Literal - Sura: 42. Ash-Shura - Counsel

  1. H M .

  2. En S/K

  3. As/like that God inspires/transmits to you, and to those from before you, the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious.

  4. For Him what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and He is the high and mighty/dignified, the great.

  5. The skies/space are about to/almost split/crack/cleave from above them, and the angels praise/glorify with their Lord`s praise/gratitude/thanks, and they ask for forgiveness to whom (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, is (it) not that truly God, He is the forgiving, the merciful?

  6. And those who took from other than Him guardians/allies , God (is an) observer on them, and you are not on them with a guardian/protector .

  7. And as/like that We inspired/transmitted to you an Arabic Koran to warn/give notice to the mother/origin (of) the villages/urban cities and who (is) around/surrounding it, and warn/give notice (of) the Gathering Day/Resurrection Day, (there is) no doubt/suspicion in it, a group/party/flock (are) in the Paradise, and a group/party/flock (are) in the blazing/inflamed (inferno).

  8. And if God wanted/willed He would have made them one nation, and but He enters in His mercy whom He wills/wants, and the unjust/oppressive (there is) none for them from a guardian/ally and nor (a) victorior/savior .

  9. Or they took from other than Him guardians/allies , so God, He is the guardian/ally , and He revives/makes alive the deads, and He is on every thing capable/able.

  10. And what you differed/disagreed/disputed in it from a thing, so its judgment/rule (is) to God, that one (is) God, my Lord, on Him I relied/depended , and to Him I return/repent/obey .

  11. Creator/bringer to being (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, He made/created for you from yourselves spouses/pairs/kinds , and from the camels/livestock spouses/pairs/kinds , He creates/seeds you in it, (there) is not like Him/similar to Him a thing, and He is the hearing/listening, the seeing .

  12. For Him (are) the skies`/space`s keys/safes (management and control), He spreads/extends the provision to whom He wills/wants, and He is capable/able , that He truly (is) with every thing knowledgeable.

  13. He explained/showed for you from the religion what He directed/commanded with it Noah, and what We inspired/transmitted to you, and what We directed/commanded with it Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus, that (E) keep up/call for the religion, and do not separate in it, (it) became big/a burden on the sharers/takers of partners with God, what you call them to it, God chooses/purifies to Him whom He wills/wants, and He guides to Him who returns/repents/obeys .

  14. And they did not separate except from after the knowledge came to them, oppression/transgression between them, and where it not (for) a word/expression preceded from your Lord to a named/identified (specified) term/time, (it) would have been executed/ended (E) between them, and that truly those who were made to inherit The Book from after them (are) in (E) doubtful/suspicious doubt/suspicion from it.

  15. So to/for that so call, and be straight/direct, as/like you were ordered/commanded, and do not follow their self attractions for desires , and say: "I believed with what God descended from a Book , and I was ordered/commanded to be just/equitable between you, God (is) our Lord and your Lord, for us (are) our deeds, and for you (are) your deeds, no argument between us and between you, God gathers/collects between us, and to Him (is) the end/destination."

  16. And those who argue/dispute/quarrel in (about) God from after what was answered/replied to Him, their argument (is) annulled at their Lord, and on them (is) anger, and for them (is) a painful torture.

  17. God (is) who descended The Book with the truth , and the scale/measuring instrument , and what makes you know/informs you, maybe/perhaps the Hour/Resurrection (is) near/close.

  18. Those who do not believe with (in) it hasten/urge with it, and those who believed (are) afraid/cautious from it, and they know that it (E) (is) the truth , is (it) not that truly those who argue/discuss in the Hour/Resurrection (are) in (E) far/distant misguidance?

  19. God (is) kind/courteous/soothing with His worshippers/slaves , He provides for whom He wills/wants, and He is the powerful/strong, the glorious/mig hty .

  20. Who was wanting/intending the end`s (other life`s) cultivation/plantation (enjoyment), We increase for him his cultivation/plantation (enjoyment), and who was wanting/intending the present world`s cultivation/plantation (enjoyment), We give/bring him from it, and (there is) no share/ luck/fortune for him in the end (other life).

  21. Or for them (are) partners (with God who) explained/showed to them from the religion what God did not permit/allow with it? Where it not for the judgment`s/decision`s word/expression , (it) would have been judged/executed between them, and that truly the unjust/oppressive, for them (is) a painful torture.

  22. You see the unjust/oppressive afraid/cautions from what they gathered/acquired , and it is falling/landing with (on) them, and those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds (are) in the Paradise`s gardens/meadows , for them what they want at their Lord, that it is the grace/favour/blessing, the great.

  23. That (is) what God announced good news (to) His worshippers/slaves , those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, say: "I do not ask/question/demand you on (for) it a reward/wage except the love/affection in the relations/near." And who perpetrates/does a good/goodness, We increase goodness/beauty for him in it, that truly God (is) forgiving, thanked/thankful/grateful.

