Daryabadi - Sura: 40. Al-Mu'min - The Believer

  1. Ha. Mim.

  2. The revelation of the Book is from Allah, the Mighty, the Knower. Forgiver of sin, and Accepter of repentance, severe in chastisement, Lord of power. There is no god but He; Unto Him is the journeying.

  3. Forgiver of sin, and Acceptor of repentance severe in chastisement, Lord of Power. There is no god but He; unto Him is the journeying.

  4. None dispute concerning the revelations of Allah save those who disbelieve, so let not beguile thee their going about in the cities.

  5. The people of Nuh and the confederates after them belied their apostles before these, and each disbelieving community advanced toward their apostle that they may lay hold of him and disputed with vain speech that they may confute the truth thereby. Wherefore I laid hold of them; and how terrible was My chastisement!

  6. And thus hath the Word of thy Lord been justified on those who disbelieve: that they shall be the fellows of the Fire.

  7. Those who bear the Throne and those who are round about it, hallow the praise of their Lord and believe in Him and ask forgiveness for those who believe, saying: our Lord! Thou comprehendest everything in mercy and knowledge, wherefore forgive these who repent and follow Thine path, and protect them from the torment of the Flaming Fire.

  8. Our Lord! make them enter the Everlasting Gardens Which Thou hast promised them, and also such of their fathers and their spouses and their offspring as verify Thou: Thou art the Mighty, the Wise.

  9. And protect them from evils. And whosoever Thou shalt protect from evils on that Day, him Thou hast of a surety taken into mercy and that: it is an achievement mighty.

  10. Verily those who disbelieve-they will be cried Unto: surely Allah´s abhorrence was greater than Is your abhorrence toward yourselves when ye were called Unto the belief, and ye disbelieved.

  11. They will say: our Lord! Thou hast made us die twice, and Thou hast made us live twice now We confess our sins: there no getting out any way?

  12. That is because when Allah alone was called upon ye disbelieved, and when some one was associated with Him ye believed. So the judgment is of Allah, the Exalted, the Great.

  13. He it is who sheweth you His signs and sendeth down for you from the heaven provision. And none receiveth admonition save him who turneth in penitence.

  14. Wherefore call Unto Allah, making religion for Him pure, though the infidels be averse.

  15. He is Lofty in degrees, Lord of the Throne. He casteth the spirit of His command upon whomsoever He will of His bondmen, that he may warn people of the Day of Meeting.

  16. The Day whereon they will appear: naught of them will be concealed from Allah, Whose is the dominion to-day? It is of Allah, the One, the Subduer.

  17. To-day each soul will be recompensed for that which it hath earned; no wrong-doing to-day; verily Allah is Swift at reckoning.

  18. Wherefore warn them thou of the Day of portending, whereon the hearts will be in the throats, choking: then will be for the wrong- doers no ardent friend nor an intercessor to be given heed to.

  19. He knoweth the fraudulence of the eyes, and that which the breasts conceal.

  20. Allah decreeth with truth, while those whom they call upon beside Him cannot decree aught; verily Allah! He is the Hearer, the Beholder!

  21. Have they not travelled about in the land so that they may behold of what wise hath been the end of those who were before them? They were mightier than these in strength and in the traces in the land. Yet Allah laid hold of them for their sins, and from Allah they had none as protector.

  22. That was because their apostles were wont to bring them evidence, but they disbelieved; wherefore Allah laid hold of them. Verily He is strong, severe in chastisement.

  23. And assuredly We sent Musa with Our signs and a manifest authority.

  24. Unto Fir´awn and Haman and Qur´an, but they said: a magician, a liar.

  25. And when he came to them with the truth from before Us, they said: slay the sons of those who have believed with him, and let their women live. And the plot of the infidels was naught but vain.

  26. And Fir´awn said: let me alone, that may slay Musa, and let him call upon his Lord. Verily fear that he may change your religion or that he may cause to appear in the land corruption.

  27. And Musa said: verily I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord from every stiff-necked person who believeth not in a Day of Reckoning.

