Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 4. An-Nisa' - The Women

  1. People, have fear of your Lord who has created you from a single soul. From it He created your spouse and through them He populated the land with many men and women. Have fear of the One by whose Name you swear to settle your differences and have respect for your relatives. God certainly keeps watch over you.

  2. Give to the orphans their property. Do not exchange the pure for the filthy and do not spend the property of orphans along with your own; this would be a great sin.

  3. With respect to marrying widows, if you are afraid of not being able to maintain justice with her children, marry another woman of your choice or two or three or four (who have no children). If you cannot maintain equality with more than one wife, marry only one or your slave-girl. This keeps you from acting against justice.

  4. Pay the women their dowry as though it were a gift. However, if they allow you to keep a part of it as a favor to you, you may spend it with pleasure.

  5. Do not give to people weak of understanding your property for which God has made you to supervise. Feed and clothe such people and speak to them in a reasonable way.

  6. Before returning orphan´s property to them, make sure that they have reached maturity. Do not consume their property wastefully until such a time. The rich (guardian) should not take any of his ward´s property. However, a poor (guardian) may use a reasonable portion. When you return their property, make sure you have witness. God is a perfect in taking accounts.

  7. Male and female are entitled to their legal share in the legacy of their parents and relatives, whether it be small or large.

  8. If relatives, orphans or destitute people, are present at the distribution of the legacy, give them something and speak kindly to them.

  9. Those who are concerned about the welfare of their own children after their death, should have fear of God (when dealing with the orphans) and guide them properly.

  10. Those who wrongfully consume the property of orphans are, in fact, consuming fire in their bellies and they will suffer the blazing fire.

  11. This is a commandment from your Lord: After the payment of debts or anything bequeathed, let the male inherit twice as much as the female. If there are more than two girls, they will have two-thirds of the legacy. If there is only one girl, she will inherit half of the legacy. Parents of the deceased will each inherit one-sixth of the legacy, if the deceased has a surviving child, however, if no children survive the deceased, and the heirs are the parents, the mother will receive one-third of the legacy. The mother will receive one-sixth of the legacy if the deceased has more than one surviving brother. These are the decreed shares according to the laws of God. Regardless of how you feel about your parents or children, you do not know which of them is more beneficial to you. God is All-knowing and All-wise.

  12. If your wives die without any surviving children, you will inherit half of their legacy. If they have children, you will inherit one-fourth of their legacy after the debts and things bequeathed have been excluded from the legacy. After the payment of debts and things bequeathed have been excluded from the legacy, your wives will inherit one-fourth of your legacy if you have no surviving children. If you leave a child, they will inherit one eighth of your legacy. If the deceased, either male or female, has no surviving heirs such as parents or children but has a brother or a sister, the brother or sister will each inherit one-sixth of the legacy. If there are more than just a brother or a sister, they will share one-third of the legacy. This is after the payment of any debts and things bequeathed have been excluded from the legacy, so that no one will be caused to suffer any loss. It is a guide from God, the All-knowing and Forbearing.

  13. These are the laws of God. Whoever obeys God and His Messenger will be admitted to the gardens wherein streams flow and wherein they will live forever. This is the greatest triumph.

  14. Whoever disobeys God and His Messenger and breaks His rules will be admitted to the fire wherein they will live forever, suffering a humiliating torment.

  15. Those of your women who commit fornication, let four (Muslim) witness testify to their act. If there is sufficient testimony, confine them to their homes until they die, or until God provides a way for their freedom.

  16. If any two people commit fornication, punish them. If they repent and reform, let them go. God is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  17. God will only accept the repentance of those who commit evil in ignorance, if they repent immediately. God is All-knowing and All-wise.

  18. There is no forgiveness for those who commit sin and do not repent until the last moment of their lives nor for those who die as unbelievers. For these people We have prepared a painful torment.

  19. Believers, it is not lawful for you to inherit women against their will as part of the legacy. Do not create difficulties for your wives in order to force them to give-up part of what you had given to them to set themselves free from the bond of marriage, unless they have clearly committed adultery. Always treat them reasonably. If you dislike them, you could be disliking that which God has filled with abundant good.

  20. If you want to divorce a woman so that you can marry another, do not take back the dowry which you had paid even if what you paid was a large amount of gold. To do this is a slanderous act and a manifest sin.

