Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 37. As-Saffat - Those Ranging in Ranks

  1. Cited as witness are those who range themselves in close ranks (in various fields of life),

  2. And those who drive away (the forces of evil) vigorously,

  3. And those who recite and follow the Reminder (- the Qur´ân),

  4. Verily, your God is One,

  5. Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them and Lord of the places of the rising and spreading of light.

  6. Verily, We have beautified and embellished the nearer space (- the heaven visible to you) with an excellent embellishment, the stars and planets.

  7. And (We have placed therein) an effective safeguard against every insolently disobedient satan.

  8. They (having no access to the source of prophecy) cannot listen to (what goes on in) the exalted assembly (of the arch angels). They are reproached (for their false conjectures) from every side,

  9. They are repulsed. A perpetual punishment awaits them.

  10. Yet if anyone of them snatches away but once (to find out something), he is pursued by a bright shining flame.

  11. Therefore, ask them (- your opponents) whether it is they (- the worldly people) who are harder in creation or those (spiritual beings) whom We have created. Them We have created out of adhesive sticking clay (so of firm and strong character).

  12. Whereas you marvel (at this mighty spiritual revelation) they hold you in low estimation.

  13. When they are admonished they pay no heed;

  14. And when they see a sign they seek to scoff (at it),

  15. And they say, `This is nothing but an enchantment; (a device) causing a split (among the people).

  16. `Well (can it be possible that) when we are dead and reduced to dust and bones we shall be raised to life (again)?

  17. `And shall our forefathers of earlier times be (also)?´

  18. Say, `Yes, and you shall then be disgraced.´

  19. Then there shall be but a single driving shout and behold! they will be (up and) looking on.

  20. And they will say, `O woe be on us! this is the Day of Requital.´

  21. (They will be told,) `This is the Day of the (last) judgment, (yes) the very day you used to cry lies to.´

  22. (Angels will be commanded,) `Round up those who acted unjustly and their companions and the things they used to worship

  23. `Beside Allâh, then lead them towards the way of Hell.

  24. `And hold them up for a while for they have to be questioned.´

  25. (They will be asked,) `What is the matter with you that you do not help one another (this day)?´

  26. Rather they will on that day (being ashamed) be completely submissive (bending their heads low).

  27. Some of them will turn to the others, questioning to one another (reproachingly).

  28. They (the seduced ones) will say (to the seducers), `Surely, you used to approach us with great force swearing ( your sincerity to guide us aright).´

  29. They (- seducers) will reply, `It was not so. Rather you yourselves were not (inclined to be) the believers.

  30. `And we had no authority over you (to seduce you). The truth is that you yourselves were an unrestrained people (and given to excesses).

  31. `So (today) we all deserve the judgment of our Lord. We are the sufferers (of the punishment for our own evil deeds).

  32. `So (it is) we (who) led you astray, for we ourselves had indeed gone astray.´

  33. On that day all of them shall surely share the punishment.

  34. Surely, that is how We deal with the guilty.

  35. For when it was said to them, `There is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but Allâh,´ they ever turned away in disdain.

  36. And they used to say, `Are we to forsake our gods for the sake of a mad poet?´

  37. Nay, (this Prophet is neither insane nor a poet,) the fact is that he brought the everlasting truth and has testified to the truth of (all) the Messengers (gone before him).

  38. (Disbelievers!) you will suffer the woeful punishment, most certainly.

  39. You shall be made to reap the fruit of your own deeds.

  40. Different however is the case of the (chosen) servants of Allâh, the true and purified ones.

  41. It is they for whom there awaits a provision (especially) earmarked,

  42. Fruits, moreover they shall be the honored ones (and generously treated)

  43. In the Gardens of Bliss.

  44. (They shall be seated) on thrones (of happiness and dignity), face to face.

  45. They will be served in a round with a bowl containing pure drink filled at a limpid flowing fountain,

  46. (Sparkling) white, delicious to the drinkers, (as a reward for their leading pure sweet and flawless lives).

  47. Neither these (drinks) will cause any ruinous effect, nor they will be deprived of intellectual faculties thereby.

  48. And they will have (chaste wives) by their sides, damsels, with restrained and modest looks (and) with large beautiful eyes.

  49. Just as though they were eggs carefully guarded (- of pure and unsoiled character).

  50. Then (sipping their cups) they will turn one to another asking questions;

  51. One of them will say, `Surely I had an intimate companion (in the world),

  52. `Who used to say, "Are you indeed one of those who confirm (and really believe in the Resurrection)?

  53. "Is it true that we shall be reunited when we are dead and reduced to dust and bones?"´

  54. He (- the confirmer of the Resurrection) will then add (saying), `Have a look (at that companion of mine to find how he fares!)?´

  55. Then as he will have a look (at his companion) he will find him right in the midst of Hell.

  56. He will then say (to that companion), `By Allâh, you had almost caused me to perish;

  57. `But for the favour and grace of my Lord, I would have also been one of those who are facing (the punishment today).´

  58. The owners of Paradise will then ask one another, `Is it not true that we are not going to suffer death (again)?

  59. `Ours was only the death we have already met (in the world), and we are going to suffer no punishment.