  24. Or they say: "He fabricated on (about) God lies/falsifications ." So if God wants, He seals/stamps on your heart/mind , and God eliminates/erases the falsehood, and God corrects/makes true the truth with His words/expressions, that He truly is knowledgeable with of the chests (innermosts).354

  25. And He is who accepts/receives the repentance from His worshippers/slaves , and He forgives/pardons of the sins/crimes, and He knows what you make/do .

  26. And He answers/replies to those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, and He increases them from His grace/favour/blessing; and the disbelievers, for them (is) a strong (severe) torture.

  27. And if God spread/extended the provision to His worshippers/slaves, they would have oppressed/transgressed in the earth/Planet Earth, and but He descends with a measure/predestiny what He wills/wants, that He truly is with His worshippers/slaves expert/experienced, seeing/knowing .

  28. And He is who descends the rain from after what they despaired, and He spreads/extends His mercy, and He is the guardian/ally , the praiseworthy/commendable.

  29. And from His verses/evidences/signs (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s creation, and what He scattered/distributed in them (B) from a walker/creeper/crawler , and He is on gathering/collecting them if He wills/wants capable/able.

  30. What struck/hit you from a disaster so (it is) because (of) what your hands gathered/acquired ,and He forgives/pardons on much.

  31. And you are not with disabling/frustrating in the earth/Planet Earth, and (there is) nothing for you from other than God from a guardian/ally, and nor (a) victorior/savior .

  32. And from His signs/evidences (are) the ships in the sea/ocean like the signs/banners .

  33. If He wills/wants He stops/quietens the wind/breeze, so they continue/remain still/fixed in place on its back/surface , that truly in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to every/each patient/endurer, thankful/grateful.

  34. Or He destroys/perishes them because (of) what they gathered/acquired , and He forgives/pardons on much .

  35. And those who argue/dispute in Our verses/evidences know (there is) none from (an) escape/diversion for them.

  36. So what you were given from a thing so (it is) long life/enjoyment (of) the life the present/worldly life, and what (is) at God (is) better and more lasting (everlasting) to those who believed and on their Lord, they rely/depend .

  37. And those who avoid/distance themselves (from) the great/magnified sins`/crimes` biggest/greatest , and the enormous/atrocious deeds , and when they became angry, they forgive.

  38. And those who answered/replied to their Lord and they kept up the prayers, and their matter/affair (is by) consultation/advice between them, and from what We provided for them, they spend.

  39. And those who when/if the oppression/transgression struck/marked them , they become victorious.

  40. And a sin`s/crime`s reimbursement (is) a sin/crime equal to it , so who forgave/pardoned and corrected/repaired , so his reward (is) on God, that He truly does not love/like the unjust/oppressors.

  41. And who (E) became victorious after injustice/oppression to him, so those no way/path (blame) is on them.

  42. But the way/path (blame is) on those who cause injustice/oppression (to) the people, and they oppress/transgress in the earth/Planet Earth without the right/truth , those for them (is) a painful torture.355

  43. And who (E) became patient and forgave, that truly that (is) from the matter`s/affair`s decisiveness/determination .

  44. And whom God misguided, so (there is) none from a guardian/ally for him from after Him, and you see the unjust/oppressors when they saw the torture, they say: "Is (there) from a way/path to return?"

  45. And you see them they are being displayed/exhibited on it, humble/submissive from the humiliation/disgrace , they look/watch from a hidden end/edge/eyelid , and those who believed said: "That truly the losers (are) those who lost themselves and their families/relations (on) the Resurrection Day; are not the unjust/oppressors in a continuous torture?

  46. And (there) were none from guardians/allies from other than God for them, they give them victory/aid from other than God, and whom God misguides, so (there is) no way/path for him (no escape for him).

  47. Answer/reply to your Lord from before that (E) a day/time comes (there be) no return (protection) to (from) it from God, none from a refuge/shelter (is) for you (on) that day, and none from defiance/ignorance (is) for you.

  48. So if they objected/opposed , so We did not send you on (to) them (as) a protector/guard , that truly on you (is nothing) except the information/communication, and We (E) if We made the human/mankind taste/experience mercy from Us, he became happy/rejoiced with it, and if a sin/crime strikes/marks them with because (of) what their hands advanced , so then the human/mankind (is an insistent) disbeliever.

  49. To God (is) the sky`s/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s ownership/kingdom, He creates what He wills/wants, He grants/presents to whom He wills/wants females, and He grants/presents to whom He wills/wants the males.

  50. Or He gets them married/couples males and females, and He makes/creates whom He wills/wants infertile, that He truly is knowledgeable, capable/able.

  51. And (it) was not to a human that (E) God converses/speaks to him , except (by) inspiration/transmission or from behind (a) divider/partition , or He sends a messenger so he (the messenger) inspires/transmits what He wills/wants with His permission , that He truly is high/elevated, wise/judicious.

  52. And like that We inspired/transmitted to you, a Soul/Spirit , from Our order/command/matter/affair, you were not knowing what (is) The Book , and nor the faith/belief, and but We made it a light, We guide with it whom We will/want from Our worshippers/slaves , and that you guide (E) to a straight/direct road/way.

  53. God`s road/way, who for Him what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, is (it) not to God the order`s/command`s/matter`s/affair`s end/destiny?356


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