Literal - Sura: 40. Al-Mu'min - The Believer

  1. H M .

  2. The Book`s descent from God, the glorious/mighty , the knowledgeable.

  3. The crime`s forgiver, and the repentances` acceptor, strong (severe in) the punishment, (owner) of the wealth/might , (there is) no God except Him, to Him (is) the end/destination.

  4. None argue/dispute in God`s evidences/verses except those who disbelieved, so let not their turning/returning in the countries/lands deceive/tempt you.

  5. Noah`s nation lied/denied/falsified before them, and the groups/parties from after them, and every/each nation intended/began with their messenger to take/punish him , and they argued/disputed with the falsehood to nullify with it the truth , so I punished/took them so how was My punishment?

  6. And like that, your Lord`s word/expression became correct/true on those who disbelieved, that they are the fire`s owners/company .

  7. Those who carry/lift the throne and who (is) around/surrounding it, they praise/glorify with their Lord`s praise/gratitude/thanks, and they believe with (in) Him, and they ask for forgiveness to (for) those who believed; (say): "Our Lord, you extended/contained/ widened over every thing (with) mercy and knowledge, so forgive to those who repented and they followed Your way/path , and protect them (from) the Hell`s torture."

  8. Our Lord, and enter them (into) treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residence, which You promised them, and who was correct/repaired from their fathers/forefathers, and their spouses , and their descendants, that You are, You are the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious.

  9. And protect them (from) the sins/crimes; and whom You protect/preserve from the sins/crimes (on) that day, so You had mercy upon him, and that it is the winning/success , the great.

  10. That truly those who disbelieved they are being called: "God`s hatred/abhorrence (E) (is) greater than your hatred/abhorrence (to) yourselves if/when you are being called to the faith/belief so you disbelieve."

  11. They said: "Our Lord You made us die two (twice), and You revived us/gave us life two (twice), so we confessed/acknowledged with our crimes, so is (there) from a way/path to getting out/(an) exit?"

  12. This is with that it is if God was called alone, you disbelieved, and if He be shared with/be made a partner with Him, you believe (with that), so the judgment/rule (is) to God, the high/elevated, the great .

  13. He (is) who shows you/makes you understand His verses/evidences , and He descends for you from the sky provision , and none mentions/remembers except who repents/obeys .

  14. So call God faithful/loyal/devoted to him (in) the religion, and even if the disbelievers hated (it).

  15. Raiser/honourer (of) the steps/stages/degrees, (owner) of the throne , He throws the Soul/Spirit from His order/command on (to) whom He wills/wants from His worshippers/slaves to warn/give notice (of) the Meeting Day/Resurrection Day.

  16. A day/time they are emerging/appearing, not a thing from them hides on (from) God; to whom (is) the kingdom/ownership the day/today? To God the one, the defeator/conqueror .

  17. The day/today every/each self is being reimbursed with what it gathered/acquired , no injustice/oppression the day/today, that truly God (is) quick/speedy (in) the account/calculation.

  18. And warn/give notice (of) the Resurrection Day when the hearts/minds (are) at/by the larynxes/voice boxes (throats), holding/suppressing (themselves), (there is) no concerned (relative/friend), and nor a mediator (to) be obeyed to the unjust/oppressive.

  19. He knows the eyes`/sights` betrayal/unfaithfulness (E), and what the chests (innermosts) hide.

  20. And God passes judgment/orders with the truth , and those whom they call from other than Him, they do not pass judgment/order/accomplish with a thing, that truly God, He is the hearing/listening, the seeing/knowing .

  21. Do they not walk/move/ride in the land/Planet Earth , so they see/wonder about how was those who were from before them`s end/turn (result)? They, they were, stronger than them (in) strength/power, and tracks/historical remains in the earth/Planet Earth, so God punished/took them because (of) their crimes, and (there) was not for them from a protector/preserver from God.

  22. That (is) because they (E), their messengers were coming to them with the evidences, so they disbelieved, so God punished/took them , that He truly is strong, strong (severe in) the punishment.

  23. And We had (E) sent Moses with Our verses/evidences/signs, and a clear/evident proof/power .

  24. To Pharaoh, and Haman , and Qaroon/Korah , so they said: "A liar/falsifier , magician/sorcerer."

  25. So when He came to them with the truth from at Us, they said: "Kill/fight (the) sons of those who believed with him, and shame/keep alive their women, and the disbelievers` plot/conspiracy (is) not except in misguidance."

  26. And Pharaoh said: "Leave me (to) kill Moses, and he should call his Lord, that I, I fear that (E) he exchanges/replaces your religion, and that (E) he makes the corruption in the earth/Planet Earth apparent/visible."

  27. And Moses said: "That I seeked protection with (from) my Lord, and your Lord, from every arrogant (that) does not believe, with (in) the Account Day/Resurrection Day."