  28. And a believing man of Fir´awn ´s household, hiding his belief, said: would ye slay a man because he saith: my Lord is God, and hath come upto you with evidences from your Lord? If he is a liar, then upon him will be his lie, and if he is a truth-teller, then there will befall you some of that wherewith he threateneth you; verily God guideth not one who is an extravagant and a liar.

  29. O My people! yours is the the dominion to-day: ye being overcomers in the land; but who will succour us aginst the scourge of God if it cometh Unto us! Fir´awn said: I shew you only that which see, and I guide you but to the path of rectitude.

  30. And he who believed said: O my people. verily I fear for you a fate like the day of the confederates.

  31. Like the wont of the people of Nuh and A´ad and Thamud and those after them, and God intendeth not any wrong Unto His bondmen.

  32. And, O my people! verily fear for you a Day of Mutual Calling.

  33. A Day whereon ye shall turn away retreating: for you there will be no protector from God; and whomsoever God sendeth astray for him there is no guide.

  34. And assuredly there came Unto you Yusuf aforetime with evidences, yet ye ceased not to be in doubt concerning that which he brought Unto you, until when he died, ye said: God shall by no means raise an apostle after him. Thus Allah keepeth astray one who is extravagant and a doubter.

  35. Those who wrangle concerning the signs of Allah without any authority that hath come Unto them. It is greatly abhorrent Unto Allah and Unto those who believe. Thus Allah sealeth up the heart of any stiff-necked, high-handed, person.

  36. And Fir´awn said: O Haman! build for me a tower that haply I may reach the ways of access

  37. The way of access to the heavens so that may be apprised of the God of Musa, and verily I believe him to be a liar. And thus fair- seeming was made Unto FIr´awn the evil of his work, and he was hindered from the path. And the plot of Fir´awn ended only in ruin.

  38. And he who believed said: O my people! follow me, I shall guide you to the path of rectitude,

  39. O My people! this life of the world Is but a possi enjoyment, and verily the Hereafter! that is the Abode of rest.

  40. Whosoever worketh an evil, he shallnotberequited except the like thereof; and whosoever, male or female, worketh righteously, and is a believer-they will enter the Garden wherein they will be pro vided for without measure.

  41. And, O my people! what aileth me that call you Unto deliverance, while ye call me Unto the Fire!

  42. Ye call me for this, that should O blaspheme against God and associate with Him that whereof have no knowledge, call you onto the Mighty, the

  43. Without doubt ye only call me Unto that which is not to be invoked in the world nor in the Hereafter; and verily our return shall be Unto God, and the extravagant! they shall be fellows of the Fire.

  44. And anon ye shall remember that which am telling you. Confide my affair Unto God; verily God is the Beholder of His bondmen.

  45. Wherefore Allah protected him from ills which they plotted, and there surrounded the family of Fir´awn the evil of torment.

  46. The Fire! They are exposed thereto morning and evening. And on the Day whereon the Hour will uprise, it will be said: cause the family of Fir´awn to enter the most grievous torment.

  47. And consider what time they will wrangle together in the Fire, and the oppressed will say Unto those who were stiff-necked: verily we have been Unto you a following, are ye going to avail us against a portion of the Fire?

  48. Those who were stiff-necked will say: verily we are all in it; verily Allah hath judged between His bondmen.

  49. And those in the Fire will say Unto the keepers of Hell: supplicate your Lord that He may lighten for us a day of the torment.

  50. They will say: came there not your apostles Unto you with evidences? They will say: Yea? They will say: supplicate then yourselves. And supplication of the infidels will be but in wandering.

  51. Verily We! We shall surely succour Our apostles and those who believe, both in the life of the world and on a Day whereon the witnesses will stand forth.

  52. A Day whereon their excuse will not Profit the wrong- doers; and theirs Will be the curse and theirs the evil Abode.

  53. And assuredly We vouchsafed Unto Musa the guidance, and We caused the Children of Isra´il to inherit the Book.

  54. A guidance and an admonition Unto the men of understanding,

  55. Wherefore persevere thou. Verily the Promise of Allah is true and ask forgiveness for thy fault, and hallow the praise of thy Lord in the evening and in the morning.

