Literal - Sura: 41. Ha Mim

  1. H M .

  2. Descent from the merciful, the most merciful.

  3. A Book its verses were detailed/explained/clarified, an Arabic Koran to a nation reasoning/comprehending/knowing .

  4. An announcer of good news and a warner/giver of notice , so most of them objected/opposed , so they do not hear/listen.

  5. And they said: "Our hearts/minds (are) in covers/protections from what you call us to it, and in our ears (is a) weight/deafness , and from between us and between you (is) a divider/partition , so make/do , that we truly are making/doing ."

  6. Say: "But/truly I am a human equal/alike to you (it) is being transmitted/revealed to me that your Lord (is) one God, so be straight/direct to Him, and ask Him for forgiveness, and calamity/Hell to the sharers/takers of partners (with God) ."

  7. Those who do not give/bring the charity/purification , and they are with the end (other life), they are disbelieving.

  8. That truly those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, for them (is) a reward/wage not interrupted/weakened (continuous).

  9. Say: "Do you disbelieve (E) with who created the earth/Planet Earth in two days, and you make/put for Him equals (idols), that (is) the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord.

  10. And He made/put in it anchors/fixtures/mountains from above it, and He blessed in it, and He predestined/evaluated in it its provision in four days, straight/equal to the askers/questioners .

  11. Then He aimed/tended to the sky/space and it is smoke/fumes, so He said to it and to the earth/Planet Earth: "You (B) come voluntarily or forcefully/involuntarily ." They (B) said: "We came obedient."

  12. So He ordered/accomplished them (as) seven skies/space(s) in two days, and He inspired/transmitted in every/each sky/space its matter/affair/order/command, and We decorated/beautified the present world`s sky/space with lights/stars and a protection/ observation , that (is) the glorious`/mighty`s , the knowledgeable`s predestination/ evaluation .

  13. So if they objected/opposed , so say: "I warned/gave you notice (of) a fire falling from the sky accompanied by thunderous noise/destructive torture equal/alike to Aad and Thamud`s fire falling from the sky accompanied by thunderous noise/destructive torture ."

  14. When the messengers came to them from between their hands and from behind them: "That do not worship except God." They said: "If our Lord wanted/willed, He would have descended angels, so we are with what you were sent with it disbelieving."

  15. So but Aad they became arrogant in the earth/Planet Earth without the right/truth , and they said: "Who (is) stronger than us (in) strength/power?" Do they not see/understand that (E) God (is) who created them, He is stronger than them (in) strength/power, and they were with Our evidences/verses/signs disbelieving and deny ing

  16. So We sent on (to) them a severely cold/roaring wind/breeze in unlucky/miserable days/times, to make them taste/experience the shame`s/scandal`s/disgrace`s torture in the life the present/worldly life, and the end`s (other life`s) torture (E) (is) more shameful/scandalous/disgraceful, and they are not being given victory/aid.

  17. And but Thamud, so We guided them so they loved/liked the blindness/misguidance more, over the guidance, so the torture the humiliating/disgraceful cry of torture/destructive torture punished/took them because of what they were gaining/acquiring .

  18. And We saved/rescued those who believed and were fearing and obeying.

  19. And a day/time God`s enemies be gathered to the fire , so they are being restrained/held back .

  20. Until when they came to it! Their hearing/listening , and their eye sights/understanding, and their skins testified/witnessed on them because (of) what they were making/doing .

  21. And they said to their skins: "Why (did) you witness/testify on us?" They said: "God who made every thing speak, made us speak, and He created you (the) first/beginning time , and to Him you are being returned."

  22. And you were not covering/hiding yourselves that (E) your hearing/listening , and nor your eye sights/understanding, and nor your skins witnesses/testifies on (against) you, and but you thought/assumed that (E) God does not know much from what you made/do.

  23. And that (is) your thought/assumption which you thought/assumed with your Lord, He made you fall/ruin so you became from the losers .

  24. So if they be patient so the fire (is a) residence/dwelling for them, and if they offer reconciliation , so they are not from the permitted to offer reconciliation .

  25. And We predestined/assigned for them companions , so they decorated/beautified for them what (is) between their hands, and what (is) behind them, and the saying/words became true/truth on them in nations (that) had passed from before them from the Jinns, and the human/mankind, that they truly were losers .

  26. And those who disbelieved said: "Do not hear/listen to that the Koran , and cancel/abolish/nullify in it, maybe/perhaps you defeat/conquer ."

  27. So We will make those who disbelieved taste/experience (E) a strong (severe) torture, and We will reimburse them (the) worst deeds (of) what they were making/doing .

  28. That (is) God`s enemies` reimbursement , the fire, for them in it (is) the immortality`s/eternity`s house/home (permanent residence), reimbursement because (of) what they were with Our verses/evidences/signs disbelieving and denying

  29. And those who disbelieved said: "Our Lord, show us those (B) who misguided us from the Jinns and the human/mankind, we make/put them (B) below/under our feet, to be (B) from the lowest/meanest."349

  30. That truly those who said: "Our Lord (is) God." Then they became straight/direct, the angels descend on them (and say): "That you do not fear and nor be saddened/grieved, and be announced good news to with (about) the Paradise which you were being promised."

