Literal - Sura: 39. Az-Zumar - The Companies

  1. The Book`s descent from God, the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious.

  2. That We, We descended to you The Book with the truth so worship God faithful, loyal/devoted to him (in) the religion.

  3. Is not to God the religion the clear/pure? And those who took from other than Him guardians/allies (they say): We do not worship them except to near/approach us to God, (an) approachment/ degree ." That truly God judges/rules between them in what they are in it differing/disputing , that truly God does not guide who he is lying/denying/falsifying , (an insistent) disbeliever.

  4. If God wanted/intended that (E) He takes a child (son), He would have chosen/purified from who He created, what He wills/wants, His praise/glory, He is God, the one the defeator/conqueror (E) .

  5. He created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, with the truth . He rotates/rolls the night on (to) the daytime, and He rotates/rolls the daytime on (to) the night, and He manipulated/subjugated the sun and the moon, each/all flows/orbits to a term/time, named/identified (specified), is He not the glorious/mighty , the forgiving/often forgiver?

  6. He created you from one self , then He made/created from it, its spouse , and He descended for you from the camels/livestock eight pairs/kinds (refer to 6:143 and 6:144), He creates you, in your mothers` bellies/insides, a creation from after a creation, in 3 darknesses (trimesters), that one, (is) God, your Lord, for Him (is) the kingdom/ownership (there is) no god except Him, so how/where (do) you be diverted/misguided ?

  7. If you disbelieve, so then God (is) rich from (without) you, and He does not accept/approve the disbelief to His worshippers/slaves , and if you thank/be grateful He accepts/approves it for you, and no sinner/loader/burdener carries/bears another`s sins/load/burden , then to your Lord (is) your return, so He informs you with what you were making/doing , that He truly (is) knowledgeable with of the chests (innermosts).

  8. And if harm touched the human, he called his Lord repenting/obeying to Him, then if he made him own a blessing/goodness from Him, he forgot what he was calling to Him from before, and he made/put to God equals (idols) to misguide from His way/path , say: "Live long/enjoy with your disbelief little , that you are from the fire`s owners/company "

  9. Or who he is obeying humbly/prolonging the prayer (during) the nights` hours, prostrating and standing/keeping up he fears the end (other life) and hopes/expects his lord`s mercy, say: "Do (they) become equal/alike, those who know and those who do not know?" But (owners) of the pure minds/hearts mention/remember.

  10. Say: "You my worshippers/slaves those who believed, fear and obey your Lord, to those who did good in this the present world (is) a goodness/beauty, and God`s earth/Planet Earth/land (is) spread/abundant , truly the patient are fulfilled/completed their reward without (an) account/calculation."

  11. Say: "That I, I was ordered/commanded that (E) I worship God, faithful/loyal/devoted (in) the religion."

  12. And I was ordered/commanded to that (E) I be first (of) the Moslems/submitters/ surrenderers.

  13. Say: "That I, I fear if I disobeyed my Lord (from) a great day`s/time`s torture."

  14. Say: "God, I worship faithful/loyal/devoted to Him (in) my religion."

  15. So worship what you wanted from other that Him, say: "That (E) the losers , those who lost their selves and their families/peoples (on) the Day of the Resurrection , is that not it is the loss , the clear/evident ?"

  16. For them from above them shades from the fire , and from below/beneath them shades, that God He frightens with it His worshippers/slaves , you My worshipper/slaves , so fear and obey Me.

  17. And those who avoided/distanced the idols/every thing worshipped other than God that (E) they worship it, and they repented/obeyed to God, for them (is) the good news, so announce good news (to) My worshippers/slaves .

  18. Those who hear/listen (to) the word/opinion and belief so they follow its best , those are, those whom God guided them, and those, they are (owners) of the pure minds/hearts .

  19. Is who the torture`s words became true/deserved on him, so do you save/rescue who is in the fire ?

  20. But those who feared and obeyed their Lord, for them (are) chambers from above it chambers built/constructed, the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it, God`s promise, God does not break the appointment (promise).

  21. Do you not see/understand, that (E) God descended from the sky water, so He made it flow/pass (into) water springs/wells in the Earth/land , then He brings out with it plants/crops its colours (are) different, then (it) dries and yellows so you see it yellow/yellowish, then He makes it broken/debris/crumbs ,that (E) in that (is) a remembrance/reminder (E) to (owners) of the pure minds/hearts .

  22. Is who God delighted/expanded his chest (innermost) to the Islam/submission/ surrender (to God) so he is on light from his Lord; so calamity/scandal to (whom of ) the cruel/hard/merciless (are) their hearts/minds from God`s remembrance/reminder, those (are) in clear/evident misguidance.

