Literal - Sura: 43. Az-Zukhruf - Gold

  1. H M .

  2. And The Book , the clear/evident.

  3. We (E) made it an Arabic Koran , maybe/perhaps you reason/comprehend.

  4. And that it truly is in The Books` mother/origin at Us (The Book`s origin is at Us), height and mighty (E) ,wise/judicious (full of wisdom).

  5. Do We disregard/move from you the reminder/remembrance forgiveness/ condonation ? That (E) you were a nation (of) spoilers/neglecters .

  6. And how many We sent from a prophet in the first/beginners.

  7. And a prophet does not come to them except they were with him mocking/making fun.

  8. So We destroyed , (those who were) stronger than them violent destruction/attack, and the first`s/beginner`s proverb/example passed/expired

  9. And if (E) you asked/questioned them: "Who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth?" They will say (E): "The glorious/mighty , the knowledgeable created them (B)."

  10. Who made/created for you the earth/Planet Earth spread/prepared , and He made/put for you in it roads/means , maybe/perhaps you be guided.

  11. And who descended from the sky/space water with a measure/predestiny , so We revived/resurrected with it a dead/lifeless land , as/like that you are being brought out .

  12. And who created the pairs/kinds all of them, and He created for you from the ship/ships and the camels/livestock what you ride/board .

  13. To sit on on its backs/surfaces , then you remember/mention your Lord`s blessing/goodness when you sat on it, and you say: "Praise/glory (to) who humiliated/subjugated for us this, and we were not to it overpowering/connecting (without God) ."

  14. And that We are to our Lord returning (E) .

  15. And they made/put for Him from His worshippers/slaves a part/portion (partner), that truly the human/mankind (is a) a clear/evident (insisting) disbeliever (E).

  16. Or He took/received from what He creates daughters, and he chose (specialized) you with sons.

  17. And if any of them was announced good news to with what He gave to the merciful (as) an example (the daughters), his face became/continued blackened, and he is holding (his) breath/suppressed .

  18. Is who (is) being brought up/originated in the ornament/decoration (luxuriated i.e.: girls and those effeminate and unmanly) and he is in the dispute/controversy/argument not evident/shown ?

  19. And they made the angels those who they are the merciful`s worshippers/slaves (as) females, did they witness their creation? Their testimony/certification will be written , and they (will) be asked/questioned.

  20. And they said: "If the merciful willed/wanted we would not have worshipped them, none from knowledge with that (is) for them, that truly they are except lying/speculating.

  21. Or We gave them a Book from before it, so they are with it holding/seizing/ grasping ?

  22. But they said: "We (E), we found our fathers on a constitution (set example) , and We (E) on their tracks are guided."

  23. And as/like that We did not send from before you in a village/urban city from a warner/giver of notice except its luxuriated ungrateful and arrogant said: "We (E), we found our fathers on a constitution (set example) , and we (E), on their tracks , we are following/imitating (their) example."

  24. He (the messenger) said : "Even if I came to you with more guiding than what you found on it your fathers?" They said: "We (E) (are) with what you were sent with it (are) disbelievers."

  25. So We revenged from them, so see/wonder about how was the liars`/deniers` end/turn (result).

  26. And when Abraham said to his father and his nation: "That I am innocent from what you worship."

  27. Except who created me/brought me into being , so that He truly will guide me.

  28. And he made it a word/expression , remaining/lasting in his sons/descendants , maybe/perhaps they return.

  29. But I gave those a long life/made those enjoy, and their fathers, until the truth and a clear/evident messenger came to them.

  30. And when the truth came to them, they said: "That (is) magic/sorcery, and we are with it disbelieving."

  31. And they said: "If only this the Koran was descended on a great man from the two villages/urban cities."

  32. Are they apportioning/dividing/making fate (of) your Lord`s mercy, We (E) apportioned/divided/fated between them their livelihood in the life the present/worldly life, and We raised some of them over/above some steps/stages/degrees, for some to take some of them making fun/ridiculing , and your Lord`s mercy (is) better than what they gather/collect .

  33. Were it not for that the people be one nation We would have made to who disbelieves with the merciful, for their houses/homes roofs/ceilings from silver and stairs/lifts on it they mount/ascend.

  34. And for their houses doors/entrances and beds/sofas, on it they lean/recline on .

  35. And ornament/decoration , and that (E) all (of) that (is) accumulatively/collectively the life the present`s/worldly life`s long life/enjoyment, and the end (other life) at your Lord (is) to the fearing and obeying.

  36. And who ignores about the merciful`s reminder, We predestine/lead/assign for him a devil, so he is for him a companion/friend .

  37. And that they truly, they prevent/obstruct them (E) from the way/path , and they think/suppose that they are guided.

  38. Until if he came to Us, he said: "Oh if only between me and between you (are) the two sun rises`/easts` far distances, so how bad (is) the companion ?"

  39. (It) will never/not benefit you today/the day if you caused injustice/oppressed, that you are in the torture sharing.359

  40. So do you make the deaf hear/listen, or guide the blind/confused , and who was in a clear/evident misguidance?

  41. So when We go away with you (We make you die), so We are from them revenging/punishing.

  42. Or We show you/make you understand what We promised them, so We are on them, We are capable/over powering .

  43. So hold fast/grasp with what was inspired/transmitted to you, that you are on a straight/direct road/way.

  44. And that it truly is a remembrance/reminder to you and to your nation, and you will/shall be asked/questioned.

  45. And ask/question whom We sent from before you from Our messengers, did We make/create from other than the merciful gods (that) they are being worshipped?

