Malik - Sura: 44. Ad-Dukhan - The Drought

  1. Ha M'im.

  2. We swear by the Glorious Book

  3. that We revealed this Qur'an in a blessed night (Layla-tul Qadr); for We wanted to forewarn mankind.

  4. In that night every matter is decided wisely

  5. by a command from Ourself. Surely We send it (The Qur'an) down,

  6. as a blessing from your Rabb; it is He Who is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

  7. The Rabb of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, mark this, if you are true believers!

  8. There is no god but Him. He gives life and death. He is your Rabb and the Rabb of your forefathers.

  9. Yet they play about in doubt.

  10. Well! Wait for the Day when the sky will pour down visible smoke.

  11. Enveloping all mankind; this will be a painful punishment.

  12. Then the mankind will say: "Our Rabb! Remove from us this punishment, surely we have become real believers."

  13. But how can the acceptance of Our Message at that time be beneficial to them? A Rasool (Muhammad), who made the things clear, has come to them

  14. yet they deny him, saying: "He is a madman, taught by others!"

  15. We shall remove the affliction (famine from which they were suffering) for a while, but you will revert to the same old ways.

  16. One day We shall seize them with a mighty onslaught to exact Our retribution.

  17. Before them We had put the people of Fir'on (Pharaoh) to the same test, when an honorable Rasool came to them,

  18. saying: "Hand over to me the servants of Allah. I am a to you a Rasool worthy of all trust.

  19. Do not hold yourselves above Allah, surely I have brought to you a clear authority.

  20. I have taken refuge with my Rabb and your Rabb against you injuring me.

  21. If you do not believe me, then leave me alone."

  22. But they became aggressive, so Musa prayed to his Rabb: "These are indeed a criminal people."

  23. The reply came: "Set forth with My servants (Israelites) at night, surely you shall be pursued.

  24. When you have crossed the red sea along with your people miraculously, then leave the sea divided; for they are a host who are destined to be drowned."

  25. How many gardens and springs they left behind!

  26. And agriculture and grand palaces!

  27. And means of luxury and comfort which they used to enjoy!

  28. Thus was their end! And We let other people inherit what was once theirs.

  29. Neither Heaven nor earth sheds tears for them; nor were they given a respite.

  30. We did deliver the children of Israel from a humiliating chastisement

  31. inflicted by Fir'on who was the most arrogant among such inordinate transgressors,

  32. and We chose them, inspite of knowing their weaknesses above the nations of the world.

  33. We showed them signs in which there was a clear trial.

  34. As to these (people of Qureysh) who say:

  35. "There is nothing beyond our first death and we shall not be raised again.

  36. Bring back our forefathers if you are truthful."

  37. Are these people better than the people of Tubba and those who were before them? We destroyed them all only because they had become criminals.

  38. It was not for a sport that We created the heavens the earth and all that lies between them.

  39. We have created them to reveal the truth, but most of them do not understand.

  40. Surely the Day of sorting out is the time appointed for the resurrection of them all.

  41. On that Day no one shall be able to protect his friend, nor shall they receive any help

  42. except those to whom Allah will show His Mercy: for it is He Who is the All-Mighty, the All Merciful.

  43. Surely the Zaqqum tree

  44. shall be the food of the sinners,

  45. it will be like the drags of oil. Which shall boil in the belly

  46. like the boiling of scalding water.

  47. A voice will be heard: "Seize him and drag him into the depth of the hell,

  48. then pour scalding water over his head,

  49. then the voice will say: "Taste it; you were such a powerful noble!

  50. This is the punishment which you use to doubt."

  51. 4 As for the righteous, they will be in a secure place;

  52. among gardens and springs,

  53. dressed in fine silk and rich brocade, sitting face to face.

  54. Such shall be their place! And We shall wed them to Hourin-Ayn (damsels with beautiful big and lustrous eyes).

  55. There, in full peace, they shall call for every kind of fruit;

  56. and after having prior death in the world, they shall taste death no more; and He (Allah) will protect them from the torment of hell

  57. as a grace from your Rabb, and that will be the supreme achievement.

  58. Surely We have made this Qur'an easy by revealing in your own language so that they may take heed.

  59. If they do not accept the admonition then wait; surely they too are waiting.


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