  21. How can you take it back when you have had intimate relations and made a solemn agreement with each other?

  22. Do not marry, from now on, the ex-wives of your fathers for that custom was sinful, loathsome, and abominable.

  23. You are forbidden to marry your mothers, daughters, sisters, paternal aunts, maternal aunts, nieces, your foster-mothers, your foster-sisters, your mothers-in-law, your step-daughters whom you have brought up and with whose mothers you have had carnal relations. It would not be a sin to marry her if you did not have carnal relations with her mother. You are forbidden to marry the wives of your own sons and to marry two sisters at the same time without any adverse affect to the such relations of the past. God is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  24. You are forbidden to marry married women except your slave-girls. This is the decree of God. Besides these, it is lawful for you to marry other women if you pay their dower, maintain chastity and do not commit indecency. If you marry them for the appointed time you must pay their dowries. There is no harm if you reach an understanding among yourselves about the dowry, God is All-knowing and All-wise.

  25. If any of you do not have the means to marry a chaste believing woman, marry your believing slave-girls. God knows best about your faith. You have the same faith. Marry them with the permission of their masters and if they are chaste and have avoided fornication and amorous activities, give them their just dowries. If after marriage they commit adultery, they should receive half of the punishment of a free woman who has committed the same crime. This is for those who fear falling into evil. It is better for you to have self-control. God is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  26. God wants to guide you, explain to you the customs of those who lived before you, and grant you forgiveness. He is All-knowing and All-wise.

  27. God wants to be merciful to you but those who follow their evil desires seek to lead you astray.

  28. God wants to relieve you of your burden; all human beings were created weak.

  29. Believers, do not exchange your property in wrongful ways unless it is in trade by mutual agreement. Do not kill one another. God is All-merciful to you.

  30. Whoever commits murder out of animosity and injustice will be burnt in hell fire. This is a very easy thing for God to do.

  31. If you avoid violating that which has been prohibited, your (lesser) sins will be forgiven and you will be admitted into an exalted dwelling.

  32. Do not envy the favors which God has granted to some of you. Men and women will both be rewarded according to their deeds, rather pray to God for His favors. God knows all things.

  33. We have chosen heirs for every legacy that parents and relatives may leave. Let those who have been promised a bequest receive their share of the legacy. God is Omnipresent.

  34. Men are the protectors of women because of the greater preference that God has given to some of them and because they financially support them. Among virtuous women are those who are steadfast in prayer and dependable in keeping the secrets that God has protected. Admonish women who disobey (God´s laws), do not sleep with them and beat them. If they obey (the laws of God), do not try to find fault in them. God is High and Supreme.

  35. If there appears to be discord between a wife and her husband and if they desire reconciliation choose arbiters from the families of both sides. God will bring them together; God is All-knowing and All-aware.

  36. Worship God and consider no one equal to Him. Be kind to your parents, relatives, orphans, the destitute, your near and distant neighbors, your companions, wayfarers, and your slaves. God does not love the proud and boastful ones,

  37. the stingy ones who try to make others stingy or those who hide the favors that God has bestowed on them. We have prepared a humiliating torment for the disbelievers,

  38. those who spend their property out of a desire to show off and not because of their belief in God and the Day of Judgment, and (lastly) those who choose Satan for a friend; what an evil friend!

  39. How could it have harmed them if they had believed in God and the Last Day and spent their property for the cause of God? God knows them very well

  40. God does not do even an atom´s weight of injustice. A good deed is multiplied by God and richly rewarded.

  41. How will it be when We call for a witness from every nation and have you, (Muhammad), testify against them all?

  42. At that time the disbelievers who disobeyed the Messenger will wish that they could be turned into dust and they will be able to hide nothing from God.

  43. Believers, do not pray when you are drunk, but, instead, wait until you can understand what you say. Also, do not pray when you have experienced a seminal discharge until after you have taken a bath, unless you are on a journey. If, while sick or on a journey, you can find no water after having defecated or after having had carnal relations, perform tayammum by touching your palms on the pure earth and wipe the (upper part of) your face and the backs of your hands. God is Gracious and All-forgiving.

