Ali Ünal - Sura: 47. Muhammad

  1. Those who disbelieve and bar (people) from God’s way – God will render all their deeds vain.

  2. While those who believe and do good, righteous deeds, who believe in what has been sent on Muhammad – and it is the truth from their Lord – He will blot out from them their evil deeds (which will otherwise prevent their achievement of their goals in both worlds), and set their hearts fully aright and improve their conditions (both in this world and the next).

  3. That is because those who disbelieve follow falsehood (in their beliefs, thoughts, and actions), while those who believe follow the truth from their Lord. Thus God expounds to people what they are like.

  4. So, when you meet those who disbelieve in war, smite at their necks (without giving them opportunity to defeat you). At length, when you have sufficiently suppressed them, (without continuing fighting) bind a firm bond of captivity on them. Then set them free either as a favor without demanding anything in return, or for ransom (which may consist of a reciprocal exchange of prisoners of war), so that warfare may abandon weapons and come to an end. That (is God’s command). Had God so willed, He would certainly exact retribution from them (Himself), but (He orders you to fight) in order to try you by means of one another. As for those who are killed in God’s cause, He will never render their deeds vain.

  5. (Rather,) He will guide them (to the realization of their goal in both worlds) and set their conditions right for them,

  6. And He will admit them into Paradise that He has made known to them.

  7. O you who believe! If you help God(’s cause by striving in His cause), He will help you and make your feet firm (so that you are steadfast in His cause and ultimately victorious).

  8. But those who disbelieve: collapse and perdition are their lot, and He will render all their deeds vain.

  9. This is because they are averse to that which God has sent down, and so He causes their deeds to go to waste.

  10. Have they not traveled about the earth and seen how the outcome was for those who came before them (and persisted in associating partners with Him, and in all kinds of transgression)? God brought utter devastation upon them, and the unbelievers (now) the like of their fate awaits.

  11. This is because God surely is the Guardian of those who believe, but those who disbelieve have no guardian (acceptable in God’s sight and who can help them against Him).

  12. God will admit those who believe and do good, righteous deeds into Gardens through which rivers flow. As for those who disbelieve, they take their enjoyment and consume (God’s bounties) just as cattle consume, (without considering Who has given them to them, and what they are expected to do in return, and with no sense of the life to come); and the Fire will be their dwelling (fitting for them).

  13. How many a township there has been, greater in power (and more abundant in wealth) than your township, which has driven you out, (O Messenger). We destroyed them and they had no helper (against Us).

  14. Is, then, the one who is (standing) upon a clear evidence from his Lord like him whose evil deeds are decked out to be appealing to him, and (those who) follow their lusts and fancies?

  15. A likeness of Paradise which the God-revering, pious are promised is this: in it are rivers of water incorruptible (in taste, smell, and color); and rivers of milk whose taste never changes; and rivers of wine delicious for the drinkers; and rivers of pure, clear honey. And in it there are also fruits of every kind for them, as well as forgiveness from their Lord (to bring unforeseen blessings). (Are those who will enjoy all this) like those who will abide in the Fire and be given boiling water to drink, so that it rends their bowels?

  16. Among them (the people of Madinah) are some who give ear to you, but when they go out from your presence, they ask (with arrogance and derision) those who have been given (some) knowledge (of the truths of the Religion): "What has he said just now?" Those are they whose hearts God has sealed, and who follow their lusts and fancies.

  17. As for those who have accepted God’s guidance, He strengthens them in guidance (through deeper knowledge and submission), and gives them piety and protection from sinning.

  18. Do they (who persist in unbelief and evil deeds) wait but for the Last Hour – (waiting) that it come upon them all of a sudden? Now indeed its portents have already come. But how can it benefit them to take admonition when the Last Hour has (already) come upon them?

  19. Then, know (bear in mind) that there is no deity but God, and ask forgiveness for your lapses, and for the believing men and believing women. God knows from which (inner) state and (social) condition to which state and condition you do and will move, and in which state and condition you will be steady.

  20. Those who believe (look forward to a new surah conveying knowledge of Divine truths and God’s new commandments being sent down, and) say: "If only a new surah were sent down!" But when a decisive surah has been sent down in which fighting is mentioned (clearly as a commanded duty), you see those in whose hearts there is sickness looking at you with a look of one swooning to death. That is, in fact, what is expected of them!

  21. (Whereas, what true believers are expected to do in response to any Divine order is) obedience and a proper word. So, if they were true to God when the command has been resolved upon (and it calls them to do what their pledge to God requires them), it would certainly be good for them.

  22. But is it to be expected of you (O hypocritical ones), that you will break your promise and turn away (from God’s commandments), and cause disorder and corruption in the land, and sever the ties of kinship?

  23. Such are they whom God has cursed (excluded from His mercy), and so He has made them deaf and blinded their eyes (to the truth).

  24. Do they not meditate earnestly on the Qur’an, or are there locks on the hearts (that are particular to them so that they are as if deaf and blind, and incapable of understanding the truth)?

  25. Surely those who have turned back as apostates after (God’s) guidance has become clear to them, Satan has seduced them; he has implanted in them long-term worldly ambitions.

  26. This is because they have said to those who are averse to what God has sent down: "We will obey you in some issues." God knows their secrets.

  27. So, how (will it be) when the angels take their souls at death, striking their faces and their backs?

  28. This is because they have followed what incurs God’s wrath (condemnation), and are averse to what pleases Him, and so He has caused all their (previous good) deeds to go to waste.

  29. Or do those in whose hearts is sickness think that God will not bring to light their spite (against the Divine Religion and its followers)?

  30. Had We so willed, We would have shown them to you, and you would have known them by their marks (visible on their faces). But you certainly know them by the false tone and rhythm of their speech. God knows (O humankind) your deeds (and why and how you do them).

  31. And We will most certainly try you so that We may mark out those among you who strive hard (in God’s cause with their persons and their wealth), and those who are steadfast (on His Path and patient through adversities), and try your accounts (of deeds).

  32. Those who disbelieve and bar (people) from God’s way, and defy the Messenger after (God’s) guidance has become clear to them – they will never be able to harm (the cause of) God, and He will cause their deeds to go to waste.

  33. O you who believe! Obey God (in all His commandments) and obey the Messenger (in his execution of God’s commandments and in his own directives), and do not let your deeds go to waste.

  34. Those who disbelieve and bar (people) from God’s way, and then die unbelievers, God will never forgive them.

  35. So (when in warfare with the enemy) do not be faint of heart and cry out for peace (which will bring you humiliation) when you have the upper hand. (Always bear in mind that) God is with you, and He will never diminish the reward of your good deeds.

  36. The present, worldly life is nothing but a play and a pastime. If you truly believe and keep from disobedience to Him in reverence for Him and piety, He will grant you your rewards, and will not ask of you your wealth.

  37. If He should ask it of you and press you (to give it), you would covet and withhold, and He would bring out your (suppressed) resentments.

  38. You are surely those called upon to spend (of your wealth) in God’s cause; yet among you are some who are niggardly. But whoever is niggardly is niggardly only to the depriving of his own soul. God is the All-Wealthy and Self-Sufficient (absolutely independent of any need), and you are the poor (in need of Him). If you turn away (from true faith and piety), He will substitute in your stead another people; then they will not be like you.


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