Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 42. Ash-Shura - Counsel

  1. Hâ Mîm - Allâh is Praiseworthy, Lord of all honour;

  2. `Ain Sîn Qâf - All-Knowing, All-Hearing, All-Powerful.

  3. (Just as He has sent this revelation) so does Allâh, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise reveals to you, and so has He also revealed to those (Messengers) who preceded you.

  4. All that lies in the heavens and all that lies in the earth belongs to Him. And He is the Most Sublime, the All-Great.

  5. The heavens may well-nigh rend asunder from above these (disbelievers due to His displeasure of them). But the angels are declaring the Holiness of their Lord along with His praise and they ask His protection for those on the earth. Behold! it is Allâh alone who is All-Protecting, the Ever Merciful.

  6. As for those who have taken to themselves patrons apart from Him, Allâh is watchful over them and goes on keeping the record of the deeds (which serve as a proof) against them. And you are in no way responsible of their affairs.

  7. (Just as We have sent this revelation,) so We have sent (as another favour) to you the Qur´ân in Arabic through revelation so that you may warn the (people of) Metropolis (- the Makkans) and (all) those around it and that you may warn (them) of the Day of (general) Gathering, (the Day) about the advent of which there is no doubt; (the Day) there will be a party (of those going) in to Paradise and another party (of those going) in the blazing Fire.

  8. And if Allâh had wanted (to enforce His will) He would have made all these people one nation (of believers). But He admits (him) to His Mercy who wishes (so). As for the wrongdoers they will have neither a patron nor a helper (in the Hereafter).

  9. Have they taken to themselves (other) patrons apart from Him (the only God)? But the (real) Patron is Allâh alone. He alone raises the dead to life and He is the Possessor of every power over every desired thing.

  10. And whatever may your differences be in a thing, the (ultimate) decision of it rests with Allâh. Such is Allâh, my Lord! On Him alone have I (always) put my trust, and towards Him do I turn (seeking His mercy).

  11. He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. He has made your mates from your own species and has made mates of the cattle (also from their own species). That is the way (of mating together) whereby He multiplies you. Naught is as His exegesis, (He is beyond all comparison,) and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.

  12. The things encircling the heavens and the earth belong to Him. He multiplies the means of livelihood for such of them as He will, and makes them scant (for such of them as He will). He has indeed full-knowledge of each and everything.

  13. He has ordained for you the same course of faith as He enjoined on Noah (to adopt), and which We have revealed to you, and it is that (same faith) which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses, Jesus, so keep the faith and do not differ in it. (He ordains you) to establish obedience (to Allâh) and not to be divided (in sects) therein. Hard upon the polytheists is that (teaching) which you call them to. Allâh draws (him) towards Himself who wishes (to be drawn to Him), and guides him to Himself who turns (towards Him with a sincere heart).

  14. And these (rejecters of the faith) split themselves into factions only after (true) knowledge (of the fundamental principles of faith) had come to them (and that too) out of jealousy among themselves and to spite one another. But for the word (of promise) already gone forth from your Lord, (that they would be given respite) for a fixed term, the judgment upon these (disbelievers) would surely have long been passed (by their complete annihilation). As for those who have been made to inherit the Scripture after these (Prophets) they are in a disquieting and grave doubt about this (Qur´ân).

  15. (Since they are split up and divided,) call (them) to this (true faith), and go on following the straight path as you have been bidden. Do not follow their vain desires but say, `I believe in what Allâh has revealed of the Book, and I have orders to do justice between you. Allâh is Our Lord as well as your Lord. We shall reap (the fruit of) our deeds and you shall reap (the fruit of) yours. There exists no cause of dispute between us and you. Allâh will gather us together (to judge between us with justice) and towards Him is the (eventual) return (of us all).´

  16. And as for those who dispute about Allâh after His call has generally been responded, futile and void will be their argument in the sight of their Lord and (His) displeasure will come down upon them and there awaits them a severe punishment.

  17. Allâh is He Who has sent down the perfect Book, suiting your requirements, with the lasting truth, and an Equitable law. How should you know that the (promised) Hour may be near at hand?

  18. Only those who do not believe in it, seek to hasten it. But those who believe (in the truth about the Hour) dread it and are full of awe regarding it. And they know that it is infact, a certainty. Beware! those who dispute about the Hour are (steeped) in far-gone error.

  19. Allâh is Benignant to His servants. He bestows (His gifts) on whomsoever He pleases. He is All-Powerful, All-Mighty.

  20. For he who seeks the harvest (- the reward) of the Hereafter We shall add to his harvest. But he who seeks the harvest of this world We shall give him a portion of it and he shall have no share whatsoever in the Hereafter.

  21. Do these (disbelievers) have such associate partners (with Allâh) who have decreed a law which is contrary to (the law) Allâh has sanctioned? Had We not given (Our) verdict (about the respited time) of (the final) judgment, the orders (of destruction) would have long been passed between them. Indeed, there awaits the wrongdoers a woeful punishment.

  22. (On the Day of Judgment) you shall see these wrongdoers full of dread and awe on account of the evil deeds they have committed. Yet this (punishment as a consequence to their evil deeds) is sure to befall them. But those who believe and (accordingly) do deeds of righteousness will be in (flowering and delightful) meadows of the Gardens. There is (present) with their Lord whatever they desire. That indeed is the bounteous favour (of Allâh).

