Literal - Sura: 47. Muhammad

  1. Those who disbelieved and prevented/obstructed from God`s way/path He misguided their deeds .

  2. And those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, and believed with what was descended on Mohammad, and it is the truth from their Lord, He covered/substituted from them their sins/crimes, and He corrected/repaired their mind/thought/condition .

  3. That (is) with that those who disbelieved followed the falsehood, and that (E) those who believed followed the truth from their Lord, as/like that God gives to the people their examples .

  4. So if you met/found those who disbelieved, so hitting the necks until when you weakened them , so strengthen the rope/tie/chain (confinement), so either/or blessing (releasing war prisoners) after (the war ends), and either ransom/compensation until the battle/war/fight drops its weights/burdens (ends), that and if God wants/wills He would have gotten victory from them, and but to test some of you with some (to test each other), and those who were killed in God`s way/path , so He will never/not misguide their deeds .

  5. He will guide them, and He corrects/repairs their mind/thought/condition .

  6. And He enters them (to) the Paradise (which) He made it known to them.

  7. You, you those who believed, if you give God victory/aid, He gives you victory/aid, and He affirms/strengthens your feet.

  8. And those who disbelieved, so destruction/harm (is) for them, and He misguided their deeds.

  9. That (is) with that they hated what God descended, so He wasted/invalidated their deeds.

  10. Do they not walk/move/ride in the earth/Planet Earth so they see/wonder about how was those from before them`s end/turn (result)? God destroyed on them and to the disbelievers similar/alike to it.

  11. That (is) with that God (is) those who believed`s guardian/ally , and that (E) the disbelievers (have) no guardian/ally for them.

  12. That truly God enters those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds treed gardens the rivers flow/run from beneath it, and those who disbelieved live long/enjoy and eat as/like the camels/livestock eat, and the fire (is a) home/dwelling for them .

  13. And how many from a village/urban city it is stronger (in) strength/power than your village/urban city which brought/drove you out? We destroyed them , so (there is) no victorior/savior for them.

  14. Is who was on an evidence from his Lord as/like (who) his deed`s evil/harm was decorated/beautified for him, and they followed their self attractions for desires ?

  15. The Paradise`sexample which the fearing and obeying were promised in it, (is) rivers from water not stagnant , and rivers from milk, its taste did not change, and rivers from wine/all intoxicants, (it is a) delight/pleasure to the drinking , and rivers from purified/strained honey/molasses , and for them in it (are) from all the fruits, and forgiveness from their Lord, as/like who he is immortal/eternal in the fire , and they were made to drink hot/cold water , so it cut off/severed their intestines/guts.

  16. And from them who hears/listens to you until when they got out/emerged (left) from at you, they said to those who were given/brought the knowledge: "What (did) he say previously/from a short while ?"Those are, those who God stamped/sealed on their hearts/minds , and they followed their self attractions for desires.

  17. And those who guided, He increased them guidance, and He gave them their fear and obedience of God.

  18. So do they wait/watch except (for) the Hour/Resurrection that (E) it comes to them suddenly/unexpectedly, so its signs/indications had (E) come, so how (is it) for them if/when their reminder/remembrance came to them?

  19. So know that it is no god except God (there is no God except the one God)? And ask for forgiveness for your crime, and to the believers (M) and the believers (F), and God knows your turning around/over and your residence/dwelling .

  20. And those who believed said: "If only a chapter of the Koran was descended." So if a perfected/confirmed chapter of the Koran was descended and the fighting was mentioned in it, you saw those whom in their hearts/minds (is) sickness/disease (doubt) looking to you, (the) vision/sight (of) the unconscious on him from the death/lifelessness (the sight of one afraid of death), so (a) warning/threat (so Hell) to them.

  21. Obedience and a generous word/opinion and belief , so if the matter/affair (was) determined/decided , so if they were truthful (to) God (it) would have been better for them.

  22. So did you maybe/perhaps (hope) if you turned away that (E) you corrupt/disorder in the earth/Planet Earth and cut off/sever your relations/wombs/uteruses? (Did you expect to get away with it? )

  23. Those are those who God cursed/humiliated them , so He made them deaf and (He) blinded/confused their eye sights/understanding.

  24. So do they not consider/deliberate the Koran, or on hearts/minds its locks/closures?

  25. That truly those who returned on their backs/ends from after what was clarified for them (from) the guidance, the devil enticed/lured for them, and extended in time for them.

  26. That is with that they said to those who hated what God descended: "We will obey you in some (of) the matter/affair." And God knows their secrets.

  27. So how (is it) if the angels made them die, they strike/hit their faces and their backs/ends?

  28. That (is) with that they followed what angered/dissatisfied God, and they hated His acceptance/satisfaction , so He wasted/invalidated their deeds.

  29. Or did those whom in their hearts/minds (is) sickness/disease (doubt) think/suppose that (E) God will never/not bring out their hatred/grudge ?

  30. And if We will/want, We would have shown them to you, so you would have known them by their marks/identifications/expressions, and you will know them in the word`s/opinion and belief`s or grammatical mistakes/intonement , and God knows your deeds.374

  31. And We will test you until We know the struggling/defending for the faith from you, and the patient, and We test/ justify your news/information/knowledge.

  32. That truly those who disbelieved and prevented/obstructed from God`s way/path and they defied/disobeyed the messenger from after what was clarified for them (from) the guidance, they will never/not harm God (in) a thing, and He will invalidate/waste their deeds.

  33. You, you those who believed, obey God and obey the messenger and do not waste/annul your deeds.

  34. That truly those who disbelieved and prevented/obstructed from God`s way/path then they died and (while) they are disbelievers, so God will never/not forgive for them.

  35. So do not weaken/enfeeble and call to the peace and (while) you are the defeating , and God (is) with you, and He will never/not reduce your deeds.

  36. But/truly the life the present/worldly life is playing/amusement and fun/games (attractions), and if you believe and fear and obey, He gives/brings you your rewards , and He does not ask/question you (for) your properties/possessions .

  37. If He demands/asks you for it , so He asks you persistently , (so) you be stingy/miser and He brings out your hatred/grudge .

  38. Here you are those (who) are being called to spend in God`s way/path , so from you who is stingy/ miser; and who is stingy/miser so but (he) is stingy/miser on (against) himself, and God (is) the rich, and you are the poor/needy/deprived , and if you turn away He exchanges/replaces a nation other than you, then they do not be similar/alike to you 375


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