  60. `This indeed, is the mighty achievement (on our part).

  61. `Let those who would strive, then strive for the like of this (supreme triumph)!´

  62. Does all this (state of bliss) make a better welcome than the tree of Zaqqûm (which will serve as food for the people of Gehenna)?

  63. For We have made this (tree) a scourge for the wrongdoers.

  64. It is a tree which springs forth from the bottom of Hell.

  65. Its produce is as though it were the heads of serpents.

  66. And most surely they, (the inmates of Hell,) shall eat of it and fill (their) bellies with it.

  67. In addition to (all) this, they will have (therein) a mixture of boiling water (to drink).

  68. Then most surely they shall finally go to Hell.

  69. The thing is, they found their forefathers erring,

  70. And they are rushing on in their footsteps (as if driven by some inward urge).

  71. And most of the ancient people had erred before them.

  72. Though We had already sent Warners among them.

  73. Behold! then, how (evil) was the end of those who were warned.

  74. Different, however, was the case of the chosen servants of Allâh, the true and purified ones.

  75. And Noah did call upon Us (in his hour of trial); how Gracious We are in answering prayers! (and how excellent a response did We make!)

  76. We delivered him and his people from the great distress.

  77. And We let his progeny alone to survive.

  78. And We left behind him (a blessed salutation) for the later generations (to remember him by).

  79. `Peace be upon Noah,´ (the prayer being invoked upon him) among all the peoples.

  80. That is how We reward those who do good to others.

  81. He was surely (one) of Our believing servants.

  82. And (whereas We saved him and his people) We drowned the rest.

  83. And Abraham also belonged to his (Noah´s) school of thought.

  84. (Recall the time) when he came to his Lord with a pure heart,

  85. (And) when he asked his sire and his people, `What is it that you worship?

  86. `Do you choose (to worship) gods made falsely leaving Allâh aside,

  87. `So what do you take the Lord of the worlds to be (as you people worship false gods)?´

  88. Then he cast a glance at the stars (intimating that their discussion has dragged far into the night);

  89. And said, `I am indeed sick (of your worshipping false gods).´

  90. So those people turned their backs upon him and left him.

  91. Then he turned (his attention) towards their gods and (with a mind to make their worshippers realise their folly) said (addressing the gods), `Do you not eat (any of the things that lie before you)?

  92. `What is wrong with you that you do not even speak?´

  93. He then came upon them hitting them hard with the right hand.

  94. (Hearing this news) the people came running to him.

  95. He said (to them), `You worship the things you have chiselled yourselves;

  96. `Whereas (it is) Allâh (Who) has created you, but what is it that you are doing?´

  97. (His opponents) said, `Build up a pyre for him and throw him into the blazing fire.´

  98. Thus they designed a plan against him, but We made them to be the most humiliated.

  99. (Abraham) said, `I shall go where my Lord bids me. He will surely guide me right (to the path leading to success in my mission).´

  100. (And he prayed,) `My Lord! grant me (an issue who is) of the righteous.´

  101. So We gave him the good tidings of (the birth of) a wise and forbearing son.

  102. Now, when that (son, Ismâîl) was (old enough) to work along with him, (his father, Abraham) said, `My dear son! I have seen in a dream that I sacrifice you. So consider (it and tell me) what you think (of it).´ (The son) said, `My dear father! do as you are commanded. If Allâh will you will find me of the calm and steadfast.´

  103. Now, (it so happened) when both of them submitted themselves (to the will of God) and he (- Abraham) had laid him (- Ismâîl) down on his forehead,

  104. We called out to him (saying), `O Abraham!

  105. `You have already fulfilled the vision.´ That is how We reward those who perform excellent deeds.

  106. That was obviously a disciplinary test (crowned with a mighty reward,)

  107. And a great sacrifice was the ransom with which We redeemed him (- Ismâîl).

  108. And We left behind him (- Abraham) among the succeeding generations (the noble salutation to invoke blessings upon him).

  109. `Peace be upon Abraham!´

  110. Thus indeed do We reward those who perform excellent deeds.

  111. Surely, he was (one) of Our believing servants.

  112. And We gave him (also) the good tidings of (the birth of) Isaac, a Prophet (and who is) one of the righteous.

  113. And We bestowed (Our) blessings on him (- Ismâîl) and on Isaac. And among the progeny of both there are (some persons) who perform excellent deeds and (also some) who are clearly unjust to themselves.