  44. Have you seen those who had received a portion of the Book trade misguidance and try to make you, too, go astray?

  45. God knows who are your enemies. You need to have no guardian or helper other than God.

  46. Some Jews take certain words out of context and by twisting their tongues to make a jest out of the true religion, say, "We heard and (in our hearts ) disobeyed. (Muhammad) ra`ina (be kind to us) but they intend thereby (the meaning in their own language): "Listen! May God turn you deaf." They should have said, "We heard and obeyed. (Muhammad) listen and consider our question." This would have been better for them and more righteous. God has condemned them for their disbelief, thus, no one, except a few among them, will have faith.

  47. People of the Book, have faith in the Quran that We have revealed to confirm your Book, before certain faces are changed and turned back. We shall condemn them as We did the people of the Sabbath about whom God´s decree had decisively been ordained.

  48. God does not forgive the sin of considering others equal to Him, but He may choose to forgive other sins. Whoever believes in other gods besides Him has indulged in a great sin.

  49. (Muhammad), have you seen those who try to purify themselves? They should know that God only purifies whomever He wants and that the slightest wrong will not be done to such people.

  50. Consider how they create lies about God? This alone is a grave sin.

  51. Have you seen how those who had been given a share of the Book believe in idols and Satan and who say, "The disbelievers are better guided than the believers".

  52. God has condemned them. No one can help one who has been condemned by God.

  53. Even if they had a share in the Kingdom (Divine authority), they would not have given the smallest thing to anyone.

  54. Are they jealous of the favors that God has done to some people? We have given to the family of Abraham the Book, Wisdom, and a great Kingdom.

  55. Some have believed, others have disbelieved and tried to prevent people from believing. For these people, only the intense fire of hell is a sufficient punishment.

  56. We will make the rejectors of Our revelations suffer in hell fire. As soon as the fire destroys their skins, We will give them new skins so that they may suffer more of the torment. God is Majestic and All-wise.

  57. We will admit the righteously striving believers into the gardens wherein streams flow. They will live therein forever in a cool shade with their pure spouses.

  58. God commands you to return that which had been entrusted to you to the rightful owners. Be just when passing judgment among people. God´s advice is the most noble. He sees and hears everything.

  59. Believers, obey God, His Messenger, and your (qualified) leaders. If you have faith in God and the Day of Judgment, refer to God and His Messenger concerning matters in which you differ. This would be a more virtuous and a better way of settling differences.

  60. (Muhammad), have you seen those who think that they have faith in what is revealed to you and to others before you, yet choose to take their affairs to Satan for judgment even though they are commanded to deny him. Satan wants to lead them far away from the right path.

  61. When the (hypocrites) are told to refer to God´s revelations and to the Messenger, they try to find excuses to stay away from you (Muhammad).

  62. What would happen if they were to be afflicted by a disaster brought about by their own hands? They would then come to you swearing by God, "We only wanted to bring about friendship and reconciliation."

  63. God knows what is in their hearts. (Muhammad), ignore their faults, advise them, and tell them frankly about what is in their souls.

  64. We did not send any Messengers for any reason other than to be obeyed because of the will of God. If they ever do injustice to themselves and come to you (Muhammad) asking for God´s forgiveness and if the Messenger also was to ask God to forgive them, they would certainly find God All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  65. I swear by your Lord that they will not be considered believers until they let you judge their disputes and then they will find nothing in their souls to prevent them from accepting your judgment, thus, submitting themselves to the will of God.

  66. Had We commanded them to kill themselves or abandon their homes, only a few of them would have done it. If they had done what they had been advised to do, it would have strengthened their faith,

  67. We would have given them a great reward

  68. and guided them to the right path.

  69. One who obeys God and the Messenger is the friend of the Prophets, saints, martyrs, and the righteous ones to whom God has granted His favors. They are the best friends that one can have.

  70. The favors of God are such, and He knows very well (how to reward you).

  71. Believers, always be well prepared and on your guard. March in small groups or all together.

  72. There are some among you who lag behind (in battle) and if you were to experience hardship, they would say, "It was certainly due to God´s favors to us that we were not present with them,"

  73. but if you were to receive a favor from God, they would certainly say, "(We have been ignored) as if there was no friendship among us. Would that we had been there with them for we would have had a great success."

  74. Those who want to buy the life hereafter with this life should fight for the cause of God. We will give them a great reward whether they are killed or whether they are victorious.

