Literal - Sura: 37. As-Saffat - Those Ranging in Ranks

  1. And the expanded and motionless wings in a row, arranged .

  2. So the preventing/deterring , preventing/deterring/ousting .

  3. So the reading/reciting/following, mentioning/remembering .

  4. That truly your Lord (is) one (E) .

  5. Lord (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and what (is) between them (B), and Lord (of) the sun rises/easts.

  6. That We decorated/beautified the sky/space (of) the present world with the stars`/planets` decoration/beauty .

  7. And a protection/guarding from every/each rebellious/mutinous devil.

  8. They do not hear/listen (E) to the nobles/assembly the highest/mightiest/most dignified, and they be thrown/hurled from every/each side/direction.

  9. Expelled/driven away , and for them (is) a permanent/continuous/lasting torture.

  10. Except who snatched the one snatch, so a light from a fire source/a star lit/ignited/penetrating followed him.

  11. So ask/take their opinion , are they a stronger creation, or who We created? That We created them from very sticky mud/clay .

  12. But you wondered/were astonished/were surprised, and they humiliate/mock/undermine/ridicule .

  13. And if they were reminded, they do not mention/remember .

  14. And if they saw/understood an evidence/sign/verse, they humiliate/mock/ridicule/undermine.

  15. And they said: "That truly this (is) except clear/evident magic/sorcery.

  16. Is (it that) if we died and we were dust and bones, are we being resurrected/revived (E)?

  17. Or our fathers the first/beginners?"

  18. Say: "Yes, and you are degraded/lowly ."

  19. So but it is a one cry to drive out , so then they are looking/seeing .

  20. And they said: "Oh our calamity/scandal that, it is the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day ."

  21. That (is) the Judgment Day/Separation Day/Resurrection Day which you were with it lying/denying/falsifying.

  22. Gather those who were unjust/oppressive and their spouses , and what they were worshipping.

  23. From other than God, so guide them to the Hell`s road/way.

  24. And stop/suspend them , that they are questioned.

  25. And what (is it) for you, you do not give victory/aid?

  26. But they are the day/today submitting/surrendering.

  27. And some of them approached/came on (to) some, they ask/question each other.

  28. They said: "That you were coming to us from the right (side)."

  29. They said: "But you were not being believing."

  30. And (there) was not from power/control for us over you, but you were a tyrannizing/arrogant nation.

  31. So became deserved on us our Lord`s word/saying , that we (are) tasting/experiencing.

  32. So we misguided/lured you , that we were misguiding .

  33. So then they are (on) that day in the torture sharing.

  34. We, like that, We make/do with the criminals/sinners.

  35. That they truly were if (it) was said to them: "No God except god" they be arrogant.

  36. And they say: "Are we to leave our gods to a mad/insane poet?"

  37. But He came with the truth and he confirmed the messengers.

  38. That you are tasting/experiencing the torture, the painful.

  39. And you are not being reimbursed except (for) what you were making/doing/working.

  40. Except God`s worshippers/slaves , the faithful/loyal .

  41. Those, for them (is) a known provision .

  42. Fruits, and they are honoured.

  43. In the blessed/comfort and ease treed gardens/paradises.

  44. On beds/sofas facing each other .

  45. Being circled/walked around on them with a cup/container to drink from/wine from goodness .

  46. White (a) delight/pleasure to the drinking.

  47. Destruction/intoxication (is) not in it, nor they be drunk/made to loose their minds/drained/exhausted from it.

  48. And at them the eye`s/eyelid`s confining/limiting/restricting big beautiful eyes.

  49. As though they are (F) protected/covered whites/eggs.

  50. So some of them approached/came on (to) some, they ask/question each other.

  51. A speaker from them said: "That I, (there) was for me (a) companion ."

  52. He says: "You are (E) from the confirming/charity givers."

  53. Is (it that) if we died, and we were dust and bones are we indebted (E)?

  54. He said: "Are you knowing/seeing/looking?"

  55. So he looked/saw, so he saw him in the Hell`s middle .

  56. He said: "By God if you were about to to make me fall/ruin (E) ."

