Literal - Sura: 38. Sad

  1. S/C/SAD and the Koran (owner) of the reminder/remembrance .

  2. But those who disbelieved (are) in glory/might/power and defiance/animosity .

  3. How many from (a) people of one era/generation We destroyed from before them? So they called: "And it is not the time, time for escape (expression) ."

  4. And they were wondering/astonished/surprised that (a) warner/giver of notice came to them from them, and the disbelievers said: "That (is a) liar/denier/falsifier, (a) magician/sorcerer."

  5. Did he make the gods one god? That (E) that (is an) astounding/surprising thing (E).

  6. And the assembly/nobles set out that: "Walk and be patient on your gods, that (E) (is) a thing (E) is being wanted/intended ."

  7. We did not hear/listen with that in the religion/faith the last, that (E) that is except creations/inventions.

  8. Is the reminder/remembrance descended on (to) him from between us? But they are in doubt/suspicion from My remembrance/reminder, but till now they did not taste/experience My torture.

  9. Or at them (is) your Lord`s safes/storages (of) mercy, the glorious/mighty the grantor/presenter?

  10. Or for them (is) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s and what (is) between them (B)`s ownership/kingdom ? So they should ascend/climb in the reasons/connections .

  11. Soldiers/warriors from the groups/parties at that place and time (are) defeated .

  12. Noah`s, and Aad`s, and Pharaoh`s nation, (owner) of the stakes/pegs/nails denied/falsified before them.

  13. And Thamud and Lot`s nation, and owners/company (of) the thicket/dense tangled trees, those are the groups/parties.

  14. That (E) each/all except they did (without exception) lied/denied/falsified the messengers, so (they) deserved My punishment.

  15. And those do not look/see/watch except (for) one loud strong cry/torture raid, (there is) nothing from (a) recovery/awakening for it.

  16. And they said: "Our Lord hurry/hasten/speed for us our share/prize voucher/accounting book before the Account Day/Resurrection Day."

  17. Be patient on what they say, and mention/remember Our worshipper/slave David, (owner) of the power/strength/force, that he truly is repentant/returning.

  18. That We, We manipulated/subjugated the mountains with him, they praise/glorify at the evening/first darkness and the sun rise.

  19. And the birds gathered, each/all for him (are) returning .

  20. And We strengthened/supported his ownership/kingdom, and We gave/brought him the wisdom and judgment/decision (of) the speech/address/conversation.

  21. Did information/news (of) the disputers/adversaries/arguers come to you, when they climbed/scaled the center of the house/center of the assembly ?

  22. When they entered on (to) David, so He was frightened/terrified from them, they said: "Do not fear (we are) two disputers/adversaries/arguers, some of us oppressed/transgressed on some (over each other), so judge/rule between us with the truth/just , and do not be unjust , and guide us to the road`s/way`s middle/straightness ."

  23. That, this (is) my brother for him (are) nine and ninety ewes/female sheep, and for me (is) one ewe/female sheep. So he said: `Let me sponsor/maintain it.` And he overwhelmed me in the speech/conversation .

  24. He (David) said: "He had (E) caused injustice to you/oppressed you with requesting your ewe/female sheep to his ewes/female sheep, and that many from the associates/company some of them oppress/transgress (E) on some (each other) except those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, and little/few what they are." And David doubted/suspected that We tested him so he asked for forgiveness (from) his Lord, and he fell down bowing, and He repented/obeyed .

  25. So We forgave for him that, and that for him at Us (is) an advancement/rank/degree (E) and (a) good/beautiful return.

  26. You David, that We made/put you (as) a caliph/leader in the land/Earth , so judge/rule between the people with the truth/just , and do not follow the self attraction for desire , so it misguides you from God`s way/path , that those who misguide from God`s way/path, for them (is) a strong (severe) torture because (of) what they forgot the Account Day/Resurrection Day.

  27. And We did not create the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and what (is) between them (B) wastefully/falsely , that is those who disbelieved`s doubt/suspicion, so calamity/scandal to those who disbelieved from the fire .

  28. Or We make/put those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds as/like the corrupting in the earth/Planet Earth, or We make/put the fearing and obeying as/like the debauchers/corrupters.

  29. A Book We descended it to you blessed, (so) they consider (E) its verses/ evidences and (to the owner`s) of the pure minds/hearts to mention/ remember .

  30. And We granted to David Soliman, blessed/praised the slave/servant that he truly is repentant

  31. When the horses standing on three legs and the edge of the fourth hoof touching the ground (of) the beautiful necks were displayed/exhibited/showed on (to) him at the evening/first darkness .

  32. He said: "That I , I loved/liked love (of) the good/honour/wealth on (over) mentioning/remembering my Lord, until it became hidden/concealed (disappeared) at the divider/protection ."