  75. Why do you not fight for the cause of God or save the helpless men, women, and children who cry out, "Lord, set us free from this town of wrong doers and send us a guardian and a helper?"

  76. The believers fight for the cause of God. The unbelievers fight for the cause of the Satan. So fight against the friends of Satan for the evil plans of Satan are certainly weak.

  77. Have you not seen those who were told to stop fighting, to say their prayers, and pay the religious tax? When they were ordered to fight, some of them feared other men as much as or more than they feared God and so they said, "Lord, why have you ordered us to fight? If only you would give us a little time." (Muhammad), tell them, "The pleasures of the worldly life are trivial. The life hereafter is best for the pious ones. You will not be treated the slightest bit unjustly.

  78. Wherever you are, death will find you even if you hide yourselves in firmly constructed towers. Whenever people experience good fortune, they say that it is from God but whenever they experience misfortune, they say it is because of you, (Muhammad). Tell them, "Everything is from God." What is wrong with these people that they do not even try to understand?

  79. Whatever good you may receive is certainly from God and whatever you suffer is from yourselves. We have sent you, (Muhammad), as a Messenger to people. God is a Sufficient witness to your truthfulness.

  80. One who obeys the Messenger has certainly obeyed God. You have not been sent to watch over those who turn away from you.

  81. They proclaim obedience to you but as soon as they leave at night, a group of them make secret plans to do the contrary of what you have told them to do. God keeps the record of their nocturnal plans. Therefore, leave them alone and put your trust in God; He is Sufficient for you as your Guardian.

  82. Will they not ponder on the Quran? Had it not come from someone other than God, they would have certainly found therein many contradictions.

  83. When they receive any news of peace or war, they announce it in public. Had they told it to the Messenger or to their (qualified) leaders, they could have used that information more properly. Were it not for the favor and mercy of God, all but a few of them would have followed Satan.

  84. Thus, (Muhammad), fight for the cause of God. You are only responsible for yourself. Rouse the believers and perhaps God will stop the evil designs of the unbelievers. God´s punishment and retribution is the most severe.

  85. Whoever intercedes for a good purpose will receive his share of the reward but the intercession for an evil purpose only adds more to one´s burden. God has control over all things.

  86. Answer a greeting in kinder words than those said to you in the greeting or at least as kind. God keeps account of all things.

  87. God exists. He is the only Lord. He will gather you all together on the Day of Judgment which will certainly come. Who is more truthful than God?

  88. Why are you divided into two different parties concerning the hypocrites, when God Himself has turned them to disbelief because of their misdeeds. Do you want to guide those whom God has caused to go astray? You cannot find guidance for those whom God has made to err.

  89. They wish you to become unbelievers as they themselves are. Do not establish friendship with them until they have abandoned their homes for the cause of God. If they betray you, seize them and slay them wherever you find them. Do not establish friendship with them or seek their help

  90. except with those who attach themselves to your allies or come to you with no desire to fight you or their own people. God could have given them power to fight you. Thus, if they retreat, stop fighting and come forward expressing faith in Islam God will not allow you to fight them.

  91. You will soon find others who seek security from you as well as from their own people, but when they are invited to return to idol worship, they do so enthusiastically. Thus, if they do not keep away from you nor come forward with a peace proposal nor desist from harming you, apprehend and slay them wherever you find them, for We have given you full control over them.

  92. A believer cannot slay another believer except by mistake for which the retaliation is to set free a believing slave and pay the appointed blood money to the relatives of the deceased unless the relatives wave aside the payment. If the person slain is from your enemies but himself is a believer, the penalty is to set free a believing slave. If the person slain is one of those with whom you have a peace treaty, the penalty is the same as that for a slain believer. If this is not possible, the defendant has to fast for two consecutive months, asking God to accept his repentance. He is All-knowing and All-wise.

  93. The punishment for one who purposely slays a believer will be to live in hell fire forever. God is angry with him and has condemned him. He has prepared for him a great torment.

  94. Believers, if you march with arms for the cause of God, make sure that you know whom to fight. Do not accuse anyone who claims himself to be a Muslim of disbelief just for worldly gains. There is abundant bounty with God. Before, you were also like them, but God bestowed His favors upon you. Thus, make sure that you know whom to fight. God is Well Aware of what you do.