  23. God descended the information`s/speech`s best , a Book looking alike/resembling/ similar doubles of twos Koranic verses , (the) skins (of) those who fear their Lord tremble/shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts/minds soften to God`s remembrance/reminder, that (is) God`s guidance, He guides with it whom He wills/wants, and who God misguides so (there is) none from a guide for him.

  24. Is who fears with his face/front the torture`s bad/evil/harm (on) the Resurrection Day, and was said to the unjust/oppressive taste/experience what you were gaining/acquiring .

  25. Those from before them lied/denied/falsified, so the torture came to them from where/when they do not feel/know/sense.335

  26. So God made them taste/experience the shame/disgrace/scandal in the life the present/worldly life, and the end`s (other life`s) torture (E) (is) greater if they were knowing.

  27. And We had given to the people in this the Koran from every/each example/proverb, maybe/perhaps they mention/remember .

  28. An Arabic a Koran , without/other than of bent/crookedness/indirectness, maybe/perhaps they fear and obey.

  29. God gave an example/proverb (of) a man, adversaries/ill-mannered/quarrelsome partners (subject of controversy is) in him, (and) a man peaceful/secure/without blemish , to a man, do they (B) become equal/alike (in) an example/proverb? The praise/gratitude (is) to God, but most of them do not know.

  30. You truly are dying, and that they truly are dying.

  31. Then you truly are (on) the Resurrection Day at your Lord you dispute/controvert/argue.

  32. So who (is) more unjust/oppressive than who lied/denied/falsified on (about) God and lied/denied/falsified with the truth when it came to him, is not in Hell (a) home/residence to the disbelievers?

  33. And who came with the truth, and he confirmed with it, those, they are the fearing and obeying.

  34. For them what they want at their Lord, that (is) the good doers` reimbursement .

  35. (It is for) God to cover/substitute from them (the) worst deeds which they made/did , and He rewards/reimburses their reimbursement with best (of) which they were making/doing .

  36. Is not God with sufficing/protecting His worshipper/slave ? And they frighten you with those who (are) from other than Him, and whom God misguides, so (there is) none from a guide for him.

  37. And whom God guides, so (there is) none from a misguider for him, is not God with glorious/mighty (owner) of revenge/punishment?

  38. And if (E) you asked/questioned them: "Who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth?" They will say (E): "God." Say: "Did you see/understand what you call from other than God, if God wanted/intended me with harm, are they (F) removers/uncoverers (relievers) (of) His harm? Or He wanted/intended me with mercy, are they (F) withholders/seizers (of) His mercy?" Say: "Enough for me God, on Him rely/depend the reliant/dependent ."

  39. Say: "You my nation, make/do on your capacity/position , that I am making/doing so you will/shall know."

  40. Who comes to him (gets a) torture (that) shames/disgraces him and places/resides on him (a) continuous torture.

  41. We (E) descended on (to) you The Book for the people with the truth , so who guided, so to himself, and who misguided so but he misguides on it, and you are not then with a guardian/protector/trustee .

  42. God makes the selves die (at the) time of its death/lifelessness, and which did not die in its sleep , so He holds/seizes which He ordered the death/lifelessness on it, and He sends the other (others) to a named/identified (specified) term/time, that (E) truly in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to a nation thinking.336

  43. Or they took from other than God mediators, say: "Even if they were not owning/possessing a thing, and nor reasoning/comprehending ?

  44. Say: "To God (is) the mediation all/all together, for Him (is) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s ownership/kingdom, then to Him you are being returned."

  45. And if God was mentioned/remembered alone (the) hearts/minds (of) those who do not believe with the end (other life) became uptight/repulsed , and if those from other than Him were mentioned/remembered then they are announcing good news/rejoicing .

  46. Say: "Oh, You God, creator/bringer to being (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, knower (of) the unseen/hidden and the testimony/presence , You judge/rule between Your worshippers/slaves in what they were in it differing/disputing ."

  47. And if that (E) to those who were unjust/oppressive what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth all/all together, and equal to it with it, they would have ransomed/compensated with it from the torture`s evil/harm (on) the Resurrection Day, and it appeared to them from God what they were not thinking/supposing.

  48. And it appeared to them (the) sins/crimes (of) what they earned/acquired ; and what they were with it mocking surrounded/encircled with them.

  49. So if harm touched the human/mankind he called Us, then if We gave him generously/granted him a blessing/goodness from Us, he said: "But/truly I got it on knowledge." But it is a test/allurement , and but most of them do not know.

