the command; so you no longer have to offer your son in sacrifice.) Thus do We reward those devoted to doing good as if seeing God."

  106. Behold, all this was indeed a trial, clear.

  107. And We ransomed him with a sacrifice tremendous in worth.

  108. And We left for him among later-comers (until the end of time this greeting and remembrance of him and his Message):

  109. "Peace be upon Abraham."

  110. Thus do We reward those devoted to doing good as if seeing God.

  111. Surely he was one of Our truly believing servants.

  112. We gave him the glad tidings of Isaac to be a Prophet among the righteous.

  113. We showered Our blessings on both him (Ishmael) and on Isaac; and among the offspring of both there have been those devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them, and those who have plainly been wronging themselves (by sinning).

  114. We assuredly bestowed Our favor also upon Moses and Aaron;

  115. And We saved them and their people from the mighty distress (of slavery and persecution).

  116. And We helped them, so they became the victors.

  117. And We granted them both (Moses and Aaron) the clear Book (which explained the matters that had been secret, and which the people needed for the happiness of their life in both worlds).

  118. We showed them the Straight Path (enabling them to follow it in every matter without any deviance).

  119. And We left for them among later-comers (until the end of time, this greeting and remembrance of them and their Message):

  120. "Peace be upon Moses and Aaron."

  121. Thus do We reward those devoted to doing good as if seeing God.

  122. Surely those two were among Our truly believing servants.

  123. And surely Ilyas (Elijah) was one of the Messengers.

  124. (Remember) when he said to his people: "Will you not keep from disobedience to God in reverence for Him and piety?

  125. "Will you continue to invoke Ba‘l (as deity) and forsake the Creator Who creates everything in the best and most appropriate form and has the ultimate rank of creativity –

  126. "God, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?"

  127. But they denied him, and so they are surely bound to be arraigned (for judgment).

  128. Except God’s servants, endowed with sincerity in faith and practicing the Religion.

  129. And We left for him among later-comers (until the end of time this greeting and remembrance of him and his Message):

  130. "Peace be upon Il-Yasin."

  131. Thus do We reward those devoted to doing good as if seeing God.

  132. Surely he was one of Our truly believing servants.

  133. And surely Lot was one of the Messengers.

  134. (Remember) when We (ordered him to leave the land of sinners and) saved him and his family all together,

  135. Except an old woman among those who stayed behind;

  136. Then We annihilated the others.

  137. Indeed, you pass by them (the ruins of their dwellings) at morning-time (during your travels for trade),

  138. And by night. Will you not, then, use your reason and take heed?

  139. And surely Jonah was one of the Messengers.

  140. (Remember) when he left like a runaway slave for a ship fully laden.

  141. And then he (agreed to) cast lots, and he was one of those who lost;

  142. (They threw him into the sea, and) the big fish swallowed him, while he was accused (by his conscience).

  143. Had it not been that he was one who always glorified God, (declaring Him absolutely above having any defects and partners),

  144. He would certainly have remained in its belly (serving as his grave) until the Day when all will be raised (from the dead).

  145. But We caused him to be cast forth on a desert shore, sick as he was;

  146. And caused a gourd plant to grow over him.

  147. And We sent him once again to (his people, numbering) a hundred thousand, rather they tended to increase.

  148. And they believed in him (this time), and so, (sparing them,) We allowed them to enjoy life for a term allotted to them.

  149. So ask them, (O Messenger,) whether your Lord has daughters while sons are allotted for them?

  150. Or that We created the angels female and they were witnesses?

  151. Beware, it is surely one of their fabrications that they say,

  152. "God has begotten." Most certainly they are liars.

  153. He has (made gender-discrimination and so) chosen daughters in preference to sons, has He?

  154. What is the matter with you? How can you judge so?

  155. Will you not still reflect and be mindful?

  156. Or do you have a clear authority (of evidence)?

  157. If so, produce your book (which), if you are truthful in your claim, (must have come from God)!

  158. And they have concocted a kin-relationship between Him and the jinn (to excuse their worshipping the jinn); whereas the jinn know quite well that they (are created and sustained by God and) are bound to be arraigned (before Him for judgment).

  159. All-Glorified is He, absolutely exalted above such as they attribute to Him.

  160. But God’s servants endowed with sincerity in faith and practicing the Religion do not do so.

  161. For sure you and those that you worship,

  162. Cannot cause any to deviate concerning God,

  163. Except those who have willfully adopted the way to the Blazing Flame.

  164. (The angels whom they assert to be God’s daughters say): "There is none among us but has his duty and position assigned,

  165. "And surely we are those ranged in ranks (ever-expecting God’s commands);

  166. "And most certainly we are the ones glorifying Him (declaring Him to be above having any defects and partners)."

  167. They (the polytheists) surely used to say:

  168. "If only We had had a Reminder of the like those who lived before us had,

  169. "Then we would certainly have been God’s servants endowed with sincerity in faith and practicing the Religion."

  170. Yet (now the Qur’an has come to them) they disbelieve in it; so they will come to know.

  171. Indeed Our word (of promise) has already gone forth in respect of Our servants sent with Our Message (of guidance and warning):

  172. That they would surely be helped to victory,

  173. And that surely Our host (the host of the true believers), they are certainly the victors.

  174. So turn aside from them for a little while, (do not care what they do and say);

  175. And watch them and see (to what end their denial will lead them), as they also will see it.

  176. Or do they seek to hasten on Our punishment (that it befall them immediately)?

  177. But when it descends encompassing them, then evil will be the morning of those who have been warned.

  178. And ignore what they say and do for a little while.

  179. And watch them and see (what the ultimate end of all people will be), as they also will see it.

  180. All-Glorified is your Lord, the Lord of might and glory, exalted above all that they attribute (to Him).

  181. And peace be upon the Messengers.

  182. And all praise and gratitude are for God, the Lord of the worlds.


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