  57. And where it not for my Lord`s blessing/goodness I would have been from the made present/attending.

  58. So are we not with dying?

  59. Except our death/lifelessness the first/beginning, and we are not with being tortured.

  60. That this it is (E) the winning/success the great .

  61. Similar/equal/alike to this, so the makers/doers/workers, should make/do/work.

  62. Is that a better place of descent or the deadly food`s tree?

  63. That We made/put it (as) a test/charm to the unjust/oppressive.323

  64. That it is a tree it emerges in the Hell`s source/root.

  65. Its first fruit of the season as though it (is) the devils` heads/tops .

  66. So then they are eating exaggerated/gluttons from it, so they are filling from it the bellies/insides.

  67. Then for them on it (is) a mixture/heat (E) from hot/cold water/red hot coal .

  68. Then that their return (is) to (E) the Hell .

  69. That they truly found their fathers misguided.

  70. So they are on their tracks/marks/signs rushing disturbedly .

  71. And most of the first/beginners had been (E) misguided before them.

  72. And We had (E) sent in (between) them warners/givers of notice.

  73. So look/see/wonder about how was the warned`s/given notice`s end/turn (result).

  74. Except God`s worshippers/slaves , the faithful/loyal/devoted.

  75. And Noah had called/cried (to) Us, so blessed/praised (E) (are) the answerers/repliers.

  76. And We saved/rescued him and his family/relation from the grief, hardship and suffering the great.

  77. And We made/put his descendants, they are the remaining .

  78. And We left on him in the lasts .

  79. Peace/security on Noah in the creations are together/(universes).

  80. We (E) like that, We reimburse the good doers.

  81. That he truly is from Our worshippers/slaves , the believers.

  82. Then We drowned/sunk the others/lasts .

  83. And that truly from his group/party/follower (was) Abraham (E).

  84. When he came (to) his Lord with a sound/safe heart/mind .

  85. When he said to his father and nation: "What (do) you worship?"

  86. Are falsified gods from other than God (what) you want/intend ?

  87. So what (is) your thought/assumption with (about) the creations all together`s/ (universes`) Lord?

  88. So he looked/saw a glance/consideration in the stars/planets.

  89. So he said: "That I am sick/ill ."

  90. So they turned away from him giving their backs.

  91. So he conned his way to their gods, so he said: "Do you not eat?"

  92. Why for you, you do not speak?

  93. So he conned his way on them moving/striking with the right (hand).

  94. So they (his nation) approached/came to him hurrying/hastening.

  95. He said: "Do you worship what you carve out/cut ?"

  96. And God created you and what you make/do ?

  97. They said: "Build/construct for him a building/structure, so throw him away in the place of intense heat/roaring fire ."324

  98. So they intended/wanted a conspiracy/harm with (for) him, so We made/put them the lowest/meanest.

  99. And he said: "That I am going/going away to my Lord, he will guide me."

  100. My Lord grant/present (for) me from the correct/righteous.

  101. So We announced good news to him with a clement boy .

  102. So when he reached the struggle/endeavor with him, he said you my son: "That I, I see/understand in the sleep/dream that I, I slaughter you/cut your throat, so look/wonder about/consider what you see/understand." He said: "You my father, make/do what you are being ordered/commanded, so you will find me, if God wills/wants from the patient."

  103. So when they (B) submitted/surrounded and he pulled/pushed/followed him to the foreheads.

  104. And We called him: "That you Abraham."

  105. You had confirmed the dream, We (E), like that We reimburse the good doers.

  106. That truly that it is (E) the test, the clear/evident .

  107. And We substituted him with a great slaughtered (animal).

  108. And We left on him in the others/lasts .

  109. Safety/security/greeting on Abraham.

  110. As/like that We reimburse the good doers.

  111. That he truly is from Our worshippers/slaves the believers.

  112. And We announced good news to him (of) Isaac a prophet from the correct/righteous.

  113. And We blessed on him and on Isaac, and from their (B)`s descendants, (are) good doers, and (a) clear/evident unjust/oppressive to himself.