  95. Among the believers, those who stay at home without a good reason are not equal to those who strive for the cause of God in person or with their property. To those who strive for His cause in person or with their property, God has granted a higher rank than to those who stay at home. God has promised that everyone will receive his proper share of the reward but He will grant a much greater reward to those striving for His cause than to those who stay home (for no reason).

  96. God will grant those who strive high ranks, forgiveness, and mercy. He is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  97. When the angels take away from their bodies the souls of those who have wronged themselves, they will ask them, "How did you live?" They will reply, "We lived on earth in weakness and oppression." The angels will say, "Was not God´s land vast enough for you to go wherever you could live in peace?" The dwelling of these people will be hell fire, a terrible destination.

  98. As for the really weak and oppressed men, women, and children who were not able to find any means of obtaining their freedom or of having the right guidance,

  99. perhaps God will forgive them; He is All-merciful and All-forgiving.

  100. One who abandons his home for the cause of God will find many places of refuge in the vast land and one who dies, after having abandoned his home to get near to God and His Messenger, will receive his reward from God. God is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  101. When you are on a journey, it is no sin to shorten your prayers if you are afraid of the mischief of the unbelievers. The unbelievers have always been your sworn enemies

  102. (Muhammad), if you are among them (your followers during a battle) and you call them for prayer, let a group of them carry their arms during prayer. After they have made their prostrations, let them go back to watch the enemy and let the other group who has not yet prayed, join you, carrying their arms with due precaution. The unbelievers would love to find you neglecting your arms and property and would attack you suddenly. If rain or illness make you suffer, you may place your arms aside during prayer but still observe due precaution. God has prepared a humiliating torment for the unbelievers.

  103. When you complete your prayer, remember God all the time while standing, sitting, or reclining. When you are safe, say your prayers properly. It is a constant duty of the believers.

  104. Do not neglect the pursuit of the enemy. If you have suffered, they too have suffered but you can, at least, expect from God what they can never expect. God is All-knowing and All-wise.

  105. We have revealed to you the Book in all Truth so that you judge among people by the laws of God. However, never defend the treacherous ones.

  106. Seek forgiveness from God. He is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  107. Do not defend those who deceive themselves; God does not love those who are treacherous and sinful.

  108. They hide their sins from other people but they cannot hide themselves from God who is constantly with them, even when they hold nocturnal meetings, a thing which God does not like. God comprehends all that they do.

  109. You defend them in this life but who will defend them against God on the Day of Judgment and who will be their attorney?

  110. One who commits a sin or does wrong to himself and then seeks forgiveness from God, will find God All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  111. One who commits sins has committed them against his own soul. God is All-knowing and All-wise.

  112. One who makes a mistake or commits a sin and ascribes it to an innocent person, he only burdens himself with slander and a grave sin.

  113. Were it not for the favor and mercy of God, some of them would have certainly tried to make you (Muhammad) go astray. However, they cannot lead any one astray but themselves nor can they harm you. God has revealed the Book to you, has given you wisdom, and has taught you what you did not know. Certainly God´s favor to you has been great.

  114. There is nothing good in much of their secret talks except for that which is for charity, justice, or for reconciliation among people to seek thereby the pleasure of God for which We will give a great reward.

  115. Whoever gives the Messenger a hard time, even after having received clear guidance, and follows a path other than that of the believers, will be left alone. We will cast him into hell, a terrible destination.

  116. God will not forgive the sin of considering something equal to Him, but He may forgive the other sins of whomever He wants. One who considers anything equal to God has certainly gone far away from the right path.

  117. They (the pagans) only worship idols and Satan, the persistent rebel.

  118. God condemned Satan when he said, "I will certainly take my revenge from Your servants.

  119. I will lead them astray, induce in their hearts prolonged, worldly desires, command them to pierce the ears of their animals, sacrificed for the idols, and order them to change the religion of God." One who accepts Satan as his guardian, instead of God, has certainly incurred a great loss upon himself.

  120. Satan gives them false promises and tempts them to develop longings which can never be realized.

  121. Such people will dwell in hell fire from which they will not be able to escape.

  122. We will admit the righteously striving believers to Paradise wherein streams flow and they will live therein forever. God´s promise is true for no one is more truthful than Him.

  123. Believers and People of the Book, wishes alone can never provide you with salvation. Whoever commits evil will be punished accordingly and no one besides God will be his guardian or helper.