  31. We are your guardians/allies in the life the present/worldly life and in the end (other life), and for you in it what yourselves desire/crave , and for you in it what you call/wish/desire.

  32. Descent from a forgiver, merciful.

  33. And who (is) better (in) a word/opinion and belief than who called to God and made/did correct/righteous deeds, and he said: "That I am (E) from the Moslems/submitters/surrenderers."

  34. And the good/goodness does not become equal/alike and nor the sin/crime, pay/push/repel with which it is best , so then who (is) between you and between him animosity as though/as if he (is a) concerned guardian/ally .

  35. And none receives/finds it except those who were patient, and none receives/finds it except (owners) of great luck/fortune.

  36. And if from the devil an urge to spoil/do evil urges you to spoil/do evil (E), so seek protection by God, that He truly, He is the hearing/listening , the knowledgeable.

  37. And from His verses/evidences/signs (are) the night and the daytime and the sun and the moon, do not prostrate to the sun and nor to the moon, and prostrate to God who created them (B), if you were/are (only) Him worshipping.

  38. So if they became arrogant, so those who (are) at your Lord they praise/glorify to Him by the night and the daytime, and they do not get bored/tired.

  39. And from His verses/evidences/signs, that you see the earth/Planet Earth humble/submissive , so if/when We descended on it the water, it shook/moved and it grew/increased, that truly who revived it (is) reviving (E) the deads, that He truly (is) on every thing capable/able.

  40. That truly those who deviate, insult and defame God in Our verses/evidences/signs, they are not hidden on (from) Us. Is who is being thrown in the fire better or who comes safe/secure (on) the Resurrection Day? Make/do what you willed/wanted, that He truly is with what you make/do seeing/knowing .

  41. That truly those who disbelieved with the reminder/remembrance when (it) came to them, and that it truly is a glorious/mighty Book (E) .

  42. The falsehood does not come to it from between its hand and nor from behind it, descent from (the) wise/judicious, praiseworthy/commendable.

  43. (It) is not said to you except what had been said to the messengers from before you, that truly your Lord (is owner) of (E) a forgiveness and (owner) of a painful punishment.

  44. And if We made it a non-Arabic/Persian Koran , they would have said: "If only its verses were detailed/explained . Is (it) a non-Arabic/Persian (Koran) and an Arab (messenger)?" Say: "It is to those who believed guidance and a cure/recovery/healing; and those who do not believe, in their ears (is a) weight/heaviness and it is on them blindness/confusion , those, they are being called, from a far/distant place/position ."350

  45. And We had given/brought Moses The Book , so it was disputed in it, and where it not for a word (that) proceeded from your Lord, (it) would have been executed between them, and that they truly are in doubtful/suspicious doubt/suspicion from it.

  46. Who made/did correct/righteous deeds, so for himself, and who did bad/evil/harm so on (for) it, and your Lord (is) not with an unjust/oppressor to the worshippers.

  47. To Him the Hour`s/Resurrection`s knowledge be returned, and none emerges from fruits from its buds/covers from which they emerge, and none from a female conceives/(is) pregnant with/carries , and nor gives birth/drops except with His knowledge, and a day/time He calls them: "Where (are) my p artners?" They said: "We took your leave, we informed you , none from an honest witness/testifier is from us."

  48. And what they were calling from before misguided/lost from them, and they thought/assumed nothing from (an) escape/diversion (is) for them (there is no escape for them).

  49. The human/mankind does not get bored/tired from the goodness` call/request/prayer , and if the bad/evil/harm touched him, so he is despairing/hopeless despaired.

  50. And if (E) We made him taste/experience mercy from Us, from after calamity/disastrous distress touched him, he will say (E): "That (is) for me, and I do not think/assume the Hour/Resurrection (is) starting , and if (E) I was returned to my Lord, that truly for me at Him (is) the best/most beautiful/goodness (E)." So We will inform those who disbelieved with what they made/did , and We will make them taste/experience (E) from a strong/rough torture.

  51. And if We blessed/comforted and eased on the human/mankind he objected/opposed and he went far with his side/direction, and if the bad/evil/harm touched him, so (he is owner) of (a) wide/broad call/request/prayer .

  52. Say: "Did you see/understand if (it) was from at God, then you disbelieved with (in) it, who (is) more misguided than who he is in far/distant defiance/animosity ."

  53. We will show them/make them understand Our verses/signs/evidences in the horizons/directions and in their selves, until (it) becomes clear/explained for them that it (is) the truth . Is (it) not enough/sufficient with your Lord, that He truly is on every thing witnessing/testifying?

  54. Is (it) not that they truly are in doubt from meeting their Lord? Is (it) not that He truly is with every thing surrounding/encircling?351


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