Faridul Haque - Sura: 43. Az-Zukhruf - Gold

  1. Ha-Meem. (Alphabets of the Arabic language - Allah, and to whomever He reveals, know their precise meanings.)

  2. By oath of the clear Qur’an.

  3. We have indeed sent it as a Qur’an in the Arabic language, so that you may understand.

  4. And the Qur’an is undoubtedly, in the Original Book with Us, surely the exalted, full of wisdom.

  5. So shall We divert the advice away from you, because you are a nation that exceeds the limits?

  6. And how many Prophets We did send among the earlier people!

  7. And whenever any Prophet came to them, they only mocked at him.

  8. We therefore destroyed the people who were more forceful than these, and the example of the earlier ones has already gone by.

  9. And if you ask them, “Who has created the heavens and the earth?”, they will surely say, “They are created by the Most Honourable, the All Knowing.”

  10. The One Who made the earth a bed you, and made roads for you in it, so that you may be guided.

  11. And Who sent down water from the sky with a proper measure, so We revived a dead city with it; this is how you will be taken out.

  12. And the One Who created all pairs, and made the ships and cattle as rides for you.

  13. So that you may properly mount their backs, and may remember your Lord’s favour when you have mounted them, and say, “Purity is to Him, Who has given this ride in our control, and we did not have the strength for it.”

  14. “And indeed we have to return to our Lord.”

  15. And from* His bondmen, they appointed a portion for Him; man is indeed an open ingrate. (* Appointed some of His creation as His sons and daughters).

  16. Has He chosen daughters for Himself from His creation, and selected only sons for you?

  17. And if one of them is given the glad tidings of what he professes regarding the Most Gracious, his face blackens and he is mournful!

  18. And (do they chose for Him) one who is brought up among ornaments, and cannot express herself clearly in debate?

  19. And they appoint the angels, who are the bondmen of the Most Gracious, as females; were they present at the time of the angels’ creation? Their declaration will be now recorded and they will be questioned.

  20. And they say, “If the Most Gracious had willed, we would not have worshipped them!” They do not know its truth at all; they only make guesses.

  21. Or have We given them some Book before this, to which they hold fast?

  22. Rather they said, “We found our forefathers upon a religion, and we are following their footsteps.”

  23. And similarly, whenever We sent a Herald of Warning before you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) into any town, its wealthy people said, “We found our forefathers upon a religion, and we are behind their footsteps.”

  24. The prophet said, “What! Even if I bring to you a path better than what you found your forefathers following?”; they said, “We do not believe in whatever you have been sent with.”

  25. So We took revenge from them - therefore see what sort of fate befell those who denied!

  26. And when Ibrahim said to his father and his people, “I have no relation whatsoever with your deities.”

  27. “Except Him Who has created me, for He will soon direct me.” (To my place of migration.)

  28. And Ibrahim kept this declaration among his progeny, in order that they may desist.

  29. In fact I gave them and their forefathers the usage of this world until the truth and the Noble Messenger who conveyed the message clearly, came to them.

  30. And when the truth came to them they said, “This is magic, and we disbelieve in it.”

  31. And they said, “Why was the Qur’an not sent down upon some chieftain of these two great towns?” (The chiefs of Mecca and Taif).

  32. Are they the distributors of your Lord’s mercy? We have distributed among them their comforts in the life of this world, and gave high status to some over others so that they mock at each other; and the mercy of your Lord is better than all what they hoard.

  33. And were it not for that all people be on one religion, We would have made for the disbelievers of the Most Gracious, roofs and stairs of silver which they would climb.

  34. And doors of silver for their houses and couches of silver upon which they would recline.

  35. And diverse adornments; and all this is usage only of the life of this world; and the Hereafter with your Lord, is for the pious.

  36. And whoever is averse to the Remembrance of the Most Gracious, We appoint a devil upon him, who stays with him.

  37. And indeed those devils prevent them from the Straight Path, and they think they are on guidance!

  38. To the extent that when the disbeliever will be brought to Us, he will say to his devil, “Alas - if only there was the distance* of east and west, between you and me!” - so what an evil companion** he is! (* Had I not listened to you. **They will be bound together in chains.)

  39. (It will be said to them) “And you will not benefit from them this day, whereas you are unjust - for you are all partners in the punishment.”

  40. So will you make the deaf listen or show the path to the blind, and to those who are in open error? (The disbelievers whose hearts are sealed, are deaf and blind to the truth).

  41. So if We take you away, We shall then indeed take revenge from them.

  42. Or show you what We have promised them - We therefore have complete control over them.

  43. Therefore hold fast to what We have divinely revealed to you; indeed you are upon the Straight Path. (The Holy Prophets can never go astray).