  46. And We had sent Moses with Our signs/evidences to Pharaoh and his nobles/group/assembly, so he (Moses) said: "That I am messenger (of) the creations all together`s/ (universes`) Lord."

  47. So when he came to them with Our evidences/signs , then they are from it laughing.

  48. And We do not show them/make them understand from a verse/evidence/sign except (that) it is greater than its sister, and We took/punished them with the torture, maybe/perhaps they return.

  49. And they said: "You, you the magician/sorcerer, call for us your Lord with what He promised at you, that we truly are guided (E)."

  50. So when We removed/uncovered from them the torture, then they are breaking/breaching/violating.

  51. And Pharaoh called in his nation, he said: "You my nation, is not for me ownership/kingdom (of) Egypt/(the) region , and these the rivers flow/run from beneath/below me, so do you not see/ understand?"

  52. Or I am better than that which He is (Moses) humiliated and nor, is (he) about to clarify/show/explain.

  53. So if only bracelets from gold were thrown on him, or the angels came with him accompanying/joining.

  54. So he misled/fooled his nation, so they obeyed him, that they truly were a nation (of) debauchers/dissoluters .

  55. So when they made Us angry/sad , We revenged from/punished them, so We drowned/sunk them all/all together.

  56. So We made them an advance/past (precedent), and an example/proverb to the ends/lasts/others.

  57. And when Mary`s son was given (as) an example , then your nation from Him, they object/obstruct.

  58. And they said: "Are our gods better or He?" They did not give it (the question) to you except arguing/disputing (E), but they are a nation disputing/controverting .

  59. That truly he (Jesus) is except a worshipper/slave We blessed on him and We made him an example to Israel`s sons and daughters.

  60. And if We will/want, We would have made from you angels in the earth/Planet Earth they succeed/follow.

  61. And that he/it truly is knowledge (E) to the Resurrection/Time of Resurrection/Hour, so do not doubt/argue (E) with it, and follow Me, that (is a) straight/direct road/way.

  62. And (let) not the devil prevent/obstruct you, that he truly is for you a clear/evident enemy.360

  63. And when Jesus came with the evidences, he said: "I had come to you with the wisdom, and to clarify/explain for you some/part (of) what you differ/disagree in it, so fear and obey God, and obey me."

  64. That truly God He is my Lord and your Lord so worship Him, that (is) a straight/direct way/road.

  65. So the group/parties differed/disagreed from between them, so calamity/scandal to those who caused injustice/oppression from a day`s/time`s painful torture.

  66. Do they look/watch/wonder about except that the Hour/Resurrection comes to them suddenly/unexpectedly and they do not feel/know/sense?

  67. That day, the faithful close friends some of them to some (to each other are) an enemy, except the fearing and obeying.

  68. You My worshippers , (there is) no fear/fright on you the day/today, and nor you be sad/grieving.

  69. Those who believed with Our verses/evidences and they were Moslems/submitters/surrenders.

  70. Enter the Paradise you and your spouses , you rejoice/delight.

  71. Being circled/walked around on them with platters/plates/bowls from gold and cups , and in it what the selves lust/desire/crave it, and delights/pleasures the eyes/sights, and you are in it immortally/eternally.

  72. And that (is) the Paradise which you were made to inherit it, because (of) what you were making/doing .

  73. For you in it many/much fruits, from it you eat.

  74. That truly the criminals/sinners (are) in Hell`s torture immortally/eternally .

  75. (It is) not to be weakened/subsided on them, and they are in it confused/dumbfounded.

  76. And We did not cause injustice/oppression to them, and but they, they were the unjust/oppressive.

  77. And they called: "You Malek , (let) your Lord to end/destroy on us." He said: "That you are waiting/remaining (in it)."

  78. We had (E) come to you with the truth , and but most of you to the truth (are) hating.

  79. Or they conspired and determined a matter/affair , so We are conspiring and determining .

  80. Or they think/suppose that We do not hear/listen (to) their secret and their confidential talk , yes/certainly, and Our messengers (are) at/by them writing/dictating .

  81. Say: "If (there) was to the merciful a child (son), so I am the worshippers` first/beginner ."

  82. Praise/glory (to) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s Lord, the throne`s Lord, from/about what they describe/categorize.

  83. So leave them plunge into/engage in conversation (their wishful interpretation of the scriptures) and play/amuse , until they meet/find their day/time which they are being promised.

  84. And He is who (is) in the skies/space a God, and in the earth/Planet Earth a God, and He is the wise/judicious, the knowledgeable.

  85. And blessed who for Him (is) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s and what (is) between them (B)`s ownership/kingdom , and at Him (is) the Hour`s/Resurrection`s knowledge, and to Him you are being returned.361

  86. And those whom they call from other than Him, do not own/possess the mediation, except who testified/witnessed with the truth and they are knowing.

  87. And if (E) you asked/questioned them: "Who created them?" They will say (E): "God." So where/how they be lied to/turned away?

  88. And his saying/word: "You my lord, that truly those (are) a nation not believing."

  89. So turn away/disregard from them, and say: "A greeting/safety/security/peace." So they will know.362


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