  124. Any believer, male or female, who acts righteously, will enter Paradise and will not suffer the least bit of injustice.

  125. Whose religion is better than that in which one submits himself to God, behaves righteously, and follows the upright religion of Abraham, God´s chosen friend?

  126. To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth and He has control over all things.

  127. (Muhammad), they ask you concerning women. Tell them, "God will instruct you about them, besides that which can be read in the Book, about widows with children, whom you wanted to marry without giving them their due rights and He will instruct you about the rights of the weak and oppressed children. God commands you to maintain justice with the orphans. God knows all about whatever good you do.

  128. If a woman is afraid of her husband´s ill treatment and desertion, it will be no sin for both of them to reach a reconciliation. Reconciliation is good even though men´s souls are swayed by greed. If you act righteously and be pious, God is Well Aware of what you do.

  129. You will never be able to maintain justice among your wives and love them all equally, no matter how hard you try. Do not give total preference to one of them, leaving the other as if in suspense. If you do bring about reconciliation and maintain piety, God is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  130. If the marriage is terminated, God will make each one of them financially independent. God is Munificent and Wise.

  131. To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. We have told you and the People of the Book to have fear of God. If you all refuse to believe in Him, know that to God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. God is Self-sufficient and Praiseworthy.

  132. To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. God is a totally Sufficient Guardian.

  133. Had God wanted He could have destroyed you all and replaced you by another people; He has the power to do so.

  134. Be it known to those who want worldly rewards that God holds the rewards for this life as well as the life to come. God is All-hearing and All-seeing.

  135. Believers, be the supporters of justice and the testify to what you may have witnessed, for the sake of God, even against yourselves, parents, and relatives; whether it be against the rich or the poor. God must be given preference over them. Let not your desires cause you to commit injustice. If you deviate from the truth in your testimony, or decline to give your testimony at all, know that God is Well Aware of what you do.

  136. Believers, have faith in God and His Messenger, the Book which is revealed to him, and the Bible which has been revealed before. Whoever refuses to believe in God, His angels, Books, Messengers and the Day of Judgment, has gone far away from the right path.

  137. God will not forgive or guide to the right path those who first believe, then disbelieve, again believe and disbelieve, and then increase their disbelief.

  138. Tell the hypocrites that for them there will be a painful torment.

  139. Do those who establish friendship with the disbelievers instead of the believers seek honor? Let them know that all honor belongs to God.

  140. God has told you (believers) in the Book that when you hear people disbelieving and mocking God´s revelations, do not sit with them unless they change the subject. You will become like them. God will gather all the hypocrites and the disbelievers together in hell fire.

  141. (The hypocrites) wait and watch. If God grants you victory, they say, "Did we not help you?" If the unbelievers are victorious, they say, "Did we not encourage you not to surrender to the believers and did we not protect you from them?" God will judge among you on the Day of Judgment. He will never help the disbelievers against the believers.

  142. The hypocrites try to deceive God but He, in fact, deceives them. They stand up in prayer lazily just to show that they pray, but, in truth they remember God very little.

  143. They are hesitant people belonging to neither side. You can find no other way for one whom God has caused to go astray.

  144. Believers, do not make unbelievers your intimate friends and supporters rather than believers. Do you want to establish clear evidence against yourselves before God?

  145. The hypocrites will be placed in the lowest bottom of the fire and none of you will ever find a helper for them, except

  146. those (hypocrites) who have repented, put their trust in God, and sincerely followed only His religion will live with the believers to whom God will give a great reward.

  147. Why should God punish you if you give thanks and believe in Him? God is All-rewarding and All-forgiving.

  148. God does not love public accusation unless one is truly wronged. God is All-hearing and All-knowing.

  149. Whether you act virtuously, in public or in private, or pardon (people´s) faults, God is All-forgiving and All-powerful.

  150. Those who disbelieve in God and His Messengers try to create differences between God and His Messengers (by rejecting their message). They say, "We believe in some but not in others." Thus, they try to find a middle way

  151. but, in fact, they are unbelievers, and for them We have prepared a humiliating torment.