  114. And We had blessed on Moses and Aaron.

  115. And We saved/rescued them (B) and their (B)`s nation from the grief/hardship and suffering, the great.

  116. And We gave them victory, so they were, they, the defeators/conquerors.

  117. And We gave/brought them (B) The Book , the clear/evident .

  118. And We guided them (B) the road/way, the straight/direct .

  119. And We left on them (B) in the others/lasts .

  120. Safety/security/greeting on Moses and Aaron.

  121. We (E), like that We reimburse the good doers.

  122. That they truly are from Our worshippers/slaves the believers.

  123. And that Elias (is) from (E) the messengers.

  124. When he said to his nation: "Do you not fear and obey?"

  125. Do you call an idol statue/master , and you leave the creator`s best ?

  126. God (is) your Lord, and your fathers`/forefathers` lord the first/beginners.

  127. So they lied/denied/falsified him, so they truly are being made to be present/attend (E).

  128. Except God`s worshippers/slaves , the faithful/loyal/devoted.325

  129. And We left on him in the others/lasts .

  130. Safety/security/greeting on Elias .

  131. We, like that We reimburse the good doers.

  132. That he truly (is) from Our worshippers/slaves the believers.

  133. And that truly Lot (was) from (E) the messengers.

  134. When We saved/rescued him and his family/people all/all together.

  135. Except old/weak (his wife was) in the remaining behind.

  136. Then We destroyed the others/lasts .

  137. And that you, you pass (E) on them in the morning/day break.

  138. And at the night, so do you not reason/understand/comprehend?

  139. And that truly Jonah (was) from (E) the messengers.

  140. When he escaped/took shelter to the ship/ships, the full/loaded.

  141. So he drew lots with (gambled) , so he was from the annulled/slipped.

  142. So the large fish/whale swallowed/swallowed him quickly, and (while) he is blameworthy/blamed.

  143. So had it not been for that he (was) from the praising/glorifying.

  144. He would have stayed/remained in its belly/inside to a day/time they be sent/resurrected/revived.

  145. So We casted him off/discarded him at the open space and (while) he is sick/ill .

  146. And We sprouted/grew on him a tree from a plant without a stem/squashes and cucumbers.

  147. And We sent him to one hundred thousand or they increase/exceed.

  148. So they believed, so We gave them long life/made them enjoy to a time/period of time .

  149. So ask/take their opinion is to your Lord the daughters, and for them (are) the sons ?

  150. Or We created the angels (as) females and they are witnessing/testifying .

  151. Is (it) not that they truly are from their lies/falsehood, they say (E):

  152. God gave birth . And that they truly are lying/denying/falsifying (E).

  153. He chose/purified the daughters on/over the sons.

  154. What (is) for you how you judge/rule?

  155. Do you not mention/remember ?

  156. Or for you (is) a clear/evident proof/evidence ?

  157. So come/bring with your Book if you were truthful.

  158. And they made/put between Him and between the Jinns (a) relationship/kinship and the Jinns had (E) known that they truly are being made to be present/attend (E).

  159. God`s praise/glory from/about what they describe/categorize.

  160. Except God`s worshippers/slaves, the faithful/loyal/devoted.

  161. So you truly are, and what you worship.

  162. You are not on Him/it with charming/misguiding .

  163. Except whom he is entering into fire/roasting the Hell 326

  164. (The angels say): "And none for Us except for him (is) a known place and time/position/status ."

  165. And that We, We are (E) the liners/arrangers.

  166. And that We, We are (E) the praising/glorifying.

  167. And if they (the disbelievers) were saying (E):

  168. If that (E) at us (is) a reminder/remembrance from the first/beginners.

  169. We would have been God`s worshippers/slaves , the faithful/loyal/devoted.

  170. So they disbelieved with (in) Him, so they will know.

  171. And Our words/expressions/speech had (E) preceded to Our worshippers/slaves the messengers.

  172. That they truly, they are (E) the victorious.

  173. And that (E) Our soldiers/warriors , they are (E) the defeators/conquerors.

  174. So turn away from them until a time/period of time .

  175. And make them see/understand, so they will/shall see/look/understand.

  176. Are they with Our torture urging/hastening .

  177. So if it (the torture) descended at their court/yard, so it became (a) bad/evil/harmful morning/day break (of) the warned/given notice.

  178. And turn away from them until a time/period of time .

  179. And see/understand , so they will see/understand .

  180. Your Lord`s praise/glory, Lord (of) the glory/might/power about what they describe/categorize.

  181. And a safety/security/greeting on the messengers.

  182. And the praise/gratitude (is) to God, the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord.327


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