  114. We did bestow (Our) favours on Moses and Aaron.

  115. We delivered them both and their people from the great distress.

  116. And We came to their help (against the people of Pharaoh). So it was they who gained clear supremacy.

  117. And We gave them both the Manifesting Book.

  118. And We guided them both to the right and straight path.

  119. And We left behind both of them (a blessed salutation) among the generations to come.

  120. `Peace be upon Moses and Aaron!´

  121. That is how do We reward the performers of excellent deeds.

  122. Surely, they were both among Our believing servants.

  123. Verily, Elias was (also) one of the Messengers.

  124. (Recall the time) when he said to his people, `Will you not guard against evil (deeds)?

  125. `Do you call upon Ba`l (- the sun-god), and forsake the Best Creator,

  126. `Allâh, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers of old.´

  127. But they cried lies to him and they will surely be brought (before God to account for their deeds).

  128. Different, however, shall be the case of the chosen servants of Allâh, the purified ones.

  129. And We left behind him (- Elias) among the succeeding generations (the blessed salutation to be invoked upon him),

  130. `Peace be upon Elias and his people!´

  131. That is how We reward the performers of excellent deeds.

  132. Surely, he was (one) of Our believing servants.

  133. And verily, Lot was (also one) of the Messengers.

  134. (Recall the time) when We delivered him and his followers all together,

  135. Except an old woman (who) was among those who stayed behind (and did not go with those delivered).

  136. And We utterly destroyed the rest.

  137. And you surely pass by them, (their ruins sometimes), in the morning,

  138. And (sometimes) by night. Do you not still make use of (your) understanding (and take heed)?

  139. And surely, Jonah (also) was (one) of the Messengers.

  140. (Recall the time) when he fled (from his people) towards the fully laden ship.

  141. So he was with those (crew) who cast lots (on board of the ill-fated ship, and his name was among those who were to be thrown overboard in order to keep the ship light and well-balanced on account of the storm) and so he was (also) of those who were cast off (in the sea).

  142. Then (it came about that) a big fish took him in its mouth while he was reproaching (himself).

  143. Had he not been of those who glorify (God)

  144. He would have surely remained in its belly till the time people are raised up (after their death).

  145. Then (it came to pass) that We cast him on a bare and wide tract of land and he was completely worn out and sick.

  146. And We caused a plant (of the gourd type) bearing large-size fruit but the creeper of slender stem to grow near him.

  147. And We sent him (back as a Messenger at Nineveh) to a people hundred thousand strong, rather they were even more.

  148. They all believed (in him) so We provided them gains till the end of their lives.

  149. Now ask these (disbelievers) whether daughters are for your Lord (as they assert), and sons for themselves.

  150. Or did We create the angels as females (in their presence) while they were witnesses (of their birth).

  151. Beware! it is (one) of their fabrications that they say,

  152. `Allâh has begotten (those as His children).´ They are liars, of course.

  153. Has He chosen daughters in preference to sons?

  154. What is the matter with you? How (wrong) you judge!

  155. Will you take no heed?

  156. Or have you a clear authority (in your defence for your false beliefs)?

  157. If so then come out with your (authoritative) scripture if you are truthful.

  158. And they have set up a kinship between Him and the jinn (- strong and mighty men), whereas the jinn know fully well that they themselves shall be called to account for their deeds.

  159. Holy is Allâh, far beyond the things they attribute (to Him).

  160. But the chosen servants of Allâh, the purified ones (attribute nothing derogatory to Him).

  161. (Disbelievers!) neither you of course, nor the things you worship;

  162. None of you can mislead anyone against Him,

  163. Excepting (only) the person who is (himself) going to enter Hell.

  164. (The righteous say,) `Each one of us has his assigned place.

  165. `And most surely we are the ones who stand ranged in rows (attending to the command of God).

  166. `Verily, we are the ones who glorify Him (and sing His praise).

  167. And surely, these (infidels) used to say,

  168. `Had there been with us an exhortation from the people of old.

  169. `We would surely have been the chosen servants of Allâh, the purified ones.´

  170. But (now) they have disbelieved in this (Book, the Qur´ân when it has come to them). So they will soon come to know (the consequences of their disbelief).

  171. And We have already given Our word (of promise) to Our servants, the Apostles,

  172. That it is they alone who shall receive Our help (against the infidels).

  173. And (that) it is Our armies that shall gain clear supremacy.

  174. So turn away from them until a time (of your success),

  175. And watch (what happens to) them, and they (too) will soon see (their own doom).

  176. Do they seek to hasten on Our punishment?

  177. But evil shall be the morning of those who were warned when this punishment shall descend in their precincts.

  178. So turn away from them until a time (- that of your supremacy);

  179. And watch (what happens to) them and they (too) will soon see (their end).

  180. Holy is your Lord, the Lord of all honour and power. He is far above the (polytheistic) things they attribute (to Him).

  181. And peace be ever upon all the Messengers.

  182. And all type of perfect and true praise belongs to Allâh, the Lord of the worlds.


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