Literal - Sura: 48. Al-Fath - The Victory

  1. We (E) opened/disclosed for you a clear/evident opening/victory.

  2. (It is for) God to forgive for you what was advanced/undertaken from your crime, and what delayed, and to complete His blessings/goodnesses on you, and He guides you a straight/direct road/way.

  3. And God gives you victory/aid, a glorious/mighty victory/aid .

  4. He is who descended the tranquillity/calm in the believers` hearts/minds to increase belief with (over) their belief, and to God (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s soldiers/warriors, and God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judicious.

  5. To enter the believers (M) and the believers (F) treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/water-ways run/flow from below/beneath it, immortally/eternally in it, and He covers/substitutes from them their sins/crimes, and that was/is at God a great success/triumph .

  6. And He tortures the hypocrites (M) and the hypocrites (F), and the sharers/takers of partners with God (M) and the sharers/takers of partners with God (F), the thinkers/assumers with (of) God the bad`s/evil`s thought/assumption , on them (is) the bad`s/evil`s circle/disaster, and God became angry/angered on them, and He cursed/humiliated them , and He prepared for them Hell , and it was a bad/evil end/destination.

  7. And to God (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s soldiers/warriors, and God was/is glorious/mighty , wise/judicious.

  8. That We sent you (as) a witness/testifier, and (as an) announcer of good news, and a warner/giver of notice .

  9. To believe with (in) God and His messenger, and you support/aid Him , and you dignify/honour/respect Him , and you praise/glorify Him (at) daybreaks/early mornings and evening to sunset .

  10. That truly those who pledge/swear loyalty to you , truly/indeed they pledge/swear loyalty (to) God, God`s hand (is) above/over their hands, so who broke/breached , so but He breaks/breached on (to) himself, and who fulfilled/completed with what he promised/pledged on it (to) God, so He will give/bring him a great reward .

  11. The remaining behind from the Arabs will say to you: "Our properties/wealths and our families/relations preoccupied/distracted us , so ask for forgiveness for us." They say with their tongues what (is) not in their hearts/minds , say: "So who owns/possesses for you from God a thing, if He willed/wanted/intended harm with (for) you, or He willed/wanted/intended with (for) you benefit/usefulness? But God was/is with what you make/do an expert/experienced."

  12. But you thought/supposed that the messenger and the believers will never/not return/turn around to their families/relations ever (E), and that was decorated/beautified in your hearts/minds , and you thought/assumed the bad`s/evil`s thought/assumption, and you were a destroyed/failed nation.

  13. And who did not believe with (in) God, and His messenger, so We, We prepared to the disbelievers (a) blazing/inflaming (inferno).

  14. And to God (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s ownership/kingdom , He forgives to whom He wills/wants, and He tortures whom He wills/wants, and God was/is forgiving/blessing.

  15. The remaining behind, will say when/if you set out to (for) winnings/spoils of war to take/receive it: "Leave us, we follow you." They want/intend that (E) they exchange/replace God`s speech , say: "You will never/not follow us, as/like that God said from before." So they will say: "But you envy us ."But they were not understanding except little .

  16. Say to the remaining behind from the Arabs, (often mistranslated as nomads or Bedouins although this verse clearly explains that they are a nation of city dwellers): "You will be called to a nation (owners) of (a) strong (severe) might/power , you fight/kill them or they submit/surrender, so if you obey, God gives/brings you a good/beautiful, reward , and if you turn away as/like you turned away from before, He tortures you a painful torture."

  17. Blame/sin is not on the blind, and nor on the lame/limper (is) blame/sin , and nor on the sick/diseased (is) blame/sin , and who obeys God and His messenger, He enters him treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it, and who turns away, He tortures him a painful torture.

  18. God had (E) accepted/approved of the believers, when/if they pledge/swear to you under the trees, so He knew what (is) in their hearts/minds , so He descended the tranquillity/calm on them, and He rewarded/compensated them a near/close opening/victory.

  19. And many winnings/spoils of war they take/receive it, and God was/is glorious/mighty , wise/judicious.

  20. God promised you many winnings/spoils of war , you take/receive it, so He hurried/hastened for you this, and He prevented/stopped the peoples` hands from you, and for it to be an evidence/sign to the believers, and He guides you (to) a straight/direct way/path .

  21. And another you did not become capable/overpowering on it, God had taken care of/surrounded with it, and God was/is on each thing capable/able.

  22. And if those who disbelieved fought you , they would have turned away (on) the backs/ends, then they do no find a guardian/ally , and nor a victorior/savior .

  23. God`s law/manner which had past/expired from before, and you will never/not find for God`s law/manner an exchange/replacement .

  24. And He is who prevented/stopped their hands from you, and your hands from them with inside Mecca from after that He gave you victory/triumph on them, and God was/is with what you make/do seeing/knowing .

  25. They are those who disbelieved and prevented/stopped you from the Mosque the Forbidden/Sacred , and the offering designated/dedicated , that (E) it reaches its place/destination, and where it not for believing men , and believing women you did not know them, that (E) you invade/set foot on them, so strikes you from them harm without knowledge, (it is for) God to enter in His mercy whom He wills/wants, if they separated/dispersed We would have tortured those who disbelieved from them a painful torture.377

  26. When those who disbelieved made/put the heat/intensity , the pre-Islamic paganism`s/ignorance`s heat/intensity in their hearts/minds , so God descended His tranquillity/calm on His messenger and those who believed, and He obligated/necessitated the fear and obedience`s word/expression , and they were more worthy/deserving with it and its people , and God was/is with every thing knowledgeable.

  27. God had (E) confirmed the dream (of) His messenger, you will enter the Mosque the Forbidden/Sacred ,if God willed/wanted/intended, safe/secure, shaving/removing/pulling (hair) (E) (from) your heads, and doing the utmost/shortening, do not fear, so He knew when you did not know, so He made from other than that a near/close opening/victory.

  28. He is who sent His messenger with the guidance and the truths` religion to make it apparent/visible/overcome on/over the religion all of it, and enough/sufficient with God (as) a witness/testifier .

  29. Mohammad (is) God`s messenger, and those who with him (are) strong over the disbelievers, merciful between them, you see them bowing, prostrating wishing/desiring grace/favour from God, and an acceptance/approval , their marks/identifications/expressions (are) in their faces/fronts from the prostration`s trace/sign , that (is) their example in the Torah, and their example in the Bible/New Testament , as/like a plant/crop, it brought out/emerged its sprout/shoot , so it surrounded and strengthened it, so it hardened/thickened , so it straightened/leveled on its stem, it pleases/marvels the sowers/seeders/planters to anger/enrage with it the disbelievers, God promised those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds from them, forgiveness and a great reward 378


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