  33. Return it on (to) me, so he started and continued with the shins/legs, and the necks rubbing/petting/anointing .

  34. And We had (E) tested/charmed Soliman and We threw on his throne/seat a body then he repented .

  35. He said: "My Lord forgive for me, and grant/present for me an ownership/kingdom (that) should not be to anyone from after me, that You, You are the grantor/presenter."330

  36. So We manipulated/subjugated for him the wind/breeze it flows/passes with his order/command, soft/gentle where/when it struck/marked .

  37. And the devils all/each (is a) builder/constructor and diver.

  38. And others tied to each other in the shackles/chairs .

  39. That (is) Our granting , so bless (do kind acts) and hold/seize without counting .

  40. And that (E) for him at Us (is) an approachment/degree/rank (E) and a good/beautiful return.

  41. And remember/mention Our worshipper/slave Job, when he called/cried (to) his Lord: "That I, the devil touched me with hardship/fatigue/disease and torture."

  42. Run/move/push with your foot, that (is a) cool/cold washing place/water, and a drink.

  43. And We granted/presented to him his family and equal to them with them, mercy from Us and a reminder/remembrance to (owners) of the pure minds/hearts .

  44. And take with your hand a handful of grass/a handful, so strike/beat with it, and do not break oath, that We, We found him patient blessed/praised the slave/servant , that he truly is repentant .

  45. And remember/mention Our worshippers/slaves Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, (owners of) the hands, and the eyesights/knowledge.

  46. That We made them become faithful/clear/purified with clear/pure reminder/remembrance (of) the House/Home .

  47. And they, they are at Us from (E) the chosen/purified, the good/honoured.

  48. And remember/mention, Ishmael, and Elija (owner) of the cloth saddle , and each/all (are) from the good/honoured.

  49. That is a reminder, and that truly to the fearing and obeying (is a) good/beautiful (E) return.

  50. Treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residences, the doors/entrances (are) opened for them.

  51. Leaning/reclining in it, they call in it with much/many fruits, and a drink .

  52. And at them (are) the eyes`/eye lids` confining/limiting/restricting, same age/not aging.

  53. That (is) what you are being promised to the Account Day/Resurrection Day.

  54. That (E) this (is) Our provision (E), (there is) nothing from (a) depletion from it.

  55. This, and that truly to the tyrannizing/arrogant (is a) bad/evil (E) return.

  56. Hell they roast/suffer (from) it, so how bad (are) the beds (destination).

  57. This, so they will taste/experience it hot/cold water , and cold/decayed/rotten.

  58. And other/another from its likeness/similarity spouses .

  59. This (is a) group/crowd bursting/plunging with you, (there is) no welcome with (for) them, that they are, they are entering/suffering the fire .

  60. They said: "But you are (there is) no welcome with (for) you, you advanced/introduced it for us." So how bad (is) the settlement/decision ?

  61. They said: "Our Lord who advanced/introduced this for us, so increase him (with) a double torture in the fire ."

  62. And they said: "Why (is it) for us, we do not see men, we were, we count them from the bad/evil/harmful?"331

  63. We took them (by) mocking/ridiculing or the eyesights/knowledge deviated/turned away from them?

  64. That truly that (is) true/fact (E) , the fire`s people dispute/ controvert/argue (among them selves).

  65. Say: "Truly I am (a) warner/giver of notice, and (there is) none from a God, except God the one, the defeator/conqueror ."

  66. The skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s Lord, and what (is) between them (B), the glorious/mighty ,the forgiving often/forgiver.

  67. Say: "Is it (a) great news/information?"

  68. You are from it objecting/opposing .

  69. (There) was not from knowledge to me with the group/assembly/nobles, the highest/mightiest when they dispute/controvert/argue.

  70. That (it) is (only) inspired/transmitted to me except that I am a clear/evident warner/giver of notice."

  71. When your Lord said to the angels: "That I am creating a human from mud/clay ."

  72. So if I straightened him, and I blew in him from My Soul/Spirit , so fall/come to him prostrating.

  73. So the angels prostrated all of them, all/all together.

  74. Except Satan he became arrogant, and was/is from the disbelievers.

  75. He said: "You Satan , what prevented/prohibited you that you prostrate to what I created with My hands, did you become arrogant, or you were from the high and mighty?"

  76. He said: "I am better than him, You created me from fire and You created him from mud/clay ."

  77. He said: "So get out/emerge from it, so that you are cursed/expelled."

  78. And that (E) on you (is) My curse/torture/expulsion to the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day .

  79. He said: "My Lord so give me time/delay me to a day/time they be sent/resurrected/revived."

  80. He said: "So that you are from the given time/delayed ."

  81. To day/time (of) the time, the known.

  82. He said: "So with Your glory/might , I will misguide/lure them (E) all/all together."

  83. Except Your worshippers/slaves from them, the faithful/devoted

  84. He said: So the truth and the truth I say:"

  85. I will fill (E) Hell from you and from who followed you from them all/all together.

  86. Say: "I do not ask/question you on it from a reward/wage/fee, and I am not from the pretentious/meddling .

  87. That (E) it is except a reminder/remembrance to the creations all together/(universes).

  88. And you will know (E) its news/information after a time/period of time


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