  56. Verily those who wrangle concerning the revelations of Allah without an authority having come Unto them there is aught in their breasts save greatness Which they shall not reach. Seek refuge thou then in Allah verily He! He is the Hearer, the Beholder.

  57. The creation of the heavens and the earth is indeed greater than the creation of mankind; but most of man kind know not.

  58. Not equal are the blind and the seeing; nor those who believed and Work righteous works and the evil-doer. Little are ye admonished!

  59. Verily the Hour is coming: there is no doubt thereof; yet most of mankind believe not.

  60. And your Lord hath said: call Unto Me, and I shall answer your prayer. Verily those who are stiff-necked against My worship, anon they will enter Hell abject.

  61. Allah it is who hath appointed for you the night that ye may repose therein, and day enlightening. Verily Allah is the Lord of Grace for mankind; bur most of mankind return not thanks.

  62. Such is Allah. your Lord, the Creator of everything there is no God but He. Wither then are ye straying away?

  63. In this wise have those strayed who the signs of Allah were away want to gainsay.

  64. Allah it is Who hath appointed for you the earth for a resting-place and the heaven for a structure, and fashioned you and fashioned you well, and provided you with goodly things. Such is Allah, your Lord. So blessed be Allah, the Lord of the worlds!

  65. He is the Living: there is no god but He so call upon Him, making religion pure for Him. All praise Unto Allah, the Lord of the worlds!

  66. Say thou: verily I am forbidden that should worship these whom ye call upon beside Allah when evidences have come Unto me from my Lord, and I am commanded that I should submit to the Lord of the Worlds.

  67. He it is Who created you of dust, and thereafter of a drop, and thereafter of a clot, and thereafter He bringeth you forth as an infant, and thereafter He ordaineth that ye attain your full strength and thereafter that ye become old men-though some of you die before-and that ye attain the appointed term, and that haply ye may reflect.

  68. He it is Who causeth life and death. Then whensoever He decreeth an affair He only saith Unto it: be, and it becometh.

  69. Observest thou not those who wrangle concerning the revelations of Allah: whither are they turning away?

  70. Those who belie the Book and that message wherewith We sent Our apostles, presently they shall come to know.

  71. When shackles will be on their necks and also chains; they will be dragged.

  72. Into the balling water; then into the Fire they will be stocked.

  73. Then it will be said Unto them: where are those whom ye have been associating

  74. Beside Allah? They will say: they have failed us: aye! we have not been calling upon aught afore. Thus doth Allah lead the infidels astray.

  75. That is because ye had been exulting in the earth without right, and because ye had been strutting.

  76. Enter ye the gates of Hell as abiders therein. Hapless is the abode of the stiff-necked.

  77. Wherefore persevere thou; verily the promise of Allah is true; then whether We let thee see a part of that wherewith We have promised them, or whether We cause thee to die, Unto us they all will be caused to retvtn.

  78. Assuredly We have sent apostlesy before thee, of them are these whose store We have recounted Unto thee and these whose story We have net recounted Unto thee. And it was not possible for anv apostle that he should bring a sign san by Allah´s leave. So when the commade of Allah cometh, judgment will be given with truth, and then will lose the followers of falsehood.

  79. Allah it is Who hath appointed for you cattle, that ye may ride on some of them, and eat of others

  80. And there are other benefits in them for you and that ye may attain thereby to any need that is in Your breasts and upon them and upon ships ye are borne.

  81. And He sheweth you His signs. Which, then, of the signs of Allah shall ya deny?

  82. Have they not travelled in the earth so that they may behold what wise hath been the end of those before them. They were more numerous than these, and mightier in strength and the traces in the land. But naught availed them of that which they had been earning.

  83. And when their apostles came Unto them with evidences, they exulted in the knowledge which was with them, and there surrounded them that which they had been mocking.

  84. Then when they behold Our prowess, they said: we believe in Allah alone, and we disbelieve in that which with Him we have been associating.

  85. But their belief profited them naught when they saw our prowess. This hath been Allah´s dispensation that hath- been in regard to His bondmen. And then there were lost the infidels.


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