  152. As for those who believe in God and make no distinction between His Messengers, they will receive His reward. God is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  153. (Muhammad), the People of the Book ask you to make a Book descend to them from the heavens. However, they had asked Moses for things much harder to do than this, by saying, "Show us God in person." Thunder and lightning struck them because of their unjust demands. Despite all the evidence that had come to them, they started to worship the calf, but We forgave them for their sins and gave Moses clear authority.

  154. We raised Mount (Sinai) above them because of Our solemn promise to them. Also, We told them to prostrate themselves when entering the gate (of the holy house) and not to commit transgression on the Sabbath. We made a solemn covenant with them.

  155. However, because of their disbelief, disregard of their covenant, denial of God´s revelations, murdering the Prophets without reason, and their saying that their hearts were covered, We sealed up their hearts. Only a few of them believe.

  156. Their hearts were also sealed because of their lack of faith, their gravely slanderous accusation against Mary,

  157. and their statement that they murdered Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of God, when, in fact, they could not have murdered him or crucified him. They, in fact, murdered someone else by mistake. Even those who disputed (the question of whether or not Jesus was murdered) did not have a shred of evidence. All that they knew about it was mere conjecture. They certainly could not have murdered Jesus.

  158. God raised him up to Himself. God is Majestic and All-wise.

  159. There will be no one among the People of the Book who will not believe (a belief of no value) in him (Jesus) before their deaths. On the Day of Judgment, (Jesus) will testify against them.

  160. We made unlawful for the Jews certain pure things which had been lawful for them before, because of the injustice which they had committed, their obstructing many people from the way of God,

  161. their taking usury which was prohibited for them, and their consuming people´s property unjustly. For the unbelievers among them, We have prepared a painful torment.

  162. However, the learned among them (the Jews) and the faithful believe in what God has revealed to you (Muhammad) and to the others before you and those who are steadfast in prayer, pay their religious tax, and believe in God and the Day of Judgment. They all will receive a great reward from Us.

  163. (Muhammad), We have sent revelations to you just as were sent to Noah and the Prophets who lived after him and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, his descendants, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon. We gave the Psalms to David.

  164. (We sent revelations to) the Messengers mentioned to you before and also to Messengers who have not been mentioned to you. God spoke to Moses in words.

  165. The Messengers were sent to give people the glad news (of God´s mercy) and warn them (of His punishment) so that the human being would not have any objections against God, after the coming of the Messengers, (that they did not have any knowledge of His mercy and punishment). God is Majestic and All-wise.

  166. God testifies that whatever He has revealed to you (Muhammad) He has revealed it on purpose and the angels also testify to it but God´s testimony alone is Sufficient.

  167. Those who have rejected the faith and have obstructed people from the way of God, have certainly gone far away from the right path.

  168. God will not forgive those who have rejected the faith and committed injustice, nor will He guide them to any way

  169. other than that of hell wherein they will live forever. For God this is not in the least bit difficult.

  170. Mankind, the Messenger has come to you from your Lord in all Truth. It is for your own good to believe in him, but if you disbelieve, know that to God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. God is All-knowing and All-wise.

  171. People of the Book, do not exceed the limits of devotion in your religion or say anything about God which is not the Truth. Jesus, son of Mary, is only a Messenger of God, His Word, and a spirit from Him whom He conveyed to Mary. So have faith in God and His Messengers. Do not say that there are three gods. It is better for you to stop believing in the Trinity. There is only One God. He is too glorious to give birth to a son. To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. God alone is a Sufficient Guardian for all.

  172. Jesus never disdained the worship of God nor did the nearest angels to God. Whoever, out of pride, disdains the worship of God should know that everyone will be brought before Him.

  173. The righteously striving believers will receive the reward for their deeds and extra favors from God. But those who disdain the worship of God out of pride will suffer the most painful torment. They will find no guardian or helper besides God.

  174. Mankind, an undeniable proof has certainly come to you and We have sent you a shining light

  175. Those who believe in God and seek His protection will receive His mercy, favors, and His guidance to the right path.

  176. (Muhammad), they seek your verdict. Tell them, "God commands this concerning your kindred: If a man dies childless but has a sister, she will receive half of the legacy. If a woman dies childless, her brother will receive the whole legacy. If a childless man leaves only two sisters, both will receive two-thirds of the legacy. If the heirs are both sisters and brothers, the share of a male will be twice as much as the share of the female. God explains His Laws to you so that you will not go astray. God knows all things.


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