  23. That is (the same bounteous favour) of which Allâh gives the glad tidings to His servants who believe and (accordingly) do deeds of righteousness. Say, `I ask no reward from you for it (- my preaching). All that I ask you is to cherish the strongest love to be near (to Him).´ He that does a good deed, We make this (good deed) look all the more beautiful to him. Verily, Allâh is All-Protecting, Most Appreciating (of our service to Him).

  24. Rather they say, `He has forged a lie against Allâh (by presenting this Qur´ân).´ If Allâh so willed He would set a seal (against them) upon your heart. But Allâh eradicates falsehood (through you) and establishes the truth by (dint of) His words (-prophecies and revelation). He is indeed, One knowing full well (even) the innermost thoughts of the hearts.

  25. It is He Who accepts penitence of His servants and pardons (them their) evil deeds, and He knows all that you do.

  26. And He responds to the prayers of those who believe and (accordingly) do deeds of righteousness and gives them (even) more (than they pray for) through His grace and bounty. As for the disbelievers there awaits them a severe punishment

  27. And if Allâh were to grant abundant provision for all His people, they would certainly commit rebellious transgression in the land. But as it is He sends it down according to a set and proper measure as He deems fit. He is indeed Well-Aware of His people (and) All-Seeing (of their condition).

  28. And He it is Who sends down rain after the people have lost all hope and unfolds His mercy. And He alone is the Patron, the Praiseworthy.

  29. The creation of the heavens and the earth and (the creation of) each living thing He has spread forth in them both are some of His Signs. Indeed He is Possessor of every power over gathering them together whenever He will.

  30. And whatever calamity befalls you is of your own making. And (yet) He goes on forgiving a great many of your sins (out of His mercy).

  31. And you cannot frustrate (Allâh´s) purpose in the earth, nor have you, apart from Allâh, any real protecting friend or helper.

  32. And the towering ships sailing in the sea like mountain-tops are some of His signs (as well).

  33. And if He so will He can cause the wind to become still so that they stand motionless on its surface. Surely, there are signs in this for every patiently persevering (and) grateful person.

  34. Or He (if He so will) can also destroy (the occupants of) these ships making them too heavy because of the (sinful) deeds they have committed; while He has pardoned a great many (of their sins and could save them).

  35. (Yet He destroys them) so that those who dispute concerning Our teachings may know that there is no escape for them.

  36. (People!) whatever you have been given is only the passing enjoyment of the present life. But much better and more lasting is that (reward) which Allâh has for those who believe and put there trust in their Lord;

  37. Those who avoid the more grievous sins and acts of indecency and who forgive when their anger is aroused,

  38. And those who respond to their Lord and observe Prayer and whose affairs are (decided by) mutual consultation, and who go on spending (in Our cause) out of what We have provided for them,

  39. And those who, when they meet wrongful aggression, defend themselves.

  40. And (they keep in mind that) the recompense of an evil done is a punishment equal to it (for an evil merits an equal evil). But he who pardons (an offender) and (thereby) improves the matter (and effects thereby a reform in the offender) shall have his reward from Allâh. Behold! He does not love the wrong doers.

  41. No blame shall lie on those who defend themselves after a wrong is done to them.

  42. The blame only lies on those who wrong people and commit aggression in the land without justification. It is they for whom there awaits a grievous punishment.

  43. But the one who bears (the wrong done to him) and forgives, (let it be remembered that) surely to do so is a matter of great fortitude and high resolve.

  44. As for the person whom Allâh forsakes and adjudges as lost there is no protecting-friend for him except He. And you will find that when the wrongdoers see the punishment (about to overtake them) they will say, `Is there any way back?´

  45. And you shall see them being presented to it (the agony) humiliating themselves because of disgrace, looking with a furtive glance. And those who believe will say, `As a matter of fact, the losers are those who have lost themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection.´ Beware! the wrongdoers will be, infact, suffering from constant agony.

  46. They will have no protecting-friends to help them apart from Allâh. And there is no way (of escape left) for him whom Allâh forsakes and adjudges as lost.

  47. (Mankind!) respond to your Lord before there comes a day from Allâh for which there is no averting (contrary to the decree of God). There shall be no refuge for you on that day, nor will there be for you any (possibility of) denial (of your sins).

  48. But if they turn away (inspite of all your exhortation) then (it is their own responsibility). We have not sent you as a custodian over them. Your duty is only to deliver (Our Message) well. Look! when We let a person to have a taste of Our mercy he rejoices over it. But if some evil befalls them on account of what they have themselves done (they are displeased thereat); as a matter of fact such a person is (really) ungrateful.

  49. The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allâh. He creates what He will. He grants daughters to whom He will (according to His wise plan) and He grants sons to whom He will.

  50. Or (to some) He grants mixed - sons and daughters, and He makes whom He will barren (of having a child). Indeed, He is All-Knowing, All-Powerful.

  51. It is not given to a human being that Allâh should speak to him except by direct revelation or from behind a veil or by sending a messenger (- an angel) who should reveal (to him) by His command what He pleases. Indeed, He is the Most Sublime, the All-Wise.

  52. (Prophet!) just so (as We sent revelations to other Prophets), We revealed to you the Word by Our command. (Before this revelation) you did not know what the Divine Book was nor (which of) the faith (it teaches), but We made it (- Our revelation to you) a light, whereby We guide such of our servants as We will. And truly you are guiding (mankind) on to the straight and right path,

  53. The path of Allâh to whom belongs all that lies in the heavens and all that lies in the earth. Behold! to Allâh do all things eventually return.


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