Literal - Sura: 49. Al-Hujurat - The Apartments

  1. You, you those who believed, do not precede/advance between God`s hands and His messenger, and fear and obey God, that truly God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable.

  2. You, you those who believed, do not raise your voices above the prophet`s voice , and do not publicize/declare (address openly) to him with the declaration/statement as/like publicizing/declaring/loudness some of you to some (to each other), that (E) your deeds waste/invalidate , and you do not know/sense/feel.

  3. That truly those who lower/diminish/humble their voices at God`s messenger, those are those whom God tested/examined their hearts/minds to the fear and obedience of God, for them (is a) forgiveness and a great reward .

  4. That truly those who call you from behind the rooms/chambers, most of them do not reason/comprehend .

  5. And if that they were patient until you get out/emerge to them, (it) would have been better for them, and God (is) forgiving, merciful.

  6. You, you those who believed, if a debaucher came to you with news/information, so seek clarification/explanation that (E) you strike/hit a nation with ignorance/foolishness, so you become/become in the morning on what you made/did regretful/remorseful .

  7. And know that (E) in between you (is) God`s messenger, if He obeys you in much from the matter/affair ,you would have suffered hardship/exertion , and but God made the faith/belief lovable/likable to you, and He decorated/beautified it in your hearts/minds , and He made the disbelief and the debauchery and the disobedience hated to you, those, those are the correctly/rightly guided.

  8. Grace/favour from God and a goodness , and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious.

  9. And if two groups from the believers fought each other , so correct/reconciliate between them (B), so if one of them (B) transgressed over the other, so fight which transgresses until it returns to God`s order/command, so if it returned so correct/reconciliate between them (B) with the justice/equality, and be just/equitable, that truly God loves/likes the just/equitable.

  10. Truly/indeed the believers (are) brothers/brethren, so correct/reconciliate between your two brothers, and fear and obey God, maybe/perhaps you attain mercy.

  11. You, you those who believed, a nation does not humiliate/redicule/mock , from (a) nation, maybe/perhaps that (E) they be better than them, and nor women from women, maybe/perhaps that (E) they (F) be better than them (F), and do not backbite/defame yourselves, and do not insult each other/give each other with insulting nicknames, with the nicknames/surnames . How bad (is) the debauchery`s name, after the belief? And who does not repent, so those are the unjust/oppressive.

  12. You, you those who believed, avoid/distance yourselves from much of the doubt/suspicion , that truly some/part (of) the doubt/suspicion (is a) sin/crime, and do not spy/seek information (about others) and some of youdo not backbite some (each other). Does any of you love/like that (E) he eats his dead/lifeless brother`s flesh ? So you hated it, and fear and obey God, that truly God (is) forgiving, merciful.

  13. You, you the people, that We created you from a male and a female, and We made/created you (into) nations/communities and groups/tribes to know each other, that truly (the) most honoured/kind of you at God (is) your most fearing and obeying, that truly God (is) knowledgeable, expert/experienced.

  14. The Arabs (often mistranslated as nomads or Bedouins, refer to 48:16) said: "We believed." Say: "You did not believe, and but say: `We submitted/became Moslem ` and the faith/belief did not (E) enter in your hearts/minds . And if you obey God and His messenger He does not reduce/diminish you a thing from your deeds , that truly God (is) forgiving, merciful."

  15. Truly/indeed the believers (are) those who believed with (in) God and His messenger, then they did not doubt/be suspicious, and they struggled/did their utmost with their properties/possessions and themselves in God`s way/path , those, they are the truthful.

  16. Say: "Do you teach/instruct/inform God with your religion, and God knows what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and God (is) with every thing knowledgeable?"

  17. They brag on (to) you that (E) they submitted/became Moslem , Say: "Do not brag on (to) me (about) your submission/Islam , but God blesses on you that (E) He guided you to the faith/belief if you were truthful."

  18. That truly God knows the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s absent/invisible , and God (is) seeing/understanding , with what you make/do 381


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