  44. And it is undoubtedly an honour for you and your people; and you will soon be questioned.

  45. And ask them - did any of the Noble Messengers We sent before you, appoint any other Gods except the Most Gracious, whom they used to worship?

  46. And indeed We sent Moosa along with Our signs towards Firaun and his chieftains - he therefore said, “Indeed I am a Noble Messenger of the Lord of the Creation.”

  47. So when he brought Our signs to them, they started mocking at them!

  48. And all the signs We showed them were always greater than the earlier ones; and We seized them with calamities, so that they may return.

  49. And they said, “O you magician! Pray for us to your Lord, by the means of His covenant which is with you; we will certainly come to guidance.”

  50. So when We averted the calamity from them, they immediately broke the promise!

  51. And said Firaun, “O my people! Is not the kingdom of Egypt for me, and these rivers that flow beneath me? So do you not see?”

  52. “Or that I am better than him, for he is lowly - and he does not seem to talk plainly.”

  53. “So why was he not bestowed with armlets of gold? Or angels should have come with him staying at his side!”

  54. So when he had brainwashed his people, they followed him; indeed they were a disobedient nation.

  55. So when they made Us wrathful, We took revenge from them - We therefore drowned all of them.

  56. So We made them a bygone fable and a lesson for the latter generations.

  57. And when the example of the son of Maryam is given, your people laugh at it!

  58. And they say, “Are our deities better or he?” They did not say this to you except to unjustly argue; in fact they are a quarrelsome people.

  59. He is purely a bondman (of Ours), whom We have favoured upon, and We made him an extraordinary example for the Descendants of Israel.

  60. And if We willed, We could have established angels on the earth instead of you.

  61. And indeed Eisa is a sign* of the Last Day, therefore do not ever doubt in the Last Day, and obey Me**; this is the Straight Path. (* The advent of Prophet Eisa to earth for the second time. ** By obeying the Noble Messenger.)

  62. And do not ever let the devil stop you; he is indeed your open enemy.

  63. And when Eisa came to them with clear signs, he said, “I have come to you with wisdom, and to explain to you some of the matters regarding which you dispute; therefore fear Allah, and obey me.”

  64. “Allah is indeed my Lord, and yours - therefore worship Him; this is the Straight Path.”

  65. Then the groups differed amongst themselves; therefore ruin is for the unjust by the punishment of an agonising day.

  66. What are they waiting for - except the Last Day, that it may suddenly come upon them while they are unaware?

  67. Close friends will turn into enemies of one another on that Day, except the pious.

  68. To such will be said, “O My bondmen! This day there shall be no fear upon you, nor any grief.”

  69. Those who believed in Our signs, and were Muslims.

  70. “Enter Paradise - you and your wives - and you will be honoured guests.”

  71. “Rounds of golden cups and wine will be presented upon them; and in it is whatever the hearts wish for, and what pleases the eye; and you will stay in it forever.”

  72. “And this is the Paradise which is bequeathed to you, because of your deeds.”

  73. “For you are many fruits in it, for you to eat therefrom.”

  74. Indeed the criminals will stay in the punishment of hell forever.

  75. And it will never be lightened upon them, and they will remain in it devastated.

  76. And We did not oppress them at all, but they themselves were unjust.

  77. And they will cry out, “O Malik*, ask your Lord to finish us!” He will answer, “Rather you are to stay (forever).” (*The guard of hell)

  78. Indeed We have brought the Truth to you, but most of you detest the Truth.

  79. Do they assume that they have made their work thorough? So We shall make Our work thorough.

  80. Do they fancy that We do not listen to their whispers and their counselling? Why not, We surely do! And Our angels are with them, writing down.

  81. Proclaim (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “If supposedly, the Most Gracious had an offspring* - I would be the first to worship!” (*Which is impossible)

  82. Purity is to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of the Throne, from all what they fabricate.

  83. Therefore leave them to utter vile speech and to play, until they confront the day which they are promised.

  84. And only He is the God of the heavenly creation and the God of the earthly creation; and He only is the Wise, the All Knowing.

  85. And Most Auspicious is He, for Whom is the kingship of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them; and only with Him is the knowledge of the Last Day; and towards Him you are to return.

  86. And those whom they worship besides Allah do not have the right of intercession - the right of intercession is only for those who testify to the Truth and have knowledge.

  87. And if you ask them as to Who created them, they will surely answer “Allah” - so where are they reverting?

  88. And by oath of the saying of My Prophet “O my Lord! These people do not accept faith!”

  89. Therefore excuse them and proclaim, “Peace”; for they will soon come to know.


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