  28. And a man believing from Pharaoh`s family, he hides/conceals his faith/belief said: "Do you kill a man that (E) he says, my Lord is God? And he had come to you with the evidences from your Lord, and if he be a liar/falsifier so on him his lies/defiance/falsification, and if he be truthful, some of which he promises you strikes you ,that truly God does not guide who he is (a) waster/extravagator , liar/denier/falsifier."

  29. You my nation, for you (is) the kingdom/ownership the day/today, conquering/defeating in the earth/Planet Earth, so who gives us victory/aid from God`s courage/might/power, if (it) came to us? Pharaoh said: "I do not show you/make you understand except what I see/understand, and I do not guide you except the corrects/right guidance`s way/path ."

  30. And who believed said: "You my nation, that I, I fear on (for) you, equal/alike to day (of) the groups/parties."342

  31. Equal/alike (to) Noah`s, and Aad`s, and Thamud`s habit/affair, and those from after them, and God does not want injustice/oppression to the worshippers/slaves .

  32. And you my nation, that I, I fear on (for) you the Calling Day/Resurrection Day.

  33. A day/time you turn away giving your backs, no protector/shelterer (is) for you from God, and whom God misguides, so (there is) no guide for him.

  34. And Joseph had come to you from before with the evidences, so you are still continuing in doubt/suspicion from what he came to you with it, until when he perished/died, you said: `God will never/not send from after him a messenger.` as/like that God misguides whom He is (a) waster/extravagator , doubtful/suspicious.

  35. Those who argue/dispute in God`s evidences/verses/signs without a proof/evidence (that) came to them, abhorrence/hatred became big at God, and at those who believed, as/like that God stamps/seals on every/each arrogant tyrant/merciless heart/mind .

  36. And Pharaoh said: "You Haman , build/construct a palace/towering building for me, maybe/perhaps I reach the reasons/motives ."

  37. The skies`/space`s reasons/connections so I look/see to Moses` God, and that I think/suppose (E) him (to be) a liar/denier/falsifier. And as/like that (it) was decorated/beautified to Pharaoh, his deed`s bad/evil ,and he was prevention/obstruction from the way/path , and Pharaoh`s plot/conspiracy is not except in destruction/loss.

  38. And who believed said: "You my nation, follow me, I guide you the correct/right guidance`s way/path."

  39. You my nation, truly this the life the present/worldly life (is) enjoyment , and that truly the end (other life) it is the settlement`s house/home.

  40. Who made/did a sin/crime so (he) will not be reimbursed except equal/alike to it, and who made/did correct/righteous deeds from a male or a female, and he is believing, so those they enter the Paradise, (they are) being provided for in it, without account/calculation.

  41. And you my nation, why (is it) for me (that) I call you to the salvation/rescue , and you call me (E) to the fire .

  42. You call me (E) to disbelieve with God, and I share/make partners with Him, what is not for me with it knowledge, and I call you to the glorious/mighty , the forgiving often/forgiver.

  43. Undoutably/certainly that what you call me (E) to it, a call/request/prayer is not for him/it in the present world and nor in the end (other life), and that (E) our return (is) to God, and that (E) the wasters/extravagators , they are the fire`s friends/company .

  44. So you will remember what I say to you, and I authorize/entrust/empower my matter/affair to God, that truly God (is) seeing/knowing/understanding with the worshippers/slaves .

  45. So God protected/preserved him (from) what they plotted/conspired (in) sins/crimes, and was surrounded/encircled with Pharaoh`s family, the torture`s bad/evil/harm.343

  46. The fire they are being displayed/exhibited on (to) it, (at) early morning and (at) evening/first darkness , and a day/time the Hour/Resurrection starts Pharaoh`s family enter (in) the torture`s strongest.

  47. And when they argue/quarrel in the fire , so the weak say to those who became arrogant: "That we, we were for you following, so are you enriching/sufficing from us a share from the fire ?"

  48. Those who became arrogant said: "We (E) all/each (are) in it, that truly God had judged/ruled between the worshippers/slaves ."

  49. And those in the fire said to Hell`s safe keepers: "Call your Lord, (to) reduce/lighten from us a day from the torture."

  50. They said: "Were your messengers not being coming to you with the evidences?" They said: "Yes/certainly." They said: "So call, and the disbelievers` call/prayer (is) not except in misguidance."

  51. We (E), We give victory/aid (to) Our messengers and those who believed in the life the present/worldly life, and a day/time the witnesses/testifiers stand/get up .

  52. A day/time, the unjust/oppressive, their apologies/excuses do not benefit (them), and for them (is) the curse/torture, and for them the house`s/home`s bad/evil/harm.

  53. And We had (E) given Moses the guidance, and We made Israel`s sons and daughters inherit The Book .

  54. Guidance and a remembrance/reminder to (owners) of the pure hearts/minds .

  55. So be patient that truly God`s promise (is) true , and ask for forgiveness for your crime, and praise/glorify with your Lord`s praise/gratitude at the evening/first darkness and the day breaks/early morning.