  50. Those from before them had said it, so what they were gaining/acquiring did not enrich/suffice from them.

  51. so struck/marked them sins/crimes (of) what they gained/acquired , and those who caused injustice/oppression from those, sins/crimes (of) what they gained/acquired will mark/strike them ,and they are not with disabling/frustrating.

  52. Do they not see/understand that God spreads/extends the provision to whom He wills/wants, and He is capable/able ? That truly in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to a nation believing.

  53. Say: "You my worshippers/slaves those who neglected/ignored on themselves, do not despair from God`s mercy, that truly God forgives the crimes all/all together, that truly He is the forgiving, the merciful."

  54. And repent/obey to your Lord, and submit/surrender to Him, from before that the torture comes to you, then you do not be given victory/aid.

  55. And follow best (of) what was descended to you from your Lord from before that the torture comes to you suddenly/unexpectedly, and (while) you do not know/feel/sense.

  56. That (E) a self says: "Oh my grief/sadness on what I neglected/abused/wasted in God`s side/direction/right, and that truly I was from (E) the humiliators/mockers ."

  57. Or it says: "If that (E) God guided me, I would have been (E) from the fearing and obeying."

  58. Or it says when it sees the torture: "If that (E) for me (is) a return/repeat/second time , so I be from the good doers."337

  59. Yes/certainly, My evidences/verses came to you, so you lied/denied/falsified with it, and you became arrogant, and you were from the disbelievers.

  60. And (on) the Resurrection Day, you see/understand those who lied/denied/falsified on (about) God, their face/fronts (are) blackened, is not in Hell (a) home/residence/dwelling to the arrogant?

  61. And God saves/rescues those who feared and obeyed with their winning/success/triumph , the bad/evil/harm does not touch them, and nor they be sad/grieving.

  62. God (is) creator (of) every thing and He is on every thing a blessor/fulfiller/guardian .

  63. For Him (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s keys/safes (management and control), and those who disbelieved with God`s evidences/signs/verses, those, they are the losers .

  64. Say: "So is other than God you order/command me (that) I worship, you the lowly/ignorant ?"

  65. And (it) had been (E) inspired/transmitted to you and to those from before you, if (E) you shared/made partners (with God), your deed will be wasted/invalidated (E) , and you will be (E) from the losers .

  66. But/rather God, so worship, and be from the thankful/grateful.

  67. And they did not evaluate/estimate God, His correct/true evaluation/estimation, and the earth/Planet Earth all/all together (on) the Resurrection Day (is in) His hand hold/grasp , and the skies/space (are) folded/rolled at/by His right , His praise/glory about what they share/make partners (with Him).

  68. And (it) was blown in the horn/bugle/instrument so who (was) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth fainted from thunderous noise/died , except whom God willed/wanted, then (it) was blown in it another (time), so then they are getting up/standing looking .

  69. And the earth/Planet Earth brightened/shined with/from its Lord`s light, and The Book/judgment/record was put/laid , and came with the prophets and the witnesses/testifiers/those killed in God`s sake (martyrs), and was passed judgment between them with the truth , and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed.

  70. And every self was fulfilled/completed what it made/did , and He is more knowledgeable about what they make/do.

  71. And those who disbelieved are driven to Hell (in) groups/gangs until when they came to it, (then) its doors/entrances were opened, and its safe keepers said to them: "Did not messengers from you come to you, they read/recite on (to) you your Lord`s evidences/verses , and they warn/give you notice (of) this your day/time, this meeting (today`s meeting)?" They said: "Yes/certainly." And but the torture`s words/expression became deserved/a fact on the disbelievers.

  72. (It) is said: "Enter Hell`s doors/entrances, immortally/eternally in it, so how bad (is) the arrogants` residence/dwelling ?"

  73. And those who feared and obeyed their Lord are driven to the Paradise (in) groups/companies until if they came to it, and its doors opened and its safe keepers said to them: "Peace/security/greeting on (to) you, you became good/beautiful/pure, so enter it immortally/eternally."338

  74. And they said: "The praise/glory (is) to God who was truthful to us (in) His promise, and made us inherit the earth/Planet Earth, we reside/settle from the Paradise where/when we will/want, so is blessed/ praised (is) the maker`s/doer`s reward ."

  75. And you see the angels gazing and surrounding/circling from around the throne , they praise/glorify with their Lord`s praise/glory, and was judged between them with the truth and was said: "The praise/gratitude (is) to God, the creations all together`s/(universes) Lord."339


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