  56. That truly those who argue/dispute in God`s evidences/verses/signs without a proof/evidence/authority (that) came to them, that (E) in the chests (innermosts is) except arrogance/great sin/disbelief and sharing , they are not with reaching it, so seek protection by God, that He truly is the hearing/listening, the seeing/knowing .

  57. Creation (E) (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth (is) greater than the people`s creation, and but most of the people do not know.

  58. And the blind, and the seeing do not become equal, and those who believed, and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, and nor the sinner/criminal, little (is) what you mention/remember .

  59. That truly the Hour/Resurrection is coming (E) no doubt/suspicion in it, and but most of the people do not believe.

  60. And your Lord said: "Call Me, I answer/reply to you, that truly those who are being arrogant from worshipping Me they will enter Hell degraded/lowly ."

  61. God (is) who made/created for you the night to be tranquil/settled in it, and the daytime to see (clearly lit) , that truly God (is owner) of grace/favour/blessing on the people, and but most of the people do not thank/be grateful.

  62. That (is) God, your Lord creator (of) every thing, (there is) no God except Him, so how/when (are) you being turned away ?344

  63. As/like that those who were with God`s verses/evidences/signs disbelieving and denying are being turned away .

  64. God is who made/created for you, the earth/Planet Earth (as) a settlement , and the sky/space (a) structure , and He pictured/shaped you , so He did good (perfected in) your pictures/shapes/forms, and He provided you from the goodnesses , that (is) God, your Lord, so blessed (is) God the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord.

  65. He is the live/alive, (there is) no god except Him, so call Him faithful/loyal/devoted to him (in) the religion/faith, the praise/gratitude (is) to God the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord.

  66. Say: "That I, I was forbidden/prohibited that (E) I worship those whom you worship from other than God when the evidences came to me from my lord, and I was ordered/commanded that (E) I surrender/submit/become Moslem to the creations altogether`s/(universes`) Lord."

  67. He is who created you from dust/earth, then from a drop/male`s or female`s secretion , then from a blood clot/sperm/semen , then He brings you out (as) a child/children, then to reach your maturity/strength, then to be (E) old aged , and from you whom (is) made to die from before, and to reach a named/identified (specified) term/time, and maybe/perhaps you reason/comprehend .

  68. He is who revives/makes alive, and makes die, so if He passed judgment (in) a matter/affair/order/ command, so but He says to it: "Be." So it becomes."

  69. Do you not see/understand to those who argue/dispute in God`s verses/evidences/signs, where/how (do) they be diverted/misguided ?

  70. Those who lied/denied/falsified with The Book and with what We sent Our messengers with it, so they will know.

  71. When the leather or iron collars or handcuffs (are) in their necks, and (with) the chains they be dragged on the ground .

  72. In the hot/cold water , then in the fire they overflow/burn and refuel .

  73. Then (it) was said to them: "Where (are) what you were sharing/making partners?"

  74. From other than God? They said: "They were misguided from us, but we were not calling from before a thing." As/like that God misguides the disbelievers.

  75. That (is) because (of) what you were being happy/rejoiceful/delighted in the earth/Planet Earth without the right/truth , and because (of) what you were being lively and joyful .

  76. Enter Hell`s doors/entrances, immortally/eternally in it, so how bad (is) the arrogant`s home/residence/dwelling?

  77. So be patient, that truly God`s promise (is) true/truth , so either We show you/make you understand some of which We promise them, or We make you die, so to Us they be returned.

  78. And We had (E) sent messengers from before you, from them whom We relayed/informed on (to) you, and from them whom We did not relay/inform on (to) you; and (it) was not to a messenger that (E) He comes345with an evidence/verse/sign except with God`s permission , so if God`s order/command came, judgment was passed/ordered with the truth , and at that place and time the wasters/falsifiers lost .

  79. God (is) who made/created for you the camels/livestock to ride from it, and from it you eat.

  80. And for you in it (are) benefits/uses, and to reach on it a need/necessity in your chests (innermosts), and on it and on the ship/ships you be carried/loaded .

  81. And He shows/makes you understand His verses/signs/evidences, so which (of) God`s verses/signs/evidences (do) you deny ?

  82. Do they not walk/move in the earth/Planet Earth, so they see/wonder about how was those from before them`s end/turn (result)? They were more than them, and stronger (in) strength/power and tracks/historical remains in the earth/Planet Earth, so what they were gaining/acquiring did not enrich/suffice from them (in a thing) .

  83. So when their messengers came to them with the evidences, they became happy/rejoiced/delighted with what (is) at them from the knowledge; and what they were with it mocking/making fun surrounded/afflicted with them.

  84. So when they saw/understood Our might/power they said: "We believed with (in) God alone, and we disbelieved with what we were with Him sharing/making partners."

  85. So their belief did not be beneficial (to) them when they saw/understood Our might/power , God`s law/manner which had past in His worshippers/slaves , and the disbelievers lost at that place and time.346


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